Chapter 457: Family Reunited (Final Chapter of Volume)

    Chapter 457: Family Reunited (Final Chapter of Volume)

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    Yellow-robed Supremacy's master was none other than Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure of Daoism's Three Pure Ones. Qin Yun and Yiyi knew this acutely.

    They felt a natural sense of respect towards the legendary Dao Ancestor.

    Dao Ancestors...

    To Daoist cultivators, Dao Ancestors were the manifestation of the Dao itself. They were supreme existences!

    "Arise, all of you." The black-haired elder smiled and gave a light nod. He had a genial look and his eyes seemed capable of taking in everything in the world.

    Qin Yun and Yiyi got up.

    Yellow-robed Supremacy remained kneeling as he raised his head, eyes brimming with tears. He said anxiously, "Master, I defied the heavenly rules and am willing to be punished. But the fate of my wife and sons was just too tragic. I waged war in the name of the Heavenly Courts since it was first established, protecting the Three Realms. Even if my campaigns amounted to nothing in the end, it was still hard work. Yet, Jade Emperor was just too heartless... I would have accepted him punishing me. But why did he implicate my wife and sons?"

    The black-haired elder looked on as his disciple knelt and begged. "Back when the Heavenly Courts were established, we made an agreement that I would not interfere with anything the courts decided."

    Yellow-robed Supremacy had a sliver of sorrow on his face as he remained prostrated. "I understand."

    "Let us do this. I shall allow you one trip to Green Touring Palace, where you can cultivate in the Golden Sand Array for ten thousand years," said the black-haired elder. "The Golden Sand Array is best at restraining your body. If you make a breakthrough, allowing you to successfully enter the Golden Immortal realm, perhaps your wife and sons' situation will turn for the better."

    Yellow-robed Supremacy immediately took on a look of excitement when he heard that. He prostrated and said excitedly, "Thank you, Master."

    Wasn't the point of him coming up with means to meet his Master to get some help from him?

    Although his master could not interfere with the matters of the Heavenly Courts, just a little gesture would aid him greatly!

    "Are you Qin Yun?" The black-haired elder smiled at Qin Yun.

    "Yes, Dao Ancestor." Qin Yun was extremely polite and even a little nervous.

    While facing the Dao Ancestor, he couldn't help but feel like he was facing the Great Dao itself.

    Massive, majestic, boundless...

    Just meditating over it a little would make one feel its utter vastness.

    "In all the Three Realms, I'm ranked first when it comes to Sword Dao," said the black-haired elder with a smile. "However, I never imagined that the Sword Dao alone could carve out an entire cultivation lineage. It was Elder Lord who figured out the sword immortal lineage. Sword Immortal Dharmic Powers and the Intrinsic Flying Sword contrast and complement each other, augmenting one's offensive capabilities greatly. This made many Golden Immortals in the Three Realms attempt to infer, but they only managed to infer a mortal sword immortal Dharmic formulation."

    "The condensation of an Essence Soul became an impossible difficulty."

    The black-haired elder sighed. "Sword Immortal Dharmic Powers are too sharp. Trying to nurture them normally into a humanoid Essence Soul is impossible. And to do it like Elder Lord, making the Sword Immortal Essence Soul like a sword... The creation of that Dharmic formulation is extremely difficult."

    "I never imagined that after so many years, a junior like you would manage to figure it out." The black-haired elder looked at Qin Yun and praised, "That's right. All those mighty figures were only inferring out of nothing. You, on the other hand, have fully experienced it. It's only because you are at your level of Sword Dao that you figured it out."

    "I was lucky," replied Qin Yun respectfully.

    "The path of cultivation is very difficult. There is no such thing as luck. By being able to figure it out, you have shown your capability." The black-haired elder nodded. "Qin Yun, are you willing to take me as your master?"

    Yellow-robed Supremacy, who had already stood up, immediately signaled with his eyes.

    Qin Yun naturally understood his intention. He reverently knelt down again. "Yes, I am."

    "Good." The black-haired elder smiled and nodded in satisfaction. With a light tap of his finger, a golden Dao talisman condensed in midair and flew over.

    Qin Yun reached out to grab it.

    Upon grabbing it, the golden Dao talisman fused into his palm and left behind a runic mark.

    "Come to Green Touring Palace to meet me as soon as possible." The black-haired elder smiled before vanishing.

    Qin Yun looked at his palm and the runic mark appeared once again. When he focused on it... Qin Yun could sense a mysterious land far away in infinite space. He could even sense the majestic palace and the three words on it, Green Touring Palace. That was the Dao residence of Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure, one of the legendary Three Pure Ones.

    "Congratulations, Junior Brother." Yellow-robed Supremacy laughed.

    "Thank you, Senior Brother. If not for your help, I would probably not have met Master so quickly," thanked Qin Yun.

    "I'm the one that ought to thank you." Yellow-robed Supremacy laughed. "Alright, I won't keep you here any longer. It's best you quickly settle any miscellaneous matters and head to Green Touring Palace. You can't leave Master waiting. By the way, where's your homeworld? I believe you wish to bring your daughter back, right? I'll send you there. It will be much faster that way."

    "My homeworld is the Great Chang world. Now that I've reached the Essence Soul realm, it will probably take me an hour just to open up a passageway. Senior Brother Yellow-robed, I will have to trouble you," said Qin Yun.

    "It's nothing." Yellow-robed Supremacy smiled. "The Great Chang world is rather famous in the Effulgent Great World. After all, Daoist Divine Firmament hails from it. And now, there's you."

    Qin Yun smiled faintly.


    Yellow-robed Supremacy pointed into the distance.


    A passageway into the void was opened that connected directly to the distant Great Chang world.

    "That is the Great Chang world." Yellow-robed Supremacy looked at Qin Yun and smiled. "Don't blame me for putting your daughter in the Competition of the Disciples. After all... you were not my junior brother then!"

    "Yes, I understand." Qin Yun nodded.

    "Speaking of which, you and I were bound by fate through Yiyi." Yellow-robed Supremacy looked at Yiyi. "Yiyi, now that you have found your parents, you can come to the Skywolf world anytime you wish to meet me."

    "Yes," Yiyi replied obediently.

    "Alright, make haste." Yellow-robed Supremacy smiled.

    Qin Yun nodded, and them immediately sensed Chufu watching from afar. After all, this was Chufu's cave abode.

    "Brother Chufu, Yiyi and I must return home now. My homeworld is the Great Chang world. Please come visit me in the future," said Qin Yun via voice transmission.

    "Haha, I will definitely head there if I have the chance. Brother Qin Yun, congratulations on getting what you wished for and for your family being reunited."

    "It was all thanks to you, Brother Chufu." Qin Yun was very grateful.

    Chufu had been very sincere towards him. He gave him Starlord Covetous Wolf's sword art that allowed him to break through so rapidly. If not for that, he would probably spend another few decades even if his creation of the Sword Immortal Essence Soul Dharmic formulation was viable.

    "Time to leave."

    Qin Yun held Yiyi's hand.


    With one step, they passed through the void passageway.

    As the void passageway slowly closed, Yellow-robed Supremacy watched silently before he muttered softly, "I was quite lucky to meet Master through this opportunity. I was given the chance to enter the Golden Sand Array. If I can break through and become a Golden Immortal... Hmph, when the time comes..." A cold glint flashed in Yellow-robed Supremacy's narrowed eyes.

    He extended his hand as his disciple mark appeared on his palm. He sensed Green Touring Palace from afar.


    A blurry light descended upon him as Yellow-robed Supremacy vanished from the Skywolf world.


    Great Chang world, Grand Dominance County, Qin Manor.

    Yi Xiao was sitting alone by the side of the tiny mirror lake. In front of her was a teapot and a teacup that had steam slowly rising from it.

    She sat there silently, waiting.

    It had been more than a year since Qin Yun headed for the Skywolf world. She had not received any news from him.

    She wanted to do something but she found that she was powerless to help.

    All she could do was wait bitterly.

    "Brother Yun..." Yi Xiao mumbled.

    And at that moment, along the distant horizon.

    Qin Yun and Yiyi came flying on a cloud.

    "Look, up ahead is Grand Dominance City." Qin Yun stood on the cloud and pointed to the ancient city from afar. "That is my hometown. Grand Dominance City was also where I first met your mother."

    "I know. The day of the Courtesan Belle selection," said Yiyi with a smile.

    "Yes, our home is in the city." As Qin Yun spoke, he rapidly flew there with his daughter.

    Yi Xiao, who was still sitting by the side of the mirror lake, sensed something and looked over. She saw a familiar figure on a distant cloud with a young girl in tow.

    "Brother Yun." Yi Xiao saw her husband and the girl. The bloodline sensation immediately filled Yi Xiao with excitement.

    The cloud rapidly descended and Yiyi saw the beautiful woman. The affection that stemmed from their shared bloodline made her eyes turn moist. She mumbled, "Mom?"

    She had imagined her mother's looks countless times.

    Now, she was finally seeing them in person.

    This was her mother.


    Qin Yun and Yiyi landed beside the tiny lake.

    "Xiaoxiao, this is our daughter, Yiyi." Qin Yun looked at his wife and smiled. "I've brought her back."

    Yi Xiao looked at her husband and daughter in front of her and felt as though everything was a dream.
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