Chapter 486: Connate Wonder Chaos Pure Gold

    Chapter 486: Connate Wonder 'Chaos Pure Gold'

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    News spread quickly in the Three Realms.

    Many demon kings immediately learned of Prestige Goat's death. Soon, the happenings at Dragon Mountain world quickly spread through the Effulgent dominion.

    "Prestige Goat is dead? Junior Brother Qin killed him?"

    Green Touring Palace had many disciples, more than a hundred of which the number were demons from the Effulgent dominion. At that moment, several of them were gathered.

    "You still call him Junior Brother Qin? He is so ruthless towards us demons!" An ox demon spewed air from his nostrils as he grunted coldly, "Back then I heard that he killed a hawk demon and tree demon, but they were sixth firmament Skydemons. There are many of those in the Effulgent dominion, so it wasn't a big deal! But now, he has killed Prestige Goat. There are a pathetic number of demons in the Effulgent dominion who have reached the seventh firmament Skydemon realm. Only a minority of us disciples of Green Touring Palace have broken through to the seventh firmament."

    "There are only about a hundred demons in the Effulgent dominion that have broken through to the seventh firmament and beyond. Now, one of them has been killed."

    "I heard that Junior Brother Qin went to the Dragon Mountain world to deal with Old Fiend Fire Puppet," said a white wolf demon. "Prestige Goat and Roc Fiend happened to be there, causing the fight to become one against three... Roc Fiend and Old Fiend Fire Puppet sacrificed one puppet by self-destructing it to cover their escape. However, Brother Prestige Goat died as a result."

    "He won despite it being one against three? This Qin Yun really is powerful. But he's just too ruthless towards us demons! Green Touring Palace has so many students, with nearly half of us being demons. Yet he showed no kindness." The ox demon was rather angry.

    "He's already killed. What can you do?"

    "To think I befriended him on account of us both being from the Effulgent dominion. What a waste of my good wine!"


    Not far away, two human cultivators were playing chess.

    "Senior Brother Sa, did you hear about it? Junior Brother Qin won hands down despite fighting one against three. That strength of his sure is impressive," said an azure-robed Daoist with a smile.

    Senior Brother Sa was dressed in white robes as he sat there looking at the chess pieces. He replied with a smile, "As expected of the only person other than the Grand Supreme Dao Ancestor to create a brand new sword immortal Dharmic formulation. Although he hasn't cultivated for long, he has already shown his edge. It appears that it will not take long for this junior brother of mine to gain a high standing in the Three Realms."

    "But those demons are very displeased with Junior Brother Qin." The azure-robed Daoist moved another piece.

    "Ever since the demons went into decline after the Ancient Heavenly Courts' destruction, the weaker the demon, the more united they become." Senior Brother Sa scoffed. "Why would Junior Brother Qin bother worrying about them? Besides, that Demon King Prestige Goat had committed heinous sins. He was in cahoots with Old Fiend Fire Puppet and even helped the two fiends, Roc Fiend and Old Fiend Fire Puppet, fight Qin Yun? His death is all on him!"

    "The demons of Green Touring Palace are still quite disciplined, too afraid of incurring any punishment from Master. Quite a number of those demons that fail to enter Green Touring Palace indeed act quite wantonly. Some of their sins are so heinous that they are in no way inferior to a Skyfiend's! There are even some who openly trade with Skyfiends." The azure-robed Daoist shook his head as well.

    "Master set three rounds of tests and it was already made known that Skyfiends and those with heinous sins are to be slain." Senior Brother Sa chuckled but there was a cold glint in his eyes. "Clearly, Master has long announced that those with heinous sins deserve death! It's only right that Junior Brother Qin killed them. It makes life easier for the people of the Efflugent Domain and also improves the light from providence that shines on our Green Touring Palace."

    The azure-robed Daoist nodded and added, "It's only my guess, but I believe the demons won't let the matter rest easily."

    "Why should we bother over such trivial matters? Junior Brother Qin will probably not be inferior to me in the future. He's bound to be someone famous throughout the Effulgent dominion. Does he need to care about the barking of wretches?" scoffed Senior Brother Sa.

    "Senior Brother Sa, you think so highly of him?" the azure-robed Daoist was astonished.

    Senior Brother Sa's name was Sa Xu.

    He was a disciple that Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure took in after the Heavenly Courts were established. Although he was temporarily trapped at the ninth firmament Skyimmortal bottleneck, he had managed to create the Lightning Dharma that was famous throughout the Three Realms-Heavenly Constellation Lightning Dharma. He resembled Daoist Divine Firmament, both being men who created their own Lightning Dharma for cultivation! However, the Heavenly Constellation Lightning Dharma he created had reached the ninth firmament and, when used by him, made his head-on combat strength match that of Golden Immortal and Buddha mighty figures.

    In terms of strength... he was not within the top hundred disciples of the Green Touring Palace disciples, but he was definitely within the top two hundred.

    After all, Green Touring Palace had nearly a hundred Golden Immortals!

    Immediately following them were the Chaos Godfiends, Ancient Ominous Demons, and others. Many of them were older senior brothers and sisters who had come under Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure not long after Pangu's separation of the heaven and earth. All of them had extraordinary backgrounds. By ranking in the top two hundred, Senior Brother Sa was already considered famous in the Three Realms. His fame was in no way inferior to that of Yellow-robed Supremacy's.

    Senior Brother Sa was famous for one thing-

    Abhorring evil!

    Countless fiends and great demons had perished under his Lightning Dharma.

    Many fellow Green Touring Palace disciples of demon heritage had once made things difficult for him, but he thought nothing of them!

    "I obviously think highly of them. I think quite highly of both the junior brothers from the Great Chang world," said Senior Brother Sa with a smile.


    News of Qin Yun's victory despite fighting one against three, resulting in Demon King Prestige Goat's death while Roc Fiend and Old Fiend Fire Puppet were sent retreating was rapidly spread.

    And in Star Cluster Hall.

    "It's coming."

    Qin Yun looked up.

    A distant star rapidly flew over, its aura becoming stronger. The terrifying sense of sharpness left Qin Yun alarmed.

    "What potent might. After killing Prestige Goat, I took his supreme-grade Numinous treasure, Yin Water Chains. The might it exudes is already very powerful, but it doesn't reach this terrifying level." Qin Yun waited in nervous anticipation.

    It closed in on him.

    "I can see it." Qin Yun saw an item wrapped in a halo of light. There were runic patterns swirling around the halo.

    Soon, it arrived in front of Qin Yun, floating in midair.

    Qin Yun stared at the item within the halo. It was a black piece of rock about half the size of a human! Its jagged surface shimmered in various spots. Even though the runic halo enveloped it, the stone continued emitting a sharp aura that left Qin Yun apprehensive.

    "What is this?" Qin Yun stretched out his hand to touch the runic halo. The moment he made contact, lots of information rapidly entered his brain. Qin Yun immediately understood what the black rock was and how to use it.

    The runic halo also dissipated completely, revealing a piece of black rock that was half the size of a human adult.

    With it being revealed, the sharp aura it emitted turned even more terrifying. It was as though knives were constantly slicing at its surroundings. Of course, Qin Yun had the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes and was naturally unafraid.

    "Connate Pure Gold?" Qin Yun was somewhat astonished. "I've heard that other senior brothers and sisters had obtained miraculous treasures in the Star Cluster Hall. Some of them obtain supreme-grade Numinous treasures that suit them the best! Others obtain wonders, but I'm getting a Connate Wonder, Chaos Pure Gold? My luck is that good?"

    "The thing that resonates the most with me in Star Cluster Hall is this?"

    Qin Yun looked at the black rock in front of him as his eyes lit up.

    Before Pangu split apart the heavens and earth, there was only Chaos. Amid the Chaos, Chaos Godfiends were born. For instance, Pangu, Nüwa, the Three Pure Ones, the Ancestral Dragon, Zhurong, Gonggong, and others were born out of the Chaos. They were born with great wisdom and Dharmic powers! Apart from producing life, the Chaos also gave birth to items. For example, Pangu's ancient ax and other precious treasures. These were all considered Connate Numinous treasures.

    It also gave birth to certain items. These were items that had yet to become Connate Numinous treasures! However, materials like Liquid of Essence Lighting, Phoenix Fire Core, and Chaos Pure Gold were typically called Connate Wonders.

    Items refined using these Connate Wonders had the right to be called Connate Numinous treasures!

    For instance, the Empyrean Seal was a Connate Numinous treasure! And in fact, the Empyrean Seal was refined from half a piece of the mythological mountain, Mt. Buzhou, that broke off.


    Items refined using Connate Wonders were qualified to be labeled as Connate Numinous treasures.

    It was not incorrect to label supreme-grade Numinous treasures as the pinnacle of item refinement.

    This was because the Empyreal Seal and other Connate Numinous treasures that were refined largely stemmed from the Connate Wonders. For instance, 99% of the work for the Empyrean Seal was a result of that piece of Mt. Buzhou!

    "I'm a sword immortal, so I attracted this Chaos Pure Gold?" Qin Yun guessed.

    "By using it to nurture my Intrinsic Flying Sword, my Intrinsic Flying Sword is bound to undergo a qualitative transformation." When Qin Yun came into contact with the runic halo, he immediately understood the ways to use the Connate Wonder. He did not hesitate to use it as a resource to nourish his Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    His Intrinsic Flying Sword was his strongest weapon, and it could even be said to be part of his very being.

    "I'll first store it away."

    "It's too domineering. An ordinary Cosmic Bag will not be able to contain it." Qin Yun flipped his hand and took out the yellow-skinned calabash. He first transferred the numerous materials and Immortal Pills in the calabash to a cosmic bag, leaving behind an empty calabash.

    "This calabash was bestowed by Master. It's best used to store such items."

    "Retrieve." Qin Yun held the calabash, aiming its mouth at the Chaos Pure Gold. Immediately, space distorted as the Chaos Pure Gold rapidly shrank and entered the calabash.

    "It's time to return." Qin Yun took a look at Star Cluster Hall.

    He commanded with a thought.

    Blurry light descended upon Qin Yun before he vanished and he returned to the Great Chang world.
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