Chapter 498: Lingering Fear

    Chapter 498: Lingering Fear

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    Ancestral Master Zhang, who was thousands of kilometers away, simultaneously heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this scene. With a thought, he dismissed the twelve Lightning Godfiends and dispelled the array formation. Following that, he took one step forward with Void Transference to appear above Wusu County City.

    "Thank you, Senior Brother." Qin Yun immediately bowed gratefully. Yi Xiao bowed as well.

    After all, not just anyone would dare to offer aid when facing a half-step Ancestral Fiend.

    If one was not careful, not only would they fail to save the other party, they might end up losing their own lives.

    "Haha..." Ancestral Master Zhang said with a laugh. "I had set up a lightning array formation to suppress the void long before this. Even if that Kuishi were to use Major Void Transference, she would not be able to come close. If she did dare to close in, the only available option for me would have been to flee immediately. This bit of strength I have doesn't threaten her in any way."

    Qin Yun smiled. "I similarly posed no threat to her. By the way, Senior Brother Zhang. I didn't know you had Senior Brother Yellow-robed's memento?"

    Back at the Skywolf world, Yellow-robed Supremacy had quickly headed to the Green Touring Palace's Golden Sand Array for seclusive cultivation after meeting the Dao Ancestor. It would have taken at least ten thousand years for him to finish.

    Now, there was only an avatar left in the Skywolf world!

    "Of course not. I was doing that to scare her only," said Ancestral Master Zhang with a laugh. "However, I do have Senior Brother Wang's memento. So, it was just a half-truth."

    Qin Yun laughed.

    "Your daughter is Senior Brother Yellow-robed's disciple. They must have investigated thoroughly, so I thought they would believe that I really possessed Senior Brother Yellow-robed's memento," said Ancestral Master Zhang wistfully.

    "I see." Qin Yun nodded.

    On the two whose help was sought-

    There was no need to elaborate on Yellow-robed Supremacy. Although he was a ninth firmament Skyimmortal, his combat strength was undoubtedly at the mighty figure level! Many years ago, he was the head of the Heavenly Courts's western mansion of the White Tiger, a famous Combat General of the Heavenly Courts. The fame he enjoyed... was even greater than the supreme leader of the fiendish way in the Effulgent Great World's Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud. Of course, their strengths were on par with each other.

    Senior Brother Wang's name was Wang Qian. He was also a Green Touring Palace disciple. He helmed a division of soldiers from the Heavenly Courts and was temporarily stationed in the Effulgent Great World. His strength was that of a half-step Golden Immortal.

    Palatial Lord Kuishi's attack...

    As mighty figures like Golden Immortals and Buddhas were unable to enter Small Worlds with their true bodies, they could only seek the help of senior brothers and sisters at the ninth firmament Skyimmortal realm! And at the ninth firmament Skyimmortal level... the memento response was unable to exceed that of a dominion.

    Only mighty figures could sense past a dominion. They could easily use their own strength to head to any dominion in the Three Realms.

    Therefore, the ninth firmament Skyimmortal reinforcements Ancestral Master Zhang could seek were limited to those in the Effulgent dominion! There were only a few hundred senior brothers and sisters in the Effulgent dominion of that cultivation level, but most of them were even weaker than Qin Yun and Ancestral Master Zhang!

    There was only one at the half-step Golden Immortal realm! Senior Brother Wang Qian.

    And the only one that could match the power of a mighty figure was Senior Brother Yellow-robed.


    Not far away, an elder in linen clothes walked out the void.

    The elder had a head of silver hair. His gaze was recessed and heavy. He was the general of the Heavenly Courts-General Wang Qian. He led a garrison of Heavenly Courts' troops in the Effulgent dominion.

    "Senior Brother Wang." Qin Yun and Ancestral Master Zhang immediately went forward to welcome him. Yi Xiao also followed Qin Yun.

    "What a powerful Skyfiend aura." The elder sensed the area before smiling at Qin Yun and Ancestral Master Zhang. "It looks like the both of you resolved the trouble without my help."

    "I deliberately shouted out Senior Brother Yellow-robed and Senior Brother Wang's names so I could scare her off," said Ancestral Master Zhang with a smile.

    "With Kuishi's strength, she could probably deliver about ten strikes in a blink of an eye," said the elder. "That's enough time for her to use everything in her arsenal! Since she retreated, it means she knows she's unable to do a thing to Junior Brother Qin. Junior Brother Qin, you must have experienced Kuishi's tail. Her tail is truly powerful."

    Qin Yun nodded. "Yes, it was dangerous. I almost failed to resist her attack."

    The elder looked at Qin Yun in astonishment. "There's no need to act humble. If you resisted it then you resisted it. Junior Brother, you have only cultivated for such a short period of time, but you are able to withstand Kuishi's attack at full strength. I'm truly impressed."

    "I saw the gigantic tail from afar as well. It's truly grim and its might is terrifying," said Ancestral Master Zhang with a smile. "I definitely wouldn't withstand it."

    "I'm a Skyimmortal, while Kuishi is a Skyfiend," said the elder. "At our realms, it's already very rare to push our strength towards that of the Golden Immortal or Ancestral Fiend level. Trying to enhance it any bit more is extremely difficult. Kuishi's melee combat might only be considered average, for even I can repress her. But that tail of hers is truly terrifying! By being able to withstand her blow, you will be able to withstand any blow apart from those delivered by mighty figures."

    "Now that Kuishi's assassination has failed, will that Fiend Supremacy try it himself?" asked Ancestral Master Zhang worriedly.

    "Don't worry," said the elder. "The fiend leaders that the fiendish way stations in the various dominions of the Three Realms are constantly watched by the Heavenly Courts' troops! They would not dare take action recklessly."

    Qin Yun nodded slightly. Yi Xiao was feeling nervous as she listened from the side.

    "It's our job to deal with the fiends," said the elder with a shake of his head. "Unfortunately, the Heavenly Courts' forces in the Effulgent dominion are very weak. We only have my division of heavenly troops at the moment."

    Qin Yun knew this.

    The dominions in the core of the Three Realms were where the Heavenly Courts had the greatest control. Any of those dominions in the core had massive numbers of heavenly soldiers and generals stations. The leaders were all famous mighty figures! Half the Heavenly Courts' forces in the Three Realms were in the Heavenly realm! The other half was scattered across the numerous dominions in the core region.

    For remote dominions like the Effulgent dominion, they would only send an ordinary division of heavenly soldiers! Leading them would be a half-step Golden Immortal.

    As for dominions ruled by the fiends? The Heavenly Courts would not even send troops there.

    "By the way, Junior Brother Qin, remember to leave an avatar outside in the future. If your true body encounters danger, you can use your avatar to seek help," suggested the elder smilingly. "When Kuishi attempted her assassination, you must not have had the chance to seek help because of her control of the void, am I right?"

    "Yes, I was lacking in experience." Qin Yun nodded.

    One had to seek help the moment they encountered danger.

    Then, they would use their own strength and the life preservation items that Green Touring Palace gave to stall for time. Once senior brothers and sisters came, everything would be fine.

    The problem was that it required time to seek help and for the reinforcements to arrive!

    If one was too weak, they could be killed in a blink of an eye, making such a solution pointless.

    Thankfully, he had entered seclusion for eight years and had improved his Cyclic Sword Flash. If not, he and Xiaoxiao would probably be dead! Upon coming to this realization, Qin Yun felt a lingering fear.

    "The Five Fires Calabash and Yin Water Chains are supreme-grade Numinous treasures. They are useless to me. It looks like I should exchange them for some life-preservation items," thought Qin Yun.


    Qin Yun, together with Ancestral Master Zhang, hosted Senior Brother Wang Qian at his place.

    And in the Tenebrous Fiend world.


    A stream of light landed in a hall.

    Palatial Lord Kuishi's expression was cold.

    "Sister Kuishi." A figure materialized beside her. It was none other than Fiend Supremacy.

    "Brother." Kuishi bowed her head. "I failed."

    "Failed?" Fiend Supremacy was astonished? "How did you fail? Has he attained phenomenal success with his protective divine power?"

    "His divine powers are not worth mentioning." Kuishi shook her head. "But his flying sword... is able to produce a very profound protective sword art. I was unable to crack it even by using my true form and my full strength."

    "Even you can't crack it?" said a baffled Fiend Supremacy. "He's just an Essence Soul sword immortal."

    "If he becomes a Skyimmortal, he will probably be even stronger than me." Although Kuishi's expression was ugly, she could only admit, "In short, I'm unable to crack his protective sword art."

    "In your opinion, what sort of strength is needed to finish him?" inquired Fiend Supremacy.

    Kuishi recalled the scenes of their exchange and said, "My strength needs to be increased by thirty to forty percent before I would be confident of cracking his protective sword art."

    She had sensed it.

    Although she had depressed the Chaos Cyclic Sword Flash's barrier nearly halfway, she felt that the barrier would only continue depressing even if she used greater force.

    It was just too resilient. She would only be confident of cracking it only if she became thirty to forty percent stronger!

    "I have no idea if that protective sword art is even his strongest move," said Kuishi.

    "Alright." Fiend Supremacy nodded slightly.

    "Brother, what do you plan on doing next?" pressed Kuishi.
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