Chapter 479: Dragon Mountain world

    Chapter 479: Dragon Mountain world

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    "Brother Yun, you must not be careless. He is, after all, a ninth firmament Skyfiend! Having cultivated for so long, he probably has some powerful techniques up his sleeve," said Yi Xiao.

    "Dad, the longer one lives, the more life-preserving methods they collect," said Qin Yiyi. "Dad, you have to be careful."

    "Don't worry. This will be my first time fighting a Skyfiend that's above the seventh firmament realm. How would I be careless?" Qin Yun smiled as he looked at his daughter.

    Qin Yun never planned on dealing with Old Fiend Fire Puppet so soon.

    He just happened to have a breakthrough in his divine powers, and among the two divine powers, the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm happened to be strong against the fiend. Furthermore, the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes divine power was an extremely powerful protective divine power.

    With the possession of two great divine powers and his Intrinsic Flying Sword, Qin Yun was confident he could win this battle.

    From his point of view, even if Old Fiend Fire Puppet was stronger than he expected, he was confident that escaping alive was not a problem.


    Qin Yun was in no rush to set off. After all, he had just achieved a breakthrough with his two great divine powers. He also needed to practice with his divine powers to match his sword arts and accumulate greater experience. Furthermore, he needed to make preparations for any unforeseen circumstances. After all, he had yet to fight a seventh firmament Skyfiend. He was directly dealing with a ninth firmament Skyfiend! He definitely felt the pressure.

    "He studies puppet arts. Once his puppets are destroyed, he will be mostly crippled of his strength. As for engaging in physical, melee combat? There has not been any instances of Old Fiend Fire Puppet being good at that." Qin Yun was still mostly confident.


    Dragon Mountain world.

    Two figures tore through the void beyond the Dragon Mountain world's stratosphere, as they looked down at the planet.

    "Brother Goat, this is my brother Fire Puppet's cultivation grounds." A roc fiend looked down and said with a smile, "He and I have worked together under Fiend Supremacy for quite some time. We have a close relationship."

    The goat demon by his side had cold eyes as he said in a deep voice, "Brother Roc Fiend, back when I contacted him for help, Old Fiend Fire Puppet agreed immediately. In a while, we will be entering his lair. He wouldn't suddenly go back on his word, right? He has the advantage of his array formation in his lair and a large bunch of puppets. If he suddenly goes back on his word, things will be terrible."

    "Don't worry! I can guarantee you!" said Roc Fiend. "I, Roc Yin, might cultivate in the fiendish way, but have never schemed against my old bunch of demon brothers. By joining forces with me, even if Fire Puppet loses decorum with us, there is no need for us to fear him."

    "Okay." Goat Demon nodded slightly. "Alright Roc Fiend, I trust you."

    "Don't worry. Fire Puppet will not pull any tricks," said Roc Fiend with a laugh. "Let's go over."

    Whoosh! Whoosh!

    The both of them immediately swooped downwards, penetrating the layers of clouds before landing in the Dragon Mountain world.

    Throughout the massive Three Realms were numerous Small Worlds. However, Small Worlds had their differences. Certain Small Worlds had nearly zero Heaven and Earth spiritual energies, making it impossible to cultivate. However, there were other Small Worlds which were rather special. The Dragon Mountain world was one of them. The reason why so many dragons had chosen to live there was because of its environment.

    Later on...

    This Small World's environment caught Old Fiend Fire Puppet's eye. He stormed Dragon Mountain world alone, causing a massacre that produced rivers of blood. Large swaths of dragons perished, leaving a small number fleeing in panic.

    In a hall.

    "Let me do the introduction. This is a good brother of my demon brethren, Demon King Prestige Goat. We have a friendship tested by life and death, we've become true brothers-in-arms. Brother Fire Puppet, you have to do a good job when refining the puppet," said Roc Fiend.

    "Fiend Roc, your problem is my problem." Old Fiend Fire Puppet was a red-haired elder. His eyes looked burningly at Prestige Goat. "Where are the materials you prepared? Let me take a look."

    Goat Demon looked at Roc Fiend who nodded at him. Only then did he wave his hand.


    On the ground beside him, a reddish-bronze stout male corpse appeared. This man wore some damaged armor, revealing skin that appeared to be tempered from red bronze. However, there was a huge hole in his chest. As he laid there on the ground, he looked to be a hundred and ten feet.

    "This is a Grand Magus corpse I just received," said Goat Demon softly. "It's a ninth firmament Grand Magus that specializes in the physical cultivation."

    "Good, good." Old Fiend Fire Puppet's eyes lit up and walked over. He could not help but caress the Grand Magus's corpse. "It's good stuff. Have you prepared the rest of the supplementary materials?"

    "I have gathered them all according to your instructions." Goat Demon nodded. "I have also prepared the commission."

    "There's no rush for the commission. Once the refinement succeeds, the puppet will be yours. You can then hand me the commission." Old Fiend Fire Puppet was somewhat eager as he said immediately, "Let's not delay this any further. I'll refine it now. However, my refinement cannot be interrupted. Although I have some puppets to help defend me, I do ask the two of you to stand guard outside. I estimate that the refinement will take ten years."

    "Don't worry. We will stand guard outside." Goat Demon nodded. He naturally had to keep a close eye since he had given so many treasures to the fiend.

    After all, one had to know that the values of different corpses could be very disparate.

    For instance, Daoist immortals who cultivated in talisman amulet Dharma spells or controlled Dharma treasures typically had weaker bodies. Their most powerful means were on their talisman amulets and Dharma treasures! Their bodies were worth very little. Their most precious items on them were the talisman amulets and Dharma treasures.

    As for those that cultivated their bodies...

    The battle magi, Daoist's Physical Establishing Sage, Buddhists, and even the fiendish way would mainly cultivate their bodies. By cultivating their bodies like a Dharma treasure, they would use immense amounts of treasures on their bodies. Therefore, the most precious thing about these experts was their bodies!

    "Boom!" The door to Old Fiend Fire Puppet's Earth Fire Hall, which was specially used for the refinement of puppets, closed.

    Roc Fiend and Goat Demon sat cross-legged outside the hall, waiting extremely patiently.

    These old fellows had all lived for many years. Standing guard outside a door for ten years was nothing.

    "Brother Goat. These kind of ninth firmament Grand Magi who cultivate their bodies are easy to defeat, but they are very difficult to kill. Furthermore, the magi are usually very united. They would not easily let a ninth firmament Grand Magus's corpse be left in the open. How did you get it?" asked Roc Fiend out of curiosity.

    "I was lucky." Goat Demon chuckled. He was filled with anticipation as well. By having a powerful puppet, he would be adding another powerful mean to his arsenal.


    Qin Yun prepared for three months and only decided to set off after Grand Dominance City saw its first snow of the year.

    "Rumble." Qin Manor's Treasure Pavilion's door opened.

    "Master." Two silver-armored Guardian Generals standing at the entrance immediately bowed respectfully.

    They were also refined puppets. They were the spoils of water Qin Yun received after killing Hawk Fiend King Che Jie. They were a pair of Guardian Generals with the strength of third Firmament Skyimmortals. They pleasantly surprised Qin Yun so he left them at Qin Manor.

    Qin Yun tersely responded and nodded before entering Treasure Pavilion.

    The Qin family's Treasure Pavilion was covered in array formations. The typical fifth or sixth firmament Skyimmortal could forget about barging in. There were large amounts of treasures and manuals placed in here. Many of them were Qin Yun's spoils of war. It also included a bunch of Skyfiend corpses, such as Fiendlord Baichan and Empyrean Lord Yufan. The treasures they had gathered ultimately became part of the Qin family's Treasure Pavilion.

    As for the treasures that Qin Yun would bring with him? They were those that he needed himself and were extremely precious.

    "Ancient Skydragon Ba Yun." Qin Yun came in front of a rack and picked up a black urn from the various items placed on the rack. "If everything happens successfully, I will satisfy your last wish. I will scatter your ashes in the Dragon Mountain world's Thousand Revolutions Dragon Lake."

    After putting away the ash urn, Qin Yun walked out Treasure Pavilion.

    The door to Treasure Pavilion closed once again.

    Outside, Yi Xiao was dressed in a white-blue robe. She stood in the snow smiling at Qin Yun.

    "Xiaoxiao." Qin Yun looked at his wife.

    "You have to be careful," said Yi Xiao. "Killing the enemy is secondary. Coming home alive is what's most important."

    "Yes." Qin Yun nodded. He could feel the concern his wife had for him.

    "It's just an old fiend. Wait for me to return so we can have a celebratory banquet," said Qin Yun with a smile. Following that, a blurry light descended upon him, as he vanished, departing the Great Chang world.
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