Chapter 460: Thirty-five Sword Manuals

    Chapter 460: Thirty-five Sword Manuals

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    A piece of news slowly spread throughout the Three Realms as Qin Yun entered secluded cultivation.

    A cultivator named Qin Yun had opened up a new sword immortal cultivation system apart from the Grand Supreme Dao Ancestor. Of course, he had only created it up to the Essence Soul realm! That was still considered too nascent compared to the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage but it was enough to make experts from all over the Three Realms marvel. However, the Three Realms were huge and had numerous geniuses. Qin Yun had only created a Sword Immortal Essence Soul Dharmic formulation. This was not enough to cause huge stirs in the Three Realms.

    But at the very least, many experts in the Three Realms had now heard Qin Yun's name.


    More than half a month after his seclusion.


    Qin Yun pushed open the door, stood in his courtyard, and took a deep breath. He held it on for a moment before letting it out. His aura flew out tens of feet like a sword.

    "I finally can relax." Qin Yun revealed a relaxed smile.

    It was the dream of countless cultivators to have a Dao Ancestor preach the Dao to them personally. He had benefited greatly and had thousands of ideas after listening to the sermon. The Dao Ancestor had encouraged Qin Yun to figure things out himself, for only by doing so would what he gained be his.

    Over the past month or so, he had straightened out all the leads he had in his mind and fully figured them out.

    He was figuring things at an increasing pace.

    Only up until today was his mind clear.

    His Sword Dao had reached a brand new level.

    "One session of Dao preaching from the Dao Ancestor exceeds a century of arduous cultivation for me," Qin Yun thought wistfully. "Unfortunately, there will not be a second time. Among Daoism's Three Pure Ones, Master takes in the most number of disciples, but because there are so many, his guidance of each individual disciple is limited. Primordial Beginning and Grand Supreme Dao Ancestors are very stringent on their disciple requirements. Primordial Beginning Dao Ancestor takes in very few disciples but Grand Supreme Dao Ancestor takes in even fewer personal disciples. But due to the extremely small number, the amount of focus on each disciple is much higher."

    Both of them nurtured their personal disciples with great attention, making their personal disciples enjoy an extremely high standing in the Three Realms.

    As for Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor, a large number of his disciples were only ordinary Skyimmortals. They were practically unknown in the wider world. However, the disciples that were ranked in the top two hundred among those tens of thousands of disciples were similarly famous in the Three Realms.

    "Although Master gives less frequent guidance, he is very generous with his disciples." Qin Yun took out a manual and gently flipped through it. "This records all the important places in Green Touring Palace that are provided for disciples to use! The stronger a disciple is, the more they receive. If one were to become a Golden Immortal, Master will even bestow them with Connate Numinous treasures."

    Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor allowed his disciples free reign over their cultivation.

    The weaker ones were left to their own devices.

    The stronger they were... the more benefits Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor gave.


    Qin Yun walked out the courtyard and headed for the Myriad Dharma Repository.


    "Look, who's that punk? Why is he only at the Essence Soul realm?"

    "A Green Touring Palace disciple that's only at the Essence Soul realm?"

    A few Daoists and demons were playing and watching a chess game. All of them noticed the distant Qin Yun and could not help engage in a discussion about him.

    "Everyone, did you not hear? Master took in a new disciple who has created a new sword immortal branch, one that stands apart from the Grand Supreme sword lineage," said a long-bearded Daoist with a wistful sigh.

    "A new sword immortal branch?"

    "Senior Brother Yu, are you implying that it's him?"

    All of them were somewhat astonished.

    "Yes, it's him," said the long-bearded Daoist with a smile. "His name is Qin Yun and he comes from our Effulgent dominion. Many factions in our Effulgent dominion are now searching for news regarding this Qin Yun. He has only cultivated for several decades but is capable of opening up a new sword immortal branch. He might be weak now, but in the future his prospects will likely far exceed those of us old folks."

    "He has only cultivated for several decades?"

    "That impressive?" All of them were stunned agape.

    Although news had begun spreading in the Three Realms, there were tens of thousands of Green Touring Palace disciples. Most of them had ordinary levels of standing in the Three Realms. Those that knew Qin Yun had opened up a new sword immortal branch were in the minority.

    "Junior Brother Qin Yun. Junior Brother Qin Yun." A pig demon who had been watching the chess game from the side ran over smilingly. He shouted from afar.

    "Senior Brother Pig is trying to rope people in again." A few of his fellow disciples laughed.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun paused with a puzzled look. He watched the pig demon run towards him.

    The pig demon was fat and looked rather amiable. His aura was also converged but just the minute amounts he released were enough for Qin Yun to determine that the pig demon was an eighth or ninth firmament Skyimmortal.

    "Greetings, Senior Brother," said Qin Yun humbly.

    "My name is Third Pig," chuckled the pig demon. "Years ago, my two elder brothers and I occupied a mountain in the Heaven Realm as demons. We were lucky to catch Master's fancy and were made his disciples."

    Qin Yun was enlightened. "Impressive. All three brothers have been made disciples of the Dao Ancestor."

    "Haha. Junior Brother Qin Yun, compared to your achievement of opening up a brand new sword immortal branch, it's nothing," said Third Pig with a smile.

    Qin Yun was secretly alarmed.

    News had spread that fast?

    "The three of us brothers will be holding a Dao exchange banquet at Clear Wind Hall tomorrow at noon. There will be hundreds of fellow disciples joining us," said Third Pig with a smile. "Junior Brother Qin Yun, you have to be there."

    "Sure, I'll definitely attend." Qin Yun nodded with a smile. He naturally would attend the banquet since he was given such a warm invitation.

    Furthermore, getting an invitation showed that he was being thought highly of.

    The tens of thousands of Green Touring Palace disciples formed several cliques. The stronger one was, the stronger the clique they could enter.


    After a few simple exchanges with Senior Brother Pig, he left and shortly arrived at Myriad Dharma Repository.

    Myriad Dharma Repository was a towering pavilion with nine floors.

    Qin Yun stood in front of Myriad Dharma Repository and looked up. Countless manuals from various worlds in the Three Realms were gathered here, all free for disciples to read. It was truly a generous gesture.

    "So many Dharmic formulations."

    Qin Yun looked around as he walked in Myriad Dharma Repository.

    There were the formulations for the magi, dragons, demons, Buddhists...

    Of course, Daoism manuals took up the majority.

    With Qin Yun's potent psyche, he was able to simply swept the area while proceeding forward. He did this for about two hours before he came to a corner in the Myriad Dharma Repository's sixth floor.

    "There are a total of thirty-five Sword Qi manuals." Qin Yun immediately picked up a black scroll and, after unfurling it, purple words appeared on black jade slips. The purple words effused a billowing fiendish aura as Qin Yun read.

    He read very slowly.

    In terms of memory, he could typically memorize all of them in an instant. But Qin Yun was figuring things out as he read, gaining a rough judgment of the manual.

    "There's too much bloodlust to it." Qin Yun frowned before putting it away and picking up another scroll.

    He read one scroll after another.

    He finished reading all the scrolls after spending twelve hours. He was able to get a general understanding of all the thirty-five Sword Dao manuals.

    "The creators of these sword manuals were Ancient Heavenly Courts Demonsages, Buddhas, and Ancestral Fiends. There are also many Daoist seniors. There are fifteen sword manuals at the Golden Immortal realm! The remaining twenty sword manuals might be at the ninth firmament Skyimmortal realm but they had also carved open a new path for themselves, which is why they are kept in Myriad Dharma Repository." Qin Yun pondered. "Which sword manual should I focus on primarily?"

    "For my primary choice, it has to be one of the sword manuals at the Golden Immortal level."

    "Among the fifteen, three of them were created by Master."

    Qin Yun closed his eyes.

    The fifteen sword manuals surfaced in his mind as he began eliminating them one by one.

    Finally, there were five scrolls he particularly fancied.

    "Five Directions Sword Sutra. It's the most multifaceted. This sword sutra is split into the Five Directions and Five Elements which encompasses almost everything."

    "Netherfiend Records. It's an extremely strange and unfathomable sword manual. Every sword move is extremely odd. It goes to roundabout extremums."

    "Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart. It's calculating to the extreme. Before an enemy even attacks, they might fall for a particular trap." After Qin Yun read it, he was rather astonished at the inference it was capable of. Such a sword art was truly meticulous.

    "Hundred Great White Yang Metal Sword Art. Pursues extreme speed and extreme sharpness!"

    "Only Me Sword Song. Filled with paramount emotions about the sword, this sword art is the most unrestrained."

    Qin Yun pondered.

    Which sword manual should he focus on primarily? The five sword manuals were at the Golden Immortal level. However, different Golden Immortal levels could still be split into different grades. In terms of might, the Five Directions Sword Sutra and the Netherfiend Records were more powerful while the remaining three were inferior.

    Qin Yun read each sword manual and finally decided on-Hundred Great White Yang Metal Sword Art.

    "This shall be the one." Qin Yun made up his mind.

    Although it did not fully harmonize with the Sword Dao in his mind, Qin Yun felt that the Hundred Great White Yang Metal Sword Art would be of the greatest help to him.
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