Chapter 453: Facing the Combat Generals

    Chapter 453: Facing the Combat Generals

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    The might of nine Combat Generals was naturally a terrifying thing to face.

    Wuli Feng, Senior Brother An, and the other in-name disciples immediately flew behind the group of Combat Generals.

    Among the Combat Generals, the cold-looking Wuli Jiushou, who was dressed in black armor and held a trident in his hand, and Manor Lord Chufu, who had a sword slung on his back, stood slightly in the forefront.

    "It's him? Wuli Jiushou?" thought Qin Yun. "According to what Brother Chufu told me, the twenty-nine Combat Generals are split into three major factions."

    "The three factions are led by Brother Chufu, Wuli Jiushou, and Tongzhu Yan."

    "Wuli Jiushou and Brother Chufu have been following Yellow-robed Supremacy since they were in the Heavenly Courts together. As for Tongzhu Yan, he has blood ties with Yellow-robed Supremacy that go back to the era of the Ancient Heavenly Courts. His standing is extraordinary but Tongzhu Yan does not go out of his way to befriend other Combat Generals. His faction only has three Combat Generals, all old friends from the Ancient Heavenly Courts era."

    Many thoughts flashed across Qin Yun's mind as he ruminated over the situation in front of him.

    After Wuli Jiushou berated Qin Yun coldly, he turned to look at Chufu and said with a scoff, "Chufu, this Qin Yun is a swordmaster of your Dao Seeking Sword Mansion. You will not try to stop me if I capture him, will you?"

    Chufu sighed lightly as he looked deeply at Qin Yun before saying, "Qin Yun has defied Supremacy's ban. He deserves what he gets! However, his punishment should be left until Supremacy exits seclusion. Supremacy will make the decision."

    "Well said! He gets what he deserves!" Only then did Wuli Jiushou glance coldly at Qin Yun and shout, "Guardian Qin Yun, if you know any better, surrender and submit without a fuss."


    Yiyi, who was standing behind Qin Yun, turned anxious.

    She realized her father had become a new Guardian of the Skywolf world! But against the gathered Combat Generals and Supremacy's absolute rule, that meant nothing.

    "Submit and surrender," Chufu said with a sigh. "Resistance is futile."

    "Brother Chufu, if I submit and surrender, what will happen to my daughter?" asked Qin Yun.

    Chufu fell silent.

    Wuli Jiushou sneered and said, "You can't interfere in the Competition of the Disciples and neither can we. After you are apprehended, everything will naturally continue as it was, unhindered. They will continue their battle and their lives will be determined by fate."

    "Determined by fate? Isn't that just letting my daughter die?" Qin Yun's gaze swept across the nine Combat Generals. "I, Qin Yun, came from my homeworld to the Skywolf world to find my long-lost daughter. Now that I've found her, I'll definitely protect her with all I have."

    Yiyi looked at her father who was standing in front of her.

    This was her father!

    For her, he was willing to face everything.

    "Dad," Yiyi said, "This is a rule set by Master. Dad, ignore me."

    Qin Yun turned to look at his daughter. "Don't worry. I'll bring you back to our homeworld. Your mom is still waiting for you there."

    "My mom?" Yiyi was taken aback.

    "Hahaha... How touching." Wuli Jiushou laughed out loud. "To think a mere Guardian like you thinks he can resist. What a joke."

    "Since he wants to be stubborn, let's take him down first." The beautiful woman beside him extended her hand.


    A gigantic azure-colored palm appeared in midair and grabbed at Qin Yun!

    The azure-colored hand had many palm lines, giving it an imposing might.

    "Sorry for troubling you, my wife." Wuli Jiushou said with a faint smile.

    Chufu and company watched, with Menggu being the most anxious. He could not help but look at Chufu and send a voice transmission. "Chufu, are we really going to do nothing?"

    "Bear with it." Chufu berated him with a voice transmission. "Qin Yun violated the ban. No one can save him now."

    Faint flames rose in Menggu's eyes but he could only endure as Chufu said.

    The group of in-name disciples were watching in excitement. It was very rare to see Combat Generals use their abilities against a Guardian. Wuli Feng shared a voice transmission with the others, "It will naturally be easy to capture a newly-promoted Guardian with my patriarch's Sky Capture Hand."


    Against the gigantic azure-colored hand, Qin Yun waved his hand and sent a wisp of misty rain flying out of his fingertip. After it flew out, the Misty Rain Sword flash expanded into a terrifying sword flash a thousand feet wide. The might left one shuddering in fear! The sword flash brought with it a strength that could render the world asunder. It cleaved with formidable power at the gigantic azure-colored hand.

    "Rumble!" With a loud boom, the azure-colored hand shattered instantly.

    The beautiful woman's expression changed as a few scales surfaces on her face. She shouted, "You do have a few tricks. Try receiving an attack from my Dharma treasure!" She waved her hand, and the pale yellow scarf draped over her body flew out. What looked like an ordinary piece of cloth rapidly expanded in size and length.

    Hu! Hu! Hu!

    Instantly, there were long pieces of cloth interspersing each other. There were beautiful women embroidered on the cloth, and they seemed to move as if dancing. The long pieces of cloth rapidly swirled towards Qin Yun. There were also pieces of cloth that tried to entrap Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword.


    When the Misty Rain Sword collided with the cloth in the sky, a piece of cloth tore apart but more pieces of cloth swirled over.

    "Unending in nature. I'm barely able to tear apart a handful of cloth but more still bear down on me. Once I'm surrounded by them, I'll lose." Qin Yun's mind stirred. "Fireworks!"

    The Dreamlike Sword's Fireworks.

    With Qin Yun's realm increasingly so tremendously, his Dreamlike Sword had experienced a complete overhaul. All its attacks were equally strong but each had their own unique traits.

    Fireworks was good at repelling an area-of-effect attack. With its recent upgrade it could split into nearly a hundred sword flashes. Each sword flash would still contain nearly thirty percent of the Misty Rain Sword's total strength.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    In midair, the Misty Rain Sword instantly manifested as dozens of dazzling sword flashes like fireworks that were extremely resplendent.

    Explosive booms sounded incessantly.

    Under the glaring sword flashes, many pieces of cloth exploded, clearing the sky of its dominance. The beautiful woman who controlled the Dharma treasure turned pale in the face. As she received a backlash from her Dharmic powers, blood seeped out the corner of her mouth. Only one piece of cloth was left in midair, so it rapidly flew back onto her body.

    The beautiful woman now had a nasty expression. As for the Misty Rain Sword, it streaked out a curved trajectory and flew back to Qin Yun's side.

    "My wife." Wuli Jiushou helped the beautiful woman up immediately.

    "This Qin Yun's flying sword can split into dozens of sword flashes. Every sword flash has the might of a fourth firmament Skydemon," said the woman with a voice transmission. "His true strength is enough to match Combat Generals. I can't take him down. Among the few of us here, only you might have the absolute strength needed to take him down."

    "Alright." Wuli Jiushou nodded slightly.

    For him to become the leader of one of the three factions under Yellow-robed Supremacy, he naturally possessed extraordinary might.

    Each of the three factions had their respective leaders.

    Chufu was held in high esteem for his character, but in terms of strength he was equal to Menggu. He was only ranked in the top five among the twenty-nine Combat Generals.

    As for Wuli Jiushou, he was extremely strong. He could be ranked either first or second among the twenty-nine Combat Generals.

    The combined forces of Chufu and Menggu were only capable of matching Wuli Jiushou.

    "Beautiful." Menggu and the handsome blind man revealed looks of shock.

    Chufu looked at Qin Yun in astonishment. "Yunshe actually suffered terribly at the hands of Qin Yun?"

    "Chufu, this Brother Qin Yun is really powerful. Although he's only at the Essence Soul realm, he can match a fifth or sixth firmament Skyimmortal," said Menggu via voice transmission. "By the way, I recall that the first time I met him, he was only a mortal, right?"

    "Yes, he was only a mortal back then but he is now at the Essence Soul realm. Logically speaking, with his realm, he should have long become a Skyimmortal." Chufu nodded as well. "However, any further resistance is pointless. Wuli Jiushou's strength for exceeds Yunshe's."

    "Yea." Menggu fell silent.


    Wuli Jiushou exchanged a few words with the beautiful woman before stepping forward with a cold expression. He glared at Qin Yun. "You are quite powerful, to be a mere Guardian that requires my personal attention. Be careful."

    Qin Yun turned serious as he could not help but be drawn to the trident in Wuli Jiushou's hand.

    "Fiend Cloud Trident. According to the information given to me by Brother Chufu, it is a supreme-grade Numinous treasure," thought Qin Yun.

    Ordinary Numinous treasures were classified as either inferior-grade, medial-grade, or superior-grade. Inferior grade ones were considered quite common in the Three Realms but supreme-grade Numinous treasures were very rare in all corners of the Three Realms. The reason was that... it was the greatest achievement in all artifact refinement! As for the even higher grade Connate Numinous treasures, they were only born out of the Chaos. Similarly, Merit Numinous treasures had to be obtained by injecting massive amounts of merit into them.

    Therefore, Dharma treasures that could be refined purely through skill hit their limit at the supreme-grade.

    It was very difficult even for Golden Immortals and Buddhas to refine a supreme-grade Numinous treasures. Many of the supreme-grade Numinous treasures in the Three Realms were created by the Dao Ancestors or Buddhist Ancestors. Supreme-grade Numinous treasures were only discovered by chance. It was fool's talk to use dozens of superior-grade Numinous treasures to exchange for one supreme-grade Numinous treasure. It was only because Yellow-robed Supremacy had treasures that were in no way inferior to Golden Immortals or Buddhas that he could bestow Wuli Jiushou with a supreme-grade Numinous treasure. After all, Wuli Jiushou was one of his best Combat Generals. Many of his loyal Combat Generals had been bestowed with supreme-grade Numinous treasures.

    "Take this!" Wuli Jiushou attacked flagrantly as he cleaved with the Fiend Cloud Trident.


    The world itself gave a faint resonating hum as the Fiend Cloud Trident cleaved over, as though the weapon carried all the power in the world.

    "They're doomed."

    "Wuli Jiushou has attacked. He won't be able to resist any longer." The Combat Generals, including Chufu, held no doubts about Qin Yun's fate.
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