Chapter 475: Nine Mountain Island Lord

    Chapter 475: Nine Mountain Island Lord

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    Qin Yun watched Senior Brother Bear Mountain leave as his expression turned austere.

    He was a sword immortal, one that had carved out a new sword immortal lineage! He naturally had a keenness to him. How could he change the way he acted because of a few words from a senior brother? Furthermore, he had tens of thousands of senior brothers and sisters in Green Touring Palace.

    "I have tens of thousands of fellow disciples. I can't please everyone." Qin Yun's heart stirred as a blurry beam of light descended upon him. He vanished as he returned to the Great Chang world.


    In a blink of an eye, half a month had passed. On one late night, a crescent hung high in the sky.

    Through the darkness, a sword hum could be heard.

    Out of curiosity, Yi Xiao got out of bed and left her room. She soon came to the back garden's mirror lakeside. She saw a man standing on the surface of the lake far away. A misty sword flash was circling the area as the world around him seemed to begin distorting. The moonlight illuminated the region, making it appear like a warped dreamscape.

    "Boom!" Gradually, the fluctuations from the sword flashes grew stronger. The distorted space's interior even generated a void storm.

    "Has Brother Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword broken through?" Yi Xiao could only sense the terrifying might of the void storms. These days, Qin Yun would nurture his Intrinsic Flying Sword every night before going to bed.


    Qin Yun's laughter came from afar. It was filled with joy.

    The area above the mirror lake gradually returned to normal. Qin Yun turned to look at his wife and stepped on the water's surface. In a few steps, he arrived by the bank. He said with a smile, "Xiaoxiao, you are awake?"

    "How could I not be with this noisy commotion you've caused?" Yi Xiao looked at Qin Yun, her eyes filled with happiness. "Did your flying sword break through?"

    "With Master bestowing me with so many treasures, my Intrinsic Flying Sword has finally broken through." Qin Yun nodded with a smile.

    Yi Xiao asked out of curiosity, "It's said that sword immortals at the pinnacle of the Skyimmortal realm are extremely powerful, so powerful that they can fight Golden Immortals and Buddhas. Brother Yun, now that your Intrinsic Flying Sword has broken through, how do you feel?"

    Qin Yun nodded and marveled, "My Intrinsic Flying Sword has indeed become a lot more powerful. To kill that old tree demon, I'd probably only need one strike now. However, my Dharmic powers are still my biggest weakness."

    "There's no hurry. Brother Yun, your accumulations are getting deeper. I believe you will definitely be able to create a Skyimmortal Dharmic formulation for the sword immortal lineage," said Yi Xiao with a smile. "As the founder of this Dharmic formulation, you are best suited for it. If you were to reach the ninth firmament of the Skyimmortal realm, your Dharmic powers would probably be purer than the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage's nine firmament Skyimmortals."

    "It indeed suits me the best since it's self-created. As for my Skyimmortal Dharmic formulation for the sword immortal lineage... all I have to date are some ideas." Qin Yun shook his head. "I don't even have an embryonic form of the Dharmic formulation."

    "Not even an embryonic form?" Yi Xiao was alarmed. "Brother Yun, your Sword Dao is at the late-stages of the Skyimmortal realm. Might it be possible that you'll form a Golden Immortal Dao fruit before you can create a sword immortal Dharmic formulation at the Skyimmortal level?"


    Qin Yun said with a smile, "Let's put an end to this discussion for now. Now that my Intrinsic Flying Sword has broken through, it's time to find Nine Mountain Island Lord."

    "Where will you begin?" asked Yi Xiao.

    Qin Yun flipped his hand as an eight-armed fiend figurine appeared in his hand. It looked rather gruesome.

    "This is?" Yi Xiao looked at it in astonishment.

    "After Senior Brother Zhang stormed Cloudfiend Mountain, he also captured two Essence Soul fiendcelestials alive. To survive, they revealed the fiendcelestial world that backs Cloudfiend Mountain. However, they are unsure of the exact name! However, this eight-armed fiendcelestial figurine that can contact that Other Realm Fiendcelestial... would also allow us to contact that same fiendcelestial world," explained Qin Yun. "Nine Mountain Island Lord is very likely to be in that fiendcelestial world."

    Yi Xiao's eyes lit up.

    "Xiaoxiao, stand back," said Qin Yun.

    Yi Xiao retreated to a great distance away.

    Qin Yun's figure flashed as he transformed into the form of a middle-aged Daoist. He rapidly feigned his aura to that of the Connate True Core realm. He then held the fiendcelestial figurine and powered it with a wisp of Dharmic powers.

    "Hum." With the fiendcelestial figurine activated, a distant world was finally sensed. There was an Other Realm Fiendcelestial there.

    "My servant, tell me what do you want?" A voice reached Qin Yun through the fiendcelestial figurine. "Do you want to know how to break through to the Connate Golden Core? Or be immortal?"

    Qin Yun sensed the distant world.

    "I've found you." Qin Yun revealed a look of glee.

    "Break through to the Connate Golden Core? Become immortal?" Qin Yun flipped his hand and put away the fiendcelestial figurine. He scoffed, "These Other Realm Fiendcelestials truly boast without shame. Back when I first contacted an Other Realm Fiendcelestial, he had used the Essence Soul Dharmic formulation of the sword immortal lineage to fool me."

    Yi Xiao walked over and smiled. "These Other Realm Fiendcelestials rely on trickery. However, they have fooled many mortals. Have you found the fiendcelestial world?"

    "I've confirmed the location in space, as well as the aura of that fiendcelestial world," said Qin Yun. "I'll be able to find it in a day."

    "Nine Mountain Island Lord sure can hide." There was a cold glint in Qin Yun's eyes. "He has managed to keep escaping even to the point of fleeing to a whole other fiendcelestial world."

    "He won't escape this time," said Yi Xiao.

    Qin Yun nodded gently. "Yes, it's time to put an end to this."


    The next morning, Qin Yun went to Green Touring Palace.

    Despite knowing the general direction in space, he had to make repeated attempts via Green Touring Palace to reach the fiendcelestial world as it was too far.

    He made more than a hundred repeated attempts via Green Touring Palace.

    "No, it's not this fiendcelestial world." Qin Yun stood beyond the stratosphere of a fiendcelestial world. He sensed the auras within it and cross-checked it with his own karma. "At my present level, I'll be able to spot the karmic connection between Nine Mountain Island Lord and myself if we're in the same world."

    "Not this one either."



    One fiendcelestial world after another was eliminated.

    After all, it was still a rough estimate obtained from the position sensing from the distant Great Chang world.

    Finally, he came to the eighth fiendcelestial world.

    It was a massive planet that was covered in a gray fog. Qin Yun floated in the surrounding cosmos. Every step he took traversed tens of thousands of kilometers. Soon, he arrived close to the massive planet.

    "It's this world. Yufan world." As he sensed the aura, he identified that the fiendcelestial world's aura was identical to the eight-armed fiendcelestial figurine. Qin Yun's eyes could not help but light up.


    A vertical eye opened at Qin Yun's glabella. Through the Eye of Lightning, he could see karma even more clearly.

    He quickly found the karmic line that bound him to Nine Mountain Island Lord. It was a blood-red karmic line. It connected to the fiendcelestial world's interior far away. Clearly, Nine Mountain Island Lord was residing in this fiendcelestial world.

    When he saw the karmic line, Qin Yun's blood boiled over in agitation. His eyes turned red. "Good, very good! You are really here!"


    Qin Yun instantly swooped down and tore through layers of clouds, descending upon the fiendcelestial world.


    The Yufan world had a lofty mountain. This mountain had many palace buildings in it, as it was the Empyrean Palace of the Yufan world.

    The ruler of this fiendcelestial world resided there.

    And in a side palace hall, Nine Mountain Island Lord was sitting and eating. There were fiendish demons serving him to his side.

    "Senior Brother Nine Mountain, you are truly impressive. We fled from Cloudfiend Mountain to this fiendcelestial world, but only you became the Empyrean Lord's disciple. We were able to escape a calamity because of you," a demoness fawned to his side.

    "Yes, if not for Senior Brother, we would probably all be enslaved and forced to do laborious work. It would truly be the beginning of dark days for all eternity." Another demoness leaned to his other side.

    A blue ox demon sitting below said, "Empyrean Lord's Sanguine Shadow Fiendbody's Dharmic formulation has long been spread. As long as one masters it, they can become a disciple of Empyrean Lord. Countless cultivators in the fiendcelestial world have attempted it. All of us that fled from Cloudfiend Mountain have also cultivated it, but the only one to gain a basic mastery in it is my Master."

    Nine Mountain Island Lord felt rather pleased at being fawned upon and served.

    The batch of fiendish demons that fled here were all mortals. They had little standing and led tragic days. It was only because he had gained a basic mastery of the Sanguine Shadow Fiendbody that he enjoyed an uplifting of stature. He became a disciple of the Empyrean Lord. As such, the fiendish demons that fled from Cloudfiend Mountain immediately submitted to Nine Mountain Island Lord and gained his protection.

    "Who dares barge into the Empyrean Palace?"

    Suddenly, there were infuriated roars from a distance away.

    It made Nine Mountain Island Lord frown slightly.


    A boom came from a distance as a slight quake ran through the world.

    This caused Nine Mountain Island Lord and the Cloudfiend Mountain fiendish demons to have a change in expression.

    "There's fighting?" Nine Mountain Island Lord was astonished. "The person who dares take action in the Empyrean Palace is indeed daring. Is there conflict among Empyrean Lord's subordinates or is it an external enemy?"

    "Senior Brother Nine Mountain, we should be fine, right?" a demoness inquired. The other fiendish demons also looked at him. They were all his subordinates, and knew little about the Empyrean Palace.

    Nine Mountain Island Lord said indifferently, "Don't worry. I'm sure it's trivial."
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