Chapter 526: Tumultuous River

    Chapter 526: Tumultuous River

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    Sa Xu snorted coldly as the terrifying lightning gathered from the thirty-six Heavenly Constellation Lightning Dharma array flags struck out instantly with terrifying might, blasting the seven lightning divine swords surrounding Xiahou.

    The seven lightning divine swords around the escaping Xiahou quaked as their speeds were reduced drastically.

    As he stood on his array pattern, Xiahou injected all his strength into the seven swords to resist the attack. Although the swords trembled, he emerged from the attack unharmed.

    "Sa Xu, you can't do a thing to me!" roared Xiahou.


    He flew towards the clouds above him once again.

    "Oh?" Sa Xu frowned slightly, but he continued controlling the Heavenly Constellation Lightning Dharma Array. Instantly, numerous lightning bolts smote down, giving Xiahou a hard time as he had to fly through the lightning, but he still managed to withstand the attacks.

    "Although this Xiahou's defensive means are inferior to my great divine power, they are still rather powerful. Ordinary mighty figures... will not be able to take him down in a short amount of time." Qin Yun could tell as well.

    As Sa Xu flew in chase, he brought with him the thirty-six array flags. Noticing that he was unable to do much to Xiahou, his expression turned cold. "Internal Heavenly Constellation! Nine Revolutions!"

    The thirty-six array flags revolved slowly as bolts of ring-shaped lightning came crashing down to envelop Xiahou.

    After the ring-shaped lightning bolts enveloped Xiahou, they immediately contracted before exploding once they reached an extremum.



    Rings of lightning descended, contracting and exploding.

    The explosive lightning contracted and exploded once again when chained by the ring-shaped lightning. It served to make the explosion a lot more powerful.

    It happened again and again...

    The explosive might increased in strength.

    When the ninth ring-shaped lightning descended, chaining together with the massive amounts of remnant lightning, the might of the contracting explosion sent the seven lightning divine swords flying. However, the remnant shockwave was fully withstood by the Seven Sonorous Lightning God Robe. After withstanding the blast, Xiahou summoned the seven lightning divine swords to surround him once again with a thought.

    "Hahaha." Xiahou laughed hideously. "Sa Xu, isn't your Heavenly Constellation Lightning Dharma's most powerful attack the Internal Heavenly Constellation Nine Revolutions? But it still can't harm me all the same. What other means do you have?"

    Sa Xu's expression was ice cold as he continued powering the Heavenly Constellation Lightning Dharma Array, casting down ring-shaped Lightning Dharma again and again.

    "It's useless, Sa Xu. I admit you are powerful. I can't put up a fight in front of you, I can only barely withstand your attacks, but my life-preservation skills are not something to scoff at!" Xiahou continued flying upwards as he spoke. Even though his flying speed was slower due to the lightning strikes, he was still able to continue flying.

    Ravenhorn and Fairy Mu were only watching this from the side.

    "Senior Brother Sa won't be able to do a thing once Xiahou flees the Lightning world." Ravenhorn shook his head. "In fact, it's still uncertain who's right or wrong. Why attack a fellow disciple?"

    Qin Yun watched the scene as well.

    Experts in the Three Realms valued life-preservation means greatly.

    The stronger one's life-preservation means were, the longer they could live! After all, most cultivators were not of the Physical Establishing Sage lineage. Their bodies were slightly weaker and unable to withstand the mighty blows of experts at their level! If they made one mistake, it was very likely they would perish there and then.

    This was even true for for sword immortals. An example was the two sword immortals from the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage that had a different Sword Dao from Qin Yun. Their Sword Dao was not the best when it came to life-preservation, so they would seek out Connate Numinous treasure to protect themselves. Clearly, even they valued life-preservation.

    "It looks like he can't do much," Ancestral Master Zhang sent Qin Yun a voice transmission. "Xiahou is a half-step Golden Immortal after all, and he has good life-preservation means. Ordinary mighty figures can't do a thing to him. Besides, he has a wide circle of friends in Green Touring Palace. Outsiders might not be able to enter the Lightning world... but once he escapes, his friends will probably appear to help him."

    "Yea." Qin Yun nodded as he sent a voice transmission. "Senior Brother Sa is good at the Lightning Dharma, which excels at escaping and destroying the enemy. It also has a secondary focus on cultivating one's body, but it's quite average when it comes to trapping enemies."

    Ancestral Master Zhang was a little puzzled and could not help but ask via voice transmission. "Trap a half-step Golden Immortal? There aren't many mighty figures that are good at trapping enemies, right?"

    Trapping... was equivalent to imprisonment!

    Even mighty figures varied in their means. Some were good at melee combat, while others were good at vanquishing their foes with divine powers or Dharma treasures. But to trap and imprison their enemies? Most mighty figures were not adept at that. Those who were good at doing so either had Connate Numinous treasures like the Immortal Binding Rope, or cultivated in Dharmic formulations or divine powers that were good at trapping enemies. All of these were few in number.

    However, the great divine power, the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm, which Qin Yun cultivated in was the great divine power of the ancient demon Celestial Thearch. It was famous for trapping enemies!

    "Hahaha. Senior Brother Sa Xu, you are wasting your strength." Xiahou laughed out boisterously as he flew through the first layer of lightning clouds while withstanding the terrifying lightning blasts.


    A massive and boundlessly rich stellar force descended upon him!

    The boundless stellar forces instantly permeated fifteen thousand kilometers. They pressed down on Xiahou's lightning sword array as he instantly felt weighed down. His expression changed drastically as he turned to look at the distant Qin Yun. At that moment, he saw that 360 Stellar Flying Swords had formed around Qin Yun.

    "Great divine power, the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm?" Xiahou's expression changed drastically.

    "Senior Brother Sa, I might not be able to do a thing to him, but I'm confident I can trap him." Qin Yun's voice resounded through the sky as the 360 Stellar Flying Swords flew over rapidly.

    Upon seeing this scene, Sa Xu's cold expression finally gave way to a smile. "This Qin Yun really hid well."

    "Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm?" Fairy Mu was astonished.

    "He has reached the phenomenal success stage of a great divine power like the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm as well?" Ravenhorn was astonished. "Many mighty figures have attempted to cultivate this ancient demon Celestial Thearch's great divine power, but they have at best cultivated it to the phenomenal success stage. Yet, he has accomplished that very feat?"


    Xiahou attempted to fly away frantically.

    But against the terrifying lightning of the Heavenly Constellation Lightning Dharma Array and the immensely heavy stellar forces, his speed had reduced drastically. Just after entering the lightning clouds, the 360 Stellar Flying Swords trapped him.

    "Whoosh~" The 360 Stellar Flying Swords formed churning water flows as they swirled around Xiahou, forming circles of water around him that spanned hundreds of kilometers.


    Xiahou was gripped by anxiety as he sent his seven lightning divine swords to deliver attacks on the gushing water. Although the water was resilient, he was able to tear through it.

    However, the water formed multiple layers... that appeared infinite.

    A blade could cleave water but that only made it flow!

    The temporary cleaving of water only caused the water to take up form again immediately.

    This strike was created through the combination of the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm great divine power. It was best at trapping and imprisoning enemies-Tumultuous River!

    "Xiahou, I cultivated in Lightning Beast Manor for three thousand years. This move is best at trapping enemies. I will be impressed if you can crack it open," said Qin Yun with a loud laugh.

    "Darn it." Xiahou looked down and, through the thick layers of water, he could see the distant Qin Yun, Sa Xu, Ancestral Master Zhang, Fairy Mu, Ravenhorn. He roared angrily, "Qin Yun, are you really trying to bully me in such a manner?"

    Qin Yun scoffed. "Xiahou, there are karmic implications in everything. This is the karma that results from your attacking of a fellow disciple!"

    "Good, very good." Xiahou's expression turned nasty.

    "Haha. Qin Yun, your enemy trapping move is indeed powerful. The 360 Stellar Swords might not resemble the ancient demon Celestial Thearch's Heavenly Cycle sword array, but it is rather powerful in its own way. Even if he can crack it open, the layers of water would keep impeding the attacks, greatly reducing any forces. If I were to be trapped in this array, I'd probably have a great drop in strength," Sa Xu said with a laugh. He was in a rare, good mood.

    "Senior Brother, even if your strength did drop a little, you are still at the mighty figure level," said Qin Yun.

    "To be honest, even I wish to have such a great divine power." Sa Xu laughed. "Unfortunately, there are not many domain-type great divine powers in the Three Realms. There are even fewer that are suited for me. Furthermore, I'm not at the Essence Soul realm, so it will be troublesome cultivating it."

    Fairy Mu was observing Qin Yun from the side.

    She was a little astonished by her junior brother as well.

    "Junior Brother Qin, let my array flags enter," said Sa Xu as the thirty-six array flags flew rapidly to the gigantic water sphere that spanned hundreds of kilometers. Wherever it passed, water would make way, giving the thirty-six array flags passage inside. They continued the barrage of attacks while casting the Heavenly Constellation Nine Revolution Lightning Dharma.

    "He is able to barely withstand my Internal Heavenly Constellation Nine Revolution Lightning, but it expends his Dharmic powers greatly," said Sa Xu with a smile. "Once he is drained of all his Dharmic powers, he's finished."

    "Yea." Qin Yun nodded.

    It was not easy to deal with a half-step Golden Immortal who was powerful at life-preservation.

    It would only be harder against a mighty figure. It was easy to defeat, but killing and capturing alive was tens if not hundreds of times harder. For instance, some Physical Establishing Sage mighty figures were imprisoned and left to True Fires or True Waters that chipped away at their lives... but even so, it was still very difficult to enervate them to death.

    "No, no-" Xiahou frantically charged the barrier, to the point of using his life-preservation items and Dao talismans.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    He attacked the gigantic water sphere from within again and again, but no matter how deranged he was, tearing through countless water layers, the water would constantly take up form again, dooming him to never escape from it.

    Under Sa Xu's control of the thirty-six Heavenly Constellation Lightning Dharma array flags, ring-shaped lightning constantly descended upon him in a barrage of attacks.

    Xiahou gave up.

    He stood on his array patterns in his spot as the seven lightning sword array surrounded him in midair.

    "Junior Brother Qin, Senior Brother Sa." Xiahou looked at Qin Yun and company before begging, "I was wrong. Please spare me this once."
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