Chapter 513: Intrinsic Numinous Treasure

    Chapter 513: Intrinsic Numinous Treasure

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    "Expanding Soil?" The black-robed Daoist standing outside the yard could not help but be astonished when he saw this. "Junior Sister Mu, you managed to gather Expanding Soil?"

    The white-dressed woman ignored him and only stared at Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun put away the Expanding Soil after he received it. He took out the White Jade Token and said, "Senior Sister Mu, inject a wisp of your Dharmic powers inside, and when the time comes, we can enter the Lightning Beast Manor together."

    "Pew." The white-dressed woman flicked her finger, sending a wisp of Dharmic powers into the White Jade Token.

    "I will be in Green Touring Palace for the foreseeable future. Notify me when we set off," said the woman.

    "Senior Sister Mu, don't you worry," said Qin Yun with a smile. He was in an extremely good mood. He had waited so long for the earth-elemental Connate Wonder. He had been afraid that he would fail to obtain it after a year of seeking it.

    The woman turned and left.

    "Junior Sister Mu, tell me. Where did you get the Expanding Soil from?" The black-robed Daoist pressed as he chased after her.

    "You do not need to know." The white-dressed woman walked far into the distance.

    The black-robed Daoist watched her depart as he pouted and mumbled, "After being jilted by her man, she seems to have a grudge against every man in the world. Her temper is terrible." He had mumbled softly, even using his Dao domain to isolate his voice to prevent her from hearing him. If she had heard him... he would probably be in trouble!


    Meanwhile, Qin Yun had closed the door to his yard.

    Following that, he immediately entered a chamber and prepared to nurture his Intrinsic Flying Sword. It had been more than a month since his Intrinsic Flying Sword had absorbed any Connate Wonders.

    Inside the chamber.

    Qin Yun was in no hurry to begin. He first lit up an incense stick, allowing its faint fragrance to emanate the chamber.

    He wore the White Jade Token at his waist.

    The White Jade Token... was disguised as a Jade Heart Cleansing Token on the surface, but in actual fact, it functioned as one! It just had the effects of the White Jade Token hidden within. Fiends were unable to activate the White Jade Token because the Chaos Lightning Beast abhorred fiends, wishing that they could be obliterated from the world. So how could he allow fiendish experts to enter his cave abode? Even if fiends chanced upon it, there was no way for them to discover its secret. They would only think of it as a normal Jade Heart Cleansing Token.

    They could not enter even if they discovered the secret!

    Fiendish Dharmic powers were unable to imprint a mark to take up any of the six spots in the White Jade Token.

    With the Jade Heart Cleansing Token safe on his person, his mind could be focused without any distracted thoughts.

    "It begins."

    Qin Yun sat cross-legged on a mat and waved his hand. The cake of Expanding Soil flew out and floated a feet above the ground.

    A wisp of misty rain flew out from Qin Yun's fingertip and hovered above the Expanding Soil. It was none other than the Misty Rain Sword.

    As Qin Yun circulated his Dharma formulation, a black-and-white chart surfaced over the Misty Rain Sword. Instantly, earth-yellow beams of light flew out from the extremely precious Connate Wonder Expanding Soil and into the black-and-white chart. The Misty Rain Sword Art absorbed the light as the Expanding Soil shrank at a slow but discernible pace.

    "Hum." The Misty Rain Sword trembled as a sword hum resounded through the chamber.

    Qin Yun could sense that the Misty Rain Sword was slowly transforming. When it absorbed the Expanding Soil's energy, the flying sword seemed to take on a vast and boundless concept that belonged to the land.


    Suddenly, the flying sword's hum intensified.

    "It's beginning to break through. The Intrinsic Flying Sword requires the most when it's breaking through." Qin Yun both released the Chaos Pure Gold from a calabash, and took out the Water of the First Essence from a bottle. He rapidly took the four other Connate Wonders. The largest remained the Chaos Pure Gold. It was also the fundamental Connate Wonder needed for the Intrinsic Flying Sword's breakthrough.

    More than half the Expanding Soil was rapidly devoured.

    Following that, the Intrinsic Flying Sword very naturally absorbed the Chaos Pure Gold, causing it to shrink rapidly as it was sucked on noisily.

    Qin Yun watched in excitement. He could sense the internals of the Intrinsic Flying Sword changing tremendously.

    The Water of the First Essence's extremely flexible nature.

    The Extreme Wind Fire Lava's violent nature.

    The Water of the Wood Essence's ceaseless vitality.

    The Expanding Soil's boundlessness.

    All of this complemented the Chaos Pure Gold's extreme sharpness! With the Chaos Pure Gold as the primary energy, the other four Connate Wonders acted as supplements. It began forming an even more powerful energy force.

    An hour later.

    Everything came to a halt.

    "A Connate Numinous treasure aligns with the Great Dao naturally." Qin Yun muttered as he took in the scene before him.

    A hazy rain blanketed the chamber, making it turn dark as the misty rain splattered. However, the chamber isolated all of this, or the misty rain might have easily enveloped an area spanning five thousand kilometers.

    And the single flying sword was floating in front of Qin Yun's eyes.

    The flying sword had a misty rain swirl across its surface, and a terrifying killing intent lurked within its core.

    This killing intent alarmed Qin Yun.

    "Connate Numinous treasures were born out of the Chaos, so they naturally contain the Great Dao. All the Connate Numinous treasures in the Three Realms have a property they are strong in, and their strength isn't all the same. Some ropes are good at capturing enemies, releasing lightning, flying, or even the releasing of flames... And by using ordinary materials, one can at most refine a supreme-grade Numinous treasure. Only by using Connate Wonders would I be able to refine a Connate Numinous treasure.

    "Perhaps, the Connate Wonders hold a portion of the Great Dao within them."

    During Qin Yun's nurturing of his Intrinsic Flying Sword, he also gained an understanding of the birth of Connate Numinous treasures. The five Connate Wonders all contained the concept of Chaos and included a portion of the Great Dao.

    By combining all of them, the Misty Rain Sword would birth a complete Great Dao!

    "I, Qin Yun, have cultivated for so many years. To think I'm lucky enough to obtain a Connate Numinous treasure." Qin Yun extended his hand as the Misty Rain Sword obediently came to a stop above his palm. However, the might contained within the flying sword was extremely terrifying due to the complete Great Dao inside it. It was because it was Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword that it was easier to control. If not, Qin Yun might not have had a way to refine such a powerful Connate Numinous treasure flying sword for himself.

    Connate Numinous treasures had varying strengths. They were also good in different aspects.

    As for the sword-type Connate Numinous treasures, all of them were good at killing!

    "Some ninth firmament Skyimmortals can match Golden Immortals and Buddhas just because they possess a powerful Connate Numinous treasure," thought Qin Yun. "Although my Dharmic powers are weaker, making me equivalent to a third firmament Skyimmortal from the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage, my flying sword... is not only a Connate Numinous treasure, it is an Intrinsic Connate Numinous treasure. It's more than sufficient to make up for my lacking Dharmic powers."

    "At least, I can sense it."

    "My flying sword's might..."


    Qin Yun directed with his mind.

    The Misty Rain Sword flew out from his palm and tore through a rift inside the chamber's space, but the rift rapidly healed.

    The Misty Rain Sword streaked across the chamber's walls as they rippled. The ripples seemed to contain infinite power, fully withstanding Qin Yun's terrifying blow. This was Green Touring Palace after all. Even mighty figures would not be able to destroy this chamber.

    "Just from this bit of might, I can see that my flying sword is at least stronger than Palatial Lord Kuishi." Qin Yun's eyes lit up. "Kuishi's tail can even pose a threat to mighty figures. My flying sword can similarly threaten mighty figures."

    "In terms of killing my enemies and protecting myself, I'm stronger than Kuishi. However, my body is too weak... Kuishi, meanwhile has a powerful body, allowing her to enter a battle with mighty figures. My body cannot withstand such a strike." Qin Yun understood this point. "I guess both my strengths and weaknesses are obvious."

    "However, I have nothing to fear as long as I have my flying sword protect me."

    Qin Yun knew very well that he was best when it came to forming a defense with his flying sword.

    With such a powerful flying sword protecting him, who could crack his defense? The meager means Kuishi had were nothing but a scratch.

    "Also... my domain!"

    "My Misty Rain Sword's control over the void is surprisingly powerful." Qin Yun looked at the fluttering misty rain. It could envelop an area of five thousand kilometers, just one of the powerful means available to a Connate Numinous treasure.
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