Chapter 480: Exposed

    Chapter 480: Exposed

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    By using Green Touring Palace to travel, he quickly arrived just outside Dragon Mountain world.

    "I've arrived."

    Qin Yun looked rather wary as he gazed at the planet before him.

    If his previous kills of Fiendlord Baichan, Hawk Fiend King, Old Tree Demon, Empyrean Lord Yufan, and others were said to be a form of overkill and even bullying, Qin Yun would need to go all out here even after breaking through with his two great divine powers. And even so, he did not have absolute confidence in killing Old Fiend Fire Puppet.

    For instance, Ancestral Master Zhang had passed the second round of tests, obtaining the treasures in Star Cluster Hall. He made the necessary preparations, believing that he could deal with Empyrean Lord Kuifu, but eventually, Kuifu still managed to escape.

    Clearly, once an enemy's strength reached the eighth or ninth firmament, defeating them might be easy, but the difficulty of killing them was more than ten times harder.

    These old fellows that ruled over a region would spend a lot of effort on life preservation.

    "Whoosh." Qin Yun swooped down and tore through layers of clouds, until he finally appeared in a vast and beautiful world.

    "The dragons had prospered in this world for years. Back then, the West Sea's Ancient Skydragon Ba Yun was still young in this world, but unfortunately, the dragons are long extinct in this Dragon Mountain world." Qin Yun sighed. He also looked at his surroundings, for at his present strength, he could discover several fiendcelestials in a five-hundred-kilometer radius even without casting his Eye of Lightning.

    "I'll choose a fiendcelestial with the most heinous sins. It's this one. What rich Sinful Sanguine Halo."

    Qin Yun took a step before vanishing with Void Transference.

    "The only thing we've done all this while is chores. I've been doing three thousand years worth of chores after coming to this world. I haven't learned any of the techniques used to refine a puppet." A peeved fiendcelestial was flying through the clouds while carrying a wild beast's carcass. "I really regret agreeing to my family's wish to accompany many fiendcelestials to follow Old Fiend Fire Puppet. If I had continued cultivating in blood refining arts, I might already be a Skyfiend."

    Just as the fiendcelestial was grumbling, a human youth suddenly appeared out of thin air above him.

    "Oh?" The fiendcelestial widened eyes that emitted green light. He looked at Qin Yun in astonishment.

    There were humans on this world?


    A Dao domain's powers penetrated the fiendcelestial's body in its entirety. Even his Dharmic powers were restricted.

    "If you don't wish to die, be obedient. Answer whatever I ask," said Qin Yun.

    "Who are you?" asked the fiendcelestial frantically.

    With a thought from Qin Yun, the fiendcelestial's eyes started to pool with blood. He felt an excruciating pain all over as he shouted, "Stop! Stop! Stop!"

    "I already said that you are to answer whatever I ask. Do not say another word if you are not asked," said Qin Yun.


    Moments later, Qin Yun had gained a more detailed understanding of the Dragon Mountain world after his interrogation. Following that, he casually squashed the fiendcelestial to death. Qin Yun took one step in the direction of Old Fiend Fire Puppet's old base, Fire Fiend Mountain.

    Fire Fiend Mountain was the place in the Dragon Mountain world with the richest fiery powers. Old Fiend Fire Puppet concentrated all the world's fiery powers here, and deliberately created an Earth Fire Hall in the belly of the mountain so as to aid his refinement of puppets.

    "Fire Fiend Mountain."

    As Qin Yun looked at the distant, fiery-red mountain, he proceeded one step after another. Each step easily traversed kilometers as he gradually approached Fire Fiend Mountain.

    Fire Fiend Mountain had many fiendcelestials living around it. Many of them were Old Fiend Fire Puppet's subordinates and disciples. Dragon Mountain world was considered one of the more important lands of the fiendish way in the Effulgent dominion. This was because the number of Skyfiends who were adept at artifact, pill, and puppet refinement was low. Furthermore, those with extremely high attainments were even rarer.

    Old Fiend Fire Puppet mainly focused on the cultivation of puppet arts, cultivating to the ninth firmament Skyfiend realm. He was definitely one of the best puppet masters of the fiendish way in the Effulgent dominion.

    Many Skyfiends voluntarily came under him to study his puppet arts.

    There were also many who sought Old Fiend Fire Puppet to refine puppets of their own.

    For instance, even the demon's Demon King Prestige Goat had gone through Roc Fiend to seek Old Fiend Fire Puppet's aid in refining a puppet.

    "Large numbers of Daoist, Buddhist and Dragon race corpses are sent here to be refined into puppets, becoming hatchet men for the fiendish way." Qin Yun observed Fire Fiend Mountain as he proceeded. When he looked inside the mountain, many Skyfiends were in seclusion, refining puppets. Many of them were using human corpses!


    In the Earth Fire Hall.

    Old Fiend Fire Puppet was patiently using a brush to draw runic patterns on the Grand Magus corpse. He estimated that the puppet refinement would take ten years, and the preparatory work such as the modification of the corpse and the drawing would require a year.

    "A Daoist Essence Soul punk has infiltrated my world?" Old Fiend Fire Puppet chuckled secretly. "Quite impressive. There are many Skyfiends and fiendcelestials living in my Fire Fiend Mountain. There are also numerous array formations. He actually managed to infiltrate noiselessly. He even managed to avoid the notice of all the Skyfiends and fiendcelestials. He seems to be using Void Transference means constantly. He's probably relying on a treasure for Void Transference."

    "Unfortunately, your infiltration methods are nothing but a joke in front of me." Old Fiend Fire Puppet was filled with confidence. "If this were any other time, I would have the mind to capture you and interrogate you on how you arrived in this world. But now that I'm refining a puppet, I have no time to bother with an Essence Soul punk like you. So, it's best you just die."


    Qin Yun proceeded carefully with each step. He took every step in midair, not touching anything.

    He did not even release his Dao domain since Old Fiend Fire Puppet's realm was in no way weaker than his. On the contrary, it was easier to be detected with a Dao domain.

    Qin Yun even changed his looks to conceal his identity. After all, the lesser the enemy knew of him, the bigger surprise he could spring.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun's expression suddenly changed as he looked far ahead to the left.

    In the distance, there was an inconspicuous rock about ten feet wide. It suddenly warped and transformed into a fiend general. It wielded a huge ax in its hand as it roared, "Essence Soul punk, die!" Immediately, the ax cleaved down at him.

    This puppet fiend general's strength was approximately at the level of an ordinary Skyfiend.

    "I've been discovered? Even a ordinary-looking rock in the distance is a puppet?" Qin Yun clicked his tongue. "In terms of puppet arts, this Old Fiend Fire Puppet is indeed one of the Effulgent dominion's greatest masters."

    He had not detected anything special about the rock previously.

    An ordinary dead item was actually a puppet! Clearly, his every move had been long discovered by these puppets.


    Qin Yun waved his hand, shooting a wisp of Sword Qi. When it struck the puppet fiend general, it immediately caused the fiend general's body to explode. It rapidly coalesced and was restored to normal.

    "Just a simple strike destroyed that puppet? This Daoist Essence Soul punk looks to be pretty strong after all." Inside Earth Fire Hall, Old Fiend Fire Puppet continued drawing his runic patterns as he diverted a little attention to control a rather powerful puppet. "An Essence Soul punk with such strength probably has quite an impressive background. I'm interested to know who he is."


    After Qin Yun destroyed the puppet fiend general, he rushed straight Fire Fiend Mountain's interior.

    "I've been exposed. I need to end this quick." Qin Yun no longer had the time to attack Fire Fiend Mountain's array formation.


    Fire Fiend Mountain was tall and it had many minor peaks. One of the peaks suddenly stood up, growing a head and limbs. It became a thousand-foot tall mountain puppet as it strode towards Qin Yun with killing intent.

    "What's happening?"

    "What happened over there?"

    Many Skyfiends and fiendcelestials who resided in Fire Fiend Mountain also discovered the huge commotion. They saw the mountain transform into a puppet as it charged in a particular direction.

    "This puppet's strength is approximately that of a fifth or sixth firmament Skyfiend," thought Qin Yun. "It looks like it's too difficult to catch him by surprise. I'll have to expose my identity after all."

    Against the mountain puppet's incoming attack, Qin Yun instantly attacked with his sword.


    The resplendent whitish-gold sword beams were extremely dazzling. They stretched out for tens of thousands of feet, instantly boring through the mountain puppet, leaving it in shambles. As the sword flashes streaked above Fire Fiend Mountain, it left many Skyfiends and fiendcelestials horrified and blinded.


    Inside the Earth Fire Hall, Old Fiend Fire Puppet, who was drawing runic patterns, was astounded. "An Essence Soul sword immortal? Strength that matches that of an eighth or ninth firmament Skyfiend! In the entire Effulgent Great World, there is only one-that Qin Yun from the Great Chang world."

    "What's happening?"

    Roc Fiend and Goat Demon, who were responsible for keeping watch outside the Earth Fire Hall were still sitting cross-legged. However, the commotion made them look outside. Each one of them were no way inferior to Old Fiend Fire Puppet in strength. One of them was even a Demon King of the demons. At that moment, they noticed the Essence Soul sword immortal outside and above Fire Fiend Mountain.

    "It's him, the Essence Soul sword immortal who created a new sword immortal lineage?" Although they were somewhat surprised, they showed no panic.
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