Chapter 515: Lightning Beast Manor

    Chapter 515: Lightning Beast Manor

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    Deep down, Ancestral Master Zhang wished to go, but the White Jade Token spots were extremely precious. To take one would be holding a hot potato! Besides, Qin Yun had declared previously that a spot needed a Connate Wonder. He was completely unable to produce one. The most precious item he had was the Lightning Department's Numinous treasure Seal he obtained from the Star Cluster Hall. It was extremely high in value, and it would have been sufficient to exchange for a White Jade Token spot.

    However, he was unwilling to give it up. He had created his own Lightning Dharma, and had passed the second round of tests at the sixth firmament Skyimmortal realm. Therefore, the treasure bestowed by Star Cluster Hall was very precious to him.

    "You might be inviting me, but I have no way of going," said Ancestral Master Zhang with a shake of his head. "Even I find such a huge opportunity to be a hot potato."

    "Senior Brother Zhang, given our relationship, why would you call it that? Besides, you have helped me numerous times in the past. If not for you, I might not have been able to save my daughter and wife."

    "I only helped you in passing. Alright, don't force me," said Ancestral Master Zhang with a smile. "Since you are bringing up our past ties, why don't you sell me one of the Connate Lightning Fruits when you exit Lightning Beast Manor. I won't be able to buy three or four of them, but I can scrape together enough to afford one."

    However, Qin Yun said solemnly, "Senior Brother Zhang, the cultivation path is not easy to begin with. Each step we advance is done so with difficulty. We are also not given the luxury to step back. That Lightning Beast Manor is the Connate Lightning Beast's cave abode. Apart from the Connate Lightning Fruits, there are other opportunities. Since you cultivate in the Lightning Dharma, you should go! If you think you owe me, then just owe me temporarily. You can return the favor in the future!"

    Ancestral Master Zhang looked like he was in a dilemma.

    The cultivation path was indeed difficult. He reached a bottleneck when he attained the pinnacle of the Skyimmortal realm. He did not even have the nascent form of a ninth firmament Skyimmortal realm Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma.

    The opportunities of Lightning Beast Manor were indeed very rare.

    Ancestral Master Zhang looked at Qin Yun and finally nodded. "Alright, I'll owe you for now. I'll repay it to you in the future."

    "That's more like it," said Qin Yun with a smile. "By the way, when are available to set off?"


    "Alright, I'll contact the other four and we can decide on the set off date."


    The other four were already prepared to set off at any time.

    That day, people began gathering in Qin Yun's compound.

    "Creak." Qin Yun went to open the door and saw a single-horned black-robed Daoist walk in.

    "Senior Brother Ravenhorn," said Qin Yun with a smile. "Please enter."

    "Junior Brother Ravenhorn is here. I was convinced that Junior Brother Ravenhorn would be one of the six." A bearded elder inside the yard said with a laugh. "Come on, sit anywhere. There are two who haven't arrived."

    "Xiahou." Demon King Ravenhorn nodded before taking his seat. He shot a glance at Daoist Divine Firmament who was sitting not far from him. "Junior Brother Zhang."

    "Senior Brother Ravenhorn." Ancestral Master Zhang greeted.

    Qin Yun watched all of this. He had not divulged the exact details of who was going to the Lightning Beast Manor except for the general strengths of the six.

    Among the six, Ancestral Master Zhang was the weakest. Still, he was considered the cream of the crop among ninth firmament Skyimmortals.

    Demon King Ravenhorn had the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal. He was an avian demon that cultivated in the Dao, and was innately good at controlling lightning.

    Daoist Xiahou, a half-step Golden Immortal, was extremely powerful at talismans.

    Fairy Mu was half-step Golden Immortal. She cultivated in a physical Dharmic formulation, and was good at melee combat! Her strength was probably only second to Sa Xu among the six!

    Senior Brother Sa Xu did not need further elaboration!

    "Apart from Ancestral Master Zhang and I, those that can afford to buy the White Jade Token spots are at the very least half-step Golden Immortals," thought Qin Yun.

    After waiting for a moment, a white-dressed woman with cold eyes walked in.

    She swept her gaze and took a glance at Daoist Xiahou, Demon King Ravenhorn, Ancestral Master Zhang, and Qin Yun before sitting silently to the side.

    "He's here." Qin Yun stood up to welcome the last person.

    From afar, a white-robed man walked over. He looked ordinary, but deep in the recesses of his eyes he had a natural aloofness that seemed to view everything as beneath him. When one cultivated in the Lightning Dharma, the deeper they went, the closer they appeared to be like the heavens, high and aloof. Once they cultivated on an extremely high realm, they were truly able to replace the Heavens to mete out Heavenly Punishment! One lightning strike would be like smiting with Heavenly Punishment. Their own bodies would seem to cloaked in the will of the Heavenly Dao.

    This was decided by the Dharmic formulation that was cultivated.

    "Senior Brother Sa," greeted Qin Yun.

    Mu, Xiahou, Ravenhorn, and Ancestral Master Zhang all stood up and greeted rather reverently, "Senior Brother Sa."

    He did not rely on Connate Numinous treasures or divine powers, and he matched that of a Golden Immortal mighty figure. He was naturally worthy of their respect.

    "Three of you are half-step Golden Immortals, and Junior Brother Qin and Junior Brother Zhang." Sa Xu walked in and nodded. "Apart from Junior Brother Qin, the rest of you all cultivate in the Lightning Dharma. That's good too. We avoided having some random people join us."

    "Shall we set off now?" asked Qin Yun.

    "Yes, to the Lightning world." Sa Xu nodded.

    They flew off...

    The blurry light descended as the six figures vanished.


    The Lightning world was a Small World.

    It was also where the Chaos Lightning Beast, Bai Xiao, established his Lightning Beast Manor.


    Qin Yun and company stood amid the cosmos as they looked at the planet in front of them.


    The Small World's surface was completely blanketed in lightning. Countless lightning streaks sparked out like snakes. Typical Small Worlds had a layer of clouds on the planet's surface.

    However, the periphery of the Lightning world was covered with lightning clouds. As countless lightning bolts sparked across the planet, they would occasionally resound with a loud clap of thunder before blasting out a huge bolt of lightning! The might was extremely terrifying. Perhaps weaker Skyimmortals and Skyfiends would be smote to death from it.

    "Although this Lightning world is a Small World, it has managed to generate infinite lightning... It's not suited for life," said Xiahou. "However, Bai Xiao liked such an environment and even built a cave abode here."

    Sa Xu looked down and said, "The Lightning world has a unique environment, which is why its suitable for the growth of the Connate Lightning Fruit Tree. It's not possible for Heaven Earth Spirit Roots to take root in ordinary places. Let's go down."


    The six swooped down.

    Everyone present apart from Qin Yun were experts at controlling the lighting. Even the weakest Ancestral Master Zhang was considered the cream of the crop among ninth firmament Skyimmortals. They naturally were not afraid of the bolts of lightning that would occasionally shoot out around them.

    "Pu... Pu... Pu..."

    As Qin Yun and company continued their flight, they tore through layer after layer of lightning clouds.

    "The Lightning world was said to only have one such cloud early on. Now, there are nine layers." Xiahou said smilingly as he flew. "It was Bai Xiao who invited the Heavenly Lord of Universal Transformation to refine a Ninth Firmament Heavenly realm Array. It's only because we have the White Jade Token that we are able to easily fly in here. Without it, even mighty figures can forget about cracking it."

    Sa Xu said, "Bai Xiao lived long and he was in control of a Heaven Earth Spirit Root, the Connate Lightning Fruit Tree. Many experts in the Three Realms had to fawn over him. He had long set up the Lightning world to have an impregnable defense, and because it is a Small World, mighty figures are unable to enter with their true bodies. Therefore, no one has been able to snatch the Heaven Earth Spirit Root for themselves."

    "Many experts in the Three Realms coveted his possession of a Heaven Earth Spirit Root," asked Qin Yun out of curiosity, "Yet, he lived so long. Why would he eventually die under the hands of an Ancestral Fiend?"

    "He was trying to seek revenge for a good friend. He lost his mind with murderous rage and eventually lost his life for it," answered Sa Xu.

    Mu, Xiahou, Ravenhorn, Zhang, and Qin Yun were astonished hearing this.

    There was actually such an untold story about the Connate Lightning Beast's death?

    He had sought revenge for a good friend?


    As they conversed, the six quickly tore through the nine layers of clouds and saw vast, rugged lands. Far in the distance, lightning bolts from the sky would strike the ground before spreading in various directions. Over time, large swaths of land in the Lightning world had been crystallized from the lightning strikes! There was purple crystals everywhere.

    And far into the distance was a contiguous ancient cave abode. Although it was very far away, it still emanated an endless repression.

    In order to protect the Connate Spirit Root, the Chaos Lightning Beast had spent a great deal of effort to construct his cave abode.
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