Chapter 504: Misty Rain Sword Dao

    Chapter 504: Misty Rain Sword Dao

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    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were in no rush to leave. Instead they chose to take up temporary residence in the Jade Tripod Sect. On the one hand, he could wait for Yang Song's news, and on the other hand, Qin Yun wanted to use this opportunity teach his son properly.

    Sect Master Jade Tripod and the Dao Protector made special arrangements for the couple to stay in a cave abode meant for honored guests. Meng Huan also temporarily stayed there.

    Three months later, inside the cave abode.

    Meng Huan was controlling 99 flying swords which were attacking Qin Yun in the form of a huge cage. The 99 flying swords were unpredictable in their attacks, fusing with each other at random. It made Qin Yun smile.

    However, while simply standing there, Qin Yun controlled two wisps of Sword Qi condensed from the Heaven and Earth powers, making it simply a sparring of technique, but he was able to fully fend off Meng Huan's attack.

    "Retrieve." Meng Huan beckoned as the 99 flying swords flew back rapidly.

    "I'm still lacking a lot," said a resigned Meng Huan.

    "Your improvement over the past three months has been rather huge," praised Qin Yun. Even though he had very high expectations of his son, the improvement Meng Huan had undergone in three months had pleasantly surprised Qin Yun! His son's talent was higher than he expected!

    In fact, as a native of the Frost World, Meng Huan was the only one who ascended after so much time. That was enough to prove the extreme quality of his talent.

    Never mind the environment of the Frost World, stepping into the Dao within decades was a rare cultivation speed for even the Great Chang world! His entry into Jade Tripod Sect's Ashen Azure Peak was partially because of Qin Yun, but it was also because his talent was considered quite good among third firmament Essence Souls in the sect.

    "Dad, it's you who taught me well," said Meng Huan with a smile. "Ever since I was recruited into the Jade Tripod Sect, I've found that the three masters who taught me their sword arts and the numerous manuals are not very suited for me. Most of the time, I research the sword art manuals by myself. Dad, three months of your teaching matches three decades of my self-study."

    Qin Yun nodded with a smile. "Huan'er, years ago, you studied the Sword of Heaven Earth I created. Although there are some differences in your Sword Dao and mine, it is generally similar."

    His Sword Dao could be divided into Heaven, Earth, and Man.

    Meng Huan's Sword Dao... could be described as an Iceheart Sword Dao. He had a heart as cold as ice, one that could demonstrate the Heaven and Earth!

    "Furthermore, the three masters I had were at most third firmament Skyimmortals. In terms of sword arts, they are far inferior to you," said Meng Huan.

    "Then study well," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    He suddenly sensed something as the void rippled out beside him. Following that, he was vaguely connected to a distant spot. Yang Song was standing there, smiling. "Brother Qin Yun, make your preparations. In three days, Wood Dragon Protector and I will meet you at the Jade Tripod Sect. We shall set off together."

    Qin Yun knew that it was finally time for the assault.

    "Alright, I'll be waiting for the two of you at Jade Tripod Sect," said Qin Yun with a smile. Following that, the void rift closed.

    Yi Xiao, who had been drawing a distance away and watching the father-son duo practicing their swordplay, put down her brush when she saw this scene. "Brother Yun, are you setting off already?"

    "Yes, it will be soon." Qin Yun nodded. Then, he turned to his son. "Huan'er."

    "Dad." Meng Huan could also tell that his father seemed to have something important to do.

    Qin Yun first took out a Cosmic Bag and handed it to his son. "The path of cultivation requires Dharmic formulations, money, companionship, and land. External objects are also rather important. Keep this well."

    "Yes, Dad." Meng Huan took it.

    Following that, Qin Yun took out a manual with an azure cover, handling it with the utmost seriousness. On it were the words 'Misty Rain.' He handed the manual to his son. "Huan'er, I'm still experimenting when it comes to my Sword Dao. Although I'm good at producing the Heavenly Cycles, it mainly represents the Heaven and Earth! However, my Sword Dao is Heaven, Earth, and Man... Therefore, there are still some differences. Hence, take from my Sword Dao whatever is suitable for you. Whatever isn't suitable should be discarded."

    Meng Huan received it solemnly. When he saw the words on the cover, he muttered, "Misty Rain?"

    "When I was young, I created my Misty Rain Sword Art," said Qin Yun with a smile. "I also named my Intrinsic Flying Sword the Misty Rain Sword... Although my Sword Dao is still incomplete, I have temporarily decided to call it the Misty Rain Sword Dao."

    "Although I have learned many sword arts after entering the Green Touring Palace, they are not to be taught to outsiders. I believe that this book I created myself... should suit you." Qin Yun looked at his son.

    "Alright, I will definitely focus on cultivation," said Meng Huan.

    Qin Yun also felt some pangs of anticipation.

    His Sword Dao had already been quite substantially accumulated. However, only by attaining a Golden Immortal Dao fruit would his Sword Dao have the qualifications to be called a Great Dao. When that happened, his Sword Dao manual would be ranked in the top ten of the Three Realms.

    But at present? It was only in an embryonic form. It could only be considered to have some interesting highlights among manuals below those of Golden Immortals.


    Two days later.

    Whoosh. Whoosh. Two figures descended in front of the cave abode where Qin Yun and his wife lived temporarily.

    "Brother Qin," shouted Yang Song loudly.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao immediately came to welcome them. They instantly saw the burly single-horned man draped in a long robe beside Yang Song. The man's eyes were red and he had a head of luxuriant golden hair. His forehead was bulged and his nostrils were huge. Qin Yun knew that this person was Wood Dragon Protector!

    Wood Dragon Protector was once a demon dragon in the Ancient Heavenly Courts era. Later, when the Ancient Heavenly Courts were destroyed, the Buddhists had subdued him with the intention of making him a mount. He then became a follower of a Buddhist mighty figure.

    In fact, there were some lucky demons from the Ancient Heavenly Courts era who were taken in as disciples of the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure. The others who weren't so lucky either fled or were captured. Many were made mounts.

    Even a few ancient Sagedemon mighty figures were captured to be made mounts. Of course, most Sagedemons had their freedom.

    "Brother Yang, and I believe this is Wood Dragon Protector," said Qin Yun with a smile. "I have long heard of Wood Dragon Protector's fame."

    Wood Dragon Protector swept his eyes over Qin Yun and grunted. "I have also long heard that you, Sword Immortal Qin, killed a Demon King not long after you were recruited into Green Touring Palace."

    Qin Yun was slightly startled.

    This Wood Dragon Protector... was also a great demon from the Ancient Heavenly Courts. He naturally wasn't pleased with Qin Yun's killing of Prestige Goat.

    "Wood Dragon." Yang Song frowned slightly.

    However, Wood Dragon Protector said indifferently, "Don't worry. I will definitely do what we agreed upon properly. Sword Immortal Qin... all you need to do during this assault on the two Frost Shark Palace brothers is cast your Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm. Just help us hold back the eighteen fiendish servants. Leave the rest to me and Brother Yang. Oh, by the way. Be careful about your own life. While you hold back the eighteen fiendish servants, the Frost Shark Palace brothers will definitely think of means to kill you."

    "Even Palatial Lord Kuishi was helpless against Brother Qin Yun, so it's impossible for the brothers to do so," Yang Song said with a smile as he looked at Qin Yun. "Brother Qin Yun, those eighteen fiendish servants... are eighteen avatars the Elder Palatial Lord of Frost Shark Palace refined himself. Each avatar has the strength of a ninth firmament Skyfiend. When the eighteen of them take up formation, they are quite a handful. This is when your Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm is needed. I heard that your Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm has 360 stellar light flying swords?"

    "If everything is as the intelligence says, that each of the eighteen avatars have the strength of ordinary ninth firmament Skyfiends, then I am confident that the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm's suppression, together with the Swords of Stellar Light, can hold them back," said Qin Yun.

    For instance, Old Fiend Fire Puppet might be a problem for others, but Qin Yun was perfectly suited to deal with him.

    And now, Qin Yun was a lot stronger than when he first fought Old Fiend Fire Puppet. His sword arts had also improved tremendously. Holding back the eighteen avatars would not be difficult since he need not kill them.

    "Brother Yang must have told you that we each take half the spoils of war." Wood Dragon Protector looked at Qin Yun and said in a unfriendly manner, "To prevent any future dispute, let's agree upon this now. If the two Frost Shark Palace brothers are slain, the Second Palatial Lord, General Nightmare Dragon's, treasures are mine. The Eldest Palatial Lord's treasures will be yours. How about that?"

    Qin Yun raised his eyebrow slightly as he looked at Wood Dragon Protector.

    According to the intelligence, both Palatial Lords were of equal strength, so it was likely their treasures were equal in number. But if Wood Dragon Protector was going out of his way to stake a claim, then clearly...

    General Nightmare Dragon had a treasure that Wood Dragon Protector wanted.

    "Alright, the Second Palatial Lord's treasures will be yours, while the Eldest Palatial Lord's treasures will be mine." Qin Yun did not dispute the matter. After all, he was only using the treasures to exchange for Connate Wonders. And before slaying them, who could be certain that the Eldest Palatial Lord's treasures were fewer than the Second Palatial Lord?

    "Haha, since the negotiations are settled, let's first confirm the exact plan for our assault. After we decide on it, it will be time to attack," said Yang Song.

    "Please come in for your discussions." Yi Xiao finally spoke out.

    "Alright." Wood Dragon Protector answered tersely and walked straight in first.

    "Bear with it. His temper is just this bad," Yang Song said with a voice transmission while he walked into the hall with Qin Yun.
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