Chapter 500: Jade Tripod Sects Meng Huan

    Chapter 500: Jade Tripod Sect's Meng Huan

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    Green Touring Palace. In the chamber of Qin Yun's tiny compound.

    An incense was burning inside the chamber as its thin fragrance permeated the area. Qin Yun sat cross-legged on a mat as he took out a green jade bottle. The three drops of Water of the First Essence flew out and floated in front of him. Each liquid drop suffused bizarre colors and was filled with endless wonder.

    "Connate Wonder." Qin Yun was reeling in anticipation. It was already very rare to have just three drops.

    Following that, he waved his hand, releasing his Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    The Misty Rain Sword floated above the three drops of Water of the First Essence. As Qin Yun circulated the formulation, a black-and-white chart surfaced over the Misty Rain Sword.

    Immediately, a drop of Water of the First Essence flew straight up and completely fused with the black-and-white chart. The Misty Rain Sword absorbed whatever the chart converted.

    The flying sword trembled.

    The flying sword was also changing as it absorbed the Connate Wonder.

    The pale-golden Misty Rain Sword was now developing a discernible azure tinge on its surface.

    "The Chaos Pure Gold has very tiny impurities in it. The absorption will still leave behind some impurities. As for the Water of the First Essence, it gets completely absorbed," Qin Yun mused while watching. Moments later, the Misty Rain Sword completed the absorption of the first drop of Water of the First Essence.

    "A drop of Water of the First Essence is still not enough?" Qin Yun was astonished.

    Immediately following that, the second drop of Water of the First Essence flew up and fused into the black-and-white chart. After the Misty Rain Sword absorbed all of it, Qin Yun could sense that the Misty Rain Sword was feeling a little 'bloated.'

    "The quantity absorbed the first time is always the most. Two drops of Water of the First Essence is sufficient. The absorption can continue tomorrow." Qin Yun nodded.

    He gave this command with a thought.

    The remaining drop of Water of the First Essence was stored into the green jade bottle.

    Qin Yun beckoned his hand as the Misty Rain Sword landed in his palm. The flying sword was entirely azure-gold in color, its surface having an additional aqueous layer, making it look more illusory.

    "Although it's still at the supreme-grade Numinous treasure level, it feels like its potency has increased by about ten to twenty percent when I circulate it with my Dharmic powers." Qin Yun had an idea as he took out the yellow-skinned calabash and withdrew the gigantic Chaos Pure Gold from within.

    The Chaos Pure Gold, which was half the height of a human, landed on the ground.

    Qin Yun waved his hand as the Misty Rain Sword flew above the Chaos Pure Gold.

    As he circulated the formulation, the black-and-white chart surfaced. The Chaos Pure Gold immediately released golden points of light that fused with the Misty Rain Sword.

    "Haha, the absorption can really continue."

    Qin Yun was delighted. "Previously, my Intrinsic Flying Sword was unable to absorb any more of the Chaos Pure Gold. I guessed that only after I attained a Golden Immortal Dao fruit and went through a huge improvement of my Sword Dao realm would my Intrinsic Flying Sword be able to continue the absorption. But now, with the absorption of another Connate Wonder, my Intrinsic Flying Sword is slowly transforming. It can absorb even more of the Chaos Pure Gold."

    In fact, an ordinary Dharma treasure also required the marriage of several materials.

    Intrinsic Flying Swords also absorbed many metal and water elemental materials when they were at the weakest Dharma artifact stage.

    Qin Yun's Sword Dao realm was only at the late stages of the Skyimmortal realm. Without attaining a Golden Immortal Dao fruit, his Intrinsic Flying Sword could only reach the superior-grade Numinous treasure state using ordinary materials. To break those shackles? He needed Connate Wonders! Connate Wonders were the most mysterious and precious materials in the Three Realms. Still, it was hard to exchange for a tiny bit of Connate Wonder material even with supreme-grade Numinous treasures that ninth firmament Skyimmortals valued highly.

    For instance, even a drop of the Water of the First Essence was more precious than a supreme-grade Numinous treasure.

    Qin Yun's flying sword... was most in need of metal-elemental Connate Wonders! Next were those of the water-elemental nature! These two were the most important. Previously, the Misty Rain Sword's situation was akin to it walking with only one leg. After it absorbed the Water of the First Essence, the Misty Rain Sword was a lot more internally balanced. It could now absorb even more Chaos Pure Gold. Of course, wood, earth, and fire elemental Connate Wonders were of use too. Even non-elemental Connate Wonders were of use, but their importance was secondary.


    In the following days, Qin Yun's avatar jaunted with his wife, taking in the local sights.

    His true body was in seclusion in Green Touring Palace.

    After five days, the three drops of Water of the First Essence were completely refined and absorbed. There was only about sixty percent of the Chaos Pure Gold left compared to when Qin Yun first received it.

    "There's just too little Water of the First Essence." Qin Yun looked at the Misty Rain Sword which sat in his palm. "To satiate this Misty Rain Sword... I probably need a lot more Water of the First Essence."


    Qin Yun directed with his mind.

    The Misty Rain Sword immediately flew out and circled the chamber, tearing streaks across the void.

    Qin Yun nodded when he saw this. "It's strength has increased by thirty to forty percent. It's still at the Intrinsic supreme-grade Numinous treasure level. I wonder how many Connate Wonders I'll need to feed it for it to transform into an intrinsic Connate Numinous treasure."

    As long as he had enough Connate Wonders, anything was possible.

    Before becoming a Golden Immortal...

    If his Intrinsic Flying Sword could become a Connate Numinous treasure, then after he attained his Golden Immortal Dao fruit, his Sword Dao realm would be greatly enhanced. The might of his Intrinsic Flying Sword would also increase again.

    After all, Connate Numinous treasures had different grades of strength.

    Ordinary ones gave even mighty figures limited aid.

    The powerful ones could send tremors throughout the Three Realms. For instance, the Empyrean Seal was extremely famous.

    And the even more famous Immortal Vanquishing Array, and the legendary Pangu Axe... they were the best Connate Numinous treasures.

    Qin Yun had taken Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure as his master. His master had expectations for him. Since he cultivated quickly, he naturally had many ideas. He wished to nurture his Intrinsic Flying Sword to an extremely powerful state.


    Jade Tripod Sect was one of the top 32 factions in the Effulgent dominion. Of course, there were other subsidiaries of the Jade Tripod Sect in other dominions. After all, it was established by Perfected Jade Tripod, one of the twelve Golden Immortals under Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning. There were countless cultivators who wished to join the Jade Tripod Sect in the Effulgent dominion.

    Ashen Azure Peak, one of the Jade Tripod Sect's six peaks.

    Two Daoists at the Skyimmortal realm who had extraordinary auras shouted from afar, "Junior Brother Meng Huan."

    Meng Huan was dressed in azure-colored clothes. He had a cold disposition.

    He was used to practicing in the way of the sword since a young age. He was a man of few words, and he was still the same to this very day.

    When Meng Huan heard the shout, he turned and saw the two Daoists. He immediately bowed. "Greetings, Senior Brothers."

    "Junior Brother Meng Huan, I need your help on something," said the shorter Daoist with a chuckle.

    "Senior Brother Lu, please speak," said Meng Huan.

    "Your Senior Brother Qi and I have to leave immediately since something has cropped up. However, I'm on duty to guard the dungeons," said the short Daoist with a smile. "Therefore, I'm hoping you can help me by guarding the dungeons for half a year."

    "Guard the dungeons for half a year?" Meng Huan was slightly taken aback.

    "This is the token for guarding the dungeons. I'll be troubling you, Junior Brother." The short Daoist flipped his hand and took out a token. Following that, he eyed Meng Huan. "Junior Brother, I'm sure you don't have any objections, right?"

    Meng Huan nodded slightly. "Senior Brother, go ahead and deal with your matters. Leave the guarding of the dungeons to me."

    "You have to take good care of the token." The short Daoist flicked the token at him.

    Following that, he left with his partner.

    Meng Huan held the token and watched his senior brothers depart. He frowned slightly. "I'm the weakest disciple in Ashen Azure Peak. I can only let this pass. If I were to resist, I would only end up being bullied more."

    Ashen Azure Peak was one of the six peaks of the Jade Tripod Sect.

    The Heaven and Earth spiritual energies here were more than ten times richer than the outside world. Every disciple had a cave abode to use as their own. Precious natural treasures were delivered to each cave abode on a fixed basis. The conditions one had for cultivating were much better than ordinary Jade Tripod Sect disciples. Typically, only by becoming a Skyimmortal and becoming a Elder did one have the qualifications to enter one of the six Jade Tripod Sect peaks! Only very few disciples at the Essence Soul realms were allowed entry. They were typically exceptions due to their extremely high talent. Meng Huan had only broken through to the third Firmament Essence Soul realm. His Dao domain only spanned thirty kilometers.

    And the other weakest senior sister in Ashen Azure Peak had a Dao domain of fifty kilometers despite being also at the third Firmament Essence Soul realm! She was no rush to break through to the Skyimmortal realm because she was focused on cultivating divine powers.


    The two Daoists flew out of the Jade Tripod Sect.

    "I have no idea how that Meng Huan lucked out. He is considered one of the weakest third Firmament Essence Soul realm disciples in our Jade Tripod Sect! Yet he was invited into Ashen Azure Peak!" scoffed the short Daoist.

    "Junior Brother Lu, Meng Huan had reached the third Firmament Essence Soul realm despite cultivating for a short time. His talent is still passable," said Qi.

    "Hmph, since we are talking about talent, we have a bunch of third Firmament Essence Soul realm disciples in our Jade Tripod Sect that are much more talented than him! How does he deserve to enter Ashen Azure Peak?" scoffed the short Daoist. "Isn't it just because his father, Meng Yiqiu, is talented? It's said that he has strength that matches Skyimmortals despite being mortal. But so what? Even if he becomes a Skyimmortal, he will only be at the fifth or sixth firmament Skyimmortal. Why would our Jade Tripod Sect bother with an external cultivator? We are an orthodox sect of the Primordial Beginning!"

    "I heard that Sect Master had personally invited Meng Yiqiu to join us," said Qi. "Perhaps Meng Yiqiu has some ties with Sect Master."

    "If my master, Immortal Ashen Azure, was still around, would Sect Master dare stuff someone randomly into our Ashen Azure Peak? With just this one additional person, the benefits of Ashen Azure Peak have to be shared with him. We receive lesser in return! There are quite a number of people who dislike Meng Huan," scoffed the short Daoist. "My Master went to Jade Void Palace for cultivation. He might return in the future. When that happens, Sect Master will see that our Ashen Azure Peak is not something he can use as he pleases."

    "It's best you not speak of this further," whispered Qi.

    "I'm only grumbling!" The short Daoist flicked his sleeve. "Let's go. Let's not talk about things that only dampen our spirits."
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