Chapter 482: A Golden Thread

    Chapter 482: A Golden Thread

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    Under the control of a sword immortal like Qin Yun, the Swords of Stellar Light blotted out the sky and took on a mystical presence when matched with sword moves. The swords assaulted Roc Fiend and Prestige Goat relentlessly.

    "Oh?" In midair, Roc Fiend first flapped his winds to form a squall and sweep away the Swords of Stellar Light.

    Puah! Puah! Puah!

    The squall was rapidly abated by the sword flashes, alarming Roc Fiend. "What powerful sword flashes!" He immediately wrapped his wings around himself, and no matter how the Swords of Stellar Light stabbed at his wings, they only managed to chip away some of his feathers. His wings quickly regenerated new feathers.

    "What a powerful body. Those who specialize in cultivating their bodies are truly troublesome," thought Qin Yun when he saw this.

    And elsewhere.

    Prestige Goat did not have Roc Fiend's confidence. He did not dare to try withstanding the numerous Swords of Stellar Light. His body was only considered normal. After all, the cultivating one's body became harder at later stages. A living body was very different from Dharma treasures after all. The improvement of an Intrinsic Dharma treasure was relatively easy but building a strong a body involved the tendons, bones, organs, and other parts of the body. Even the Essence Soul had to fuse as one with the body. Improving them together was extremely difficult. When Prestige Goat saw the overwhelming Swords of Stellar Light surge at him, he immediately summoned the water and fire wyrms back.

    "Whoosh~" The water and fire wyrms wound around Prestige Goat's body.

    Regardless of how the Swords of Stellar Light attacked, the water and fire wyrms only quivered, managing to withstand the assault.

    "What an impressive junior. You managed to master such a great divine power." Roc Fiend spread his wings and extended his claw as he suddenly expanded in size. The gigantic roc claw ripped through the void as it came bearing down on Qin Yun.


    Qin Yun gave a mental command.

    The sixty Swords of Stellar Light that stayed to guard the area around his body instantly transformed into a Heavenly Cycle sword array.

    The gigantic roc claw struck the Heavenly Cycle sword array, producing ripples in it. However, the Heavenly Cycle sword array stabilized almost immediately.

    "Rip!" "Whoosh!"

    The two gigantic roc claws pounded the barrier from above, and under its mighty blows, the Heavenly Cycle sword array was made to tremble.

    "Go!" Qin Yun released his Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    A wisp of misty rain flew out.

    The blurry sword flash seemed to be laced with a mist as it tore through the heaven and earth.

    It sliced straight at Roc Fiend.

    Roc Fiend was well aware of the threat as he waved his wings to block it.

    The mist-like sword flash sliced Roc Fiend's wings, immediately tearing open a wound through his feathers, causing blood to splatter.

    "You actually injured me?" Roc Fiend exclaimed but showed no fear. This bit of damage could be healed rapidly, and indeed in a few seconds, he had recovered completely.

    "Fighting one who cultivated a physical body to this realm is indeed difficult." Qin Yun's mind immediately stirred as the Misty Rain Sword flashed, striking against the distant Prestige Goat's water and fire wyrms' bodies. Bam! Bam! Bam-The Misty Rain Sword's might was too terrifying as blasts were generated across the water and fire wyrms' bodies, making them tremble so vigorously that it seemed they were about to collapse on themselves.

    "What a powerful flying sword." Prestige Goat was alarmed.

    Now, Qin Yun's great divine power, the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm, and his Intrinsic Flying Sword could produce might that was on the level of a ninth firmament Skyimmortal.

    The Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm was more inclined towards a domain, allowing it for area-of-effect attacks and defense. In contrast, it was a more well-rounded power.

    As for the Intrinsic Flying Sword, there was only one! However, it was stronger!

    For many immortals and fiends, most preferred to possess a great divine power like the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm. Something that, when cast, would greatly suppress the enemy's speed, strength, and general ability.

    "This Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm represses me in every aspect. It drastically reduces my speed and makes it so I'm only able to deliver seventy percent of my strength." Roc Fiend felt the heavy starlight on his body and felt rather indignant. He sent a voice transmission, "Brother Goat, help me hold back his Intrinsic Flying Sword. I'll find an opportunity to kill him. I want to let this Qin Yun know how powerful we old folks are!"

    "Are you confident that you can kill him?" Prestige Goat was delighted.

    "About fifty percent or so," said Roc Fiend.

    "Alright." Prestige Goat waved his hand again, sending two Numinous treasure chains out. This pair of chains that emitted a cold, sinister aura naturally circled the water and fire wyrms. Then, the wyrms worked together to hold back Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    The Misty Rain Sword and the numerous Swords of Stellar Light unleashed an relentless barrage of attacks at Prestige Goat.

    Among the three enemies, Old Fiend Fire Puppet was untouchable as he was hiding in the Earth Fire Hall. Roc Fiend's body was too powerful, making Prestige Goat the easiest to deal with.

    "Hmph." Roc Fiend opened his sharp beak.


    A golden thread shot out at an astonishing speed, one far greater than that of Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword. It stabbed Qin Yun's Heavenly Cycle sword array in nearly an instant.

    With an extremely weak poof, the Heavenly Cycle sword array formed by sixty Swords of Stellar Light was penetrated. Immediately following that, the golden thread stabbed Qin Yun's body.

    "No good." At the instant his Heavenly Cycle sword array was penetrated, Qin Yun knew that things had gone awry. However, the golden thread was too fast. Before he had the chance to cast any sort of defensive move, it had stabbed his body.


    The surface of Qin Yun's robes suffused a layer of starlight when the golden thread stabbed at him.

    It was a set of starlight robes!

    Great divine power-Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes!

    The Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm and Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes were two great divine powers at the same level. Unlike the various means available to the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm, the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes only had one purpose-body protection! As it was its only use, it was very good at protecting his body!

    Qin Yun had done the comparison.

    In terms of protecting his body, the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes was his strongest technique, much stronger than casting Cyclic Sword Flash with his Intrinsic Flying Sword. Of course, this was because of Qin Yun's overly weak Dharmic powers. That naturally caused the might of his Intrinsic Flying Sword to also be weaker.

    "Pew~" The golden thread bored into Qin Yun's body, but the starlight robe was extremely robust, completely fending off the golden thread.

    Qin Yun could now see the golden thread clearly. It was a very strange metallic thread. Its surface was layered with patterns.


    Roc Fiend immediately had a thought when he saw this.


    The golden thread immediately flew back into Roc Fiend's mouth in a flash, easily tearing through the sword array formed from sixty Swords of Stellar Light.

    "My Heavenly Cycle sword array was so easily cracked?" thought Qin Yun. "What a powerful golden thread. I wonder what treasure it is."

    "You even mastered His Majesty, Celestial Thearch's, other great divine power, the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes?" The distant Prestige Goat was alarmed and enraged. Roc Fiend was staring coldly at Qin Yun.

    The Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes was extremely effective at body protection.

    "He is a Green Touring Palace disciple. It's expected he will have powerful Dao talismans protecting him. However, those are one-use items," said Roc Fiend via voice transmission. "I originally believed that we could kill him after we expended a protective Dao talisman or two of his. I never expected him to also cultivate in the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes. This will be trouble."

    "It appears this Qin Yun has cultivated the great divine power, Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes, to the initial success realm. I won't be able to crack it either," said Prestige Goat with a voice transmission.

    "However, the divine power, Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes, can only be used to protect one's body, and has no offensive capabilities. Therefore, as long as we trap him, we can come up with a way to take him down," said Roc Fiend via a voice transmission.

    "Trap him?" Prestige Goat said with a voice transmission. "How so?"

    "It would require Brother Fire Puppet to join forces with us." Roc Fiend also sent a voice transmission to Old Fiend Fire Puppet in the Earth Fire Hall.

    Just as they were fending off Qin Yun's swords and plotting something, Qin Yun directed the Misty Rain Sword and the Swords of Stellar Light to attack the seemingly easiest Prestige Goat. However, the Yin Water Chains he released complemented the water and fire wyrms, allowing him a stubborn yet solid defense.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    Qin Yun cast one move after another with his flying sword and Swords of Stellar Light. Gradually, the might increased.

    It was like how waves turned more tumultuous in the seas.

    This was the trend.

    The trend of Qin Yun's Sword Dao!

    Qin Yun had deliberately held his strength back at first, waiting for the trend to turn stronger and clearer until it reached a maximum.

    "It's now." The Misty Rain Sword led the numerous Swords of Stellar Light and suddenly stabbed at the fire wyrm. Pfft-

    This time, it was directly penetrated.

    Many of the Swords of Stellar Light tore through the obstruction of the Yin Water Chains. As for the Misty Rain Sword, it stabbed straight into Prestige Goat's chest. Under the terrifying Sword Qi's wanton destruction, Prestige Goat exploded in gruesome fashion.

    "Whoosh." The exploded body parts flashed with a stream of light, flying to distant spots. The head flew helplessly, showing the expression of the pale-faced Prestige Goat. He looked at Qin Yun with a hint of horror in his eyes.
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