Chapter 476: Great Chang Worlds Sword Immortal Qin

    Chapter 476: Great Chang World's Sword Immortal Qin

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    Qin Yun stood in midair, looking at the extended palace complex situated on the mountain. This was where the core power was held in this world.

    As the surrounding void had been sealed, Qin Yun could not enter through Void Transference.

    "Who dares trespass in the Empyrean Palace?" The guards of the Empyrean Palace were sharp. The fiendcelestials looked at Qin Yun and shouted angrily, especially when they detected that Qin Yun's aura was only that of an Essence Soul realm. This gave the fiendcelestial guards greater confidence.

    "Nine Mountain Island Lord." Qin Yun ignored the fiendcelestial guards. He didn't even bother to think of the Empyrean Lord of the world he was in. Instead, he had 'seen' Nine Mountain Island Lord, who was in a side palace hall in the Empyrean Palace.

    Upon seeing his enemy, Qin Yun's heart turned increasingly cold.


    He transformed into a beam of light and flew over.

    "What insolence!"

    "Courting death!"

    The fiendcelestial guards immediately attacked using the Empyrean Palace's array formations. Simultaneously, they brandished their large axes, sending ax beams streaking across the sky towards Qin Yun.

    "Hmph." The flying Qin Yun flicked his sleeve as an invisible blast swept across the ax beams. They were immediately repelled, leaving the fiendcelestial guards alarmed. They raised a panicked defense, but with a large boom, more than half of them died. Qin Yun had spared the small number that had weaker sinful auras.

    The blast spread out, causing damage to the surroundings buildings.


    Accompanied by angry roars, Skyfiends appeared one after another. All of them were staring at Qin Yun with killing intent.

    "How dare a mere Essence Soul barge into the Empyrean Palace?"

    "Speak, how did you come to our Yufan world?" Although these Skyfiends sensed that Qin Yun's flick of his sleeve carried a mystical might, they showed no fear. After all, they were Skyfiends and were collectively using the Empyrean Lord's array formation to fight him.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the Empyrean Palace.

    Empyrean Lord Yufan controlled every corner of the palace complex. He had discovered Qin Yun the instant Qin Yun appeared.

    "It's Qin Yun?" Yufan was also a sixth firmament Skyfiend. He had long been given information on all the famous experts in the Effulgent dominion. He knew about Sword Immortal Qin, who had become a disciple of the Dao Ancestor and created an Sword Immortal Essence Soul Dharmic formulation.

    "His looks and his Essence Soul realm aura, together with his impressive strength make me certain that it's him." Yufan instantly flipped his hand, producing a dark-red token.


    He immediately contacted a distant space as the void was stirred and produced ripples. Clearly, another distant being had appeared.

    "Yufan, what's the matter?" A Skyfiend, who sat cross-legged beside a huge embedded ax, asked.

    "Master, the Great Chang world's Sword Immortal Qin has come to my world. He doesn't appear to have come in peace." Yufan was somewhat flustered as he said immediately, "Master, what should I do?"

    "I won't be able to rush to you in time," said the Skyfiend as he shook his head. "It's too troublesome to travel across the cosmos."

    "Is it possible to request that Fiend Supremacy come save me?" Yufan was gripped in anxiety. "With Fiend Supremacy's strength, he would probably arrive in a blink of an eye."

    "What sort of status does Fiend Supremacy have? Why would he so easily take action?" The Skyfiend said angrily. "If Fiend Supremacy were to take action, perhaps the other old bastards of the Effulgent dominion would directly attack."

    Yufan was anxious and helpless.

    Fiend Supremacy...

    He was the supreme leader of countless fiendcelestials in the Effulgent dominion. He was extremely powerful. There were some terrifying Buddhist and Daoist existences who constantly kept watch on this Fiend Supremacy.

    "He killed Baichan and the demon's Hawk Fiend King and Old Tree Demon easily. It's best you escape. Whether you survive or not will depend on your luck." The Skyfiend terminated the conversation after he finished that sentence.

    "This..." Yufan gritted his teeth. "In the eyes of Fiend Supremacy, I'm just an ant, something not worth saving. It's not worth it to fight the Green Touring Palace for my sake."

    "Empyrean Lord! Save me!"

    "Empyrean Lord!"

    As the booms outside continued incessantly, there were the sharp pleas for help.

    Clearly, the confident group of Skyfiends had been easily swept aside by Qin Yun and were left crying wretchedly.

    "Time to leave."

    Empyrean Lord Yufan powered his Dharmic powers, and instantly, his body turned blood-red in color. His forehead suffused blood-colored mystic runes.


    Transforming into a sanguine shadow, he immediately charged out of the Empyrean Palace.

    Qin Yun first casually crushed the group of fiendcelestial guards and destroyed the ones with the most heinous sins in passing. He then easily released Sword Qi to take down the Skyfiends. He easily blew apart the layers of array formation obstruction, causing many buildings to suffer from the remnant blasts. Several buildings cracked and collapsed directly. The Empyrean Palace was in chaos everywhere. And there was a sanguine shadow rapidly fleeing into the distance.

    "Empyrean Lord?" The remnant Skyfiends watched in astonishment at their fleeing Empyrean Lord.

    Their biggest backer did not say a single word or even attempt to defend the palace before escaping?

    "Since I'm here, how can I allow you to escape?" Qin Yun swept his gaze as his body emitted starlight. The boundless stellar forces descended from the distant cosmos, condensing 360 Swords of Stellar Light.

    Great divine power-Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm!

    He commanded with a thought.

    In an area hundred and fifty kilometers around him, everything transformed into a Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm.

    Yufan, who had just reached a distance of some tens of kilometers, felt the stellar forces bind him. He felt like he was flying with a few mountains on him, his speed drastically reduced.

    And the large group of Swords of Stellar Light instantly transformed into after images as they came for him. Yufan did not even attempt to block. There were too many Swords of Stellar Light and they moved too mystically. The sword shadows rapidly penetrated Yufan's body, causing his sanguine shadow to turn even more incorporeal.

    "I'm dead if this continues." Yufan knew it for a truth.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, stop. Please stop." Yufan's voice resounded in the sky.


    "Something serious has happened." Nine Mountain Island Lord, who was not concerned with the situation, saw that many towers of the Empyrean Palace were crumbling. He could hear the terrified screams of the Skyfiends high in the sky: "Empyrean Lord, save me!"

    Many servants inside the Empyrean Palace were also flustered and unsure what to do.

    "Senior Brother Nine Mountain, the entire Empyrean Palace is collapsing. This is not good." The remnant fiendish demons from Cloudfiend Mountain were even more anxious.

    "It's bad indeed."

    Nine Mountain Island Lord's compound walls had also collapsed. He walked out the hole and looked into the distance.

    Meanwhile, far away.

    His master, Empyrean Lord Yufan, was looking like a blood-colored shadow. It was even somewhat translucent. He had stopped in midair, reverently pleading, "Sword Immortal Qin, I have no grudge with your Great Chang world. Although I have coveted your Great Chang world before, I have never really taken any action against it. I once backed Cloudfiend Mountain, a fiend sect with a short history. But Cloudfiend Mountain has already been destroyed by your senior brother, Daoist Divine Firmament. If we want to square the accounts, I was the one who suffered a loss. I really have no intention of being your enemy, Sword Immortal Qin!"

    As a Skyfiend, he would naturally bow his head when needed to survive.

    Even becoming a temporary slave was not an unacceptable outcome.

    "Great Chang world, Sword Immortal Qin?" Nine Mountain Island Lord stared with widened eyes at another figure in midair.

    A blue-robed youth was standing in midair. He had familiar looks and a familiar bearing. Furthermore, the blue-robed youth was ignoring Yufan, and instead, staring right back at Nine Mountain Island Lord.

    Nine Mountain Island Lord felt his legs turn limp when that glare hit him.

    Back when Cloudfiend Mountain was destroyed... Qin Yun was already famous in the Great Chang world. Everyone knew that the destruction of the Boor Ancestral Sect was largely because of Qin Yun. He was in no way inferior to Skyimmortal or Skyfiend experts.

    "My master is a sixth firmament Skyfiend. How is he this afraid of Qin Yun?" Nine Mountain Island Lord found it unbelievable as he turned even more flustered.

    "Nine Mountain!"

    Qin Yun's voice sounded. It was ice-cold but it contained intense hatred. "You sure can run. But it's useless no matter where you run to!"

    Everyone present could sense the intense hatred and killing intent.

    "Qin Yun is here to capture me?" Nine Mountain Island Lord was somewhat at a loss.

    Qin Yun looked at the pale Nine Mountain Island Lord standing far away. It was him, the great fiendish demon that had wreaked havoc in Jiang Prefecture! He made his disciple, Water God, capture large batches of young boys and girls, taking away his precious young sister.

    His diligent practice in the way of the sword stemmed from that moment.

    "Nine Mountain?" Yufan was alarmed when he saw this. He instantly understood what was happening. He realized that Sword Immortal Qin's target was this not-particularly-striking disciple of his! He had only been implicated in passing.

    "Nine Mountain, who gave you the guts to offend Sword Immortal Qin?" Yufan roared angrily.

    Nine Mountain Island Lord could not help but fall into a daze when he saw his Empyrean Lord yelling at him.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, deal with this Nine Mountain however you like," Yufan immediately said loudly. "Our fiendish ways have several torturing methods. I will definitely cooperate with you if any assistance is required."
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