Chapter 469: Fiends Among Fiends

    Chapter 469: Fiends Among Fiends

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    Fiendlord Baichan was very careful. He did not wish to offend this Green Touring Palace disciple since he was a Dao Ancestor disciple, which gave him status that was much higher than his own.

    Even if Qin Yun was weak now, he would probably far exceed him in the future.

    Therefore, he was willing to submit in order to avoid conflict.

    "I've already submitted to you but you aren't giving me a way out. All I did was to consume some food, and its food I've taken from my own world. Must you be such a busybody?" Fiendlord Baichan was fuming with killing intent. "Since a Dao Ancestor disciple is offended, I might as well offend him thoroughly! I'll kill you off and end the problem at its roots before it leads to endless troubles. Qin Yun... you are mistaken, mistaken because you think too highly of yourself!"

    "The outside world thinks of me as weak but that's because I cultivate in a spirit-devouring art that garners so much hatred. I've had to keep a low profile as a result."

    "My true strength is that of a sixth-firmament Skyfiend! Furthermore, I cultivate in a fiend mountainous body! In the future, perhaps you might be stronger than me! But now? You are absolutely no match for me!"

    Fiendlord Baichan was filled with confidence.


    The mountainous giant waved a gigantic rock palm that held dark clouds. It came striking down with terrifying might.

    Fiendlord Baichan's other body also transformed into a stream of light that charged at Qin Yun.

    "Oh?" Just as Fiendlord Baichan was feeling extremely confident, his expression changed suddenly.

    This was because Qin Yun stood motionless in midair. All he did was beckon his hand slightly.

    The 360 Swords of Stellar Light floating around him suddenly expanded, causing the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm to abruptly expand, enveloping hundreds of kilometers around them. Instantly, Fiendlord Baichan and the mountain giant felt the surroundings change drastically. All he could see was the infinite starlight around him as well as the Swords of Stellar Light.

    Great divine power-Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm!

    "Hundred Great White Yang Metal Sword Art, Wrongs of the Wanton Sword," Qin Yun looked at the mighty Fiendlord Baichan and the mountain giant as he whispered these words softly.

    Wrongs of the Wanton Sword.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong!

    Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu...

    The 360 Swords of Stellar Light flew out simultaneously, transforming into individual sword beams as they unleashed a relentlessness assault on the mountain giant and Fiendlord Baichan.

    "How... How is this possible?" Fiendlord Baichan was horrified. More than a hundred sword flashes pelted his body as he resisted with all his might. The weapon he wielded was sent flying as his body was easily penetrated. Soon, his body was reduced to ash.

    "No! No! No..." As for his actual body, the mountain giant, it was flailing its palms at full strength to defend.

    However, the 360 sword flashes had formed a Heavenly Cycle as they attacked the mountainous giant from every direction.

    Despite having a strong and robust body, countless bits of rubble were sent flying from the assault.

    "You are rather sturdy," mumbled Qin Yun.

    "Spare me!"

    The mountainous giant yelled. His voice was deep and forceful, capable of generating visible waves.

    The mountainous giant's eyes were filled with a pleading look. As he looked at Qin Yun, his body began crumbling all over. He directly knelt amid the infinite stellar flashes and kowtowed. "Sword Immortal Qin, spare me. I overestimated myself. Spare me! Spare me, please!"

    The hearts of the Skyfiends, fiendcelestials, and the countless prisoners that were watching were palpitating at the sight of the kneeling giant and his pleas.

    "I was wondering why you captured so many living beings and brought them here. Ordinary Skyfiends would not dare to engage in wanton massacres. I never expected that you had a spirit-devouring art. It is the most heretic and forbidden art of the fiendish way. Since you have learned it, you deserve to die," said Qin Yun coldly.

    The fiendish way...

    It was heretic to begin with.

    Therefore, the fiendish way was ostracized by various schools of thought.

    And the spirit-devouring art was the most heretic art in the fiendish way. It was deemed the fiend among fiends!

    Although Skyfiends did not suffer the tribulations, they remained afraid of karma. Therefore, they typically did not slaughter mortals en masse. But there were two schools of thought in the fiendish way that had practitioners engage in massacres.

    One was the spirit-devouring lineage. Legend had it that it stemmed from a Ancestral Fiend. He enjoyed eating and could easily devour all the living spirits in a world. If he did not reign in his appetite, he would finish one world after another. It would no doubt be a catastrophe for the Three Realms. Many mighty figures would be helpless against him. The Buddhist Ancestor had once personally taken action but still failed to save his disciples from the Ancestral Fiend.

    The other was the sea of blood lineage. Experts of other fiendish lineages would commit heinous sins as a part of their cultivation but that was only an ancillary aspect of the lineage. Only the sea of blood lineage directly followed a path of committing heinous sins. Those that cultivated it strove to commit greater sins and used the sins as resources for cultivation! If their sins resulted into a boundless sea of blood, their Dharmic powers would also turn boundless, making them a terrifying fiend that left the Three Realms trembling.

    The two lineages were considered the fiends among fiends.

    The experts of the two lineages were born out of the cries of countless weaklings.

    "Die." Qin Yun showed no mercy. When he saw the kneeling giant plead in front of him, he could only think of how many lives had been devoured to aid Fiendlord Baichan's growth.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!" 360 sword flashes attacked the giant, making it quickly crumble.

    "No! No-"

    The mountainous giant struggled frantically as he faced death.

    With one final rumbling bang, his mountainous fiend body was finally reduced to smithereens. Under the infinite stellar forces, the rubble turned to powder before vanishing and scattering across the world.

    "He's dead."

    The Skyfiends, fiendcelestials, and countless prisoners saw it. All of them were left in a daze.

    They had truly been shocked when Fiendlord Baichan unleashed his true strength.

    But eventually-

    The mysterious Sword Immortal Qin seemed to vanquish him fully without spending much effort.

    "And all of you." Qin Yun swept his gaze at the Skyfiends and fiendcelestials.

    "No, spare me! Spare me!"

    These Skyfiends and fiendcelestials were enveloped in the countless stars. They knelt down with no thought of resistance.

    There was no way for escape while being placed in front of Sword Immortal Qin's strength.


    The Swords of Stellar Light swept over.

    Immediately, more than ninety percent of the Skyfiends and fiendcelestials perished. All of them were reduced to smithereens, leaving only five fiendcelestials left to drag out their ignoble existence.

    "We are still alive?" The five fiendcelestials were somewhat taken aback.

    "As fiendcelestials, it is quite rare for you to have such low levels of sin." Qin Yun swept his gaze across the five fiendcelestials. He could see the sins of these fiendcelestials at a glance, and found them to have extremely minute amounts of sin.

    Following that, Qin Yun stored away all the treasures left behind by Fiendlord Baichan and the dead Skyfiends. He then looked at the prisoners that had been protected by the infinite stellar forces before flicking his sleeve.


    The countless prisoners were delivered to a vast land tens of kilometers away by the starlight.

    "This world is ruled by fiendcelestials." Qin Yun looked at the boundless land. "Many living beings are only able to cultivate in the fiendish way from the moment they are born. They have no other choice and the amount of help I can deliver is limited."

    Whoosh! Qin Yun vanished.

    And far on the desolate plains, the Wan family siblings were present with a big group of prisoners.

    "Sis, we survived! We survived!" there was a very excited cry.

    "What happened was just too formidable. That Sword Immortal Qin is just too impressive."

    "Fiendlord Baichan was already terrifying enough. The mountainous giant's massive body was impressive as well. The Skyfiends were trembling in fear of him. But in front of Sword Immortal Qin, they can still be easily killed." echoed the people one after another.

    The Wan family's gray-clothed woman gazed far into the distance where Qin Yun had originally stood.

    "Green Touring Palace disciple? Where is the Green Touring Palace?" The gray dressed woman shook her head in silence. "I thought I was strong enough in the past. Now, Fiendlord Baichan, the hegemon of this world, was kneeling and sharing what he could with Sword Immortal Qin in front of him."

    "I have survived but my Dharmic powers are crippled. There are ways to cultivate from scratch again. I wonder if there will come a day when I can see Sword Immortal Qin again, where I could stand at the same height as him and see the same clouds." The gray-clothed woman's eyes had a burning flicker.


    Although Fiendlord Baichan had unleashed all his strength, he was still unqualified to make Qin Yun use his Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    He might have only gained a rudimentary grasp of his great divine power, the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm, but it could match a sixth firmament Skyimmortal's strength. Furthermore, by casting the Hundred Great White Yang Metal Sword Art with the Heavenly Cycle Swords of Stellar Light, the might grew ever stronger. If he encountered Wuli Jiushou from the Skywolf world again, he could completely repress him with one strike. As for Fiendlord Baichan? He was weaker than Wuli Jiushou and so was naturally wiped out.


    Qin Yun spent half a day traversing the Baichan world, wiping out the fiends that had committed heinous sins before his mood was uplifted.

    "This first target, Fiendlord Baichan, is gone. Next it's Hawk Fiend King and the old tree demon." Qin Yun stood in the starry cosmos beyond the Baichan planet as he looked down upon the planet. Following that, he activated his disciple mark.

    A blurry light descended upon Qin Yun before he vanished.

    Qin Yun came and left quickly. However, he managed to usher in a new era for the Baichan world, an era where the Dao could compete with the fiends.
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