Chapter 456: Descent

    Chapter 456: Descent

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    Yellow-robed Supremacy's brows pricked up as he carefully studied Qin Yun.

    Yellow-robed Supremacy did not find it odd that Qin Yun said he 'self-created' his Dharmic Formulation. He had even guessed it.

    If it wasn't self-created... Qin Yun would have had to have learned it from someone else. That would mean that the Dharmic formulation had long been created. With the fame of the sword immortal lineage in the Three Realms, it would be impossible for such a feat to remain hidden. For example, there was the Grand Supreme Dao Ancestor who created the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage, he and others would have sensed it when a new Sword Immortal Essence Soul Dharmic formulation was created.

    If Qin Yun had learned it from someone else, the upper echelons of the Three Realms would have long heard of this other person. Yellow-robed would definitely know of it too.

    "When did you create it yourself?" inquired Yellow-robed Supremacy. "Have you told anyone else?"

    Qin Yun did not hide the matter from him and said, "I have long been thinking about the sword immortal Dharmic formulation. However, I never had the confidence to try it in earnest. A few days ago, my daughter was being pursued by her senior brother and sister, but was lucky to escape on her own. Agitated over my helplessness, I decided to attempt a breakthrough. I broke into the Essence Soul realm just this morning! Not long after my breakthrough, I discovered that my daughter was being pursued by a large group of in-name disciples, forcing me to interfere. Due to the urgency of the matter, I have yet to inform anyone about my creation of a Sword Immortal Essence Soul Dharmic formulation. Supremacy, you are the only person apart from me to know of it."

    "Hahaha." Yellow-robed Supremacy laughed out loud. "I never expected that the Competition of the Disciples would end up motivating you in creating a Dharmic formulation for yourself! From the looks of it, my Competition of the Disciples has its uses after all."

    Qin Yun felt a load lift off his chest as he smiled in response.

    "By the way, are you from any of the other two Daoist lineages?" pressed Yellow-robed Supremacy.

    "No," said Qin Yun. "Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor's avatar descended upon my homeworld in ancient times to preach the Dao. Therefore, I'm considered a disciple of the Numinous Treasure lineage."

    "Alright." Yellow-robed Supremacy nodded. "I will inform Master of you! With Master's temperament, it is very likely he will take you in as a disciple. In time, we will be fellow disciples."

    Qin Yun immediately took on a pleased grin as he immediately said, "Thank you, Supremacy."

    "Haha, you will have to change the way you address me in a while." Yellow-robed Supremacy smiled. "Alright, go meet your daughter. I have already instructed Chufu to bring her to Treasure Elephant Palace."

    "I will. I have been separated from my daughter for too long and this is the first time we have acknowledged each other. We have many things to talk about. I bid you farewell." Qin Yun immediately stood up.


    Qin Yun left the garden feeling rather pleased and lucky.

    "It was better than I expected. I thought I had to find an opportunity to hint to him that I had created a Sword Immortal Dharmic formulation," thought Qin Yun. "Furthermore, he is willing to talk to the Dao Ancestor on my behalf."

    Upon thinking of how the Dao Ancestor would be made aware of the matter and likely take him in as a disciple, Qin Yun's heart could not help but race.

    Dao Ancestor...

    The entities Daoist cultivators held in the highest esteem were Daoism's Three Pure Ones.

    The Daoist Three Pure Ones were born from the Chaos. After they enlightened themselves in the Dao, all three of them gained unimaginable powers. The Daoist school of thought had been founded by the three of them.

    He had a chance at having a Dao Ancestor as his master?

    "Phew." Qin Yun slowly breathed out.

    "According to Yellow-robed Supremacy and Daoist Divine Firmament's guesses, it is likely that the Dao Ancestor will take me in as a disciple. But since it has not actually happened, I cannot take it as a certainty." Qin Yun had an extraordinary Dao heart that allowed him to gradually regain his calm.

    "Brother Qin Yun."

    Chufu had already been waiting outside the palace hall. Upon seeing Qin Yun walk out, he called out loudly.

    "Brother Chufu." Qin Yun hurriedly went forward and bowed. "I'm truly sorry for lying to you."

    "You did it for your daughter," said Chufu with a smile. "By the way, your daughter is sitting in my cave abode at the moment. Go on. Make haste."

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded.

    Meanwhile, Yiyi stood inside the yard of Chufu's cave abode. She was eagerly waiting, eyes filled with nervousness.

    "Master took Dad away. What does he plan to do? Will he kill Dad? Will he torture him?" Yiyi turned flustered from worry as all sorts of thoughts ran through her head.

    "Dad, you have to be okay. Please, let nothing happen to you."

    Amid her uneasiness, two figures walked over from afar. They were none other than Chufu and Qin Yun.

    "Dad!" Yiyi ran over with a look of joy.

    "Yiyi." Qin Yun was excited at the sight of his daughter. Chufu watched with a smile.

    "Dad, Master did not do anything to you, right?" Yiyi looked carefully at her father. Yellow-robed Supremacy had left an extremely deep impression of someone that dominated all resistance. Anyone that had defied him would end up in a terrible state.

    "Do I look like something happened to me?" Qin Yun smiled. When he noticed that his daughter was still looking at him carefully, Qin Yun could not help but say, "Don't worry. It will be fine."

    "Young lady Yiyi, I told you that if Supremacy meant to do anything to your father, he would not have asked me to bring you to Treasure Elephant Palace," said Chufu with a smile.


    Qin Yun and his daughter's reunion began with an exchange of their pasts. As for Chufu, he left so as not to disturb them.

    And elsewhere.

    Yellow-robed Supremacy was in his study as he took out a purple talisman.

    "It's been so many years. I finally have a chance of meeting Master again." Yellow-robed Supremacy held a brush as he felt mixed emotions.

    Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor had numerous disciples.

    Outside of his ten most beloved disciples, the average disciple would not have a 'chance' of meeting their master. Although Yellow-robed Supremacy's combat strength was able to match Golden Immortals and Buddhas, he was only considered normal among Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor's disciples. He had not cultivated to the realm of Golden Immortal and even if he was rather strong, he was ranked beyond the hundredth place in Green Touring Palace! He was naturally unqualified to compare with the ten beloved disciples.

    "Thanks to Qin Yun for not telling anyone else this piece of news, I have a chance to give the exclusive report to Master." Yellow-robed Supremacy held his breath as he began writing with great seriousness.

    No matter how powerful Qin Yun was, the amount of help he could give to someone like Yellow-robed Supremacy was limited. He placed greater emphasis on using this news as an opportunity to meet his master!

    It was truly very difficult to be granted a meeting with the Dao Ancestor even once.

    He wrote each word carefully and, after it was done, Yellow-robed Supremacy put away his brush and carefully read the words on the Dao talisman.

    "Alright." Yellow-robed Supremacy wore an extremely serious expression as he reverently bowed at the purple talisman. The words on it suffused golden light before the talisman burned into ashes. The golden words began floating in the sky before dissipating slowly.

    "It's now up to Master. Master will definitely come." Yellow-robed Supremacy sat in silent anticipation. Following that, he took a step and vanished from the study, appearing outside the courtyard of Chufu's cave abode.


    Yellow-robed Supremacy, who had converged his aura completely, waited silently from outside the courtyard. He did not disturb Qin Yun or Yiyi.

    Qin Yun and his daughter traded stories.

    "So Mom had been imprisoned by the fiendcelestials for nineteen years as well." Yiyi's eyes shimmered with tears. "Mom suffered a lot too."

    "Your mom is still waiting for you back at home. After all this is over, we can return home. Our family will then be reunited." Qin Yun smiled at his daughter.

    "Yes." Yiyi nodded. "Dad, can you tell me about you and Mom?"

    Qin Yun nodded as he began narrating, "I was still young back then, only twenty-one. I remember well the night of the Courtesan Belle selection for Grand Dominance County..."

    As he narrated, a black-haired elder suddenly appeared beside a pond in the courtyard. He had appeared without stirring even a speck of dirt as he observed Qin Yun with a smile.

    It was Yiyi who saw him first due to the angle she was sitting in.

    "Dad..." Yiyi could not help but say. "Who is he?"

    Qin Yun was taken aback. There was someone beside them?

    He immediately turned his head over and saw the black-haired elder.

    The elder had no aura fluctuations at all but for some reason, he carried the majesty of the boundless cosmos! He felt like the sun that had risen from the ocean's horizon! Although it was only a part of nature, it always left one feeling awed and fearful.

    The black-haired elder was just like that!

    He did not have any suppression or aura! But his presence still left one feeling naturally reverential, as though one was seeing the starry sky or sun.

    Yellow-robed Supremacy, who had been waiting outside the courtyard, trembled the moment he saw the black-haired elder. His eyes welled with tears from the mix of emotions.

    He immediately prostrated at the courtyard's entrance, his forehead touching the ground as he said with a trembling voice amid tears, "Greetings Master."

    Qin Yun was surprised as well.

    Was it really the Dao Ancestor?

    He and Yiyi immediately knelt down and said with great respect, "Greetings, Dao Ancestor."
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