Chapter 467: Baichan World

    Chapter 467: Baichan World

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    "Alright, I'll heed my wife's advice," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    After all, he was considered quite a formidable expert in the Effulgent dominion. Very few could threaten him and he clearly thought nothing of Fiendlord Baichan.


    Qin Yun spent the next half year honing the achievements of his Sword Dao realm breakthrough. He cultivated the Hundred Great White Yang Metal Sword Art and the other four sword manuals to a brand new level before setting off.

    "Among the three targets, Fiendlord Baichan should be the easiest to deal with. I'll finish him off first." As he stood by the boundary of the Green Touring Palace, he could sense the general direction in which the Baichan world was.

    "Time to leave."

    With a thought, Qin Yun vanished from Green Touring Palace.

    Far off in a spot in the cosmos, a blurry light descended and became Qin Yun.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun was alarmed as he looked at the massive burning star in front of him. Its flames leaped high up and he was just a bit too close. Some of the tongues of flame even reached right in front of him. "If I had been even the tiniest bit off, I might have teleported into this burning star."

    "I'm still rather far from the Baichan world." Qin Yun closed his eyes to better connect with the void and locate the world. "Green Touring Palace transcends the Three Realms. Furthermore, it is not in the Effulgent dominion. I wanted to directly teleport to the Baichan world but ended up veering off course too much. If I fly slowly, it will probably take me three years! If I used Void Transference, it would still take me a day."

    "Traveling in the Other Realm cosmos is indeed troublesome for an ordinary immortal." Qin Yun thought wistfully. "As for me... I can return and try again!"

    The blurry light descended upon him once more.

    Qin Yun returned to Green Touring Palace.

    "Again, time to go!" With a thought from Qin Yun, he used the Green Touring Palace's powers to be transported a second time.


    He appeared in a nebula vortex.

    "Oh, I'm a lot closer this time. Again!" The blurry light descended upon him as he returned to Green Touring Palace again.

    This back-and-forth to Green Touring Palace continued numerous times...

    He deliberately chose the most remote spot in Green Touring Palace where clouds lingered.

    He repeated the teleportation a total of twelve times.

    "It's rather close this time." Qin Yun stood in the darkness of the cosmos as he looked at the inconspicuous planet a distance away. "Time to head there!"

    Qin Yun's body phased away as he engaged in repeated Void Transference. Every time he did this, he would traverse a distance of tens of thousands of kilometers.

    After breaking through to the late-stages of the Skyimmortal realm, Qin Yun's Heavenly Cycle Sword Dao gave him a formidable grasp of the void. He could now engage in Void Transference on his own.

    Typically, one needed a period of cultivation after breaking through to the late-stages of the Skyimmortal realm to allow them to grasp Void Transference! As for Major Void Transference? That was rare.

    Moments later, Qin Yun came before a massive world's stratosphere.

    "Back when I was a mortal, going from one world to another was easy. Now, being at the peak Essence Soul realm... opening a world passageway that allows a peak Essence Soul to pass through still requires me to put in ten minutes of work even at full strength." thought Qin Yun. "If I had directly opened a world passageway into the Baichan world, the commotion it caused would definitely be noticed by Fiendlord Baichan. If he flees in fright, I'll probably not be able to find him."

    "It's best to enter secretly."

    Qin Yun tore through the layers of clouds as he constantly plunged downwards.

    Soon, he saw a vast piece of land.

    "Rumble!" Dark clouds began to gather in the sky.

    "This fiendcelestial world is trying to repress me." Qin Yun smiled. "Change."

    Qin Yun's aura immediately changed as he feigned the aura of a cold and forbidding fiend, causing the dark clouds in the sky to dissipate.

    "I need to think of a way to find Fiendlord Baichan." Qin Yun took a step and vanished to the world below.


    On the vast lands, there was an unending line of prisoners proceeding when suddenly, one of the older prisoners slumped to the ground.

    "Old fool, cut the act and get up." A scarred face soldier in charge of the prisoners had a savage look on his face as he ran over, lashing out with a whip. The whip struck the old prisoner's body, leaving behind bloody marks under his tattered clothes. The old man's body convulsed as he pleaded weakly.

    "Don't beat him. He's almost dead." A young prisoner could not help but shout.

    The scarred face soldier looked up and grinned heinously. He went forward and lashed out angrily. "You are quite a busybody. Let me see how much more you can take."

    The whip lashed heavily as bloody streaks appeared across the young prisoner's body, but he bore with it through gritted teeth.

    "Sir, please spare the kid. He will die if you continue." A gray-clothed woman by the side immediately said ingratiatingly with a smile. Her voice vaguely had a strange charm to it.

    When the scarred face soldier heard that, his eyes turned turbid as he nodded. "Forget it. Since I'm in a good mood, I'll spare you."

    "Brother Pan, this old man is about to die." Another soldier touched the old man's neck as he said hurriedly.

    "He's an old guy anyway. Who can be blamed if he doesn't survive the march? Throw him far away." The scarred face soldier frowned slightly before shouting the command.

    They were responsible for escorting the prisoners and were only allowed a limited number of deaths.

    It would be troublesome for them if too many died.

    "Alright." The soldier grabbed the old man, who was on his last breath, with a single hand before throwing him aside casually. The old man was flung more than a hundred feet away. Blood seeped out of his mouth as the last of his life faded.

    The young prisoner gritted his teeth as he watched this.

    The young prisoner asked the woman beside him in a whisper, "Sis, why didn't you save him?"

    "Silly." Another youth beside him berated him softly. "Our Dharmic powers have been crippled. It's only because Sis is adept at bewitching voice arts that you were spared. If she ended up being caught, she would be in trouble."

    "Sixth Brother, our Wan family is finished and we can hardly fend for ourselves so don't bother trying to save others," said another slightly plump woman helplessly.

    "Alright, cut it out." said the eldest sister, who was the leader. She looked up at the vast world she was in.

    The youth beside her said, "Sis, we are about fifty kilometers away from Mt. White Fiend. We have to think of a way to escape. If not, there's really no hope left."

    The rather delicate-looking woman in gray whispered instead, "It might have been fine if it was just these ordinary soldiers. Even without our Dharmic powers, we can still control them. But there are still cultivators in charge of escorting us. If I had not had my Dharmic powers crippled, I could have easily finished them. But now, even if we charge en masse, we would not be able to withstand a single strike of theirs."

    "Are we just going to submit to our fates?" The other younger siblings looked at their eldest sister.

    "The day our Wan family fell was the day we were doomed." She looked at the dark sky, overcome by pained feelings and a sense of helplessness.

    The entire family clan was walking towards destruction. Her younger siblings were still naive, but despite once being called the Heavenly Charm Saint, she had no solution at all. She had been escorted here by cultivators, and rumors had it that she was being sacrificed to Fiendlord Baichan.

    Legends said that Fiendlord Baichan was the hegemon of this world.


    Apart from the Wan family siblings, there were more and more prisoner groups being gathered from every direction as they approached Mt. White Fiend. These groups came from all over the world, and were all being brought to be sacrificed to Fiendlord Baichan.

    "Hurry! Faster!"

    The prisoners were led into Mt. White Fiend, where there was a group of fiendcelestials in charge of receiving them.

    The group the Wan family siblings were in arrived in similar fashion.

    "They're doomed."

    Many people in the groups saw the fiendcelestials hovering over them and felt even more despair.

    "Who is that?" The eldest sister of the Wan family siblings was looking into the distance with an ashen look when a simply-dressed youth suddenly appeared not far from her out of thin air. He looked up at Mt. White Fiend and appeared rather puzzled.

    Suddenly, the simply-dressed youth turned to look at the gray-clothed woman. He asked with a smile, "Young lady, is this Mt. White Fiend?"

    "This is Mt. White Fiend." The gray-clothed woman nodded in a daze.

    "That's good." The youth nodded and vanished into thin air.

    "Sis, who are you talking to?" asked her younger siblings curiously.

    "Didn't you see someone there?" asked the gray-clothed woman.


    "There was no one."

    The younger siblings were perplexed.

    The gray-clothed woman was alarmed as she secretly sighed. "What's the point of thinking so much? This is Mt White Fiend, territory of Fiendlord Baichan. To be brought here as sacrifices means we are doomed."
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