Chapter 471: Slaying Demons

    Chapter 471: Slaying Demons

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    Qin Yun's appearance in the hall made two peak third Firmament Essence Soul demons, who were responsible for security, change their expressions.

    After all, the trespassing of a human meant they neglected their duty.

    Today was the day Hawk Fiend King and Old Tree Demon had invited many great demons.

    "How dare an Essence Soul realm Daoist barge into the hall."

    "Capture him immediately!"

    The two demons charged forward simultaneously in a bid to take him down.

    "Whoosh!" A furry arm stretched out suddenly, instantly sweeping past the two demon guards, sending them flying out the main door directly!

    "Are you Green Touring Palace's Sword Immortal Qin?" The furry arm rapidly shrank and retracted. It belonged to an ape demon who was chuckling while delivering a deep bow. "I'm Yuan Wei, a junior of the Seven Saints lineage. Greetings, Sword Immortal Qin."

    "Seven Saints?" Qin Yun's heart stirred. "You are Senior Brother Yuan Hong's..."

    "He is the king of my family," chuckled the ape demon.

    Qin Yun was enlightened.

    Back during the era of the Ancient Heavenly Courts, Yuan Hong and six other great demons resided in the Heavenly realm's Mt. Plum! They were known as Mt. Plum's Seven Saints.

    The other six could be ignored, but as the head of the Seven Saints, Yuan Hong held a high standing in Green Touring Palace. He was a true Golden Immortal mighty figure, and was one of the extremely famous Mixed Worlds Four Apes of the Three Realms.

    The ape demon in front of him... was likely one of the many lesser demons under Yuan Hong.

    "Greetings, Uncle-Master Qin. I'm the second disciple of Mountain Lord Cloudstep," another elephant demon said politely.

    "Ah, a disciple of Senior Brother Wudong." Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    However, he was inwardly sighing. "The influence Green Touring Palace has on demons is rather great. Among these seven great demons... two of them are related to Green Touring Palace."

    Yuan Hong had already been described, but as for Mountain Lord Cloudstep, he was a famous nine firmament Skyimmortal elephant demon from the Effulgent dominion! He was also a Green Touring Palace disciple with the name Wudong Qi.

    Green Touring Palace had tens of thousands of disciples. Hundreds of them came from the Effulgent dominion! Furthermore, nearly half of them were demons!

    There were indeed quite a number of great demons in the Effulgent dominion. Many of them were the descendants of Green Touring Palace disciples.

    "Hahah... So it's Green Touring Palace's Sword Immortal Qin." Hawk Fiend King Che Jie stood up and laughed out loud. "I organized this banquet for my good friends, but never expected Sword Immortal Qin to come all the way here to my humble abode. This is truly my pleasure. Come, prepare a seat for him. Let Sword Immortal Qin sit in one of the seats of honor."

    Green Touring Palace was the Dao residence of Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure.

    A Green Touring Palace disciple...

    Such a title would be astounding no matter where. Even the heavenly army of the Heavenly Courts and the Bodhisattvas and Buddhas of Buddhism would turn apprehensive in the face of Green Touring Palace disciples. One had to account for a higher authority in everything. Or to put it in a more unpleasant way, one had to consider who the master was when beating a dog! Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure's personal disciples... were very revered by these great demons.

    And among the Daoist's Three Pure Ones, only Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure treated the demons well!

    "I won't be taking a seat," said Qin Yun.

    "Uh..." Hawk Fiend King's face twitched, as he couldn't help but be embarrassed.

    He had quite a temper, so he was already repressing the fumes of his anger. If he was not afraid of Qin Yun's identity as Green Touring Palace disciple, he would already have lost all decorum.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, you won't sit when invited. So then, why did you come here?" A snake demon asked with a scoff. He hated humans to his core. The rise of humans resulted in the decline of demons. The battle between the two species had once left blood flowing throughout the Three Realms. The Ancient Heavenly Courts no longer existed, and at present, humans were the ruler of the Three Realms. The demons could only drag out a meager existence and were constantly being forced to live in squeezed living spaces.

    "Yin Qiong," berated the ape demon. "Do not be disrespectful towards Sword Immortal Qin."

    "Coward," the snake demon snorted coldly but did not speak any further.

    "Might I ask why you are here, Sword Immortal Qin?" Hawk Fiend King forced a smile and asked, "As long as I can help, I'll definitely do my best."

    "I'm only here to do one thing." Qin Yun swept his gaze over the great demons present.


    The ape, elephant, snake, and pig demons, Hawk Fiend King and Old Tree Demon, and all the other Skydemons, listened carefully.

    "Might I know what is it?" inquired Hawk Fiend King.

    "To kill you, Hawk Fiend King, and that old tree demon," said Qin Yun. At the same time, the vertical eye opened at his glabella-the divine power, Eye of Lightning.

    The entire hall fell silent.

    The other five great demons exchanged looks as Hawk Fiend King and Old Tree Demon's jaws dropped.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, stop joking. This isn't something you should joke about." No one spoke a word until Old Tree Demon made that comment. He had said so with a forced smile.

    "Yes, this isn't something you should joke about," echoed Hawk Fiend King obsequiously. "I have no intention of being your enemy, Sword Immortal Qin."

    Qin Yun cast his Eye of Lightning and swept the area.

    Among the seven great demons in front of him...

    "The one with the most heinous sins are indeed the two of you." Qin Yun's gaze fell on Hawk Fiend King and Old Tree Demon. "Hawk Fiend King, you are a demon but you are known by everyone as a Fiend King. Even your homeworld is named Hawk Fiend world. You are not a fiendcelestial but you are more bloodthirsty than many fiendcelestials... I'm not surprised by the heavy sins you have, but it's Old Tree Demon that surprises me. I have often heard of the numerous evil deeds that Hawk Fiend King has committed but I have never heard anything about you. Where does all that sin you have on you come from? Furthermore, you are embroiled in a constant grievance aura, one worse than Hawk Fiend King."

    "It has to do with the Dharmic formulation I cultivate in," said Old Tree Demon with a chuckle. He was rather genial. "Sword Immortal Qin, How exactly have I offended you to make you want to kill me? From my point of view, there must be some misunderstanding between us."

    "Sword Immortal Qin, this is our first meeting," said Hawk Fiend King.

    "Do you remember a Skyimmortal by the name of Fang Rong?" asked Qin Yun.

    Hawk Fiend King was puzzled as he shook his head. "No, never heard of him."

    Qin Yun sighed lightly, "Sad..."

    Fang Rong had gone to great lengths for years to exact his revenge.

    Yet, Hawk Fiend King forgot him utterly.

    "Are you prepared to die?" Qin Yun said as infinite starlight emitted from his body. Boundless stellar forces descended from the distant cosmos as the 360 Swords of Stellar Light began to condense. The scene was beautiful and magnificent, as though Qin Yun was a stellar god.

    "Use all the moves you have or you will not have any chance." Qin Yun looked at Old Tree Demon and Hawk Fiend King.

    In return, they exchanged looks.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, we have so many great demons here. Do you plan to kill them in front of us?" The snake demon was somewhat annoyed. "Aren't you thinking too little of us?"

    "Do you have what it takes to stop me?" Qin Yun looked at him.

    The snake demon was somewhat taken aback, feeling somewhat furious.

    "Let's go!" said Old Tree Demon via a voice transmission.


    Hawk Fiend King and Old Tree Demon took action in unison.

    Hawk Fiend King grew a pair of golden wings on his back and, with a quake of his golden wings, he instantly transformed into a stream of light that crashed out the hall's roof and rapidly escaped into the distance.

    On the other hand, Old Tree Demon instantly tunneled into the ground. He transformed into numerous roots that escaped in every direction.

    "Will you be able to flee?"

    "Shadow Penetration of the Hundred Great White Yang Metal Sword Art," said Qin Yun softly.

    He was still hoping that the two would give him a pleasant surprise.

    "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

    Hawk Fiend King, who was fleeing in the sky, was the first to be caught. The stellar forces bound him, drastically reducing his speed.

    "No good." Upon seeing more than a hundred Swords of Stellar Light pursue him in the form of after images, he could not help but panic.

    Following that, the shadows tore through Hawk Fiend King's body. His body was incomparable to Fiendlord Baichan's mountainous body. In an instant, his body was pulverized by the hundred plus Swords of Stellar Light.

    Hawk Fiend King perished with that.

    The outcome that the dead Skyimmortal, Fang Rong, had always yearned for had finally happened. Qin Yun had satisfied the karma he was bound to by killing Hawk Fiend King.

    And this scene left the five great demons to the side with palpitating hearts. The snake demon that had been peeved had turned pale.

    "Don't say anything. Mind your own business. Hawk Fiend King and Old Tree Demon have engaged in too much slaughter. Retribution has come for them." The pig demon sent a voice transmission.

    "This Sword Immortal Qin created a brand new sword immortal lineage, becoming someone famous throughout the Three Realms. How can he allow himself to be so easily crossed? The reason why he is at the Essence Soul realm is because he has only created a Sword Immortal Essence Soul Dharmic formulation. It does not mean that his Sword Dao realm is stuck at the Essence Soul realm. He can slay the likes of Hawk Fiend King in one strike," said the elephant demon via voice transmission.
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