Chapter 505: Two Frost Shark Palace Brothers

    Chapter 505: Two Frost Shark Palace Brothers

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    The Frost Shark world was perennially cold. Within the sea that appeared endless in sight floated a group of land masses formed from huge blocks of ice. On one of the biggest ice plates stood a lofty palace. There were many fiends guarding it.

    The palace was the infamous Frost Shark Palace in the Effulgent dominion.

    Sou! Sou! Sou!

    A few figures flew down from the sky and towards Frost Shark Palace.

    Inside Frost Shark Palace.

    There were beautiful demon dancers dancing. By the side, there was a music accompanist. Numerous Skyfiends were seated on both sides of the palace as they enjoyed the alcohol and the performance. Seated high above the hall were the two Palatial Lords. The Eldest Palatial Lord, General Frost Shark, was extremely plump as he chuckled. Beside him, Second Palatial Lord, General Nightmare Dragon, wore a cold expression. He even had dragon scales on his face.

    The two Palatial Lords were drinking alcohol while enjoying the music and dance until both ended simultaneously.

    "Palatial Lords," an attendant said with a obsequious smile. "The Fiend Yang world just sent a batch of human females who are disciples of the Feather Clothes Immortal Sect. All of them are good at dancing. After being selected and trained in the Fiend Yang world, these female human cultivators are all very obedient. Their dancing and singing are even more impressive. Palatial Lords, are you interested in watching?"

    "Feather Clothes Immortal Sect? Humans that are good at dancing?"

    "That sounds pretty good." The seated Skyfiends said one after another.

    Frost Shark smiled with a nod. "Alright, bring them on."

    The demons who had just finished dancing all felt disgruntled. However, they obediently retreated to a corner. Most of them were foxes or cranes, female demonesses who were innately good at dancing.

    "Humans who are good at dancing? What a joke! How can they compare with us foxes?"

    "The Palatial Lords and the rest only want it because it's something fresh." The female fiendish demonesses discussed via voice transmissions.


    A group of human dancers flew over. They were all cultivators and their sleeves were long and fluid. Their figures swayed and moved like a dream.

    The moment these Feather Clothes Immortal Sect female disciples appeared, the group of Skyfiends had their eyes lit up.

    "Not bad," praised Nightmare Dragon despite being a man of few words.

    "Second Brother, if you like it, I can give you some of my human females. They will obediently tend to you," said Frost Shark with a smile.

    "Thank you, Brother," said Nightmare Dragon.

    "Just remember not to eat them this time," said Frost Shark.

    "I can't help it sometimes." Nightmare Dragon said in a muffled voice.

    Frost Shark shook his head slightly.

    When it came to 'eating,' his divine power was the Heaven Devouring divine power! He was best at eating, but he could usually rein himself in. However, Nightmare Dragon was a lot more unbridled. It was common for him to decimate and devour living beings.


    While the Frost Shark Palace brothers were feasting and enjoying the performance, Qin Yun, Yang Song, and Wood Dragon Protector were discussing the strategy to deal with the enemy in the Effulgent Great World's Jade Tripod Sect.

    "We know most of the means available to the Frost Shark Palace brothers. However, we need to be careful of any hidden techniques they have up their sleeves." Yang Song swept his gaze across Qin Yun and Wood Dragon Protector. "The both of you know of the various counter strategies. When the time comes, we will have to adapt to the circumstances."

    "It's the easiest for me. All I need is to repress the eighteen fiendish servants of the Eldest Palatial Lord," said Qin Yun with a smile. "As for any other countermeasures, that will mainly depend on the both of you."

    However, Wood Dragon Protector said coldly, "Don't you make any mistakes in your role. The eighteen fiendish servants aren't afraid of death and all of them have the strength of ordinary ninth firmament Skyfiends. If you can't hold them off, our assault will definitely fail once the eighteen of them surround Brother Yang and I."

    "Don't worry. Leave it to me," said Qin Yun.

    "Wood Dragon Protector, trust Brother Qin Yun," said Yang Song with a smile. "If there aren't any more questions, shall we set off now?"

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded.

    Wood Dragon Protector nodded as well.

    "Let's go then."

    The trio walked out the hall. When Qin Yun saw his wife waiting outside, he said, "Wait for me in the Jade Tripod Sect for the next few days."

    Yi Xiao nodded gently.

    Yang Song rapidly flew into the sky on a cloud with Qin Yun and Wood Dragon Protector.

    Jade Tripod Sect was a sect established by Perfected Jade Tripod after all. The sect's array formations were personally set up by a Golden Immortal who specially descended into the world. It was completely impossible to cast Major Void Transference inside the sect! Only when Qin Yun and company flew out of the Jade Tripod Sect did Yang Song cast Major Void Transference.


    Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Major Void Transference was cast twice consecutively.

    They were already very close to Frost Shark world after the first cast, and with a slight adjustment for the second cast, they appeared directly on the surface of the Frost Shark planet.

    Yang Song looked down as his eyes suffused golden light. Although they were very far away, he could clearly see Frost Shark Palace.

    "We will take action soon." Yang Song looked at Qin Yun and Wood Dragon Protector as he smiled. "If we successfully slay them, we will probably send tremors throughout the Effulgent dominion."

    "I have yet to kill a Skyfiend that's at the seventh firmament or higher. I never expected to jump straight to dealing with the two Palatial Lords of Frost Shark Palace." Qin Yun was filled with anticipation as well.

    Qin Yun was not confident in winning a fight with either of the two Palatial Lords...

    However, that was how a life-and-death battle was! At times, it was possible to kill the enemy with one hit! For instance, Qin Yun's body was very weak. If the enemy tore through Qin Yun's defenses and landed a strike on his body, even if it was a very weak one, it would probably instantly pulverize him.

    This was the principle.

    Apart from Physical Establishing Sages who were pretty much invulnerable, most experts were meticulous in their life-preservation means. They could be considered powerful, with their potent divine powers and Dharma spells, but they could also be considered weak. Their bodies and Essence Souls could be easily destroyed. It would render all those years of cultivation for naught.

    This was the very reason one would not easily embroil themselves in a life-and-death battle once they reached a certain strength.

    Back in the war of the Ancient Heavenly Courts' destruction, and the war of the three Daoist schools... the battles caused blood to flow like rivers. Many mighty figures lost their lives.

    "My main duty is to repress. I have to be extremely careful. My Intrinsic Flying Sword's most important task is to protect me," thought Qin Yun. All he needed to do was play his part well and not make mistakes.

    "Brother Wood Dragon, Brother Qin Yun. Be prepared!" Yang Song shouted with a deep voice, "Let's go!"


    In one Major Void Transference, Qin Yun felt the scene before him change. He realized he had arrived above an icy continent. Far into the distance was the lofty Frost Shark Palace.

    "Out." Yang Song waved his hand, and immediately, five array flags appeared beside him. The five array flags instantly turned ethereal before five gigantic array flags appeared a great distance away and surrounded them. The surrounding area was under his full control.

    Simultaneously, an azure flame sprang to life as it formed a sea of fire that spread towards Frost Shark Palace.


    An array formation surfaced around Frost Shark Palace as a group of Skyfiends flew out. Leading them were General Frost Shark and General Nightmare Dragon.

    "Who has the audacity to attack our Frost Shark Palace?"

    "Someone's really courting death." The group of Skyfiends were still angrily shouting.

    However, Frost Shark and Nightmare Dragon were looking at their surroundings solemnly.

    "Five Directions Azure Fire Flags." Frost Shark's expression sank. He said via voice transmission, "It's Yang Song. He sure can bid his time. Back then, I killed his Dao partner and he fought me like a maniac. Later, there was no longer any news of him and I thought he had long given up. I never expected him to take action after all these years."

    "The surrounding void out to five thousand kilometers has been repressed. The Major Void Transference talismans cannot be used." Nightmare Dragon's eyes shimmered as he looked around. "Apart from Yang Song, there's Wood Dragon Protector, as well as that... new upstart, Sword Immortal Qin."

    "Since he dares to take action after biding his time all these years, he definitely has some confidence," said Frost Shark via voice transmission. "Second Brother, we will have to risk our lives. At the very least, we need to last until Fiend Supremacy sends reinforcements to save us."

    Both of them had avatars in the Tenebrous Fiend world and had sought Fiend Supremacy's help. One had to request for help right at the beginning. Asking for help at the end would be too late!

    Fiend Supremacy was also instantly informed of Yang Song, Wood Dragon Protector, and Qin Yun's collective assault on the two Frost Shark Palace brothers.
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