Chapter 483: Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart

    Chapter 483: Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart

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    Inside the Earth Fire Hall.

    Old Fiend Fire Puppet was drawing a runic pattern on the arm of the Grand Magus's corpse while he said via voice transmission, "Both of you hold him back for a moment. Let me finish this runic pattern on the puppet's arm. This way, the effects on the puppet will be minimized even if I have to stop midway."

    "Alright, the both of us shall hold him back for now," said Roc Fiend via voice transmission.

    "Oh no!"

    But at that moment, Prestige Goat suddenly bellowed angrily in the voice transmission. There was even a hint of panic. "Old Fiend Fire Puppet! Quickly come out! If you don't, I'm not going to stay a moment longer! This Qin Yun is here for you!"

    "You can't withstand his flying sword?" Old Fiend Fire Puppet, who was drawing the runic pattern, was constantly keeping himself abreast of the situation outside. He was also alarmed. "Alright, I'm coming out now. Don't worry. I can forgo the commission for the puppet refinement this time. You and Roc Fiend can each get half of whatever spoils of war are available when Qin Yun is killed."

    Only then was Prestige Goat slightly satisfied.

    For Qin Yun to possess such strength, he likely had quite a few good treasures on him. If Prestige Goat received half of the spoils of war, he believed that it would not only make up for his losses, he would even profit from it.

    "Qin Yun, you want to kill me? Although I have an ordinary body, you are far from capable of killing me," Prestige Goat thought inwardly. Simultaneously, he controlled the supreme-grade Numinous treasure, Yin Water Chains and cast the Water Fire Eye Spell. This was also his most powerful Dharma spell, his best for attacking enemies. But this time, he was forced to use it for self-preservation.


    After Qin Yun tore through Prestige Goat's defense and destroyed his body, Qin Yun was delighted despite the fact that Prestige Goat re-materialized his body.

    Slaying with a simple strike?

    Qin Yun did not have such extravagant hopes.

    An eighth firmament Skydemon was not that easily destroyed.

    "I have a chance of killing him by cracking his Dharma treasure and Dharma spell. Hmph, it looks like he shall get the first taste of the death blow I planned for Old Fiend Fire Puppet." Qin Yun was naturally well prepared for his mission. He flipped his hand, and a pill suffusing three colors on its surface appeared in his palm. The pill flew into his mouth and rapidly melted. The Immortal Pill's powers rapidly permeated his Essence Soul.

    Qin Yun's gaze seemed to turn corporeal while his Essence Soul turned ethereal. His mental processing speed also increased by more than a hundred times.


    The Misty Rain Sword did not lose any of its might as it advanced towards the distant Prestige Goat.

    "This again?" Prestige Goat immediately flew up. His body was surrounded and protected by the water and fire wyrms, as well as the Yin Water Chains. "Old Fiend Fire Puppet, aren't you going to begin taking action?"

    "I'm coming!"

    The entire Fire Fiend Mountain quaked.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Gigantic arms stretched out from deep underground as puppets crawled out one after another. This scene stunned all the Skyfiends and fiendcelestials that resided in Fire Fiend Mountain. All of them rapidly flew into the distance.

    "What's happening!?"

    "Why is the commotion getting more intense?"

    These Skyfiends and fiendcelestials flew into the distance and watched from afar.

    They could barely make out Roc Fiend, Prestige Goat, and Qin Yun's figures, as well as the gigantic puppets that crawled out from underground. These puppets had might matching that of an eighth or ninth firmament Skyfiend. However, compared to experts like Qin Yun, Roc Fiend, and company, they appeared rather clumsy. However, they made up for that with sheer numbers. A total of twelve powerful puppets was enough to give other ninth firmament Skyimmortals a headache when they joined forces.

    "Old Fiend Fire Puppet is coming out?" Qin Yun noticed the puppet army rising the glint in his eyes remained calm.


    His sword tore through the water and fire wyrms before penetrating Prestige Goat's body once again.

    At the instant his body was reduced to pieces, Prestige Goat had a hideous expression on his face. He quickly sent a voice transmission. "Old Fiend Fire Puppet, I'll really die once I'm killed another seven times. Get those puppets of yours to move faster!"

    "You no longer have a chance." Qin Yun's cold voice resounded in the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm's vicinity.


    At the moment the Misty Rain Sword tore through the water and fire wyrms and ripped apart the Prestige Goat's body, three hundred Swords of Stellar Light, which followed closely behind, seemed to bloom like a flower in an extremely resplendent manner. The flower completely enveloped Prestige Goat's disintegrated body, with Prestige Goat right at the location of the flower's pistil! Furthermore, the gigantic flower was spinning constantly with the three hundred swords as the petals.

    "Bam!" Prestige Goat, who had transformed into a stream of light to fly away, failed to escape the flower world no matter how he tried, as though he was trapped in a gigantic maze.

    The three hundred flower petals moved constantly, grinding the area inside without end.

    "Bam!" Prestige Goat failed to charge out, causing his body to be ground to bits once again.

    "What move is this?" Prestige Goat turned anxious. He was trapped in a gigantic flower maze while his supreme-grade Yin Water Chains were still outside. He controlled it to bind the flower world, but the flower world easily withstood its trammeling as it continued spinning.

    Roc Fiend was puzzled as well. He could not recognize the move.

    "It's the Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart!" Old Fiend Fire Puppet sent an urgent voice transmission. "It's Emperor Polestar's Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart! I've seen Emperor Polestar cast it before. It's a terrifying sword art."

    "Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart?" Prestige Goat was alarmed.

    "The Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart that many claim to rank first among all sword arts in the Three Realms?" Roc Fiend was also astonished.

    Emperor Polestar was a figure of lofty nature in the Three Realms.

    He was one of the Four Guides of the Daoist pantheon, lord of the stars.

    Back when Qin Yun was choosing Sword Dao manuals in Green Touring Palace, five of them were Golden Immortal level manuals. Among them, the Five Elemental Sword Sutra and the Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart were of higher grade, while the other three were much weaker.

    However, Qin Yun still chose the Hundred Great White Yang Metal Sword Art to focus primarily on. It was because the more powerful Five Elemental Sword Sutra and Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart were very difficult to cultivate in.

    Using the Five Elemental Sword Sutra as an example, the world was nearly inseparable from the Five Directions and Five Elements. To attain phenomenal success in it, one had to have extremely deep insights into the Five Directions and Five Elements. It was too multifarious... When Qin Yun read the manual, he felt that not only was talent needed to succeed in mastering it, he would need a long period of time to accumulate in the insights. It was also not very suitable for his Sword Dao.

    The Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart was about calculating to the extreme. It demanded a great deal of inference on the user. The moment the sword art was released, the enemy would seem to fall into a massive trap. Resistance was futile, with only death as an option.

    The requirement was very high.

    However, as it suited portions of Qin Yun's cultivation, he chose it as a secondary focus.

    Usually, he would gain insights from pondering over it, but the Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart's requirements for inference and calculation were very high. Qin Yun had to consume an Immortal Pill to speed up his mental processes before he could deliver the full might of the Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart.

    "Whoosh~" Once one was trapped in the flower maze, one would be constantly ground to death by the flower petal sword flashes.

    "I have learned two powerful moves from the Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart. They are 'A World in a Flower' and 'Stellar Revolution.' They are both useful to my Sword Dao," thought Qin Yun. "And this attack happens to be A World in a Flower."


    Prestige Goat activated another life-preservation Dao talisman he clasped in his hand.

    Immediately, a layer of golden light enveloped him as he cast his Water Fire Eye Spell, but the flower world naturally wore it down by spinning.

    "Brother Roc Fiend, quick save me!" said Prestige Goat urgently.

    "Alright." Roc Fiend opened his mouth, shooting out the golden thread from his mouth, straight for Prestige Goat.


    A wisp of misty rain intercepted the golden thread.

    The golden thread was indeed powerful, but so was Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword since it had some of the might of a Connate Numinous treasure. With a sword immortal like Qin Yun controlling it, the Intrinsic Flying Sword's might allowed it to completely fend off the golden thread in a mystical manner.

    "Demon King Prestige Goat, don't worry." Old Fiend Fire Puppet said via voice transmission. At the same time, the nearest lava giant puppet swatted its palm over to grab at the spinning flower sword flash.


    The force of the somewhat clumsy grab was easily annulled by the gigantic flower world's spinning.

    "No! No!" Prestige Goat, who was trapped inside, was seeing the golden light on his body's surface dissipate from the grinding.

    Prestige Goat's body was reduced to pieces once again.


    The remnant Dharmic powers transformed into a stream of light as he flew frantically like a frightened animal.

    However, the spinning flower petal sword flashes attacked it again and again.

    The stream of light became weaker and weaker.

    He previously estimated that he could withstand seven strikes, but in fact, he managed to survive more than ten strikes inside the flower petal world before being pushed to the brink of destruction.

    "Spare me! Qin Yun, Sword Immortal Qin! Please spare me!" Prestige Goat's face surfaced from the stream of light as he gave a pleading look. "Please spare my life."

    However, Qin Yun watched calmly.


    Prestige Goat gave an indignant roar of anger before he was finally wiped out by the flower world.

    Eighth firmament Skydemon, Demon King Prestige Goat, was dead! He died at the hands of Great Chang world's Qin Yun!
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