Chapter 477: Cui Lianfeng

    Chapter 477: Cui Lianfeng

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    "Master, you are the Empyrean Lord of the Yufan world..." Nine Mountain Island Lord could not help but look at Qin Yun after hearing his master grovel and forsake him.

    He knew that it was all because of Qin Yun.

    "I never expected that the sword immortal from Grand Dominance City would even have the Empyrean Lord of a fiendcelestial world fear him." Nine Mountain Island Lord understood at that moment that he was doomed.

    "Qin Yun!"

    Nine Mountain Island Lord shouted loudly, "I have already escaped to another fiendcelestial world, yet you were able to find me. I'm completely convinced of your prowess, but I'm still a mortal. I have yet to step into the Essence Soul realm! If you kill me, it will be a sin!"

    "Sword Immortal Qin, I can help you do the honors," Empyrean Lord Yufan said immediately. "You won't be stained by any sins."

    "There's no need. A mere mortal fiendish demon's karma... is nothing to me," said Qin Yun.

    The stronger one was, the more resistant they were to the tribulations.

    Qin Yun's strength now matched that of a ninth firmament Skyimmortal. As long as he did not slaughter mortals on a large scale, the death of one mortal would not harm him greatly. The tribulations that were hundreds of times stronger than the typical Essence Soul realm were nothing worth mentioning to Qin Yun.

    "But then, wouldn't you be staining your hands, Sword Immortal Qin? I can do it on your behalf. A Skyfiend like me is naturally adept at torturing techniques." Yufan tried hard to curry favor.

    "Do you think there's a way you get to leave alive?" Qin Yun turned to look over.

    Yufan's expression changed.

    "I cast my divine power to stop you because I did not want a Fiendcelestial Empyrean Lord like you to escape. Your survival means the suffering of countless beings," snorted Qin Yun coldly. He waved his hand and immediately released blinding sword flashes that surged in every direction. They enveloped Yufan, as well as a few Skyfiends and fiendcelestials.

    Even Yufan, who had cultivated in a Sanguine Shadow Fiendbody, giving him intense life preservation powers... died by one strike of Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword. However, his corpse was left intact.

    It was an oxymoron. His corpse was intact but he was already dead.

    "Retrieve." With a beckon of his hand, he stored away the numerous Skyfiend corpses.

    "They are all dead?" Nine Mountain Island Lord looked at the distant Qin Yun in a daze. "He is that powerful? He wiped out all those Skyfiends with one strike?"

    At that moment, Nine Mountain Island Lord understood how powerful Qin Yun had become.

    After becoming a disciple of Green Touring Palace, Qin Yun had indeed soared.

    "Oh?" Nine Mountain Island Lord felt a force lift him up as he involuntarily flew up and to Qin Yun's side.

    Qin Yun looked at him.

    "I'll probably lead a life worse than death if I stay in his hands." Nine Mountain Island Lord clenched his teeth, deciding to self-destruct.


    However, an invisible force had long permeated every spot of his body. When he attempted to self-destruct, his body's Dharmic powers seemed to freeze.

    "You wish to commit suicide in my Dao domain?"Qin Yun looked at him. "Don't worry, Nine Mountain, I won't kill you now."

    With that said, a wisp of Dharmic powers was injected into Nine Mountain Island Lord's body, sealing all his Dharmic powers.

    Only then did Qin Yun released a beam of Sword Qi, opening up a temporary void passageway to his homeworld, the Great Chang world.

    "Brother Yun?" On the other end of the void passageway was a grass patch beside the mirror lake. Yi Xiao was looking through it.

    "I've found Nine Mountain Island Lord." Qin Yun yanked Nine Mountain Island Lord and threw him over.


    Nine Mountain Island Lord was only a mortal fiendish demon. As such, it was easy to throw him into the void passageway and send him to the Great Chang world.

    "I'll be right back." As Qin Yun said that, blurry light descended upon him, as he vanished.


    Outside Grand Dominance City.

    The Qin family had gathered outside the city, arriving at an inconspicuous grave.

    Although the tomb was remote and inconspicuous, it did not have any weeds. Clearly, someone tended to it perennially.

    Qin Liehu, Changlan, Qin An, and Qin Yun, together with Yi Xiao and company, came before the tomb. Beside them knelt Nine Mountain Island Lord. He was in a tragic state. After experiencing several torture techniques, he only wished to die.

    "Sis, the mastermind has finally been brought here," said Qin An with reddened eyes.


    Changlan caressed the tomb feeling despondent. "I often dream of you. It's sad that my daughter's corpse could not be found after her death."

    By the side, Qin Yiyi was with Yi Xiao. She asked via voice transmission, "Mom, since my aunt died without a corpse, she might not be dead. Who knows, she might still be alive?"

    "Your dad had gotten some of his senior brothers to help back then. They checked the records of life and death." Yi Xiao shook her head gently. "Your aunt is long dead. She has been reincarnated for decades. She's only an ordinary mortal and has a very weak soul. It's impossible to awaken the memories of her past life. Furthermore, since she's been reincarnated for decades, she has a new life of her own. A brand new personality... She's already someone else."

    Qin Yiyi nodded.

    "I heard from your dad that," said Yi Xiao via voice transmission, "there was a Golden Immortal mighty figure who was killed in the Three Realms, with a wisp of his True Spirits reincarnating! After numerous reincarnations and after suffering numerous calamities, he finally cultivated back to the Golden Immortal realm. Only then did he awaken the past memories inside his True Spirits. However, the person was already a new Golden Immortal. Therefore, a reincarnated person needs to have his memories awakened early. The later it is, the more the reincarnated body ends up becoming the main one."

    "Does no one receive a Golden Immortal's reincarnation?" Qin Yiyi was alarmed.

    That was a Golden Immortal mighty figure, a powerhouse of the Three Realms.

    "According to your dad, when a wisp of a Golden Immortal's True Spirit reincarnates, it's impossible to detect. Even the Dao Ancestors or Buddhist Ancestors are unable to do so," said Yi Xiao.

    "Okay." Qin Yiyi nodded.

    The both of them secretly conversed via voice transmission.

    Qin Yun and company were in front of the tomb, looking disconsolate. Their sister had died too tragically and the thoughts of her pained their hearts.

    "Sis," Qin Yun looked at the tomb and said, "I have finally captured Nine Mountain Island Lord and brought him here."

    "Nine Mountain, look carefully."

    Qin Yun grabbed Nine Mountain Island Lord's head and raised his head.

    Nine Mountain Island Lord, who only wished for death, saw the name on the tombstone.

    "Qin Hongxiang?" Nine Mountain Island Lord's voice was raspy. "I never expected that while cultivating using the heart blood of so many boys and girls, I would use the blood of your sister, Sword Immortal Qin. Haha, it was worth it. My life wasn't in vain."


    Qin Yun struck Nine Mountain Island Lord's forehead with a palm strike.

    Nine Mountain Island Lord's body convulsed as his eyes widened. Following that, he reduced to dust, scattering across the world.

    Qin Yun silently looked at the tomb in front of him. He had no way to awaken the past memories of an overly weak ordinary soul. Furthermore, his sister had been reincarnated for too long. She was already a different person. His sister had ceased to exist forever.

    The young baby girl from his memories who always followed behind him and his brother was forever gone.

    Over all these years, he had often dreamed of his sister.

    "I have avenged you. Water God is dead. Nine Mountain Island Lord is dead. Sis, live your new life well," said Qin Yun silently.


    Qin Yun untangled a knot in his heart after killing Nine Mountain Island Lord.

    Qin Yun's entire mind underwent drastic changes from the experience. He turned more peaceful and cultivated in Grand Dominance City's Qin Manor. He spent much time with his wife and daughter, seldom leaving his residence.

    Time flew by.

    In a blink of an eye, it had been fifteen years since he entered Green Touring Palace. The Great Chang world was also very calm. The Fiendcelestial Empyrean Lord, Kuifu, no longer did anything. Perhaps he knew that Daoist Divine Firmament and Qin Yun were both around, making the Great Chang world a force to be reckoned.

    "Might I trouble you to pass the message, saying that Cui Lianfeng wishes to seek an audience with Sword Immortal Qin?" At Qin Manor's entrance, Cui Lianfeng said amiably to the gatekeeper.

    "Cui Lianfeng? Sword Tower's Elder Cui?" The gatekeeper was a young man. He was somewhat astonished.

    Back when Qin Yun rose to prominence and reached the Connate Paramount realm, the experience resulted in two Paramount realm sword immortals, Qin Yun and Cui Lianfeng. The two of them had a good relationship.

    The gatekeeper was astonished.

    Sword Tower and Qin Manor had a close relationship. A meeting with Qin Yun could have been done through a voice transmission. There was no need for the gatekeeper to pass the message.

    "Just pass the message," said Cui Lianfeng. He was feeling extremely perturbed.

    "Alright. Elder Cui, please wait a moment." The gatekeeper immediately entered, wondering to himself, "Why can't you just contact my master directly? Do you really need me to pass the message? How odd."
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