Chapter 508: Losing Decorum

    Chapter 508: Losing Decorum

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    As the jade token emitted a white radiance, the ancient mutated beast phantom looked down at Qin Yun. It said, "Receive my treasure and subsequently, my karma."

    With that said, the phantom plunged back into the jade token, dissipating the blinding white light.

    Qin Yun held the jade token in hand and felt information come surging into his mind.

    "So that's how it is." Qin Yun was enlightened.

    In fact, when the phantom first appeared, Qin Yun had guessed what the jade token was. After all, he had read through numerous books from Jade Void Palace's Myriad Dharma Repository. He learned many secrets and knew the story behind the jade token.

    "Lightning Beast Manor, White Jade Token?" Yang Song's aura was weakened and he could not help but shake his head when he witnessed it. "This luck of his is really... enviable!"

    "The White Jade Token left behind by that Chaos Lightning Beast?" Kuishi could not help but turn green with envy when she saw the scene play out before her eyes. "Although we fiends are unable to use the White Jade Token, we can still sell it for a high price."


    Kuishi did not hesitate to fly over at full speed.

    "Lightning Beast Manor's White Jade Token? How did Frost Shark get the White Jade Token?" Wood Dragon Protector was alarmed and, instantly, he was overcome with a flurry of emotions. He was the one that rushed to claim the Second Palatial Lord's treasures in the split of the spoils of war. He never imagined that the Eldest Palatial Lord's treasures were even more stunning! That was the White Jade Token! Countless immortals and Buddhas coveted it!

    Vexation, indignation, and regret gnashed his heart.

    "It should be mine! Mine!" Wood Dragon Protector roared inwardly.


    In midair, the distant Kuishi was rapidly approaching. Yang Song and Wood Dragon Protector also flew over to congregate after their victory.

    Qin Yun flipped his hand and put away the jade token. He had no mood to do any further probes. Items carried by experts were typically treasures they thought highly of. Therefore, Qin Yun had checked the items he received one by one for rare treasures. He had planned on wearing the token but he never expected that the token which he thought was a Jade Heart Cleansing Token would produce a phenomenon the moment he made contact with it. It was the Lightning Beast Manor's White Jade Token.

    Jade Heart Cleansing Tokens were also precious treasures, worth at least a supreme-grade Numinous treasures.

    However, the Lightning Beast Manor's White Jade Token... was relatively more precious. Even Qin Yun, with his status and strength, found it a hot potato.

    "Retrieve." Qin Yun did not continue checking the rest of the treasures, and instead, stored them all away.

    Kuishi was still rushing over when he looked in her direction.

    "Thankfully, she will take at least ten seconds to arrive," thought Qin Yun.

    Sou! Sou!

    Wood Dragon Protector did not suffer any loss in strength, so his speed was naturally faster. As for Yang Song, he flew at a much slower speed after being weakened.

    "Hahaha, Qin Yun. You sure have incredible luck! That White Jade Token will not conjure any phenomenon in the hands of fiends. That Frost Shark fool must have thought of it as an ordinary Heart Cleansing Token." As Wood Dragon Protector flew over, he said with a spirited laugh. "Speaking of which, I'm really envious."

    Qin Yun smiled without a word as he glanced far away. Yang Song was also flying over rapidly.

    When Wood Dragon Protector came close, he smiled. "Once Brother Yang is here, we can leave."

    "Yea." Qin Yun nodded.


    Without any warning, the approaching Wood Dragon Protector suddenly lashed out with his wooden pole!

    The unadorned pole suddenly expanded, its might shattering the void. A sanguine light emitted from the tip of the pole, reaching a power far exceeding anything he showed in the battle against Nightmare Dragon.

    Clearly, in this attack, things were different. Wood Dragon Protector went all-out and was bent on delivering a fatal blow in one strike.

    He was close enough!

    Furthermore, Qin Yun had a very weak body. If he took even a second too long to react, he would lose his life.

    "I am ninety percent confident this strike of mine can destroy his protective divine power." Wood Dragon Protector's eyes were filled with a ferocious glint.

    He was once a demon dragon, and had a bad reputation. He was riddled with sins, and was later subdued by a Buddhist mighty figure. In order to survive, he had no choice but to be a mount!

    He was never a willing party in his current lifestyle.

    "Whoosh." A blurry gray barrier of light appeared across Qin Yun's body, like that of dark Chaos, but also looked like a hazy rain. Qin Yun looked at Wood Dragon Protector with an icy gaze.


    The terrifying pole struck the barrier that lined Qin Yun's body.


    A discernible shockwave radiated in every direction.

    "Wood Dragon, what are you doing?" Yang Song could not help but bellow angrily when he saw this.

    Wood Dragon Protector glared at Qin Yun with pole in hand. "You were wary of me? I attacked you so suddenly at such a close distance, but you were able to cast your flying sword in time... Clearly, you have kept your guard up around me all this while."

    The defense capability of Qin Yun's flying sword... was enough to defend against Kuishi, a half-step Ancestral Fiend.

    As long as Qin Yun was prepared, there was naturally no hope for Wood Dragon Protector to succeed.

    "Hmph." Qin Yun looked at Wood Dragon Protector and sneered. "Before we dealt with the two Palatial Lords of Frost Shark Palace, you looked at me with contempt. But now, after I received the Lightning Beast Manor's White Jade Token, you suddenly turned pleasant. How could I dare lower my guard with you being so pleasant? I obviously have to be wary."

    Qin Yun was not the kind of cultivator that only focused on cultivation.

    When he was younger, he had experienced the fickleness of human nature. While traveling the world, he had been schemed upon in different ways. He knew how terrifying people could be.

    Now that he obtained the Lightning Beast Manor's White Jade Token, he wouldn't even fully trust his fellow disciples. So how could he trust Wood Dragon Protector who had only seen him as an eyesore?

    In the Three Realms, fellow disciples would engage in fratricide just for treasures, to the point of betraying their sects! Trusting someone absolutely was equivalent to leaving one's life in another person's hands.

    "Hmph, you truly are a perceptive one," said Wood Dragon Protector coldly. "During our assault on the two Frost Shark Palace Palatial Lords, you were only responsible for restrainment, while I was the one doing all the hard work. I should have at least half of this Frost Shark's benefits."

    "The one who really did all the hard work was Brother Yang." Qin Yun scoffed. "Besides, you want me to split half the benefits of the White Jade Token with you? Dream on."

    Wood Dragon Protector turned even more furious.

    "Wood Dragon, you actually attacked your partner?" Yang Song roared angrily after flying over.

    "We were partners while dealing with the two Frost Shark Palace Palatial Lords. Since they have been killed, we are no longer partners," said Wood Dragon Protector coldly.

    "You demon dragon..." Yang Song was infuriated.

    They were partners in a joint assault, but for things to develop this far, this shamelessness truly enraged Yang Son.

    "Yang Song, it's best you do not make a hooha now that you are weakened," said Wood Dragon Protector nonchalantly.

    Yang Song ground his teeth.

    "Brother Yang, although this demon dragon is part of the Buddhists, he has yet to change his bloodthirsty temperament. There is no need for us to bother with him." As Qin Yun spoke, he suddenly frowned and looked down. With a wave of his hand, 360 Swords of Stellar Light swooped downwards and struck the array formations below. Without the two Palatial Lords, Frost Shark Palace no longer had someone presiding over it. The array formations were easily cracked open.

    The moment the array formation cracked, stellar forces descended upon the area! The terrifying suppressive stellar forces instantly wiped out numerous Skyfiends.

    Very few survived, and they were pursued by the Swords of Stellar Light. As for the innocent ones, they were carried away by the stellar forces.

    "There are some innocents in Frost Shark Palace. Brother Yang, please rescue them," said Qin Yun. He was incapable of Major Void Transference.

    "Leave it to me." Yang Song nodded. "I will now dispel the array formation. It's best that the both of you leave quickly. Kuishi is almost here."

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded.

    Five array flags appeared around Yang Song. Portions of the array formation that spanned five thousand kilometers rapidly contracted.

    The barriers remained in the zone where Kuishi was.

    As for the zone where Qin Yun, Yang Song, and Wood Dragon Protector were, the array formation's repression rapidly vanished.

    "Goodbye. We can meet again at the Jade Tripod Sect." Qin Yun said to Yang Song. As the blurry light descended, he vanished as he headed straight for Green Touring Palace.

    Wood Dragon Protector looked at Yang Song and scoffed. "If you had not let him leave, he would not have escaped so easily. Regardless, you should have forced something out of him."

    "I'm not as shameless as you," said Yang Song. "Leave quickly. I'll watch the rear. Although you are shameless, I was still the one who invited the two of you. I will see you safely off."


    Wood Dragon Protector looked at Yang Song. "You are really dumb. Dumb to destroy your future for a dead woman. I can't be bothered to say anything further."


    As a blurry yellow light descended and enveloped Wood Dragon Protector, he similarly vanished.

    "Dumb?" Yang Song felt a little lost. All these years, he had been preparing for this day to exact vengeance, but now that he had avenged his lost love, he felt a little lost despite the relief of having the heavy weight on his chest lifted.

    Yang Song shook his head gently.

    With a step, he cast Major Void Transference and entered Frost Shark Palace to save the pitiful people inside.
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