Chapter 522: 9000 Years Shortfall

    Chapter 522: 9000 Years Shortfall

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    Daoist Xiahou put away his Dharma treasure only after he flew out of the palace. His expression turned grim.

    "Such a good opportunity was destroyed by Qin Yun." Xiahou turned to look at the palace yard. The opportunity was truly rare. Ancestral Master Zhang had just entered and had yet to cultivate the Lightning Tribulation Diamond Body. Without reaching initial success in it, he was unable to exit! Without any means to escape, he was meat on the chopping block.

    Unfortunately, Qin Yun had intervened!

    "A sword immortal like him is truly foolish to enter a place for the cultivation of the Lightning Dharma." Xiahou Zhen suddenly frowned. "However, how did his strength reach this level? Having the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal at the Essence Soul realm?"

    "An Essence Soul Earth Immortal is suited to cultivate divine powers. He has cultivated the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes of the ancient demon Celestial Thearch to the phenomenal success stage, clear evidence of his high perceptivity. However, how is his flying sword so powerful?" Xiahou squinted his eyes and ruminated. "A flying sword Dharma treasure is powered by Dharmic powers. The Dharmic powers he has as an Essence Soul Earth Immortal... should be far inferior to a ninth firmament Skyimmortal."

    "With such weak Dharmic powers, he is able to power his flying sword to the level of a half-step Golden Immortal. If his Dharmic powers were to reach the ninth firmament Skyimmortal, how formidable would his flying sword be? It will definitely be able to suppress a Golden Immortal mighty figure."

    "It has to be a Connate Numinous treasure."

    Xiahou's eyes lit up. "And it's not any ordinary Connate Numinous treasure... Either it's an Intrinsic Connate Numinous treasure, or it's a top-grade Connate Numinous treasure. That would explain why it possesses such strength despite only being powered by Essence Soul Dharmic powers."

    "What a waste of a Connate Numinous treasure, being placed in the hands of an Essence Soul." The covetous look in Xiahou's eyes burned.

    Sword-shaped Connate Numinous treasures were always very valuable in the Three Realms.

    Not all Connate Numinous treasures were equal. The most ordinary ones were equivalent to more than a hundred supreme-grade Numinous treasures, but the powerful ones were priceless!

    Sword-shaped Connate Numinous treasures... were extremely few in number. All of them were good for attacking. Even mighty figures had no means of buying one, no matter how much they might want it, because there were just too few or they were owned by someone else.

    For a powerful Connate Numinous Treasure, it was not impossible for even a master and disciple to lose decorum. It was common for one to betray their sect for another because powerful Connate Numinous treasures... could not only greatly enhance one's strength, but also give a disciple the strength to defeat their master. Occasions where mounts stole a Dao Ancestor's Connate Numinous treasure and made a clean sweep of mighty figures had happened in the Three Realms. In addition, Connate Numinous treasures contained a complete Great Dao within them. By studying them carefully, the benefits would be tremendous.

    "A sword-shaped Connate Numinous treasure. If it was in my hands, it would be easy to exchange for one or two Connate Numinous treasures. With a Connate Numinous treasure in hand, I will be able to match mighty figures." Xiahou shook his head gently. "What a pity. His strength is in no way inferior to mine."

    "I have to make plans."

    Xiahou pondered as he flew off.


    In the Three Realms, it was a tragedy for a weakling to obtain a Connate Numinous treasure.

    For instance, in the Ancient Augury World, the Exalted Immortal Nine Raven was able to repress mighty figures with a Connate Numinous treasure, but ultimately, he still perished.

    However, Qin Yun had the great divine power, Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes. His cultivation in it had reached the phenomenal success stage.


    Inside the palace.

    Shock ran through Ancestral Master Zhang's heart when Qin Yun managed to send Xiahou retreating. There was no doubt that Qin Yun had attained the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal.

    "Qin Yun." Ancestral Master Zhang dispelled his twelve Lightning Godfiends and the array flags.

    "Senior Brother Zhang, I doubt Xiahou will dare enter again." Qin Yun put away his flying sword as the might of the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes converged.

    However, Ancestral Master Zhang looked at Qin Yun and said solemnly, "I really have to thank you for this. If not for you, I might not have just lost my twelve array flags, even my Lightning Dharma Great Seal could have been snatched by him."

    "Back when I sought your help, you have always helped me to the best of your abilities," said Qin Yun.

    "It's different."

    Ancestral Master Zhang shook his head and sighed with a laugh. "I really never expected that you would cultivate to this stage. The Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes is a great divine power of the ancient demon Celestial Thearch, but you have already cultivated it to the phenomenal success stage. That Xiahou's attacks can't even crack the world emitted by the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes, much less speak of penetrating the robes themselves."

    The Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes were a dual-layer protection. The emitted world was very powerful, even stronger than the robes' protection.

    It was so powerful that... even Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword was not its match.

    "It's also an opportunity. I was cultivating in seclusion in this Lightning Beast Manor. I only cultivated this great divine power to the phenomenal success stage recently," said Qin Yun with a smile. "Senior Brother Zhang, continue your cultivation. There's no need to bother with me."

    Ancestral Master Zhang felt a little indebted as he said, "I'm really sorry to get you temporarily trapped in here. You will probably only be able to leave once the ten years are up."

    "I've already attempted all three tests. I'll be waiting no matter where I go! It will be the same when cultivating here. Once the ten years are up, I'll be able to get my share of the fruits," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    Ancestral Master Zhang nodded and did not continue.

    He knew...

    That although Qin Yun needed to wait no matter where he was, time flowed at different speeds in different places!

    In the Lightning Beast Manor, the spot where time was accelerated the most ran at a speed of 1200 times faster than the Effulgent Great World. And although this palace was not the slowest, it was rather ordinary. It was only about 200 times faster.

    To make him wait the remaining nine years, it would be equivalent to shortening Qin Yun's cultivation by 9000 years.

    Qin Yun could have cultivated for 12,000 years, but now he was only able to cultivate for 3000 years because of him.

    However, Ancestral Master Zhang made it a point to remember this act of friendship.


    Qin Yun did not take a second look after glancing at the human-shaped sculpture's Lightning Dharma.

    On the one hand, he long knew that the 72 Lightning Dharma in Lightning Beast Manor were extremely powerful. They typically required late-stage Skyimmortal Lightning Dharma foundations before they could be cultivated to the initial success stage in a short period of time. How was he to cultivate a Lightning Dharma to the late-stage Skyimmortal realm himself from nothing? Even if he used all the time he had left in Lightning Beast Manor, it was hopeless.

    On the other hand, he was a sword immortal! He had sword immortal Dharmic powers flowing through him which prevented him from switching to Lightning Dharma cultivation. It was impossible for him to master the Lightning Tribulation Diamond Body.

    "The time here is 200 times faster. In the remaining nine years, that will be 1800 years." Qin Yun closed his eyes. "I hope that I can cultivate my Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm to the phenomenal success stage in the remaining time. Back then, among the ancient demon Celestial Thearch's two great divine powers, his Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm was even more famous. It's tremendously powerful when used against an enemy or for escaping."

    Enemies would be repressed the instant the domain was released.

    It was good at killing, trapping, and escaping. The Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes was quite extreme as it only focused on protecting one's body. As for the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm, it was multi-faceted!

    "Qin Yun, Qin Yun." A voice suddenly sounded.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun, who was sitting on the grass beside the lake, opened his eyes. He had been cultivating for ten years inside the palace.

    "Senior Brother Zhang." Qin Yun looked at Ancestral Master Zhang, who was standing beside the sculpture, before standing up immediately.

    "I have cultivated this Lightning Dharma to the initial success stage. It's time I leave," said Ancestral Master Zhang.

    "You aren't continuing?" asked Qin Yun. "This Dharmic formulation is a Physical Establishing Sage Dharmic formulation. It's quite good."

    "I spent ten years just working to achieve initial success, so it will probably take me thousands of years to achieve phenomenal success. There's no hope for me to gain perfection." Ancestral Master Zhang shook his head. "This physical Dharmic formulation will only reach the half-step Golden Immortal realm even when perfection is attained. It's not very useful for me."

    Qin Yun nodded in enlightenment.

    Ancestral Master Zhang added, "Qin Yun, I have something I need your help with."

    Qin Yun smiled. "What is it?"

    Ancestral Master Zhang waved his hand and the twelve array flags and the Lightning Dharma Great Seal appeared. He looked at Qin Yun and said, "These are my most important Dharma treasures. I wish for you to safeguard them for me temporarily. You can return them to me after we leave Lightning Beast Manor."

    "Safeguard them temporarily?" Qin Yun understood immediately.

    "The seventy-two Lightning Dharma tests are huge opportunities after all. The Capital Heaven Divine Lightning array aided me tremendously, and I have a nascent idea of the remaining ninth firmament Skyimmortal Dharmic formulation for my Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "I wish to take a look at the other Lightning Dharma, and perhaps I might reap greater harvests. But if I have these array flags and Lightning Dharma Great Seal with me, Xiahou might attack again."

    "Yes, I'm trapped in here and am unable to help you again." Qin Yun nodded.

    "Without the treasures on me, he'll get nothing even if he gets the better of me," said Ancestral Master Zhang with a smile. "He can't kill me even if it's for the array flags. It's a trifling matter to have conflict among fellow disciples in the Green Touring Palace since there are tens of thousands of them. But if one were to kill a fellow disciple... that would be a grave sin! There would be Golden Immortal level senior brothers or sisters coming to administer justice. Therefore, it's safest for me not to have the treasures on me."

    Qin Yun waved his hands and stored the treasures away. "Senior Brother Zhang, since you trust me, I'll temporarily safeguard them for you."

    "Alright. Let's meet again when we receive the Lightning Fruits," said Ancestral Master Zhang with a smile.

    "Alright. See you then." Qin Yun smiled as well.

    Ancestral Master Zhang turned and left.

    After Ancestral Master Zhang left the palace, Qin Yun sat cross-legged on the ground and closed his eyes before continuing his cultivation.
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