Chapter 472: Might of the Intrinsic Flying Sword!

    Chapter 472: Might of the Intrinsic Flying Sword!

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    "Hawk Fiend King is most adept at escaping but he failed. Was the Dharma spell that Sword Immortal Qin cast a kind of domain-type Dharma spell?"

    "Sword Immortal Qin is ultimately an Essence Soul sword immortal. He has weak Dharmic powers, so it's impossible to cast such a powerful Dharma spell. I believe it's a powerful divine power. I know that there are Essence Soul Earth Immortals and Buddhist Arhats that specialize in the cultivation of divine powers in the Three Realms."

    "Do you know what divine power that is?"

    "I've never seen it before."

    "I've never heard of it before."

    The five great demons were discussing via voice transmission, but none of them had any intention of intervening in the battle.

    These great demons that had lived for eons were all very crafty and careful.

    To take action now? Wouldn't that be courting death?


    Deep underground.

    Roots were escaping in different directions and more than two hundred Swords of Stellar Light were pursuing them.

    "He's fast."

    However, Old Tree Demon, who was extremely confident when it came to escaping underground, discovered that the his roots were moving at a drastically reduced speed thanks to the hindrance of the stellar forces. Furthermore, the Swords of Stellar Light were rapidly catching up to him.

    "What? Hawk Fiend King died just like that? An ally I have been nurturing for so many years has perished just like that?" Old Tree Demon shuddered a little.

    Puah! Puah! Puah!

    The Swords of Stellar Light caught up to him.

    They attacked each and every root. There were a total of twenty-seven roots escaping in different directions but under the Swords of Stellar Light's attacks, one by one, they were pulverized.

    Soon, there was only one root left.

    Eight Swords of Stellar Light attacked it.

    This root suffused a dark red luster. The Swords of Stellar Light were only capable of leaving scuffs on the root before it quickly healed to normal. The dark red root suddenly raised its speed drastically as it burrowed deeper underground.

    "This root is his true body. The rest are just fakes." Qin Yun was constantly sensing his surroundings.

    Hu! Hu! Hu!

    Many Swords of Stellar Light chased up to the old tree demon's true root.

    As the root was hindered by the stellar forces, the Swords of Stellar Light that were closest began to catch up. More than fifty Swords of Stellar Light surrounded the root and attacked it. However, the dark red root was robust and slippery. Even though it was damaged, it could rapidly recover.

    Soon, he escaped to the periphery of the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm.

    The Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm under peak performance reached its limit at a hundred and fifty kilometers.


    The dark red root slammed heavily into the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm's membrane. This repeated a few times until the membrane produced a large number of cracks.

    The Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm was indeed a world of its own and had membrane walls around it. Qin Yun had only gained a basic grasp of this divine power, so although the Swords of Stellar Light could perform sword arts, the world membrane was only formed by the divine power. It was much weaker.


    The membrane cracked completely upon a second strike. The dark red root charged out.

    "I've finally escaped the divine power's domain." Old Tree Demon was delighted. Without the hindrance of the stellar forces, his escaping speed rose drastically.

    "Time to leave." Old Tree Demon immediately produced a Dao talisman. He planned on using it to escape through Void Transference.


    However, a three-hundred-kilometer Dao domain easily repressed the void around Old Tree Demon. It was impossible for him to engage in Void Transference.

    "Relying on a divine power is insufficient against him." Qin Yun waved his hand as a wisp of misty rain shot out from his fingertip.

    It shot through the void!

    The Misty Rain Sword vanished in midair and, when it appeared again, it was already deep underground.

    "What's that?" Old Tree Demon panicked.

    A glaring golden-white sword flash instantly carved out a hundred thousand feet underground. It also directly sliced through the extremely robust root.

    The dark red root was split into two and squirmed and expanded rapidly. It turned into a towering blackish-red tree.

    The towering tree had tore out of the ground. Countless roots entrenched themselves in the depths of the land. The tree trunk was extremely thick but there was a gnarly wound that emanated from the countless roots up to the main trunk. The wound stretched across the trunk and on the tree's crown, a gigantic face appeared. It pleaded loudly, "Sword Immortal Qin, spare me! Please spare me! I admit defeat! We can negotiate on anything!"

    "One strike is actually insufficient to kill you?" Qin Yun was somewhat astonished.

    His use of his Intrinsic Flying Sword brought a might that was far greater than the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm's Swords of Stellar Light which he only had a rudimentary understanding of.

    "I'll try again. Let's see how many strikes you can withstand," said Qin Yun.


    The glaring golden-white sword flashes were more glaring than the sun in the sky.

    The sword flashes streaked across a hundred thousand feet with golden-white light, slicing across the towering tree! After the tree was sliced, it rapidly healed. But several tree branches and leaves withered immediately.


    A second golden-white sword flash.

    The two sword flashes were dazzling. With an indignant roar, the towering tree wilted completely and was destroyed.

    Old Tree Demon had perished as well.

    "This is his true strength?" The five great demons in Hawk Fiend King's nest saw everything clearly. The two golden-white sword flashes contained an infinite sharpness. It left them reeling in fear, for they knew it would be absolutely impossible for them to withstand even one strike.

    "This Old Tree Demon sure is resistant. He managed to withstand three strikes of mine." Qin Yun beckoned.

    The treasures left behind after Old Tree Demon's death rapidly flew over.

    "This is the tree core he left behind after his death." Qin Yun held the dark green tree core. "His strength is clearly higher than Hawk Fiend King's. I wonder where his grievous sins come from. In addition, what did he do to earn that terrifying grievance aura?"

    Qin Yun did not bother thinking on it any further.

    Qin Yun swept up all the treasures Old Tree Demon and Hawk Fiend King left behind. He saw the shuddering and fawning smiles of the five great demons, including the two great demons that had been nasty to him previously. They were trying to curry favor with him.

    When met with absolute strength... a person who could kill them in one strike, all they could do was give fawning smiles when being powerless to resist.

    "Together with Fiendlord Baichan, the three targets have been eliminated. It's time to return." Qin Yun immediately used his disciple mark and sensed the distant Green Touring Palace.


    A blurry light descended upon Qin Yun before he vanished.

    He had left this spot, left the entire Effulgent dominion. He headed for the legendary place in the Three Realms, Green Touring Palace.

    "He's gone." The pig demon heaved a sigh of relief. "He scared me **less."

    "An Essence Soul sword immortal can actually be so terrifying." The snake demon felt a lingering fear.


    Green Touring Palace.

    Qin Yun came to a hall, and on its door were the words-Fiend Vanquishment.

    Upon entering Fiend Vanquishment Hall, he was met with an empty space. Only a mirror hung inside.

    The surface of the mirror distorted into that of an elder.

    "Senior." Qin Yun bowed respectfully. "I have just completed the first round of tests."

    "Oh? Qin Yun, I've heard of you," said the elder in the mirror with a chuckle. "Among the disciples Master recently took in, there is talk of one who forged a new sword immortal lineage. I have always been wanting to meet you. But it's only today that you came to meet me after completing the first round of tests. You came a little later than I expected."

    "I apologize. I was not completely confident in my strength prior to this," said Qin Yun.

    "Which fiends did you kill?" asked the elder in the mirror.

    "I've just killed three. They are Fiendlord Baichan of the Effulgent dominion, as well as Hawk Fiend King and Old Tree Demon of the Hawk Fiend world," said Qin Yun.

    "Let me verify that." The elder vanished after saying those words. Furthermore, battle scenes surfaced on the mirror.

    They were scenes of Qin Yun killing Fiendlord Baichan, Hawk Fiend King, and Old Tree Demon.

    If one wanted to lie?

    It was impossible to lie to the Dao Ancestor.

    Following that, the surface of the mirror transformed back to the elder's image.

    "Qin Yun, these are the treasures Master prepared for you. Take this." With that said, the void warped and a yellow-skinned calabash flew out.

    Qin Yun extended his hand to grab it in anticipation.
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