Chapter 494: Fiend Supremacy

    Chapter 494: Fiend Supremacy

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    As the most important fiendish garrison in the Effulgent dominion, the Tenebrous Fiend world was where many Skyfiends gathered. For instance, Empyrean Lord Kuifu, Old Fiend Fire Puppet, and General Roc Fiend were but some of the more powerful beings in the Tenebrous Fiend world. In terms of strength ranking, they were in the top hundred.

    But the strongest one there was no doubt Fiend Supremacy, the supreme leader of the Tenebrous Fiend world!


    A lanky man with two red curved horns on his forehead walked out of a seclusion chamber. There were many subordinates outside who bowed respectfully, "Fiend Supremacy (Master)."

    "Master, here is the important news regarding the Effulgent dominion from recent years." A Skyfiend handed Fiend Supremacy a dossier reverently.

    Fiend Supremacy took the dossier and, with a gentle wave of his hand, commanded his subordinates to leave respectfully.

    Fiend Supremacy walked to a pavilion before sitting down to peruse the dossier.

    Since he received the mission to come to the Effulgent dominion, he naturally had to deal with many of the fiendish matters in the Effulgent dominion. The more trivial matters... they could be delegated to his subordinates. The matters that were brought to his attention were the more important ones.

    "Oh? War has erupted in Flying Mountain world again?" Fiend Supremacy frowned as he read the information in the dossier. He immediately summoned, "Blackrock."

    Immediately, a figure appeared beside him. It was a Skyfiend whose body was cast from rock. He happened to be the famous ninth firmament Skyfiend of the Effulgent dominion-General Blackrock. He also cultivated in a Fiendbody and his strength was above General Roc Fiend's.

    General Blackrock greeted politely, "Fiend Supremacy."

    "Are you aware of what's going on in the Flying Mountain world?" asked Fiend Supremacy.

    "I am. Six Daoist sects have combined forces. They apparently wish to occupy the entire Flying Mountain world. They struck with a terrifying and swift force. They held the absolute advantage in strength and we have already lost large pieces of territory," said General Blackrock respectfully. "General Wind is now leading the Skyfiends, but they are only barely able to defend Mt. North Fish."

    "Flying Mountain world is quite a wonderland. In the past, it was only through a bloody war that we fiends managed to occupy half of Flying Mountain world," said Flying Mountain world lightly. "All these years, the Daoists have occupied half of it, while us fiends occupy the other half. Since the Daoists have attacked, we shall oblige them! Blackrock, you are to take your troops and personally reinforce them. No matter what, we fiends must occupy at least half of Flying Mountain world."

    "Yes," said General Blackrock respectfully.

    "Go ahead," instructed Fiend Supremacy.

    General Blackrock bowed slightly before vanishing into thin air.

    Fiend Supremacy continued reading the dossier. From time to time, he would summon three of his subordinates to give them various orders. As he had only entered an ordinary seclusion this time, not many major matters had happened in the Effulgent dominion! If he had entered a prolonged seclusion, he would have arranged for an avatar to administer over such matters.


    When he flipped to the end, Fiend Supremacy frowned. "Qin Yun?"

    "He has raised his strength so quickly? To be able to create a Sword Immortal Essence Soul Dharmic formulation means that his perceptivity is astounding, but... an Essence Soul sword immortal is actually able to repress Demon King Bear Mountain?" That was the final piece of news in the dossier.

    "Sister Kuishi," said Fiend Supremacy.


    A red beam flashed to reveal a red-robed woman. She had four extremely sharp horns on her head. Her face was partially covered in black scales. The moment she appeared, she said with a smile, "Brother, why are you suddenly requesting for me?"

    Her name was Palatial Lord Kuishi. Her strength was enough to rank her in the top three of all the Skyfiends in the Tenebrous Fiend world. She was one of the two Palatial Lords that had a standing only inferior to that of Fiend Supremacy. She was a lot stronger than Old Fiend Fire Puppet or General Roc Fiend.

    "There's a matter that will probably require you to take action," said Fiend Supremacy.

    Kuishi asked in astonishment, "What is it?"

    "The Effulgent dominion has produced a powerful cultivator," said Fiend Supremacy. "His name is Qin Yun. Despite having cultivated for mere decades, he is already strong enough to repress Demon King Bear Mountain! Although there is no need to fear his strength at present, he has achieved too much in too short a time. It has only been a few decades. Even if he had rare encounters, this rate of cultivation still leaves me alarmed."

    "I have heard of this Qin Yun. I heard that it hasn't been long since he was recruited into Green Touring Palace. He's rather powerful." Kuishi nodded.

    "Given his cultivation speed, it's possible for him to reach my level," said Fiend Supremacy. "He is a Daoist disciple, fated to be my enemy. Sister Kuishi, I would request you to take action and rid us of him ahead of time."

    "Alright." Kuishi nodded. "Brother, don't worry. I'll prepare to set off now. By the way, where is he now? If he's in Green Touring Palace, I won't be able to do a thing."

    "I'll check."

    Fiend Supremacy nodded and closed his eyes.

    Moments later.

    He opened his eyes and shook his head gently. "I've asked my good friends. At present, the Qin Yun in the Great Chang world is only an avatar. My friend has searched the Three Realms, but has failed to find Qin Yun's true body. It's likely that he is in Green Touring Palace! Green Touring Palace is the Dao Ancestor's Dao residence. It cannot be spied upon."

    "Sister, wait for now. Once Qin Yun exits Green Touring Palace, I'll inform you immediately," said Fiend Supremacy.

    "Alright, I'll be ready to set off at any time," said Kuishi with a smile.

    Fiend Supremacy nodded.

    He was the supreme leader of the Effulgent dominion's fiendish way. A lot of attention was placed on him, be it the Daoists or Buddhists, or even the heavenly troops of the Heavenly Courts. He naturally could not act impetuously. A single Qin Yun did not warrant him taking action personally.

    Requesting Kuishi to do the deed was already attaching great importance to Qin Yun.


    Great Chang world.

    Half a year after the battle at Dao Exchange Platform.

    In a spatial passageway that connected to the mirror lake in Qin Manor.

    Dragons walked out of the spatial passageway, and leading them was Dragon King Ao Fang's avatar. A large number of dragons were behind him, either in avatar form or their true forms! Those that came in their true forms were at the third firmament True Dragon realm at most.

    "That many dragons?" Yi Xiao was somewhat astonished.

    "Mom, look. Those right at the back are all at the True Dragon realm." Qin Yiyi's voice transmission sounded excited. "All the True Dragons in the Great Chang world added up probably don't equal this, right? Besides, many of them are Skydragon avatars. The Great Chang world only has one East Sea Skydragon."

    Qin Yun went forward with his wife and daughter. He greeted loudly, "Senior Brother Ao."

    "Junior Brother Qin." Ao Fang walked over with a smile. The group of Skydragon avatars behind him, as well as many of the other dragons, carried gifts.

    "We have been rebuilding our society in the Dragon Mountain world recently. I just returned to the Effulgent World yesterday," said Ao Fang with a smile. "Many dragons wish to meet you, so I could only open up a passageway to allow them to visit."

    Qin Yun swept them with a gaze.

    Many of the Skydragon avatars held gifts; they were either nervous or curious.

    In terms of strength, it was difficult to find dragons that matched Qin Yun in the Effulgent dominion. Even Dragon King Ao Fang was weaker than Qin Yun. These dragons treated Qin Yun with fearful reverence.

    "You brought so many gifts," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "It's only necessary. It's all thanks to you that we managed to take back Dragon Mountain world," said Ao Fang with a smile. Following that, he noticed Yi Xiao and Qin Yiyi beside him. "Junior Brother Qin, you sure are fated with us dragons. Both your wife and daughter are dragons."

    Yi Xiao stood calmly beside Qin Yun, but Qin Yiyi was filled with excitement.

    She had never seen so many dragons before!

    "Let's go. We shouldn't just be standing here." Qin Yun smiled as he led the way. Ao Fang walked in with him. The dragons made their way across the mirror lake's surface and offered up their gifts.

    In response, the servants of Qin Manor received the gifts.

    As servants of Qin Manor, they saw more than the average servant. The dragons from the Four Seas in the Great Chang world often visited. Too many dragons had come and they were all very powerful. It still left these servants secretly alarmed. They were very careful when receiving the gift boxes, afraid that they would break something.

    "Junior Brother Qin, the you I'm speaking to now is an avatar. Is your true body in seclusion?" Ao Fang asked Qin Yun as he walked by his side.

    "Yes, it's cultivating in seclusion." Qin Yun nodded.

    It was not difficult to condense an avatar.

    His Essence Soul Dharmic powers were pure enough to make him match that of a third firmament Skyimmortal of the Grand Supreme lineage. It was naturally easy for him to condense an avatar.

    As his current seclusion carried the possibility of being a long one, he deliberately left an avatar in his homeworld to accompany his wife and daughter.
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