Chapter 462: Return, Time

    Chapter 462: Return, Time

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    In the following days, Qin Yun would often be in Myriad Dharma Repository reading. Occasionally, he would participate in gatherings of his fellow disciples.

    These senior brothers and sisters possessed myriad personalities. They were not considered big shots in the Three Realms but among them were great demon kings, patriarchs, or sect masters of their respective mountains, family clans, or sects. After Qin Yun befriended a bunch of them, his understanding of the Three Realms deepened. His senior brothers and sisters were only willing to befriend him because they thought highly of him. Otherwise, they would not be bothered to do so.

    In the past, Daoist Divine Firmament's treatment was much poorer when he first entered Green Touring Palace.

    He was only an ordinary Skyimmortal back then. He had created a Skyimmortal Lightning Dharma but appeared rather ordinary among the Green Touring Palace disciples. Furthermore, he had already cultivated for quite a substantial amount of time.

    Qin Yun was different.

    The sword immortal lineage was well known for being good at battling. They were capable of destroying all Dharma with a single sword and that was something definitely deserving of a reputation. This was also why many mighty figures attempted to infer a sword immortal Dharmic formulation.

    Qin Yun had been able to create a Sword Immortal Essence Soul realm Dharmic formulation and had only cultivated for decades! He naturally attracted the friendship of many.

    Despite being in Green Touring Palace for so long, the number of fellow disciples Daoist Divine Firmament knew could be counted on one hand.

    After about half a year in Green Touring Palace, Qin Yun already had good relationships with more than a thousand senior brothers and sisters.

    "It's time to return."

    Qin Yun walked out of Myriad Dharma Repository feeling happy.

    It was a common adage by scholars that 'ample reading produces fluent writing.' Qin Yun had stayed more than three months in Myriad Dharma Repository and had read through massive volumes of Dharmic formulation manuals. His understanding of the Three Realms had also deepened greatly.

    "The Three Realms are boundless and filled with experts. But from the various Dharmic formulations, one can tell if one deserves their reputation." Qin Yun sighed inwardly. "My present bit of strength is nothing worth mentioning in the grand scheme of the Three Realms."

    The more he knew, the more humble he became.

    "Time to leave."

    He activated his disciple mark, immediately feeling the massive and unfathomable powers of Green Touring Palace. With that power, he sensed his homeworld, the Great Chang world, from a distance.

    Blurry light descended upon him!


    Qin Yun vanished.


    Homeworld: Great Chang world.

    Qin Yun silently appeared amid the clouds.

    "It's said that the Three Realms are vast. Going from one dominion to another is only possible for Golden Immortals and other mighty figures," thought Qin Yun. "But through Green Touring Palace, we Dao Ancestor disciples are able to easily reach any dominion in the Three Realms."

    "I heard that... apart from the Daoism's Three Pure Ones's lineage, the Heavenly Courts' armies are able to reach any spot in the Three Realms when deployed as well. The Western Paradise's Buddhists have similar techniques."

    Only by having means to easily reach different areas could the Heavenly Courts have the right to be considered ruler of the Three Realms! However, that was only on the surface. There were many places where the Heavenly Courts' influence was weak.

    For example, in dominions completely ruled by the Fiends, the Heavenly Courts had no means to interfere.

    Even the Effulgent dominion... was somewhere where the Heavenly Courts' influence was weak. In all of the Three Realms, only the core dominion regions were actually under the control of the Heavenly Courts.

    "At the end of the day, it's the fist that talks," thought Qin Yun. The massive number of manuals in the Myriad Dharma Repository had indeed allowed Qin Yun to understand the various factions hidden in the Three Realms.


    Qin Yun flew on a cloud and soon, he saw two figures sparring above the mirror lake in Grand Dominance City.

    "Dad!" The two figures stopped. Qin Yiyi's eyes lit up as a faint dragon phantom soared up and immediately went straight for Qin Yun.

    Qin Yiyi immediately hugged Qin Yun.

    "Dad, you were gone for almost half a year. I thought you would be cultivating for decades." Qin Yiyi missed her father. In the past, Qin Yun had acted only as a senior that taught her sword arts. After they finally recognized each other as father and daughter, they had less than half a day together before Qin Yun headed to Green Touring Palace for cultivation. Qin Yiyi naturally missed her father greatly.

    "Brother Yun." Yi Xiao flew to their side. She looked much happier as she now had a daughter to accompany her. "Why are you back so quickly after cultivating as the Dao Ancestor's disciple? I heard that Divine Firmament Ancestral Master's second Essence Soul has been cultivating in Green Touring Palace all this while."

    Qin Yun smiled. "Green Touring Palace has numerous disciples but in fact, most of them live across the Three Realms. Only a small number actually cultivate in Green Touring Palace for an extended period of time."

    "Oh?" Yi Xiao and Qin Yiyi were rather curious about Green Touring Palace and looked forward to hearing more about it.

    After all, it was the Dao residence of the Dao Ancestor, Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure.

    "I have learned all the Dharmic formulations and divine powers I should learn," said Qin Yun with a smile. "I've returned to our homeworld to cultivate. To be honest, I would find it too hard to calm my mind if I were to stay in Green Touring Palace for hundreds or thousands of years."

    "When do you plan on returning?" inquired Yi Xiao.

    "There's no rush."

    Qin Yun felt that his homeworld's environment and the companionship of his wife and daughter would allow his cultivation to be even more satisfying.

    One's state of mind was at times the most important thing.

    Although Green Touring Palace had many sacred lands that were suitable for cultivation, according to the insights Qin Yun gleaned from reading the numerous manuals... one should usually cultivate diligently in ordinary places, and only when they hit a bottleneck should they visit a suitable sacred land for cultivation to make that breakthrough!

    "It's almost lunch time. I'm starving. In the past half year in Green Touring Palace, I have literally been feeding on the wind and drinking the dew," said Qin Yun.

    "Alright. I'll prepare a meal for you," said Yi Xiao with a smile.

    "Dad, I'll do it. I have learned how to make a quite a number of dishes. I'll personally do the cooking today. You can try my cooking," said Qin Yiyi immediately.

    "Alright. I shall have a taste of my daughter's cooking." Qin Yun was very happy to say that.


    Qin Yun took up residence in Grand Dominance City's Qin Manor once again. The mirror lake became his cultivation grounds where he often calmed his mind and cultivated in various sword arts over its peaceful surface.

    He primarily focused on the Hundred Great White Yang Metal Sword Art, as well as the secondary Five Directions Sword Sutra, Netherfiend Records, Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart, and Only Me Sword Song. Occasionally, he would spend some time and effort to study the two great divine powers. He also spent time with his wife and daughter... Qin Yun's cultivation days were naturally happy and carefree!

    Although he secluded himself in his homeworld, the Great Chang world, the attention Qin Yun received was far greater than Daoist Divine Firmament of yesteryear. Many of the sect masters of the Numinous treasure lineage in the Effulgent dominion, as well as some reclusive experts, would visit the Great Chang world in avatar form! Although many of them had cultivated for millions of years or more, they still called a junior like Qin Yun 'uncle-master.'

    In a blink of an eye, it had been three years since Qin Yun returned to his homeworld.


    A hidden door opened in the Divine Firmament Chapter.

    Daoist Divine Firmament walked out from within. His body emanated remnant lightning bolts as his eyes had a tinge of excitement.

    "Now that everything is ready, it's time I proceed to kill that Fiendcelestial Empyrean Lord." Daoist Divine Firmament suddenly laughed. "Qin Yun is really quite a character. He returned after less than half a year in Green Touring Palace."

    With one step, he vanished into thin air.

    When he appeared again, he was already above Grand Dominance City.


    Qin Yun, who was sitting cross-legged by the mirror lake, sensed it and looked up. He smiled and beckoned his hand. The Misty Rain Sword, which had already become a medial-grade Numinous treasure, was summoned back. With a flash, it left behind a blurry mark in midair before it was stored back inside his body.

    "Junior Brother Qin Yun, you have really been leading quite a pleasant life these days." Daoist Divine Firmament flew down. "You returned after spending less than a year in a sacred land like the Green Touring Palace. From the looks of it, your wife and daughter are far more attractive than Green Touring Palace."

    Qin Yun got up and welcomed him. "Senior Brother Zhang, that's exactly right."

    As he spoke, Qin Yun sensed that Daoist Divine Firmament's aura appeared to have changed. It was a lot more profound and it even vaguely threatened him. He could not help but say with a smile, "Senior Brother, you wiped out the Eight Lineage Fiendish Demons a few years ago alone. Now that your cultivation in the Myriad Dharma Pool has ended, I believe your strength has improved even further."

    "It's nothing worth flaunting." Daoist Divine Firmament shook his head gently. "Junior Brother Qin Yun, you are also aware that the Myriad Dharma Pool is the biggest opportunity for us Green Touring Palace disciples! The other disciples wouldn't enter it until they reach the pinnacle of the Skyimmortal realm. Only then do they enter seclusion to break through that bottleneck. I have done so early and although my strength has greatly improved... it will be difficult to raise my strength further in the future."

    "Senior Brother, why were you so in a rush to use the Myriad Dharma Pool?" Qin Yun looked at him.

    "It's that Fiendcelestial Empyrean Lord," replied Daoist Divine Firmament. "You know well that the Fiendcelestial Empyrean Lord, Kuifu, paid a huge price in order to occupy our Great Chang world. He must have a special reason for doing so. It's also why I vanquished all the fiends in the Great Chang world ahead of time. By doing so, our Great Chang world will not have any openings left. They can forget about sneakily entering to set up arrays. And today, I'm setting off to kill Kuifu."

    "Kill Kuifu?" Qin Yun was astonished.

    That Fiendcelestial Empyrean Lord... was someone Qin Yun hated vehemently as well.

    After all, it was because of him that he nearly lost his wife and daughter forever! He was only able to save the both of them was because he had acted quickly. Even so, he had nearly failed.

    Also, his wife and daughter had suffered quite tremendously.

    Qin Yun was already filled with killing intent at the mere thought, wishing to eliminate Kuifu.

    Fiendcelestial Empyrean Lord Kuifu is a child of a big family clan in the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss. He has also cultivated an Intrinsic Divine Power and is very strong," said Qin Yun. "Senior Brother, are you confident?"

    "I don't dare to say I'm absolutely confident," replied Daoist Divine Firmament. "I only have 80% confidence."

    "Senior Brother, have you already been to the Star Cluster Hall?" Qin Yun was alarmed.

    Daoist Divine Firmament nodded slightly.

    "Impressive." Qin Yun was indeed impressed.

    "Whatever needs preparing has been prepared." Daoist Divine Firmament nodded. "Alright, it's time I set off now that I have met you again."

    "Then, Senior Brother, let me congratulate you in advance for successfully slaying that Fiendcelestial Empyrean Lord," said Qin Yun.

    "Wait for my good news."

    Daoist Divine Firmament nodded before flying far into the distance.

    Qin Yun looked up and continued to watch from afar.

    "I hope Senior Brother succeeds." Qin Yun felt a sense of anticipation.
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