Chapter 468: Fiendlord Baichan

    Chapter 468: Fiendlord Baichan

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    About an hour before Qin Yun arrived at Mt. White Fiend.

    On a gigantic square on Mt. White Fiend.

    Prisoners were constantly being escorted into the square in dense droves. All of them appeared to be reeling in despair.

    "Now that we've come to Mt. White Fiend, what will Fiendlord Baichan do to us?"

    "Who knows. But rumors have it that no one has left the mountain alive after coming to Mt. White Fiend."

    A few prisoners were discussing softly.

    "Perhaps we will be used in the cultivation of a fiend art."

    "I heard there are some who cultivate their fiend arts through the use of grievances. They will torture us till we have an overwhelming amount of grievances."

    "Perhaps there will be a world passageway, and we will be thrown into other worlds to be made laborers."

    "Dream on."

    "Why can't I dream at a time like this?"

    These prisoners were waiting uneasily for their fates.

    And at the highest spot in the square, a strange-looking, white-robed man was leaning on his throne in a slanted fashion, his drooping eyelids making him look like he was asleep. Beneath him, more than ten Skyfiends stood respectfully in a row.

    "Fiendlord, the food is more or less gathered," whispered a red-robed Skyfiend respectfully.


    Only then did the white-robed man open his eyes. He swept his gaze across the square and indeed, the square was packed dense with prisoners.

    He straightened his body and suddenly opened his mouth slightly to take in a breath.


    Immediately, a violent wind swept up the prisoners on the square. As they flew up, they were drawn towards the white-robed man's mouth. They shrank as they flew and entered his mouth. The Skyfiends and fiendcelestials who watched from the side were nervous.

    In a blink of an eye, the square was emptied.

    All the prisoners had been sucked clean.

    "Phew." The white-robed man's face suffused a wicked smile. He extended his tongue and licked his lips before giving an order. "Send the next batch in."

    "Yes." The fiendcelestials immediately arranged to continue sending prisoners in.

    "Each area has been instructed to send their food tribute within three days," said the white-robed man. "No area has sent less than what is required, correct?"

    "That's right. None of them have sent less than what is required. It is estimated that all the food will arrive by tomorrow," said the red-robed Skyfiend.

    "That's good. Inform me again when the next batch of food arrives."

    After giving his instructions, he laid down once again with his eyes closed as though he had fallen asleep once more.

    The Skyfiends heaved a sigh of relief when they saw this.

    "This fiendlord of ours is mostly alright but the spirit-devouring art he cultivates in is just too terrifying. The entire world provides him food and that barely manages to satisfy him." Two Skyfiends were secretly conversing with a voice transmission.

    "Those that cultivate in spirit-devouring arts are considered the most heretic of the fiendish way. Rumor has it that once one's cultivation reaches a certain unprecedented level, it would not take long for them to consume all life on a planet. Our fiendlord is quite patient. He only devours the harvest he reaps in the fiendcelestial world he rules."

    "We are the lucky ones. At the very least, we have cultivated to the realm of Skyfiend. Those mortals and the fiendcelestials that are still struggling can still be devoured."


    Large batches of prisoners were brought to the square as the number of prisoners on the square increased once more.

    Qin Yun also appeared among this batch of prisoners, taking care to look inconspicuous among them.

    "Fiendlord Baichan." Qin Yun instantly saw the sleeping Fiendlord Baichan on his throne high up in the sky. With his present realm, he could still see the heinous crimes one committed even without casting the Eye of Lightning.

    His body was covered in a rich layer of Sinful Sanguine Halo.

    The sheer richness of it left Qin Yun secretly alarmed.

    "What a heinous crime! Fiendlord Baichan is considered to have kept a low profile among all the powerful Skyfiends in the Effulgent dominion," thought Qin Yun. "He does not stir up much trouble and he seldom leaves the fiendcelestial world he rules. Yet, the Sinful Sanguine Halo he exudes is so dense."

    "So many humans and demons are captured and brought here. What does he plan to do with them?" Qin Yun was slightly puzzled.

    As he kept such a low profile, the intelligence on Fiendlord Baichan was pathetic. All that was known was that he had to be slightly weaker or he would not have only occupied one fiendcelestial world.

    What powerful fiend would not wreak havoc on as many worlds as possible?

    It was precisely because he was weak and unknown, a pushovers. This was why Yi Xiao had chosen him for her husband!

    Qin Yun continued waiting patiently.

    His art that concealed his aura went undetected by the Skyfiends. Even Fiendlord Baichan could not find any flaws unless he carefully stared at it.

    "Sis, what does Fiendlord Baichan plan to do to us by bringing us to Mt. White Fiend?" The group of prisoners that the Wan siblings were a part of arrived on the square. They were all feeling very uneasy.


    Her younger siblings were horrified and uneasy as they spoke to their eldest sister.

    The gray-clothed woman was calmly following the batch of prisoners when she suddenly saw a familiar figure into the distance. It was that simply-dressed youth.

    "It's him?" The gray-clothed woman was somewhat puzzled.

    "Junior Sister!" She heard a voice to the side.

    She jolted and turned her head over to see a few youths in another group of prisoners.

    "Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother, Fifth Junior Brother. Why have you been sent here as well?" asked the woman anxiously.

    "Your Wan family is gone but it's not like our sect could escape such a fate either."

    "We are bound together for good or for ill. No one can escape."

    The youths could only sigh.

    At that moment, right in front of the square, a red-robed Skyfiend said reverently, "Fiendlord, this batch of food is all here."

    After sleeping for an hour, Fiendlord Baichan opened his eyes with interest as he sat up straight. As he looked down on them, the prisoners on the square felt a baffling sense of horror. None of them dared to utter a sound as the square fell into a strange silence.

    "Whoosh." Fiendlord Baichan slowly opened his mouth as he sucked in. Immediately, a violent wind tore through the entire square, sweeping up countless prisoners as they flew towards his mouth.


    "He wants to eat us?"


    The numerous prisoners reeled in horrified despair, but as the violent winds swirled, they gradually shrank as they flew over. There was no way for them to resist.


    A blast enveloped the entire square. Instantly, the violent winds dissipated as the prisoners fell to the ground.

    "What happened?" The Skyfiends and fiendcelestials were alarmed.

    "Oh?" Fiendlord Baichan narrowed his eyes as he looked at a spot where a simply-dressed youth stood among the prisoners.

    When he was devouring the prisoners, they were all swept up into the sky but this simply-dressed youth somehow stood there motionlessly.

    The youth took a step forward, traversing more than a thousand feet to appear in front of the prisoners.

    The many human and demon prisoners looked towards the youth.

    "It's him?" The Wan family's gray-clothed woman was astonished.


    Fiendlord Baichan snorted coldly.


    Terrifying fiendcelestial phantoms appeared on Mt. White Fiend as they extended their gigantic palms to strike at Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun stood firm in his spot as terrifying Sword Qi burst out of his body. As the Sword Qi whistled across space, they tore through the fiendcelestial phantoms while his aura naturally presented itself.

    "Essence Soul? A mere Essence Soul?" The Skyfiends were alarmed.

    "Essence Soul realm? Sword Qi?" Fiendlord Baichan looked at Qin Yun with a drastic change in expression. He immediately stood up and bowed, speaking with great humility, "So it's Sword Immortal Qin from Green Touring Palace! Greetings Sword Immortal Qin."

    As he spoke he gave a huge, respectful bow.

    This scene left his subordinates in a daze. The prisoners were all left flabbergasted.

    Fiendlord Baichan was the hegemon of the Baichan world!

    Qin Yun stood there, his face like a layer of ice. His voice was ice-cold. "A spirit-devouring art? It's no wonder you are riddled with heinous sins!"

    "Sword Immortal Qin, I'm only eating some food in my Baichan world. I never go to other worlds to wreak havoc," said Fiendlord Baichan in a fawning manner immediately.

    "Do you think it's nothing even as you wreak havoc on an entire world?" bellowed Qin Yun coldly. "It's only because you are too weak that you do not act flagrantly. If you had invaded another world, you would probably have been killed by another immortal or Buddha before I came."

    "Too weak?"

    The Skyfiends, fiendcelestials, and prisoners to the side fell into a daze. The hegemon of their world had been deemed to be too weak?

    "I am weak. I naturally do not dare compare to a Green Touring Palace disciple. I have no intention to be your enemy. I'm willing to offer you treasures to spare me, alright?" Fiendlord Baichan ignored his dignity and began humbling himself to plead.

    "I came to the Baichan world to kill you," said Qin Yun.

    The moment his voice faded, Qin Yun's body emitted boundless stellar light. Unlimited stellar forces transmitted down from the distant cosmos through the void, forming Swords of Stellar Light around him.

    The 360 Swords of Stellar Light circled the surroundings as the stellar light spread across the area. Qin Yun took on the appearance of a stellar god.

    "He is someone that even Fiendlord Baichan fears?" The Wan family's gray-clothed woman watched in agitation.

    Fiendlord Baichan's expression sank when he saw this. He had bloodlust in his eyes as he roared angrily, "Qin Yun, you are only at the Essence Soul realm. I treated you respectfully on account of your stature but you take it for granted! How dare you insolently come to my cave abode to slay me. Do you really think I'm not your match? So what if you are a Green Touring Palace disciple? Today, I'll go down in history for killing a Green Touring Palace Disciple!"

    As he roared angrily, the entire Mt. White Fiend was roaring angrily as well.


    The entire Mt. White Fiend moved. Countless stones rolled down as the entire mountain stood up, transforming into a towering mountainous giant.

    The Skyfiends and fiendcelestials immediately flew away and hid in the distance. Some of them were faltering in amazement. "Fiendlord had such a trick up his sleeve?"

    Qin Yun released the stellar light to protect the weak mortals.

    "A second fiend body?" Qin Yun was astonished. "You do have some tricks up your sleeve."

    "This mountainous body is my actual one." The mountainous giant glared at Qin Yun as his voice rumbled. Fiendlord Baichan stood on the shoulder of the giant.

    "Qin Yun, prepare to die!" Fiendlord Baichan, as well as the giant, roared as they charged forward.
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