Chapter 506: The Crazed Immortal Yang Song

    Chapter 506: The Crazed Immortal Yang Song

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    "Yang Song, you sure managed to bide your time! From the looks of it, you aren't a human that cultivated into an immortal, but a turtle that did so!" Frost Shark's voice reverberated through the world as his left hand held a black gonfalon.

    He shook the black gonfalon.

    Immediately, eighteen wisps of black mist flew out, manifesting themselves as eighteen black-armored fiend generals. All of them looked ferocious as they charged forward with a war cry.

    The eighteen black-armored fiend generals were the eighteen fiend servants of General Frost Shark. It was his most famous attack, one that was feared throughout the Effulgent dominion. The eighteen fiend servants were in fact superior-grade Fiend Soldiers.

    The Daoists had Cast Beans that made Soldiers and methods to refine Dao Soldiers. As for fiendish cultivators, they also had means to cultivate Fiend Soldiers. For fiends like Frost Shark, the difficult of cultivating Fiend Soldiers to the level of ninth firmament Skyfiends was extremely high. The Dharmic formulation needed was also very brilliant.

    Ordinary Fiend Soldiers would have have some form of autonomous intelligence, just like a Guardian General. But no matter how intelligent they were, how high could their realms be?

    Therefore, the best puppets, or the best Fiend Soldiers... instead had their intelligence wiped away. They were completely controlled by their masters.

    For instance, Old Fiend Fire Puppet would personally control his horde of puppets.

    These eighteen fiendish servants were likewise personally controlled by Frost Shark. With his high realm, the might he delivered from personally controlling the eighteen fiendish servants was tens of times more powerful than if the fiendish servants were to act independently.

    Furthermore, the eighteen fiendish servants were fused with the supreme-grade Numinous treasure, Hundred Fiend Gonfalon, giving them undying bodies. Even if their bodies were temporarily destroyed, they could recover after some time from inside the gonfalon. Therefore, Frost Shark spent most of his time and efforts on nurturing his fiendish servants. Usually, he would send one or two fiendish servants to handle any danger he encountered.

    "Each of my eighteen fiendish servants are physically strong, all capable of matching ninth firmament Skyfiends. I want to see what is giving Yang Song his confidence." Frost Shark was rather careful as well.

    Whoosh! The eighteen fiendish servants charged at Qin Yun, Yang Song, and Wood Dragon Protector.


    The distant Qin Yun harrumphed coldly as 360 Swords of Stellar Light immediately condensed around him. Stellar forces descended down like a torrent, instantly covering the surrounding fifteen hundred kilometers.

    Divine power-Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm!

    The heavy weight of the stellar forces pressed down on the eighteen fiendish servants and at the same time the 360 Swords of Stellar Light split off into three potions, with each portion having 120 Swords of Stellar Light. Their goal was to hinder the three groups of fiendish servants.

    "Flowers Wilting." With a thought, Qin Yun conjured his strongest confinement sword art to date.

    After drawing from the wisp of Chaos concept, he mastered Flowers Wilting from the Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart.


    Three zones appeared in midair. The three groups of fiendish servants were confined by the numerous Swords of Stellar Light. Each set of 120 Swords of Stellar Light formed a world of flower petals. As the petals wilted, they began to randomly flutter, but each fiendish servant was caught up in the storm of flower petals.

    "Darn it."

    "Begone!" The fiendish servants roared in a counterattack. As Frost Shark controlled them with all his might, the fiendish servants delivered attacks that were even more brilliant and potent.

    However, as the petals spun and floated around, at first seeming extremely weak and frail, once they came close to the fiendish servants they would feel like they were stuck in a quagmire. Even if they used all their strength to tear through the petals' hindrance, more swaths of petals would flutter over.

    The Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart was considered the best among all the Sword Dao manuals in the Three Realms. Each separate Flowers Wilting, which was formed with 120 Swords of Stellar Light, trapped six of the fiendish servants within. Although they struggled with all their might, they were unable to break out of the flowers' bondage.

    The three groups of flower patterns formed a spherical zone, with each zone trapping six fiendish servants within.

    The eighteen fiendish servants were completely trapped.

    "Good." Yang Song smiled when he saw this. "The Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm divine power was famous for trapping enemies back during the era of the Ancient Heavenly Courts. When that ancient demon Celestial Thearch released his 360 stars fully, a group of Golden Immortals mighty figures would be trapped within. Qin Yun's sword art version is similarly good at trapping enemies."


    An angry roar reverberated.

    After Qin Yun took action, Wood Dragon Protector, who constantly found Qin Yun a sore sight, took action as well. His body phased before transforming into a ten-thousand-feet tall figure that stood towering above all. Dragon scales appeared across various spots on his skin as his hands transformed into a pair of dragon claws. The claws held an unadorned wooden pole that was both thick and long like a heavenly column.

    Wood Dragon Protector brandished his pole like Pangu waving his axe before he smashed down.

    "What insolence." Nightmare Dragon had a grotesque expression as his body similarly phased into a ten-thousand-feet tall figure. He held a spear that had water swirling around it and lifted it to meet the gigantic pole.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    Wood Dragon Protector and Nightmare Dragon clashed intensely.

    One of them was an ancient demon dragon and had been a disciple of a Buddhist mighty figure. He cultivated in the Physical Establishing Sage and had an extremely resilient body. His melee combat arts were also extremely honed.

    The other was a fearsome fiend dragon. Similarly, he had focused on his body. Although the cultivation of his body was slightly inferior, he was even stronger because of his divine power, making him even more overbearing.

    It was an equal clash!

    Qin Yun was restraining the eighteen fiendish servants of Frost Shark.

    "You shall die today, Frost Shark." Yang Song's eyes were filled with hate as he waved his hand. Six raven-black beams of light flew out and towards Frost Shark at an astonishingly fast speed.

    Frost Shark's expression changed slightly when he saw this. With his eighteen fiendish servants restrained, he only had half his means available to him.

    "Hmph." Frost Shark grunted coldly as he waved his hand, sending two golden wheels flying out.

    "Clang! Clang! Clang!"

    The two golden wheels spun as flew into the path of the six raven-black beams of light. However, they only barely hindered three beams and failed to obstruct the rest.

    Only after the three raven-black beams of light were blocked did they show their true selves-three sharp spearheads. Each of them were covered in layers of blood-colored runes as they emitted the foul smell of blood.

    "Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads?" Frost Shark's expression changed drastically.

    "These are treasures I went to great lengths to exchange for with Magus Gate. I have prepared this especially for you." Yang Song's eyes were filled with derangement.


    Flowers Wilting held down his eighteen fiendish servants as they struggled frenetically, but they were unable to escape its restraint.

    "Darn it." Frost Shark could only control his two golden wheels to block off the attacks as best as he could while releasing life-preservation items to stall for time.


    "Let's leave quickly."

    "Retreat! Retreat back to Frost Shark Palace."

    The group of Skyfiends who had been blustering behind the two Palatial Lords had long retreated out of fear. After all, with the two Palatial Lords already at a disadvantage, they would only be sending themselves to their deaths if they joined in the foray.


    And in the clouds far away, a figure appeared.

    She was none other than a red-robed female Skyfiend with four sharp curved horns. She held a trident in hand as she rapidly tore through the sky. Her eyes were filled with coldness and she instantly noticed the distant Qin Yun.

    "Hmph, this Qin Yun just barely survived my assassination, and yet here he is dealing with the two Frost Shark Palace brothers." Kuishi sneered inwardly.

    Kuishi was a half-step Ancestral Fiend who cultivated her body. She was adept at melee combat, so she was the person of choice to handle complicated situations. Fiend Supremacy had sent her to aid the two brothers.

    "It's Palatial Lord Kuishi." Frost Shark turned delighted when he saw that.

    "Brother, hold on. As long as Palatial Lord Kuishi arrives in time, we will not only be able to extricate ourselves from the predicament, we might even be able to launch a counteroffensive," Nightmare Dragon said via voice transmission. He could tell that his elder brother was in a terrible situation. Frost Shark was desperately using his life-preservation items to withstand the Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads in a bid to stall for time.

    "Fiend Supremacy has sent reinforcements. It's Palatial Lord Kuishi." Yang Song remained calm when he saw this scene from afar. He sent a voice transmission. "Brother Qin Yun, Wood Dragon Protector, the Five Directions Azure Fire Flags array I set up has sealed off the void for five thousand kilometers out. She can only use Major Void Transference to appear outside the array's boundaries. She will have to fly five thousand kilometers before reaching us."

    "In the time it takes for her to traverse that distance, we have to kill the two Frost Shark Palace brothers."

    "I'm in charge of restraining the eighteen fiendish servants. The rest is up to the both of you." Qin Yun was very relaxed as well.

    A distance of five thousand kilometers?

    Just flight alone would take a while.

    If one was dealing with an ordinary Golden Immortal or Buddha, flight could take a few seconds. No matter how fast Kuishi was, she could only fly about a thousand kilometers in that span of time.


    As Kuishi was flying at full speed, Nightmare Dragon was also completely embroiled in battle with Wood Dragon Protector.

    Frost Shark was having a hard time fending off the Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    The barrier that protected him was also being destroyed bit by bit.

    He had a nasty expression, and when the Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads finally broke through all the barriers, they came straight for him.

    "Roar~" Frost Shark suddenly opened his mouth.

    The phantom of a gigantic mutated demon, the Frost Shark, appeared in midair. Frost Shark originally lived in at the bottom of an extremely cold sea. He had a massive body and could devour everything. General Frost Shark was a Frost Shark that cultivated and took form. His strongest divine power was the Heaven Devouring divine power which could be cultivate because of his talent and foundations.

    "Hu! Hu! Hu!"

    When Frost Shark opened his mouth, the gigantic Frost Shark phantom behind him opened its mouth as well. As though a hole had appeared in the world, everything started to be sucked in by the giant mouth. The Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads which were attacking him ended up flying into the gigantic mouth due to the devouring effect. They shrank as they flew before completely being swallowed.

    Following that, Frost Shark closed his mouth.

    He even burped as he sneered at Yang Song. "Yang Song, my Heaven Devouring divine power has long been cultivated to a brand new level. I can devour even supreme-grade Numinous treasures."

    However, Yang Song had a deranged look in his eyes as he said with a voice transmission, "Frost Shark, do you know why I specifically sought out the Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads to deal with you?"

    "Explode!" Yang Song's eyes were filled with a madness.


    A terrifying eruption blasted from within Frost Shark's stomach. His stomach bloated as his expression changed. "This Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads is problematic!"

    "I got Magus Gate to specially refine this for me. It was tailored to you." As Yang Song's eyes looked at Frost Shark's bloated stomach, his eyes turned red. "Your Heaven Devouring divine power is powerful, but you will still die!"

    Yang Song's aura suddenly rose intensely as terrifying Dharmic powers surged out everywhere. At that moment, the might of his aura was even sufficient to suppress the rapidly approaching Kuishi!

    "You are burning your Essence Soul? You have gone mad!" Frost Shark's eyes were filled with despair as his stomach rapidly expanded.

    "I went mad the day Xi'er died!" Yang Song's eyes were filled with madness.

    Frost Shark's stomach expanded to a size several times larger than the rest of his body.

    "No-" Frost Shark's eyes were filled with indignation.


    With an explosion, Frost Shark was blasted into pieces as six raven-black beams of light flew out.

    Frost Shark was dead!
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