Chapter 470: Hawk Fiend Kings Banquet

    Chapter 470: Hawk Fiend King's Banquet

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    With Green Touring Palace's aid, Qin Yun arrived in the mesosphere of the Hawk Fiend world moments later.

    He looked down upon it.

    "I can obtain what Master has to offer by getting rid of these two." Qin Yun was filled with anticipation. Although he had obtained some spoils of war from the Baichan world, it was far from comparable to what the Dao Ancestor had to offer.

    He swooped down directly.

    As he tore through the layers of clouds, he finally saw a vast land.

    The world's Heaven and Earth spiritual energies were even richer as Qin Yun overlooked his surroundings. He was somewhat puzzled, "Apart from avian creatures and beasts, there isn't a single human or demon?"

    "It's said that Hawk Fiend King and Old Tree Demon live in this Hawk Fiend world but where exactly?" Qin Yun kept flying, feeling puzzled as he searched.

    The world was primeval in nature with forests that stretched out endlessly.

    After flying for five hundred kilometers, Qin Yun saw at a glance several demonic auras lingering on a mountain a distance away.

    "There are quite a number of demons there. Oh, three thousand ordinary lesser demons. There are also two Essence Soul realm demons." Qin Yun's initial look revealed that there were only two Essence Soul realm demons among the numerous demons. One was a tiger demon and the other a wolf demon.


    In a hall in the towering mountain's belly.

    "Here, let us brothers drink." A tiger demon carried a huge alcohol jar as he gulped large mouthfuls of it.

    "What great wine." The wolf demon was drinking happily as he shouted, "Three-eyed Monkey, quick. Send us more wine."

    "Yes, Leaders," a three-eyed monkey demon said obsequiously as he obediently went to get more.

    "Our eldest brother is truly one of a kind. Hawk Fiend King invited everyone to his banquet but Brother did not bring us along to broaden our horizons." The tiger demon complained unhappily. "Many great demon monarchs of other worlds are attending the banquet Hawk Fiend King is hosting. Even if we are not qualified to drink the wine they serve, just watching the grand splendor of it all from the outside would have been nice."

    "He thinks of us as being too weak. It would only shame Brother if we attend." The wolf demon drank the alcohol clumsily so that it stained his fur. He said, "Brother has already said that Hawk Fiend King invited many of his friends to the banquet. Many of them are fifth or sixth firmament Skydemons, great demon monarchs of their worlds. They are in no way inferior to Hawk Fiend King in terms of fame and strength. Even Brother can only sit on the periphery. Usually he would bring us but this time it's different."

    "I really wish to at least see it." The tiger demon's eyes suffused redness. "Brother, why don't we head there in secret and watch from afar?"

    "We could try that." The wolf demon was somewhat moved. "But Brother commanded us to stay guard here."

    "About that..." The tiger demon hesitated.

    "Forget it. We will be in trouble if Brother pins the blame on us," mumbled the wolf demon.

    "Pins the blame on us?" The tiger demon felt his heart shudder involuntarily.

    The two intoxicated demons chatted while drinking in the hall in the mountain's belly.

    Suddenly, a simply-dressed human youth appeared in the hall and looked at the two great demons.

    "Oh?" The tiger demon widened his eyes at the human that had suddenly appeared in the hall. He could not help but glare. "A human?"

    "What? A human?" The wolf demon was alarmed to see Qin Yun as well. "Haven't humans been exterminated in the Hawk Fiend world? I have lived for so many years and have only seen humans at Hawk Fiend King's residence. Even those were only a special few he spared so that they could serve him."

    Gradually, the tiger and fox demons' expressions turned solemn. They were no longer as inebriated.

    A human had appeared inside their hall?

    "Gentlemen." Qin Yun looked at the two demons and smiled. "Might I ask you a question? If you do not wish to die, just answer me honestly."

    "Human, where do you come from?" the tiger demon did not reply so much as roar angrily.

    "Quick, tell us!" yelled the wolf demon as well.

    "It seems you want to do this the hard way," Qin Yun said coldly with his brows slightly furrowed.


    He released his Dao domain, binding the wolf and tiger demons directly! The two demons were lifted up. They felt their bodies restrained and their struggles were futile.

    The domain's forces even squeezed them, causing their bones and muscles to hurt. Their faces flushed red as they struggled in pain and weakly kicked their legs.

    "Hmph." Qin Yun dispelled his Dao domain, causing the tiger and wolf demons to fall to the ground. They looked at each other and saw the horror in one another's eyes.


    "Senior," the two demons fawned.

    Qin Yun said coldly, "Use your Dharmic powers to draw me a map of where Hawk Fiend King's cave abode is. Draw them at the same time. If I discover that you are lying, hmph... Both of you know that I can kill you as easy as I squash a bug."

    "Yes, yes, yes. Senior, you are omnipotent. How would we dare lie? We will draw it now. Right now," said the wolf demon immediately.

    "Senior, it's really simple to find Hawk Fiend King's cave abode," said the tiger demon as he began drawing.

    Both of them used their Dharmic powers and drew maps in midair.

    Although their drawings had some differences, they were in essence equivalent.

    Qin Yun gained a general idea after seeing their drawings.

    "We have drawn it. Senior, you said you would spare our lives and I believe you would not go back on your words," said the wolf demon obsequiously.

    "Senior, with your strength, why would you lie to two lesser demons like us?" said the tiger demon in a toady manner.

    "Don't worry, I won't kill the both of you. But to prevent the both of you from snitching, follow me." With a wave of his hand, Qin Yun's Dao domain carried the two demons.


    He rapidly flew out of the towering mountain.

    There were 3000 mortal lesser demons around the mountain but none of them were capable of sensing Qin Yun.

    As they traveled, Qin Yun noticed something.

    Although he was unfamiliar with the world, Qin Yun first did Void Transference once as he led the two demons. After a few seconds of flying, he saw a lofty mountain in the distance.

    "That is Hawk Fiend King's cave abode, also the tallest mountain in the Hawk Fiend world," said the tiger demon immediately.

    "Very good." Qin Yun nodded. "Both of you can go free."

    With that said, the two demons flew out and plummeted a distance before coming to a stop in midair.

    And at that moment, Qin Yun took a step forward and arrived right inside the mountain.

    "How formidable. Hawk Fiend King is hosting a banquet filled with strong guests. As a human, he's entering directly?" the tiger demon could not help but mumble. "Furthermore, he does not know where Hawk Fiend King's cave abode is. He's clearly not Hawk Fiend King's friend."

    "Something major is about to happen." The wolf demon widened his eyes.

    "Should we inform Brother?" The tiger demon was in a dilemma.

    "We can't," shouted the wolf demon immediately. "If we tell him, it will become known that we led that human here. The implications that arise with Hawk Fiend King will doom us. Besides, the human has already entered. It's too late for us to inform Brother."

    "Yes." The tiger demon nodded.


    Hawk Fiend King was a demon king that knew how to indulge in luxury. He had even reared a bunch of humans to serve him. Humans, even as mortals, were nimble. They were able to create intricate decorations for him.

    His cave abode was very opulent.

    The grand hall was extremely luxurious!

    "Try this third dish." Hawk Fiend King had a hawk's head and a human's body. His eyes had a bloodlust to them as he clapped his hands with a smile.

    Immediately, beautiful fox demonesses served the dishes. Sitting at the main table were a total of seven demon monarchs that included Hawk Fiend King and Old Tree Demon. They were given a huge serving while the Skydemons that sat elsewhere only had a small serving each.

    When the lid was opened, it revealed a meat that glistened with red oil.

    "Oh." The seven demon monarchs either grabbed the bones with their hands and chewed on it, or they stabbed the meat with a knife before eating.

    "Brother Hawk Fiend, what meat is this? Why is it so fragrant?" A demon monarch widened his eyes. "I have never tasted meat so delicious before."

    Hawk Fiend King immediately smiled with delight when he heard that.

    "This is the meat of a Skydragon I slew," said Hawk Fiend King with a smile. "This comes from the most tender parts in the belly. I got the best cook among my humans to make it."

    "You killed a Skydragon?"

    "The dragons will definitely seek revenge."

    Everyone spoke their mind.

    "What's there to be afraid of?" Hawk Fiend King felt contempt.

    "Hawk Fiend," said a pig demon with a fat head and big ears. "It's not that I'm reprimanding you or anything. Wreaking havoc on those humans can be ignored since we have been fighting humans for such a long period of time. But for dragons... they have deep ties with us demons. In many worlds, dragons even protect the weaker lesser demons. You should not have killed a Skydragon."

    With that said, he threw the knife in his hand down. "I'm not eating this Skydragon's meat."


    Hawk Fiend King slammed the table in front of him and said angrily, "Pig Demon, what's the meaning of this? I was the one who killed the Skydragon, not you. What's there to be afraid of? Are you deliberately trying to smack me in the face by refusing my gift?"

    "Alright, alright. It's just some trifling matter. The strength of the dragons in the Effulgent dominion is nothing we need to bother over," said Old Tree Demon with a chuckle.

    At this moment-


    A figure in the form of a stream of light surged straight into the hall and landed in the middle. He was none other than Qin Yun.

    The surrounding demon kings were in demihuman form. They were typically stout and large in size, as tall as several hundred feet tall. The more ordinary ones were tens of feet tall. As a human, Qin Yun appeared rather tiny in this hall filled with great demon kings.

    "There are so many demons," said Qin Yun with a smile as he swept his gaze around the hall. "What a bustle."
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