Chapter 455: Qin Yuns Origins

    Chapter 455: Qin Yun's Origins

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    "You are Qin Yun? You're quite gutsy, to dare come to my Skywolf world for a rescue mission." The yellow-furred man in a Daoist robe stood there, his cold eyes scrutinizing Qin Yun.

    Chufu, Menggu, Lizhu, and company were worried for Qin Yun but none of them dared speak.

    Even Wuli Jiushou, Yunshe and the other Combat Generals and Guardians stood obediently to the side. The group of in-name disciples were watching nervously.

    "Master..." Yiyi said anxiously.

    Qin Yun extended his hand to hold back his daughter as he bowed slightly. "Supremacy, to be honest, back when my daughter was born, she was abducted by fiendcelestials. My wife has been living these years in tears every day. About a year ago, I learned that my daughter was in the Skywolf world and came all the way here. I fought for the status of Guardian and came to meet my daughter... After learning of your strict rules, I have been constantly holding back. I did not even reveal my identity to my own daughter. But if I had not taken action just now, my daughter would have been killed. In my anxiousness, I took action."

    "Brother," said Chufu through a voice transmission. "Qin Yun has already become a member of my Dao Seeking Sword Mansion. He is absolutely willing to be a Guardian! He only acted out because he's worried for his daughter."

    Yellow-robed Supremacy swept his cold gaze towards Chufu.

    Chufu immediately lowered his head and did not dare say another word.

    "Brother, Qin Yun is absolutely formidable. The strength he produces at only the Essence Soul realm probably matches that of a sixth firmament Skyimmortal. Wuli Jiushou's desperate assaults were utterly futile on him." Menggu spoke out loudly. The corners of Wuli Jiushou's eyes tightened as he glared at Menggu.

    "Shut up," Yellow-robed Supremacy frowned and said lightly.

    Of his old subordinates, Menggu had the most fiery temper due to his Mighty God Zhurong bloodline. Therefore, Yellow-robed Supremacy was more tolerant of him since he was the only one with the fiery temper.

    "Okay." Menggu responded and did not speak further.

    Yellow-robed Supremacy shot a glance at Qin Yun and said indifferently, "What do you wish to do by coming to the Skywolf world? Take your daughter away with you?"

    Qin Yun said politely, "Among the in-name disciples, my daughter is just too young and weak. Even if she continues taking part in this competition, she can only end up dead. Supremacy, perhaps you can spare her life. Treat it as though she had failed and had been eliminated from the Competition of the Disciples, so that the both of us, father and daughter, can reunite. I will definitely..."


    Yellow-robed Supremacy roared with laughter, a maniacal cackle that resounded through the area.

    Qin Yun was somewhat taken aback. No one dared to say a word as the ear-piercing laughter echoed.

    "Father and daughter can reunite?" A fierce glint flashed in Yellow-robed Supremacy's eyes. "What is this? Did you hear some stories about me and come to think I would take pity on you?"

    Qin Yun's expression changed slightly. "No, I was only..."

    "You come to plead with me. He comes to plead with me. Everyone comes to plead with me. Then, what is the point of having rules?" Yellow-robed Supremacy sneered. "The Competition of the Disciples I set requires all disciples to obey the rules. Either they survive to become the last three inherited-teachings disciples or they die! That is the rule!"

    Qin Yun held back as he wanted to continue with his back lowered.

    "Besides, strength is everything in this world!" Yellow-robed Supremacy sneered. "Without strength, you are nothing but an end. No matter what flowery words you say, it's nothing but a fart."

    "Supremacy." Qin Yun flipped his hand and took out a token. "This is a memento of my good friend, Daoist Divine Firmament. He too cultivates in the Green Touring Palace and is a Dao Ancestor disciple. Supremacy, you can contact him through it." With that said, he threw the memento to Supremacy.

    "Dao Ancestor disciple?"

    Chufu, Wuli Jiushou, Yunshe, and all the other Combat Generals and Guardians, including the in-name disciples, looked at Qin Yun in astonishment.

    He had quite a backing after all.

    Yellow-robed Supremacy glanced at the memento after grabbing it. A crack sounded as he crushed it to dust. Then he opened his palm to let the dust slip through his finger cracks.

    The color in Qin Yun's face drained.

    "Green Touring Palace has tens of thousands of disciples. I might take into account the mementos of Senior Sister Wusheng and others, people who I'm indebted to," scoffed Yellow-robed Supremacy. "But you want me to break my rules based on the memento of some junior brother I've never even met?"

    "Alright. I'm in no mood to continue this nonsense." Yellow-robed Supremacy sneered. "Speak. Who told you that your daughter is in the Skywolf world? The Skywolf continent is completely sealed. Only mighty figures can spy on it. Who is the mighty figure backing you?"

    "Mighty figure? Chufu, Brother Qin Yun actually has a mighty figure backing him?" Menggu widened his eyes as he could not help but send a voice transmission to Chufu.

    "His daughter has always resided in the Skywolf continent. Logically speaking, it is difficult for anyone in the outside world to spy on the Skywolf continent unless they are mighty figures." Chufu looked at Qin Yun with astonishment as well. "It's no wonder he was able to become Guardian as a mortal. I never expected there to be a mighty figure helping him."

    "Mighty figure?"

    Wuli Jiushou and company were astounded as well.

    Senior Brother An, Wuli Feng, and the other in-name disciples found it unbelievable. Mighty figures were practically legends to them.

    "What origins does Junior Sister Yiyi's father have?" All of them were secretly puzzled.

    Yiyi looked at her father too.

    Qin Yun was feeling a lump in his heart.

    The mighty figure backing him?

    The person that told him his daughter was in the Skywolf world was Puqu Dragonlord! But dragons had a terrible relationship with Yellow-robed Supremacy. If he mentioned Puqu Dragonlord's name, it would probably make things worse. Besides... He had only been able to contact Puqu Dragonlord through a favor of the West Sea's ancient Skydragon. Even then, Puqu Dragonlord only agreed to help after being offered a superior-grade Numinous treasure.

    He did not really have any deep ties with Puqu Dragonlord.

    "Speak, who is the mighty figure backing you?" Yellow-robed Supremacy frowned. He had to be careful if a mighty figure was involved. Even if his true strength matched that of a mighty figure, his ability to infer the Heaven's secrets and divine the future were inferior to those of mighty figures. For example, Puqu Dragonlord was able to easily infer that Qin Yun's daughter was in the Skywolf world. This was a skill unique to mighty figures.

    Plotting against mighty figures like Golden Immortals and Buddhas was very difficult.

    Yellow-robed Supremacy was strong but his realm was insufficient, making him vulnerable to a well-planned scheme. It resulted in his present situation.

    "Forgive me, but I cannot tell you that," said Qin Yun. The Combat Generals, Guardians, and in-name disciples all almost gasped from the astonishment.

    "You...can't tell?"

    Yellow-robed Supremacy sneered. "Do you think I can't figure it out if you keep mum? You are at the Essence Soul realm but you have strength that matches a sixth firmament Skyimmortal. That is not something anyone can nurture."

    With that said, his eyes lit up with golden light as he looked at Qin Yun.

    This look... allowed him to clearly see the extremely sharp wisps of Sword Immortal Dharmic Powers as well as the Essence Soul in the form of a tiny person inside Qin Yun's body.


    Yellow-robed Supremacy was alarmed.

    "Whoosh." Yellow-robed Supremacy instantly arrived at Qin Yun's side and stretched his hand out to grab Qin Yun. His speed was so fast that Qin Yun did not even manage to move.

    "Come with me."

    With that said, he vanished with Qin Yun.

    Wuli Jiushou, Yunshe, Chufu, Menggu, and the other Combat Generals, Guardians, and in-name disciples were taken aback. Yellow-robed Supremacy had personally taken Qin Yun away?

    "Master, please! I beg of you to spare my father! Spare him!" Yiyi shouted the moment she snapped out of her daze.

    "Chufu, bring Yiyi to Treasure Elephant Palace." Yellow-robed Supremacy's voice sounded in Chufu's ears.

    Chufu's eyes lit up.

    He immediately flew to Yiyi's side.

    "Young lady Yiyi, follow me," said Chufu.

    "Chufu." The nearby Wuli Jiushou, who saw this, shouted immediately, "What are you doing? We Combat Generals are not to interfere with the Competition of the Disciples."

    Chufu shot a glance at Wuli Jiushou and said calmly, "Brother himself instructed me to bring Yiyi to Treasure Elephant Palace. Why, do you want to stop me from carrying out his order?"

    Wuli Jiushou immediately felt stifled and no longer said a word.


    With Yiyi in tow, Chufu transformed into a stream of light and flew towards Treasure Elephant Palace.

    The in-name disciples looked up, exchanging confused looks. She had been taken away just like that? What happened to the non-interference rule of the Competition of the Disciples?

    "It looks like Junior Sister Yiyi's father has quite an impressive background." All of them mumbled inwardly.


    Yellow-robed Supremacy appeared in a garden in Treasure Elephant Palace with Qin Yun.

    Yellow-robed Supremacy sat down and instructed, "Sit down too."

    Qin Yun obediently took a seat.

    "According to what I know, in all of the Three Realms, only sword immortals from the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage can condense an Essence Soul." Yellow-robed Supremacy looked at Qin Yun and asked out of curiosity. "But your Sword Immortal Essence Soul is in the form of a person. This is not the work of the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage. Where did you obtain this sword immortal Dharmic formulation? Why is it something I have never heard of?"

    "I created it myself," said Qin Yun.
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