Chapter 497: Tail

    Chapter 497: Tail

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    In fact, even if Qin Yun did not protect the mortals, it was unlikely that Palatial Lord Kuishi would pulverize the surroundings! Although the fiendish way was evil, most Skyfiends were still concerned with karma.

    Once their sins reached the state of giving them a Sinful Sanguine Halo, they had to be more careful.

    If they went one step further...

    The sins would result in Negative Karma Fire! Most Skyfiends would die under Negative Karma Fire.

    Only the two most malevolent lineages, the spirit-devouring lineage and the sea of blood lineage, were unconcerned with mass murder. The cultivation paths took by experts of these two lineages let them become stronger by stepping on the countless corpses of weak beings! One was to devour wantonly, to the point of devouring all life in a world. The other was to use sin as a resource for cultivation. The more sinful they were, the stronger they were. These two lineages were unafraid of sin and massacred mortals in an exaggerated manner.

    Apart from these two lineages, the other fiendish lineages might have been evil, but they had supplementary methods to reduce their sins. But typically, they would be careful and not go overboard when it came to killing mortals! No one wanted to be consumed by Negative Karma Fire.

    On the other hand...

    The stronger they were, the greater they were at withstanding karma.

    Kuishi had the strength of a half-step Ancestral Fiend after all. Even if she killed millions of mortals, it would, at most, give her some headache-inducing trouble! As for true Ancestral Fiends... slaughtering millions of mortals brought just mildly annoying karma.

    Kuishi might not wipe out all life in a five-hundred-kilometer radius, but the aftershocks would cause the deaths of tens of thousands of mortals. That was just trivial to her.

    Qin Yun did not dare bet on that.


    Qin Yun took his wife and flew away.

    "You won't escape." Kuishi laughed as she thrust out the trident while gripping its other end.

    It felt like she was stirring the entire world.

    The three emerald needles were in front, while the trident that appeared like a massive heavenly column followed. It left an ominous rumbling wherever it passed. The blue skies and white clouds above Wusu County City had long been ripped to shreds, turning into a pitch-black swath of void rifts. Countless mortals inside the city were left shocked as they saw this rapturous scene. Their legs could not help but turn soft.

    Qin Yun also knew it was the critical moment of life and death.

    "This Palatial Lord Kuishi's control over the void is too potent. It's completely sealed. I can't use mementos to contact the outside world. My flying speed is inferior to hers as well. I'm really in danger now." Qin Yun knew how dire his situation was, but he remained austere. With one hand holding his wife's hand, he waved his other hand. A wisp of misty rain flew out of his fingertip, as the blurry misty rain naturally formed a gray, blurry barrier of light around him. The entire sword flash barrier protected three thousand feet of his surroundings. It lacked a sharp aura, but remained gray and blurry, as though it was a hazy drizzle.

    The grayish, blurry barrier of light was simple but converged.

    "Puah! Puah! Puah!"

    The three emerald needles stabbed into the gray barrier of light first, but slowed down as if sunk into a quagmire. They sank in silently and caused no further commotion.

    Immediately following was the extremely terrifying trident.

    The trident was extremely sharp and it was massive. It stabbed into the barrier, and all Kuishi felt was a series of barriers. Even though it seemed like she had instantly pierced through more than ten thousand obstructive layers, the momentum of the trident was all gone. The gray barrier continued swirling around Qin Yun; the trident had failed to stab through it.

    "Wasn't it said that the strongest protection he has is the protective great divine power, Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes? Why is this protective sword flash his flying sword produced able to withstand my strike?" Kuishi frowned slightly.

    According to her estimates, her trident should have stabbed through the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes instantly and killed him.

    But now, the sword flashes had defended against her blow! Clearly, what Qin Yun could do did not match the intelligence she received.

    Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this.

    After his Intrinsic Flying Sword transformed into a intrinsic supreme-grade Numinous treasure, his Misty Rain Sword became the strongest weapon in his arsenal! It was a lot more powerful than the two great divine powers, Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm and Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes! The two great divine powers had only attained initial success after all, matching that of ordinary ninth firmament Skyimmortals. His intrinsic supreme-grade Numinous treasure... could match a Connate Numinous treasure!

    Qin Yun had defeated Bear Mountain by casting Five Elemental Sword Mountain with his Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    Although Qin Yun's offensive strength when using his Intrinsic Flying Sword was pretty good, it was best suited for protecting him.

    His Sword Dao pursued the perfection of the Heavenly Cycles. In essence, it made for a peerless defense!

    He had been cultivating in seclusion in Green Touring Palace.

    Over those eight years...

    Qin Yun had already gained a profound understanding of the Chaos concept. He had also fully merged it into his own Sword Dao, cultivating the five sword manuals to an even more profound state. He now grasped many powerful moves.

    And his own Sword Dao was even more powerful.

    Although he had cultivated in other defensive moves, such as the Void As One Realm of the Five Elemental Sword Sutra, as well as the Myriad Flower Sword World of the Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart, Qin Yun's Sword Dao was different from those of the two seniors who created the two manuals! His Sword Dao pursued the perfection of the Heavenly Cycles. His Sword Dao alone could easily transform into a Heavenly Cycle defensive move.

    Therefore, even back when Qin Yun was still a mortal, he was adept using the Cyclic Sword Flash.

    As time passed, this move still remained his strongest one.

    Over the eight years, he had infused that Chaos concept into his Sword Dao. He had also learned a variety of sword moves, and after his Sword Dao accumulated to a certain extent, he naturally gained insights into a more powerful Cyclic Sword Flash.

    This move-

    "This move is a manifestation of my Sword Dao. Most important of all is the Chaos concept I infused into it. This attack can now be called the Chaos Cyclic Sword Flash. In terms of defensive might, it's superior to the Five Elemental Sword Sutra's Void As One Realm and the Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart's Myriad Flower Sword World!" This was also the first time Qin Yun was using this move against an enemy. It ended up being fully capable of fending off Kuishi who had the strength of a half-step Ancestral Fiend. He was originally a bit uneasy, but after seeing the outcome, he felt a little more confident.

    "Take this too!" Qin Yun roared.

    At that moment, the 360 Swords of Stellar Light moved surprisingly fast as they surrounded Kuishi.

    The Swords of Stellar Light spun around like a vortex, grinding at Kuishi who was in the middle.

    She scoffed. Despite the sword flashes grinding at her body, black scales surfaced on her body. The Swords of Stellar Light failed to damage those black scales in any way.

    "I cultivate my body and am even capable of fighting with Golden Immortals and Buddhas. Why would these mere tricks of yours matter to me?" Kuishi ignored the attacks of Qin Yun's Swords of Stellar Light.

    "The gap between us is just too huge. I can't threaten her at all. I can only forcibly resist." Qin Yun was cognizant of his limits.

    "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

    The three emerald needles flew back to Kuishi's side. With the trident in hand, she did a cursory sweep of her surroundings, and, like a heavenly column sweeping across the area, it shattered all the Swords of Stellar Light.

    This astounding might left Qin Yun's eyelids twitching.

    "If you have what it takes, try taking this strike again!" Kuishi held the trident with both hands as the might she exuded elevated greatly. She thrust the trident out once more.


    With this stab, the entire trident suffused a red layer of flames. Its might had increased several times.

    It stabbed at the gray, blurry barrier of light once again.

    Kuishi's expression changed slightly.

    Like before, the trident lost all its momentum after stabbing through tens of thousands of obstructive layers.

    "Die!" Kuishi had a grotesque expression as a gigantic tail appeared behind her. It looked like a scorpion's tail- a sharp, nine-segmented bent whip that had an extremely sharp tip.


    The tail stabbed at an even faster speed, twice as fast as the trident.

    In nearly an instant, it arrived in front of the gray barrier.


    An unprecedented collision happened.

    The tail's tip stabbed down as the gray barrier trembled before finally showing its true form. Layers of sword flashes were stacked upon each other as they held off the tail tip. The tail tip stabbed through the layers of sword flashes as they were constantly pushed back. The barrier had sunk in halfway, while Qin Yun and Yi Xiao remained inside. The tail only came to a stop after depressing the barrier midway.

    The aftershocks of the tail and the barrier blasted out. The stellar forces of the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm around constantly weakened it, and it was all Qin Yun could do to use his stellar forces to move the people in the city further away.

    Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

    The remnant blasts surged out for a kilometer, sweeping over the buildings in the city below. Although the people had been moved away, the region was flattened completely.

    The commoners were rapidly moved far away with the stellar forces' help.

    All of them looked dazedly at the gigantic tail in the sky stabbing at the sword flash barrier.

    The tail's scales were black and the tail was segmented. There were probably dozens of segments and the tip of the tail was astoundingly sharp.

    "What a terrifying strike." Qin Yun watched as the Chaos Cyclic Sword Flash barrier depressed halfway. When the Intrinsic Flying Sword finally held its defense, he could not help but tighten his grip on his wife's hand.

    "It got blocked?" Kuishi was somewhat alarmed. She quickly retracted the segmented tail behind her.

    At that moment-


    A terrifying bolt of lightning descended from the sky, smiting straight at Kuishi.

    Kuishi waved her hand as scales filled her palms to fend off the lightning. Her cold eyes swept into the distance.

    Ancestral Master Zhang stood in midair thousands of kilometers away. There were twelve Lightning Godfiends around him forming an array formation. A vicinity that stretched out for hundreds of kilometers had been turned into a sea of lightning. Ancestral Master Zhang looked angrily over as he bellowed, "Fiend, don't you are act impudently in my world!"

    "Senior Brother Yellow-robed, Senior Brother Wang, Palatial Lord Kuishi is here to assassinate Junior Brother Qin! Please come quickly!" Ancestral Master Zhang took out two mementos and requested for backup instantly.

    The void in which Qin Yun was in had been completely sealed. He had no way to request for help.

    However, Ancestral Master Zhang was thousands of kilometers away... He could make the request.

    "Yellow-robed Supremacy? General Wang from the Heavenly Courts?" Kuishi frowned before shooting a glance at Qin Yun.

    "Your life-preservation sword arts aren't bad." Kuishi said before she took a step and cast Major Void Transference! Since her strongest attack had failed to kill Qin Yun, she could not afford any delay. If Supremacy really came, she would be asking for trouble by staying.

    Qin Yun watched her leave before heaving a sigh of relief.
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