Chapter 488: Demon King Bear Mountain Descends

    Chapter 488: Demon King Bear Mountain Descends

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    "Qin Yun was the murderer? He has the ability to do so?" said Bear Mountain with a frown. "He's just an Essence Soul sword immortal."

    "Do you think I just shoot my mouth off willy-nilly when it comes to such matters?" said the white wolf demon. "If you don't believe me, you can probe the karmic lines to confirm the news."

    Bear Mountain immediately sensed the karma on him.

    The various karmic lines went out...


    Bear Mountain discovered that the karmic line connecting him to Prestige Goat was gone.

    "He's really dead." Bear Mountain felt somewhat disheartened. The demons were already declining, and there were only about a hundred demons in the Effulgent dominion that had broken through to the seventh firmament and beyond! How difficult was it to produce one? And now, one of them had been killed?

    "This Qin Yun is that daring?" Bear Mountain's expression darkened. Pangs of fury burned in him.

    "He obviously dares," said the white wolf demon with a sneer. "This Junior Brother Qin of ours is really impressive. He headed for Dragon Mountain world and encountered Roc Fiend, Old Fiend Fire Puppet and Prestige Goat. He fought one against three! Roc Fiend and Old Fiend Fire Puppet escaped by making a puppet self-destruct. As for Prestige Goat, he was slain eventually. He won despite fighting one against three. How long has he cultivated? Why would he take into account us fellow disciples who are demons?"

    "One against three? Roc Fiend?" Bear Mountain nodded slightly. "Alright, I got it."

    "Senior Brother Bear Mountain, what do you plan on doing?" asked the white wolf demon.

    "You will know very soon." Bear Mountain's voice growled with anger.

    The white wolf demon responded simply before the transmission was terminated.

    "During the era of the Ancient Heavenly Courts, humans even revered us when I was a subordinate of the sixth prince." Bear Mountain's eyes suffused coldness. "Now, I nicely requested him to show mercy and not kill powerful great demons. But I never expected him to kill an eight firmament demon king like Prestige Goat without any qualms! Does he really think we demons are to be bullied?"

    Bear Mountain flipped his hand and took out a memento.


    The void rippled apart, and on the other end sat a black-robed man hugging a beauty on a throne.

    "Brother Bear Mountain." The black-robed man immediately waved his hand when he saw this. He dismissed all his subordinates.

    "Brother Lie, help me contact Roc Fiend," said Bear Mountain. "I need to know what exactly happened with Prestige Goat's death."

    "Prestige Goat is dead?" The black-robed man was alarmed. "Alright, I'll ask Roc Fiend now."

    "Make sure to ask in detail," said Bear Mountain. "Pay close attention to anything regarding the Qin Yun who killed Prestige Goat. I want to know about his strength and moves."

    "Alright. Brother Bear Mountain, don't you worry," replied the black-robed man.


    Bear Mountain nodded slightly as the void ripples closed and the transmission was terminated.

    In the Effulgent dominion, there were indeed some demon kings that took the initiative to protect the weak lesser demons. And the most famous one of them was Demon King Bear Mountain! Bear Mountain gained fame because he took an active part and was one of the strongest demon kings. Therefore, many demons would often request his help and several demon kings treated him as their leader.

    After getting another demon king to question Roc Fiend, he went to Green Touring Palace to gather more information. He even inquired with a friend from the Heavenly Courts to understand more.

    The Heavenly Courts paid attention to many of the major battles in the Three Realms.

    Since the battle of Dragon Mountain world was not concealed from the Green Touring Palace's Fiend Vanquishment Mirror, it was equally impossible to hide it from the Heavenly Courts.


    After busying himself for several hours, Bear Mountain finally got the full picture after gathering information from various sources.

    "How dare he!"

    "Insolence, what arrogant insolence!"

    Bear Mountain burned with anger. With the aid of Green Touring Palace, he headed for the Great Chang world.


    Great Chang world.


    Bear Mountain's figure tore through the layers of clouds as he swooped down. When he saw the extended plains beneath him and the dense population in the city a distance away, he stopped in midair.

    "Qin Yun!" Bear Mountain shouted angrily, "Come on out!"

    With a thought, he sensed the Heaven and Earth powers of the entire Great Chang world. Through them, he sent his voice to every spot of the Great Chang world.

    East Sea, West Sea, South Sea, North Sea...

    The nineteen prefectures of the Great Chang empire, the Myriad Mountains in the south, the demons in the northern lands...

    This angry bellow was filled with formless might that spread in every direction.


    Even the ordinary commoners in the cities and villagers heard the angry bellow that made their hearts palpitate.

    As for cultivators and demons, they sensed it more acutely. They could sense the mighty and horrific suppression. It left them even more appalled than the commoners.

    "What's happened?" In the royal palace, Human Emperor looked into the horizon with a slight change in expression.

    "Qin Yun! Come on out!"

    The rumbling voice reverberated above the Imperial Capital. This left Human Emperor feeling bewildered. "Who dares come to my Great Chang world to act in such an unbridled fashion? Qin Yun is now a disciple of Green Touring Palace. But judging from the suppression that stems from this voice, the person's strength is very terrifying."


    East Sea Skydragon, Skydemon Palatial Lord, Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa, and Patriarch Bai all heard the voice. Their expressions changed drastically from shock.

    "Oh?" Divine Firmament Chapter's Ancestral Master Zhang walked coldly out of his seclusion hall. He looked up into the distance as his pupils constricted. "It's Senior Brother Bear Mountain?"


    Grand Dominance. Qin Manor.

    It was morning.

    Snow was piled on the trees, occasionally drifting down.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were sitting under a pavilion as they drank tea and watched their daughter practice her swordplay on the snow-clad lands.

    "Qin Yun, come on out!" The angry voice seemed to come from the heavens themselves. It was more terrifying than thunder as it spread in every direction. Similarly, it resounded across Grand Dominance City, echoing through Qin Manor.

    Grand Dominance City residents were in an uproar.

    Sword Immortal Qin Yun was the pride of Grand Dominance City.

    "Who dares act so insolently as to call Sword Immortal Qin by his name?"

    "He's too arrogant!"

    These commoners engaged in a flurry of discussion.

    It was also chaotic in Qin Manor. Even Qin Liehu and Changlan turned nervous.

    "Brother Yun." Yi Xiao's expression changed as Qin Yiyi flew to Qin Yun's side.

    "Dad, who is it?"

    Qin Yun's expression turned cold as he looked into the distance. His gaze penetrated the void and saw the stout demon's figure more than five thousand kilometers away.

    "Seriously..." Qin Yun's eyes were filled with coldness.

    He had come directly to his homeworld!

    His angry bellow had been heard by everyone in his homeworld.

    "Bear Mountain! How insolent of you!" Qin Yun took a step and appeared high above Grand Dominance City. He coldly shouted, his voice similarly resounding through every corner of the world.


    Bear Mountain, who was more than five thousand kilometers away, immediately sensed the sharp aura from the southeast. It was Qin Yun's aura.

    Bear Mountain grinned hideously as he took a step and traversed the void to arrive above Grand Dominance City.

    "Qin Yun, my good junior brother." Bear Mountain stood in midair, his body billowing with a terrifying aura. The mortals beneath shuddered in fear just from seeing him with their naked eyes.

    "Bear Mountain." Qin Yun's expression was ice-cold.

    And at that moment, Qin Liehu and his wife, Yi Xiao, and Qin Yiyi were looking nervously at the two figures in the sky.

    They could tell at a glance that Bear Mountain's aura was extremely terrifying. He was clearly a powerful great demon.

    "You sure gave me face. I requested you to show mercy, but you went right out and killed Prestige Goat," Bear Mountain said with a savage expression. His aura radiated out in his rage, but it was blocked by Qin Yun's Dao domain. "Prestige Goat was an eighth firmament Skydemon! It is extremely difficult for my Effulgent dominion to produce one demon king, and you killed him without any qualms. From the looks of it, you think nothing of your demon senior brothers and sisters!"

    "I will naturally give my senior brothers and sisters face," said Qin Yun. "My intention when heading to the Dragon Mountain world was to kill Old Fiend Fire Puppet. But Prestige Goat colluded with the Skyfiends to fight me. I naturally had to attack him."

    "But you killed him," said Bear Mountain angrily.

    "In the second round of tests Master gave us, we are to kill Skyfiends or those with heinous sins. By killing one with heinous sins, I have completed the test set by Master. Is there anything wrong with that?" Qin Yun looked at him.

    "But he's ultimately a demon. What if he was human? Would you have still been so quick to kill him?" said Bear Mountain angrily.

    "Of course!"

    Qin Yun said coldly, "I've mentioned it before. I have a overly feisty temper. If someone with heinous sins crosses me, I'll kill them regardless if they are human or demon."

    "That sounds nice. Tell me, which powerful human have you killed?" scoffed Bear Mountain.

    "Prestige Goat is the first seventh firmament being I killed," said Qin Yun. "Having cultivated this long, I have never shown mercy to humans with heinous sins. In mortal kingdoms, criminals that commit crimes punishable by death are all executed! It's the same for us cultivators. Those black sheep that commit atrocities should be put to death. Destroying these heinous beings will only benefit us, humans and demons alike."

    "Cut the crap," said Bear Mountain with a scoff. "I'm not listening to what you say. I only see what you do. The humans you kill are weaklings. They do not leave any effects on humans. But by killing Prestige Goat, you have robbed us demons of a demon king"


    A figure crossed the void and arrived.

    This person was none other than Ancestral Master Zhang. He had purple lightning sparkling across his body. His aura was similarly powerful and terrifying. He stared at Bear Mountain and said coldly, "Senior Brother Bear Mountain, coming to my Great Chang world to act in such unbridled fashion is unbecoming of a senior brother."

    "Oh. Junior Brother Divine Firmament is here too." Bear Mountain scoffed.


    Yi Xiao, Qin Yiyi, Qin Liehu, and Changlan, were all looking at the three figures high up in the sky.

    Bear Mountain, Ancestral Master Zhang, and Qin Yun all had terrifying auras. They were capable of causing phenomena like dark clouds gathering in the sky and making lightning flash. Ancestral Master Zhang and Qin Yun stood together, across from Bear Mountain.

    "Mom." Qin Yiyi felt a little uneasy.

    "It's fine." Yi Xiao whispered as she stared at the sky.
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