Chapter 507: Spectator Qin Yun

    Chapter 507: Spectator 'Qin Yun'

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    Kuishi, who was flying over rapidly, saw this scene from afar. Her heart could not help but jolt. Frost Shark had only exchanged a few blows with Yang Song before he lost his life. He had died too quickly, so quickly that he didn't even last a few seconds.

    "He burned his Essence Soul?" Kuishi was alarmed when she saw Yang Song's terrifying aura. "He has really gone mad. He doesn't even care about his cultivation anymore."

    Qin Yun, who was originally tasked with restraining the eighteen fiendish servants, sighed as well. "So the ultimate move up Brother Yang's sleeve was to burn his Essence Soul."

    The souls of ordinary mortals were very important.

    As for Skyimmortal Essence Souls, they were even more important. They were practically vital to their very being!

    Burning one's Essence Soul was far worse than burning one's soul. The damage reached down to one's fundamentals, and one's perceptivity would drop drastically. Ordinary people with damaged souls could turn into retards, but for Skyimmortal Essence Souls, the decline in perceptivity... pretty much ended one's cultivation career.

    And that was only one aspect of it.

    The burning of one's Essence Soul could also result in memory loss.

    The stronger an Essence Soul was, the more intricate and mighty one's Dharmic powers were! After an Essence Soul weakened, the Dharmic powers would also weaken. For instance, the purity of Yang Song's Dharmic powers would decline drastically after this battle, resulting in him losing much of his strength strength.

    It was extremely important to maintain a powerful Essence Soul.

    For instance, the reason why Qin Yun's Dharmic powers were so substantial had to do with the condensation of a purplish-gold Golden Core back when he was still mortal. He had also created a sword immortal Dharmic formulation. It made his Dharmic powers extremely mighty at the Essence Soul realm. Just like a skyscraper, it could only be built taller with a firm foundation.

    A skyscraper's every level was extremely important at every height.

    It was the same with cultivation! If each step's foundation was mighty, one's Dharmic powers would be sufficiently potent after reaching the Skyimmortal or Golden Immortal realm! This was also why Dao Ancestor disciples were so much more powerful than itinerant cultivators. It was because they had extremely powerful Dharmic formulations that ensured robustness at each step.

    Burning one's Essence Soul weakened them down to their foundations.

    "He severed his cultivation path by damaging his Essence Soul. His Dharmic powers will drop drastically from now on... So this is his killer move." Qin Yun watched silently.


    Yang Song's hair flailed as his eyes were filled with madness. He controlled the six raven-black beams of light as they shot towards Nightmare Dragon.

    That moment was destined to be the most lustrous moment of Yang Song's life.

    "Brother!" Nightmare Dragon was dazed with shock upon watching it play out. His brother, General Frost Shark, had died so quickly? While still reeling in shock, Wood Dragon Protector ruthlessly smacked his shoulder with a pole, sending him flying back. Despite cracking his shoulder bone, Nightmare Dragon ignored it since he rapidly recovered from the injury.

    "Those Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads are problematic. Furthermore, Yang Song has burned his Essence Soul. His Dharmic powers at this moment match that of a Golden Immortal." Nightmare Dragon looked at the six raven-black beams of light that came flying at him. As he brandished his spear to fend off Wood Dragon Protector, he tried his best to save himself.

    Wood Dragon Protector was delighted seeing this. With a flick of his finger, a bean flew out.

    The green bean had dense golden runes on its surface. As it flew out, it rapidly grew, producing a large number of long vines and leaves. These vines and leaves rapidly wrapped themselves around Nightmare Dragon.

    Daoism's ubiquitous Cast Beans for Soldiers were really just another manifestation of talisman amulets. Some could be used indefinitely, while others had one-time uses, just like one-time use Dao talismans.

    "Scram!" Nightmare Dragon brandished his spear in a deranged manner as his might increased a little. Although he thrashed in every direction like a mad man, the countless vines and leaves constantly pestered him. They grew again after being damaged. Instantly, a massive number of vines twined around Nightmare Dragon's body, as though he was trapped in a quagmire.

    "It's time for you to die." Wood Dragon Protector waved his pole and thrust it straight into Wood Dragon Protector's chest. The bound Nightmare Dragon could barely raise his spear at a much slower speed, so a bloody hole was left in his chest. However, the hole quickly healed once the pole retracted.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    The six raven-black beams of light arrived.

    Nightmare Dragon revealed a look of horror and despair as he struggled frantically, "No, no, no-"

    There was no way he could withstand the six beams of light in his present state of restraint.

    The Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads bored straight into Nightmare Dragon's body! They were extremely insidious to begin with. Furthermore, the spearheads were sacrificial in nature due to their tailor-made purpose of killing Frost Shark. They could only withstand sixty-six black blood hexes, but Yang Song had commissioned Magus Gate to specially infuse ninety-six black blood hexes during the refinement process. It made the spearheads much stronger, but every use would damage them. Perhaps the spearheads would disintegrate after two or three uses.

    The Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads had a value that matched ten supreme-grade Numinous treasures.

    But they could only be used two to three times?

    Furthermore, Yang Song was burning his Essence Soul. His Dharmic powers had reached a brand new level, so as he controlled the Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads, he produced an even more terrifying strength.

    Nightmare Dragon's body was constantly riddled with holes as the terrifying black blood hex permeated into his Essence Soul.

    "No, no, no-" Nightmare Dragon struggled indignantly, but his struggles only turned weaker. Finally, he stopped moving as he was completely bound by the vines and leaves. All that was left was a tied-up corpse.

    Nightmare Dragon was dead!

    As such, both Palatial Lords of Frost Shark Palace had perished.

    "He's dead, they are both dead." Yang Song's aura weakened as he muttered to himself. "Xi'er, I have finally avenged you. I have avenged you."

    He was a third-generation Jade Void Palace disciple. How stringent was Jade Void Palace in its acceptance of disciples? He was no doubt an elite, and the Dharmic formulation he cultivated was one of the best in the Three Realms. His mighty Dharmic powers were heads and shoulders above that of ordinary ninth firmament Skyimmortals. But now, as his Dharmic powers decreased constantly, his aura had already dropped to the equivalent of an ordinary fifth or sixth firmament Skyimmortal.

    Yang Song also sensed the extreme weakness of his Essence Soul. It felt ossified, and his thought processes were running at a slower speed. His perceptivity had decreased drastically. If he was once said to be an elite in the Three Realms, he was now only mediocre.

    However, Yang Song did not care. He had prepared for so long, all for this day. He had succeeded.

    "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

    The Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads flew back to Yang Song who stored them away with a flip of his hand. The Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads could still be used another one time or so. Now that his strength had declined drastically, it could still be used to shock and awe some insignificant opponents.

    "Hahaha..." Wood Dragon Protector was also very excited. He stared at Nightmare Dragon's corpse and, with a cloth sack in hand, he opened it. "Retrieve."

    Nightmare Dragon's corpse, as well as his armaments and artifacts, were absorbed into the cloth sack.


    The battle had been too easy for Qin Yun. In the beginning, he only needed to use his Swords of Stellar Light to restrain the eighteen fiendish servants. After Frost Shark died, he pretty much became a spectator.

    Qin Yun collected his spoils of war just as Wood Dragon Protector was doing the same.

    Frost Shark's body was in pieces. Many of his items had scattered everywhere. All Qin Yun could do was use the stellar forces that permeated fifteen hundred kilometers around him to sweep up all the items. The most important item was the Hundred Fiend Gonfalon.

    The Hundred Fiend Gonfalon was a supreme-grade Numinous treasure that could control the eighteen fiendish servants.

    "Whoosh." The Hundred Fiend Gonfalon was rapidly transported by the starlight into Qin Yun's hands.

    Having lost its owner, the Hundred Fiend Gonfalon was easily refined by Qin Yun's Dharmic powers. He temporarily gained control over it.

    Qin Yun felt somewhat excited seeing the eighteen fiendish servants standing in a daze in midair. "The Hundred Fiend Gonfalon is a supreme-grade Numinous treasure to begin with. In order to refine these eighteen fiendish servants, Frost Shark must have paid an even greater price. Unfortunately, these are fiendish servants... Although they can be commanded, using my immortal Dharmic powers to control them would only result in weak attacks. It's best to refine these eighteen fiendish servants again and transform them into eighteen Dao Soldiers."

    "However, the price of converting them is also rather hefty."

    "But regardless, this Hundred Fiend Gonfalon and eighteen fiendish servants... are equivalent to about five to six supreme-grade Numinous treasures," thought Qin Yun.

    If he sold it to a Skyfiend, he could naturally fetch a price of ten supreme-grade Numinous treasures, or even more.

    However, to 'finance' the enemy with such powerful treasures would only be met with contempt by many disciples in Green Touring Palace. Perhaps some cultivators would not care about their reputation, but it was beneath Qin Yun to do so. Such shameless acts were not in line with his Dao heart.

    One's cultivation was not to violate one's Dao heart. If left undisciplined, it would eventually turn into a mental demon. It could even destroy one's cultivation path.

    "Whoosh..." The eighteen fiendish servants who had their intelligence wiped away flew over as Qin Yun controlled the Hundred Fiend Gonfalon. All of them flew into the Hundred Fiend Gonfalon.

    "There are other treasures."

    Frost Shark had a bangle which contained a storage space within that held many treasures. It was taken away by Qin Yun as well.

    Qin Yun also took the pair of supreme-grade Numinous treasure golden wheels.

    There were also some miscellaneous items Frost Shark had on him such as jade bottles, ropes, jade tokens, etc.


    What looked like an ordinary white jade token flew into Qin Yun's hand. The moment it entered his hand, it let out an abrupt, blinding light.


    The blinding but mild white light erupted from the jade token, becoming the most dazzling scene in midair.

    In the distance, a disheartened Kuishi, who was planning on returning, the weakened Yang Song, and the delighted Wood Dragon Protector all felt this ancient aura erupt. They could not help but turn their heads.

    They saw the jade token in Qin Yun's hand emit a blinding white light. Within it appeared an ancient but massive mutated beast phantom. Its body was like a white lion's, but it's head was like a white bear's. Its eyes were staring straight at Qin Yun.

    A faint Chaos aura emanated.

    The ancient mutated beast phantom hovered above the jade token and looked at Qin Yun.

    "This is..."

    Kuishi, Yang Song, and Wood Dragon Protector watched this scene in disbelief.
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