Chapter 473: Soul Formation Pill

    Chapter 473: Soul Formation Pill

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    The yellow-skinned calabash was a storage Numinous treasure. When Qin Yun grabbed it, his Dharmic powers permeated it, easily refining the ownerless calabash for his own. He also became immediately aware of the massive number of items contained within the calabash.

    They piled into a tiny mountain.

    There were many rare materials and Immortal Pills that were famous in the Three Realms, as well as some life-preservation items like Dao talismans.

    "These precious materials are difficult to acquire even if I want to purchase them. They are very suited for the nurturing of my Intrinsic Flying Sword." Qin Yun was delighted. "These Immortal Pills... are these Soul Formation Pills?"

    While checking the Immortal Pills and Dao talismans, Qin Yun lost his composure when he saw Soul Formation Pills.

    In terms of worth and rarity, the Immortal Pills were more precious than the Soul Formation Pills! However, the Soul Formation Pills left Qin Yun more excited.

    "A Soul Formation Pill can allow an ordinary mortal to directly become an Essence Soul Earth Immortal." Qin Yun's heart was filled with much trepidation. "However, it will form the most ordinary Essence Soul and provide weak Dharmic powers! Cultivators who have real goals would typically not consume Soul Formation Pills. Consuming them is equivalent to destroying one's future. But for ordinary mortals, these pills allow them to step into the existence of an Earth Immortal in one step and have eternal life."

    "Although there will still be the tribulations, as long as one is well-behaved, doesn't kill, and does plenty of good deeds, the tribulations can be ignored since there is a lack of sin."

    "By being a prosperous Essence Soul Earth Immortal who does good... one can live for a long time."

    "Legend has it that there is an even more precious Nine Revolutions Immortal Pill. Consuming one of those pills is enough to make one a Skyimmortal instantaneously! That would truly result in one sharing the same age as the heavens. However, they are even rarer. Only the Grand Supreme Dao Ancestor can refine those," thought Qin Yun.

    With such a pill, one could directly soar and gain eternal life.

    Yet it was harmful to one's cultivation.

    Many cultivators still desired these since they had family they were concerned about. They wished for their family to grow with them. That was a wish of many accomplished immortals.

    As the saying goes: When a man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs rise to Heaven. Trying to make a group of people have eternal life was very difficult. One could only rely on pills and external forces.

    Only after Qin Yun became a Green Touring Palace disciple and passed the first round of tests could he obtain the Soul Formation Pills.

    Clearly, the weaker Green Touring Palace disciples had failed to pass the first round of tests. They could forget about such Immortal Pills.

    "There are a total of three Soul Formation Pills." Qin Yun took a look and thought, "One for Father, one for Mother. And one for..."

    "There are other Immortal Pills that aid my cultivation, as well as life-preservation Dao talismans. Yes, this Dao talisman can be given to Xiaoxiao. Also, there are some for my daughter and son."

    Qin Yun was feeling happy.

    There were some treasures that were too few in number. Only the top experts of the Three Realms would have them after any splits.

    Ordinary immortals and bodhisattvas found them rare, but Qin Yun had received several this time.


    Qin Yun returned to his homeworld, the Great Chang world, that day.

    Inside Qin Manor.

    "My mother does not need it. She's a dragon after all. She has a long life to begin with," said Yi Xiao with a smile. "Besides, you previously gave my mother several Skydragon Blood Crystals. She has consumed three of them and has reached the Connate Golden Core Paramount realm. If she consumes all of them, her bloodline might become sufficient to transform her to the True Dragon realm."

    "That's good. Then, I shall leave this third pill for my brother." Qin Yun nodded. "Back then, Brother, Sister, and I lived with our parents in the village. Brother had always taken good care of Sister and I... Unfortunately, she is no longer around."

    Qin Yun was once plagued by nightmares of that day.

    Due to the pressure from the demons, the villagers had given his sister to the demons as tribute to the great demon, Water God.

    "Father, Mother, Big Brother, Second Brother, save me! Save me..." The cries of his younger sister once sounded repeatedly in Qin Yun's dreams.

    It was from that day forth that Qin Yun began practicing his sword arts diligently. He had never slacked off once. In his youth, he had traveled the world in a bid to strengthen himself.

    If he included the dream of a hundred years...

    He had cultivated for more than a hundred years. He had also become a rather famous cultivator in the Effulgent dominion. Even several mighty figures in the Three Realms had heard his name.

    "I have never forgotten about avenging my sister," said Qin Yun. "Water God is long dead by my hands, but the reason why he wanted young children was, in fact, due to his master, Nine Mountain Island Lord. Unfortunately, when I was seeking our daughter in the Skywolf world... Senior Brother Zhang single-handedly eradicated the Eight Lineage Fiendish Demons. They were destroyed one after another, but Nine Mountain vanished in the chaos. According to my guesses, it is very likely that he has gone to a fiendcelestial world. After all, when the Eight Lineage Fiendish Demons were under attack, many of them would panic and implore the fiendcelestial world backing them. They would all open world passageways. Although a hasty opening would mean that only their Essence Souls could travel, there were still many mortal fiendish demons that fled. Nine Mountain might have been one of them. I was in no hurry to investigate the matter back then, but it's about time now."

    There was frenzied rage in Qin Yun's eyes.

    "You plan on pursuing him? To kill Nine Mountain Island Lord in one of the fiendcelestial worlds?" Yi Xiao could not help but say. "Skyfiends that can rule over a world typically have some background. They have masters, sects, and even family clans... They are not the type one should offend. For instance, when there is conflict between Daoism, Buddhism, dragons, or other factions, they would show mercy because you are a Green Touring Palace disciple. But for the fiendish way? Knowing that you are a Green Touring Palace disciple would only increase their desire to kill you."

    Qin Yun smiled. "Xiaoxiao, don't worry. I obviously understand the cruelty involved in the conflict between Dao and Fiends. Therefore, after I became a disciple of the Dao Ancestor, and learned of Nine Mountain's disappearance, I have always been holding back... Now that I've passed the first test, I have some rare life-preserving items in hand. Furthermore, my Intrinsic Flying Sword will soon be nurtured to the level of a superior-grade Numinous treasure. I wouldn't be afraid even if a ninth firmament Skyfiend were to appear."

    "You have to be careful." Yi Xiao knew that there was no way to stop him.

    Qin Yun was bent on pursuing Nine Mountain Island Lord.

    Qin Yun would not rest no matter where he fled to!


    That day at noon, a cool autumn breeze blew.

    "Mother, Father, Brother. Have a seat," said Qin Yun with a smile. "I just received some good tea. Have a taste." With that said, he personally poured them tea while Yi Xiao sat by the side.

    "How rare it is for you to invite us to tea." Qin An was now a little plump. He looked to be in his forties or fifties, with some wrinkles on his face. Even though Qin Yun had many marrow cleansing treasures, one would still slowly age with time. Typically, one would live not more than a hundred plus years if one did not reach the Connate realm.

    "Who knows, Brother's tea might belong to some immortal or bodhisattva." Qin An sat down with a chuckle.

    Qin Liehu and Changlan sat down with a smile as well.

    "Try it," said Qin Yun after he poured the tea.

    "Alright. Let me taste my son's good tea." Qin Liehu held up the tea cup with his single hand. He took a sniff at the tea's fragrance and felt his mind buzz. He could not help but want to take a sip of it. After doing so, he felt his body felt spirited. "Great tea."

    Changlan and Qin An could not help but drink as well.

    Just as they began to drink the tea slowly.


    Qin Yun directed with his mind.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    The tea in the cups directly flew into Qin Liehu, Changlan, and Qin An's mouths and into their bodies.

    "Why did the tea enter my body by itself?" Qin An was alarmed.

    "This..." Qin Liehu and Changlan were astonished as well.

    Following that, their skin gradually suffused redness. The lifeblood in their bodies was in turmoil as they could not help but sit cross-legged. Their souls were beginning to be stirred by the Soul Formation Pills.

    The Soul Formation Pill would absorb a soul and, by using a portion of the person's lifeblood and the pill's herbal essence... finally condense an Essence Soul.

    Qin Liehu, Changlan, and Qin An had sat cross-legged for more than two hours without knowing it before they opened their eyes. The sun had set and the western sky had an alluring evening tint.

    "How do you feel?" Qin Yun and Yi Xiao looked at the trio.

    "What happened? Why is there a tiny person in my body?" Qin An was puzzled.

    "Yun'er, is this the legendary Essence Soul?" Qin Liehu could not help but ask.

    "Essence Soul?" Qin An immediately said, "Father, we are only mortals. We aren't even at the Connate realm, so how can it be an Essence Soul?"

    "This is an Essence Soul. You can use Essence Soul Dharmic powers now. Give it a try," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "Essence Soul Dharmic powers?"

    The three were somewhat amazed as they began attempting.

    "Whoosh." Qin An gradually floated up, his body wobbling.

    "Woah, I'm flying! I'm flying!" Qin An was extremely excited as he flew higher and higher.

    "Is this flying?" Qin Liehu and Changlan quickly flew up as well. In the past, Qin Yun had brought them in flight, but now, they were relying on their own Dharmic powers to fly. Furthermore, the Dharmic powers gave them a miraculous feeling that excited them greatly.

    Qin Yun could not help but smile when he saw this scene.

    If one was powerful, but had no one to share it with, what was the point of being powerful?

    "Brother Yun, even though Father and Mother have condensed an Essence Soul, they do not have a Dao domain. They are probably the weakest Essence Soul Earth Immortals. They are not even the match of some powerful Connate Golden Cores," said Yi Xiao.

    "Don't worry. They ultimately have Essence Soul Dharmic powers. I'll prepare some suitable Dharma treasures for them, giving them the strength of at least an ordinary first firmament Essence Soul," said Qin Yun. "Due to the tribulations, they cannot kill mortals, but at the very least, they can teach mortal Connate Golden Cores a lesson if they end up being attacked by one."

    Yi Xiao smiled with a nod.
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