Chapter 503: Disciplinary Action

    Chapter 503: Disciplinary Action

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    Although Qin Yun was enraged, he could tell that Sect Master Jade Tripod and company were sincere in their desire to nurture Meng Huan. The situation in front of him was likely the work of some of the Jade Tripod Sect disciples. However, he had no way of interfering in the Jade Tripod Sect's internal affairs, so all he could do was express his 'unhappiness.'

    He wished to use Sect Master Jade Tripod to give a warning, opening a clean path for his son in the Jade Tripod Sect.

    "Investigate what the disciples were doing," said Yang Song indifferently. As a third generation Jade Void Palace disciple, all the sects of the Primordial Beginning lineage in the various dominions had to show respect to this Immortal Yang Song.

    "Yes, yes," said Sect Master Jade Tripod immediately. "I'll begin an investigation right away."

    "Sword Immortal Qin, rest assured. If the disciples had violated the sect rules and bullied a fellow disciple, I will definitely administer justice for Meng Huan," said the Dao Protector as well.

    Qin Yun answered tersely and no longer said another word.

    Sect Master Jade Tripod and the Dao Protector exchanged looks. They could tell that Qin Yun was truly annoyed.

    "What do we do now?" The Dao Protector asked via voice transmission.

    "Investigate the matter! Do a thorough one. Even if we don't mete out any disciplinary action, Uncle-Master would probably do the honors to pander to Sword Immortal Qin," said Sect Master Jade Tripod via voice transmission. "Uncle-Master needs help from Sword Immortal Qin after all."

    "Let's do it right. Since we are trying to show favor, why should we let Uncle-Master do the honors?" replied the Dao Protector via voice transmission.

    Due to their different levels of seniority, they were extremely reverent towards Yang Song.

    However, the Jade Tripod Sect was their fief! Their relationship with Qin Yun was also of utmost importance.


    Qin Yun walked out of the Dharma spell's concealment and stood in front of Meng Huan.

    He looked at his son...

    His son was sitting cross-legged cultivating in solitude, yet remained calm.

    Qin Yun could not help but recall the past. When Huan'er was young, he practiced the way of the sword alone. He did not say much from morning to night and had an introverted personality. He did not change even when he reached the third firmament Essence Soul realm.

    Yi Xiao also walked out of the Dharma spell's concealment. She looked at her husband and noticed how Qin Yun looked at Meng Huan. His gaze was filled with concern and warmth.

    "Oh?" Meng Huan sensed something as he opened his eyes, instantly seeing Qin Yun in front of him.

    "Dad?" Meng Huan stood up immediately in pleasant surprise.

    "Huan'er." Qin Yun smiled.

    Meng Huan was extremely excited before seeing the woman beside Qin Yun. The woman stood close, clearly having some sort of intimate relationship with Qin Yun.

    "Huan'er, this is my wife. Why don't you address her as..." Qin Yun looked at Yi Xiao, "Eldest Mom."

    Meng Huan understood immediately.

    The woman in front of him was his father's wife in the Great Chang world, Yi Xiao. Back in the Ancient Augury World, he had heard from his father that he was a cultivator from the Great Chang world. After the dream of a hundred years, he was reincarnated into the Frost World. He did not have his memories awaken initially, but regained them after being inflicted with a lethal poison.

    "After Father regained his memories, his strength increased by leaps and bounds, but he no longer became intimate with Mom," thought Meng Huan. "At first glance, it was because Father held a grudge against Mom for using him, and how she indirectly caused Grandmaster's death. But knowing what I know now, he must have recalled this Great Chang world wife of his after he regained his memories. Therefore, he never wanted to be intimate with Mom ever again."

    "Eldest Mom. Greetings, I'm Meng Huan." Meng Huan bowed respectfully.

    "Obedient child." Yi Xiao handed a Cosmic Bag to Meng Huan. "Keep it well."

    "Thank you, Eldest Mom." Meng Huan politely accepted it.

    "Sect Master Jade Tripod." Qin Yun turned his head. Sect Master Jade Tripod, the Dao Protector and Yang Song had also appeared. "Why don't we go to my son's cave abode to have a seat. I believe someone else should be appearing to watch this dungeon?"

    "Let's go. We shall head to Meng Huan's cave abode," Sect Master Jade Tripod said immediately. "There's no need for you to bother with a trivial matter like watching the dungeon."

    Qin Yun nodded.

    Meng Huan could not help but turn nervous seeing Sect Master Jade Tripod and the Dao Protector. After all, they were of the highest standing in Jade Tripod Sect.


    Half a day later.

    In midair outside the Jade Tripod Sect.


    Two figures in the form of streams of light came to a stop outside the Jade Tripod Sect. It was the short Daoist and his partner.

    "Senior Brother Qi, what do you think happened? Sect Master gave us a personal order to rush back?" The short Daoist was somewhat nervous. The sect master's tone was very unkind, and the more he thought on it, the more flustered he became. "I didn't do anything recently. Did the matter at Rosy Red Valley get exposed?"

    Qi immediately said, "Junior Brother Lu, don't you let the cat out of the bag foolishly. Listen to what Sect Master has to say first."

    "Yes, yes. I know. I'm not that stupid," said Lu immediately as he clenched his teeth. "Let's go in."


    The two flew straight through the Jade Tripod Sect's array and soon arrived at Ashen Azure Peak.

    Inside Ashen Azure Peak's Disciplinary Hall.

    Each of the six peaks of the Jade Tripod Sect had their duties. The main responsibility of the Ashen Azure Peak had was discipline! The Disciplinary Hall was also the Ashen Azure Peak's main hall.

    The moment the short Daoist entered the Disciplinary Hall, he saw two figures sitting high up in the hall. In the middle was the grim-looking Sect Master Jade Tripod. Beside him was the Dao Protector who had heavy eyelids. The Hall Lord and Deputy Hall Lords of the Disciplinary Hall, all fifth or sixth firmament Skyimmortals, were standing to the side.

    This made the short Daoist's heart quiver. From the way things looked... it was bad!

    "Greetings Sect Master, Dao Protector. I'm your humble disciple, Lu Fang." Lu Fang bowed as he trembled in fear.

    "Lu Fang, are you aware of your faults?" The Disciplinary Hall Lord shouted angrily.

    Lui Fang's legs went limp the moment he was shouted at.

    Aware of his faults?

    "I, I do not know what wrong I have committed," he said, still having the ability to hold himself together.

    "You still say you aren't aware of your faults?" scoffed the Disciplinary Hall Lord. "You accepted the sect's mission which states clearly that the Ashen Azure Peak dungeon is to be guarded by you. Why was it left to Meng Huan to guard?"

    Lu Fang widened his eyes.

    It was for such a trivial matter? Was such a huge lineup needed?

    "I had urgent matters to deal with and Junior Brother Meng Huan was willing to help me watch the dungeons," explained Lu Fang immediately.

    "How dare you quibble!?" yelled the Disciplinary Hall Lord. "If you had urgent matters to tend to, it would have been fine getting another disciple to help watch the dungeons. But the dungeon imprisons Skyimmortals and Skydemons that have committed grave wrongdoings! To watch the dungeons, there is a basic requirement one must meet: to have the strength of a Skyimmortal. Why? It's because by having sufficient strength, they can use the dungeon's array formation to suppress any prison breaks! As for Meng Huan, he is only an ordinary third Firmament Essence Soul. Even if he uses the dungeon's array formation... a prisoner that escapes would probably kill Meng Huan with a simple Dharma spell!"

    "With his strength, he is not supposed to watch the dungeons, but you made him do so. This is a violation of the sect rules. And regardless if he was willing or not, placing him into danger shows how vicious you are!" The Disciplinary Hall Lord's eyes were cold.

    Lu Fang turned extremely anxious when he heard that.

    He thought that the matter at Rosy Red Valley had been exposed! Who knew that it was because of his bullying of Meng Huan. He was now being charged with violating the sect rules and being vicious. That was a heavy charge!

    "Hall Lord, the dungeons are filled with layers of array formations. There is no way those prisoners can escape. Junior Brother Meng Huan was never in danger," said Lu Fang immediately.

    "What impudence," raged the Disciplinary Hall Lord. "If the dungeon is absolutely safe, why would we need you to watch it? It is to account for any possibilities! That's why you are needed to guard it!"

    Lu Fang was taken aback.

    "By not watching the dungeons and delegating it to Meng Huan, you have treated the sect's mission as a laughing matter!" Sect Master Jade Tripod finally spoke out. "By deliberately placing your fellow disciple in danger, you are more deserving of a harsh punishment. From today forward, you shall be sent to the Extreme Light world to gather the Frost Extreme Light for ten thousand years. You shall return only when the ten thousand years are up."

    "Ten thousand years?" Lu Fang was astounded.

    The punishment was just too harsh.

    The Extreme Light world was an extremely cold world. It was torture even for Skyimmortals. He had to suffer ten thousand years there and be tasked with gathering Frost Extreme Light?

    Lu Fang looked at Sect Master Jade Tripod, the Dao Protector and immediately understood something... The sect master was standing up for Meng Huan! Although the sect had rules, the sect had a lot of disciples. If every matter, both minor and major, was dealt according to the most extreme extent of the sect rules, many disciples would have suffered disciplinary action.

    "Do you confess to your crime?" Sect Master Jade Tripod looked down.

    Lu Fang knew he was doomed. An ordinary Skyimmortal like him was like an ant in front of the sect master.

    He immediately knelt down reverently, sticking his forehead close to the ground and said extremely respectfully, "Yes, I confess to my crimes."

    "Hall Lord Lei, arrange to send him and the other two disciples to the Extreme Light world," instructed Sect Master Jade Tripod.

    "Yes," the Disciplinary Hall Lord answered respectfully.

    "Two other disciples?" Lu Fang was stunned.

    Moments later...

    A Deputy Hall Lord personally escorted them on a flying boat. On it were Lu Fang and the other two.

    "Senior Brother Wang? Both of you too?" Lu Fang looked at the two.

    "Is it because of Meng Huan?" The tall Wang asked with a bitter look.

    "Yes, Meng Huan." Lu Fang nodded.

    "I'm here because of Meng Huan too." A Daoist with triangular eyes curled his lips.

    The three disciples wore bitter looks. Although many in Ashen Azure Peak found Meng Huan a sore sight because he was allowed into Ashen Azure Peak despite his weak strength, the ones who really bullied Meng Huan were these three.

    The other disciples would, at worst, only verbally bullied Meng Huan.

    These three were the ones who took the most bold actions.

    "I never expected this inconspicuous punk to have such a huge backing."


    "I regret it."

    The three shook their heads helplessly and could only accept their punishment.


    With the Deputy Hall Lord sitting at the bow of the flying boat, the three unlucky immortals sat in the stern sighing with regret. The flying boat rapidly tore through the void and headed for the Extreme Light world.


    Meanwhile in Meng Huan's cave abode.

    There was a water mirror that showcased everything that happened in the Disciplinary Hall.

    Qin Yun did not say a word after seeing the outcome. The disciplinary actions were enough to make the other disciples in Ashen Azure Peak know... that the sect master thought highly of Meng Huan. There were severe consequences for whoever bullied Meng Huan.

    "My two disciple-nephews sure know how things should be done." Yang Song waved his hand as the water mirror dissipated. Following that, he got up with a smile. "With this matter over, I won't stay any longer. I will try my best to prepare our assault on Frost Shark Palace."

    "Brother Yang, I'll be waiting for your summons then." Qin Yun and Yi Xiao got up to send him off.

    "The next time we meet will be when we deal with the two Frost Shark Palace brothers." Yang Song was filled with anticipation as well. "There's no need to send me off."


    He immediately surged into the sky on a cloud and left the Jade Tripod Sect rapidly.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao watched him leave.

    "Brother Yun, aren't you being rash by agreeing to his request?" asked Yi Xiao.

    "I have to increase my strength as soon as possible so as to deal with the fiendish threat." Qin Yun looked at his wife. The assault by Kuishi had been harrowing. If he had failed to fend her off, he would have been dead, along with his wife. There was no mystery as to how much the fiends wanted him dead. If there was a first assassination, there would definitely be a second. He naturally had to be ready.
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