Chapter 520: Help

    Chapter 520: Help

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    Lightning Beast Manor was the only cave abode in the Lightning world. It spanned an area several thousand kilometers across. There were lakes, rivers, and even the tallest mountain in the Lightning world inside the manor, showcasing how massive it was.

    Ancestral Master Zhang entered another palace which contained a tiny lake that was about a kilometer wide. By the bank, there was a sculpture in the form of a human with wings. There were a few areas on the sculpture carved with dense text and figures. It was another precious Lightning Dharma Dharmic formulation.

    "Lightning Tribulation Diamond Body? A Physical Establishing Sage Dharmic formulation?" Ancestral Master Zhang looked at it carefully. "Unfortunately, even when cultivated to perfection, it would only give one a half-step Golden Immortal strength. The best Physical Establishing Sage Dharmic formulations in the Three Realms are at the Skyimmortal realm. If one cultivates those to perfection, it allows them to match that of mighty figures."

    He was a Green Touring Palace disciple after all. He had seen numerous Dharmic formulations and, although Bai Xiao had gathered all sorts of Dharmic formulations throughout his long life, the Lightning Dharma contained within the seventy-two tests were ones the Lightning Beast was most proud of before he made it available.

    Each formulation was rather extraordinary.

    Be it the Buddhists, any of the three Dao schools of thought, or itinerant cultivators, any powerful Lightning Dharma was obtained by him through different means.

    Indeed more than half his Dharmic formulations... were things that even Green Touring Palace's collection lacked.

    Green Touring Palace's collection mainly consisted of Golden Immortal Dharmic formulations. As for those beneath that of the Golden Immortal level, only unique ones were selected! The seventy-two Lightning Dharma in the Lightning Beast Manor were mostly at the half-step Golden Immortal level, but all of them had their unique highlights. For many Skyimmortals, there was no chance of becoming a Golden Immortal. At times, some half-step Golden Immortal Dharmic formulations could raise their strength most substantially.

    "But among all the Lightning Dharma body-tempering formulations, this Lightning Tribulation Diamond Body gives one very impressive speed." Ancestral Master Zhang nodded. "It's worth my time to cultivate it."

    Following that, he sat cross-legged and began cultivating.

    In the seventy-two Lightning Dharma tests, one had to reach the initial success stage of the Lightning Dharma within before they could leave to head for the next test.

    As all these powerful Dharmic formulations incurred the jealousy of the heavens, the number of times they could be cultivated were limited! If one were to enter thoughtlessly and study all the seventy-two Lightning Dharma once without cultivating them, it would be a waste!

    Therefore, departure could only happen after attaining the initial success stage.

    Due to this rule, even talented people could only cover a small number of the seventy-two Lightning Dharma tests even if they simply attained initial success! If they focused on a particular Dharmic formulation to attain perfection, they would be bestowed with treasures. But that would take up a lot of time! It was common for one to study a particular Dharmic formulation for the entire ten years and still not reach perfection.

    Ancestral Master Zhang had created the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma himself after all. His perceptivity was high to begin with, and he had an affinity with the Capital Heaven Divine Lightning Array, which allowed him to attain perfection in a year which translated to a hundred years of cultivation due to the flow of time.

    "Oh?" Not long after he began cultivating, Ancestral Master Zhang frowned as he turned his head.

    He saw a person walk in from the distant yard entrance. It was a bearded Daoist who was chuckling. "Junior Brother Zhang."

    "Oh, it's Senior Brother Xiahou. What a coincidence. Senior Brother Xiahou, you chose this place too? You haven't attained the phenomenal success stage yet for the Capital Heaven Divine Lightning Array, right?" Ancestral Master Zhang stood up, his heart tightening slightly.

    "Compared to you, my talent in the Capital Heaven Divine Lightning Array is indeed far inferior. I can always take more time to cultivate it when I leave." The bearded Daoist continued to advance.

    Ancestral Master Zhang nodded slightly. "Then, I'll continue my cultivation and not delay you any further."

    "There's no rush." Daoist Xiahou grinned. "Junior Brother Zhang, do you know that back during the war of the three schools of thought, the Jade Void Palace, which has more stricter rules than us, had instances of master and disciple losing decorum over treasures?"

    "Yes, I have! During the war of the three schools of thought, there were many Jade Void Palace disciples who borrowed their master's Connate Numinous treasure, but refused to return it thereafter! There were even a few who stole their master's Connate Numinous treasures." Ancestral Master Zhang nodded, feeling more wary by the second. "Finally, many masters and disciples completely abandoned decorum with each other. Senior Brother Xiahou, why are you suddenly bringing this up?"

    Daoist Xiahou smiled. "Junior Brother Zhang, can't you tell the reason why I'm mentioning this?"

    "Please tell me." Ancestral Master Zhang's expression changed.

    "In fact, I came here because I have long cultivated the Lightning Tribulation Diamond Body Dharmic formulation," said Daoist Xiahou with a chuckle. "The reason why I bothered to come here again is to borrow those twelve array flags of yours. I will naturally return them to you once I attain a Golden Immortal Dao fruit. I wonder if it's possible?"

    Ancestral Master Zhang's expression turned grim.

    Returning it only after he became a Golden Immortal?

    He did believe that Xiahou would likely return them if he became a Golden Immortal, since the twelve array flags would amount to little help when that happened, but if Xiahou were to fail to become a Golden Immortal his entire life, wouldn't that mean the flags would be his forever? This was outright robbery!

    "Senior Brother Xiahou, aren't you going a little overboard?" shouted Ancestral Master Zhang.

    "There are tens of thousands of fellow Green Touring Palace disciples. There are many with ties of gratitude or resentment. As long as no one dies, Master will not be bothered. Besides, there were some who killed their fellow disciples and betrayed the Green Touring Palace for another school of thought. All I'm doing is borrowing your treasure. It's nothing worth mentioning at all." Daoist Xiahou waved his hand as seven divine swords floated around him. "Junior Brother, since you appear unwilling, why don't I help you."

    With that said, he suddenly attacked.

    Twelve Lightning Godfiends immediately flew out from behind Ancestral Master Zhang. Each Lightning Godfiend held an array flag.

    "I'm in trouble. I just entered this area and I can't leave until I cultivate the Lightning Tribulation Diamond Body Dharmic formulation to the initial success stage. With him attacking me, there's no way for me to leave... I can't even escape." Ancestral Master Zhang turned anxious and furious.


    Both sides clashed furiously.


    Great Chang world. Grand Dominance City's Qin Manor.

    Qin Yun had left an avatar in his homeworld. However, the avatar was in cultivation seclusion most of the time and would not appear unless it was for something major.


    A man in a Daoist robe and tall headdress appeared above Qin Manor. It was Ancestral Master Zhang's true body! The one that had headed to the Lightning Beast Manor was his second Essence Soul. At that moment, Ancestral Master Zhang looked down and sent a voice transmission. "Qin Yun! Quick help me!"

    Qin Yun's avatar instantly exited the chamber. "Senior Brother Zhang, what happened?"

    Lightning flashed high in the sky as Ancestral Master Zhang appeared next to Qin Yun's avatar. He immediately said via voice transmission, "That Xiahou Yu wants to rob me of my Dharma treasure! My second Essence Soul is now trapped in the Emerald Leaf Lake. Senior Brother Sa, Fairy Mu, Senior Brother Ravenhorn are not from our Effulgent dominion. I have no way of asking them to help. Quickly seek them out to save me. You have to be fast. I can't hold out much longer."

    The voice transmission was delivered instantly.

    Qin Yun's expression changed.

    Could senior brothers and sisters really be trusted? Anyone who studied the history of the Three Realms knew that it was a joke! There were many who had betrayed their sects to serve allegiance to another sect.

    There were even esteemed people in the Three Realms who followed the fiendish way! Just the snatching of treasures happened all the time in the Three Realms. For powerful Connate Numinous treasures, it was common for master and disciple to lose decorum.

    "Alright, leave it to me," answered Qin Yun.


    Lightning Beast Manor.

    Qin Yun, who was sitting cross-legged, opened his eyes. He had been cultivating for 1200 years, and his foundations were a lot more fortified than when he first arrived in the Lightning Beast Manor. His talent and perceptivity... had improved quite significantly after 1200 years of cultivation. He even had a nascent form of his sword immortal Skyimmortal Dharmic formulation in mind.


    Qin Yun immediately rode his Intrinsic Flying Sword and transformed into a stream of light. He charged straight for Emerald Leaf Lake.

    He never had the intention of getting Senior Brother Sa and company to help because all three of them were in other dominions. Although their real bodies were in Lightning Beast Manor, he had no means to look into the seventy-two Lightning Dharma tests. As for searching one by one? That would be counting on luck and wasting time.

    It was better for him to help Senior Brother Zhang himself.

    "There is no knowing what is in a man's heart. I never expected Xiahou to be such a person." Qin Yun was rather vexed.


    He plunged down from a mountain straight for Emerald Leaf Lake. With the speed of Qin Yun's Sword Kinesis Flight, he was able to cover a few hundred kilometers very quickly.

    He soon saw the palace by Emerald Leaf Lake. A blob of light condensed out of thin air into a white-haired elder by the palace's entrance. He looked at Qin Yun rushing for the entrance and immediately sent a voice transmission. "Esteemed guest, do not enter if you do not cultivate the Lightning Dharma. You will not be able to exit if you enter. You will only be transported out after the ten years are up."

    The Guardian Generals were constantly watching the visitors in secret.

    They were well aware that the Essence Soul sword immortal... did not cultivate in the Lightning Dharma.

    As for the seventy-two Lightning Dharma tests, they were for those who cultivated in the Lightning Dharma. One had to cultivate to the initial success stage before they could leave. It was difficult even for ninth firmament Skyimmortals. If Qin Yun entered without knowing the Lightning Dharma, he would only be trapped because he could not master it.

    "I will be transported out only after the ten years are up?" Qin Yun hesitated for a moment.

    This was in conflict with his original plan.

    He had planned on cultivating the entire time in that spot where time flowed 1200 times faster.

    Of course, it was only a momentary hesitation before Qin Yun charged in.

    How could he falter when his good friend's life was in peril? The thought was destroyed as soon as it arose in Qin Yun's mind! He thought lowly of such despicable people.

    "Boom!" Qin Yun charged in with Sword Kinesis Flight, forming a terrifying blast.

    The moment he flew in, he saw Daoist Xiahou attacking Ancestral Master Zhang. The terrifying lightning divine swords surrounded Ancestral Master Zhang as they attacked. Ancestral Master Zhang could hardly withstand the blows and he had even consumed Immortal Pills as he powered an array formation with all his might.

    "Oh?" The both of them turned their heads.

    "What are you doing here?" Ancestral Master Zhang was gripped by anxiety. Although he was a little touched, he felt that Qin Yun was being rash for charging in.
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