Chapter 512: Five Elemental Connate Wonders

    Chapter 512: Five Elemental Connate Wonders

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    In the Heavenly realm, the broadest realm of the Three Realms, one much bigger than the Effulgent Great World.

    The Heavenly Courts and the Western Mt. Numinous were located here. The Heaven and Earth spiritual energies, along with the stellar forces, were extremely rich. There were numerous people that cultivated to become immortals and Bodhisattvas here. High above Mt. Azure Yang was an immortal abode.


    Fiercefire appeared out of thin air above the cave abode. Following that, he descended.

    Many of his disciples inside the immortal abode immediately greeted him respectfully when they saw him. "Master."

    "Master." A purple-robed youth came forward with a smile.


    Fiercefire harrumphed coldly as he flicked his sleeve and walked straight in.

    It left all the disciples stunned. The purple-robed youth frowned slightly before following Fiercefire into the hall.

    "Master, judging from your angry mood, did that Qin Yun not know any better?" asked the purple-robed youth immediately.

    "How dare a mere Green Touring Palace disciple insult me?" Fiercefire said, peeved. "There are too many demons in the Green Touring Palace. These human disciples have turned arrogant and ignorant after mixing with these demons for prolonged periods of time."

    "What gave him the guts to defy you?" asked the purple-robed youth in astonishment.

    "His true body is hiding in Green Touring Palace," said Fiercefire with a sneer. "With only a mere avatar facing me, he naturally showed no fear. I want to see how long he can stay inside Green Touring Palace!"

    Just lowering himself to offer treasures and purchase the token was giving Qin Yun face.

    Yet, Qin Yun had failed to appreciate his kindness...

    Fiercefire was naturally annoyed!

    It would be expected for an expert that was his equal to reject him. However, he was naturally furious that a junior who he could easily squash to death would dare defy him.


    Qin Yun was well aware that he had angered Fiercefire; therefore, he was thinking of means to quickly improve himself.

    "Extreme Wind Fire Lava. Three taels."

    "That's too little. To get one spot on the White Jade Token, you need at least six taels of Extreme Wind Fire Lava."

    "Junior Brother Qin, this Extreme Wind Fire Lava only existed before the Primordial Chaos. There's very little of it. Three taels is quite a lot," said a black-bearded elder immediately. "Besides, you mentioned that a senior brother with the strength of a Golden Immortal mighty figure has obtained a spot. With that senior brother present, I would probably only obtain three Lightning Fruits if I were to enter."

    "Senior Brother Xiahou, don't look down upon yourself. After all, you have the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal. Besides, Lightning Beast Manor's test is not purely about one's strength. Who knows, but you might obtain five to six Lightning Fruits," said Qin Yun with a smile. "Also, Lightning Beast Manor has other treasures apart from the Lightning Fruits."

    "In that case, four taels!" The elder felt the pinch as he extended four fingers. "Is that enough now?"

    Qin Yun shook his head. "Six taels!"

    "You are being too..." The elder turned anxious.

    "Senior Brother Xiahou, if you agree now, you will get the spot immediately. It's only the second day after all. In another two or three days, all my spots might be sold out. By then, I can't do a thing even if you change your mind," said Qin Yun.

    "You have to concede a little too, right?" said the bearded elder. "You should know how precious the Extreme Wind Fire Lava is. I only obtained it luckily after slaying a half-step Ancestral Fiend with a good friend in that massive battle in the past. It wouldn't be easy to find such Extreme Wind Fire Lava elsewhere."

    Qin Yun pondered for a moment.

    Extreme Wind Fire Lava...

    Even one drop was enough to form a tiny sun. Ordinary fifth or sixth firmament Skyimmortals would burn to death simply from touching it.

    "I will compromise as well. Five taels," said Qin Yun. "I can't go any lower."

    The elder gave Qin Yun a conflicted look before he smiled. "Junior Brother Qin, alright, I give up. We shall agree on that! Ever since that Chaos Lightning Beast died, it's just too difficult to find a single Connate Lightning Fruit."

    "Alright, we shall agree upon it then," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "We will be heading to Lightning Beast Manor soon, right? It won't take too long?" asked the bearded elder.

    "Don't worry. We will set off within a year."


    On the first day he obtained the White Jade Token, Qin Yun received fifteen drops of Water of the First Essence from Senior Brother Sa.

    On the second day, he obtained five taels of the fire-elemental Connate Wonder, Extreme Wind Fire Lava.

    On the eighth day, Qin Yun obtained ten drops of the wood-elemental Connate Wonder, Water of the Wood Essence. Although they were in the form of droplets, they were actually wood elemental in nature! These drops of Water of the Wood Essence... were monopolized by the Connate God, Wood God Gou Mang. All the Water of the Wood Essence in the Three Realms came from him. Just one drop was filled with overwhelming vital vibrancy. It could counteract decay miraculously. Even if a Heaven Earth Spirit Root was heavily damaged, just some Water of the Wood Essence would be sufficient to regrow it.

    Now, all that was left was for the Earth-elemental Connate Wonder...

    But it was also the hardest to find.

    In fact, Connate Wonders were very rare. With four elements gathered, the fifth type naturally became harder.

    Furthermore, the Green Touring Palace disciples who yearned for a White Jade Token spot were ultimately the ones who cultivated in the Lightning Dharma. Those who were willing to trade would have done so in the first few days. Over time, it meant that none of the Green Touring Palace disciples had it on hand. They were also thinking of means to gather wood-elemental Connate Wonders.

    In the vast Three Realms, it was rare to encounter mighty figures that cultivated Earth-elemental Dharmic formulations! The number of Connate Wonders of this element amounted to a handful. There was very few of them.


    In a blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

    Inside a chamber within Green Touring Palace, Qin Yun sat cross-legged.

    The Misty Rain Sword floated above a pile of Chaos Pure Gold, Water of the First Essence, Extreme Wind Fire Lava, and Water of the Wood Essence.

    Now, the Chaos Pure Gold was even smaller than when Qin Yun first obtained it in the Star Cluster Hall. Compared to then, there was only about thirty percent left! Seventy percent of the Chaos Pure Gold had been absorbed. Clearly, with the other Connate Wonders helping, the Misty Rain Sword was able to take in more.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword finally stopped its absorption.

    With a beckon, the Intrinsic Flying Sword flew into Qin Yun's palm. The tiny flying sword now appeared like a hazy, misty rain, but its blade had a terrifying sharpness to it.

    "I can sense that my Intrinsic Flying Sword has already reached a particular realm limit. It's not far from breaking through to the level of a Connate Numinous treasure. However, it's just short of something. It temporarily isn't able to absorb any more of these four Connate Wonders." Qin Yun looked at the Connate Wonders.

    "There is thirty percent of the Chaos Pure Gold left. It's only because nurturing my Intrinsic Flying Sword is a heavy expenditure, far greater than the rest combined," thought Qin Yun. The thing the Intrinsic Flying Sword expended most was the Chaos Pure Gold.

    "The second highest expenditure is the Water of the First Essence. Fifteen drops have been expended in total! Now, there's three drops left."

    "Three taels of the Extreme Wind Fire Lava have been expended."

    "Six drops of the Water of the Wood Essence have been expended."

    "Even with this much expended, it's still short of that tiny bit." Qin Yun shook his head gently.

    It was too difficult to nurture his Intrinsic Flying Sword into a Connate Numinous treasure before he attained a Golden Immortal Dao fruit.

    If not for the huge chunk of Chaos Pure Gold he had, Qin Yun would not have even dreamed of it.


    Days passed one by one.

    There were many who wanted the White Jade Token spots. They had other treasures, but Qin Yun only wanted wood-elemental Connate Wonders.

    In a blink of an eye, three months had passed since Qin Yun obtained the White Jade Token.

    "Junior Brother Qin, you do not want the Connate Wonder, Phoenix Fire Eidolon I have. This Lightning Dragon Immortal Chariot I have is a good treasure. It contains eight Lightning Dragons within! Each Lightning Dragon matches a ninth firmament Skyimmortal. This treasure alone is comparable to more than ten supreme-grade Numinous treasures. You don't even want to consider the exchange when I'm offering it?" said a black-robed Daoist with a black calabash on his back.

    "Senior Brother, I currently only need Connate Wonders. That's the same thing I tell the other senior brothers and sisters."

    "Sigh." The black-robed Daoist stood up and said in resignation, "However, Junior Brother Qin, you don't cultivate in the Lightning Dharma. You do not have a need for the Connate Lightning Fruits you obtain from Lightning Beast Manor, right?"

    "No." Qin Yun shook his head.

    "Sell the Lightning Fruit you obtain when the time comes," persuaded the black-robed Daoist immediately.

    "Let's discuss this further after I leave Lightning Beast Manor," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "Sure thing."

    The black-robed Daoist shook his head as he began walking towards the compound's door.

    And at that moment, a white-dressed woman walked in.

    "Oh?" The black-robed Daoist was stunned when he saw her. "Junior Sister Mu?"

    The white-dressed girl had a cold gaze, and a lightning mark in the middle of her brows. She could not be bothered to speak to the black-robed Daoist and instead, walked straight into the yard and looked at Qin Yun coldly. "Junior Brother Qin, does what you say previously still count?"

    "Yes, yes." Qin Yun was instantly delighted.

    "250 grams of Expanding Soil. Keep it well." The white-dressed threw a yellow piece of caked soil.

    Qin Yun looked at the caked soil with a burning look. What seemed like a tiny cake of soil contained the immense power of the Earth. It was none other than the Connate Wonder, Expanding Soil.
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