Chapter 527: Return (Final Chapter of Volume)

    Chapter 527: Return (Final Chapter of Volume)

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    The 360 Stellar Flying Swords' casting of Tumultuous River had trapped Xiahou, while the terrifying stellar forces repressed him. On top of all of that, he was still being battered by the strongest Heavenly Constellation Lightning Dharma Array!

    Xiahou lost all hope of escaping. He looked pleadingly at Qin Yun and Sa Xu.

    "Senior Brother Sa, Junior Brother Qin, please spare me this once on account of us being fellow disciples," Xiahou said immediately.

    "Don't worry," Sa Xu said coldly. "I did say that I won't kill you, but since you attacked a fellow disciple, you shall face retribution today. You can forget about keeping any treasures you're holding."

    Xiahou's heart twitched. Not a single one?

    Qin Yun watched from the side and approved of Sa Xu's actions as well. It was common for there to be conflict among Green Touring Palace disciples, but if one's life was truly threatened, the Golden Immortals that watched over Green Touring Palace would probably take action.

    If the situation turned even more serious, their master would pay attention to the matter as well.

    Regardless, Xiahou had not killed a fellow disciple, so he did not deserve death.


    Numerous immortal islands floated in the Heavenly realm.

    On one of the immortal islands was a towering palace with Heavenly soldiers guarding it.

    There were fairies inside the palace who tended to it as servants.

    A crimson-haired Daoist was sitting by the side of the lake, leisurely fishing. There was bubbling steam rising from the lake even as fish darted around in it.

    "Oh?" The Daoist sensed something and looked to his side.

    The void beside him produced ripples, showing a distant spot. A black-bearded elder bowed reverently. "Greetings, Senior Brother Luo."

    "Oh? Junior Brother Xiahou," greeted the crimson-haired Daoist with a smile.

    "Senior Brother Luo, my true body is currently in the Lightning world. I had a bit of conflict with my junior brother, Daoist Divine Firmament, and now Junior Brother Qin Yun has sided with Junior Brother Zhang. Even Senior Brother Sa Xu sided with Junior Brother Zhang as well," said Xiahou in exasperation. "They do not have the evidence to act but they are bent on snatching away all of my treasures. They said it's to serve as a warning for others. I have no one I can seek help from, so I can only request that you help me."

    The Daoist furrowed his brows slightly. "Conflict?"

    "I did not take any of Junior Brother Zhang's treasures or harm him at all," said Xiahou immediately. "The treasures I have on me include the Seven Sonorous Lightning God Robe from the Star Cluster Hall. I also have treasures that I have amassed over the years with great difficulty. Now, Senior Brother Sa Xu and Junior Brother Qin Yun want to take them all! Senior Brother Luo, please help me."

    "You did not harm a fellow disciple at all?" pressed the crimson-haired Daoist.

    "No," said Xiahou immediately.

    "Alright, I'll speak to Sa Xu."

    "Thank you, Senior Brother Luo." Xiahou turned excited.

    "Alright." The Daoist nodded in response.

    Xiahou was secretly pleased.

    He liked befriending as many people as he could. Senior Brother Luo was the strongest acquaintance he had. To create this tie, he had spent a great deal of effort and had even saved one of Senior Brother Luo's descendants at a critical moment.


    Inside the Lightning world.

    Fairy Mu watched from the side as Ravenhorn shook his head silently. "Xiahou, I can't help you." As for Ancestral Master Zhang, his eyes were shimmering.

    Qin Yun and Sa Xu also had the patience to deal with Xiahou, slowly draining him of his Dharmic powers.


    A fluctuation descended into the Lightning world.

    Qin Yun was somewhat astonished. Sa Xu, Fairy Mu, Ancestral Master Zhang, and Ravenhorn looked over. Only Xiahou had a gleeful look in his eyes.

    A blurry figure materialized in the distance.

    It was a crimson-haired Daoist. He had a vertical eye at his glabella, and his eyes had flames in them. When he looked down, there was a terrifying repression.

    "Senior Brother Luo." Sa Xu bowed.

    "Senior Brother Luo." Qin Yun, Fairy Mu, Ancestral Master Zhang, and Ravenhorn bowed. Even the trapped Xiahou bowed immediately.

    Mighty figures were unable to descend into Small Worlds with their true bodies.

    The being that had descended was only an avatar, which was naturally very weak. However, no one present dared to slight him.

    The person in front of them had a high standing in Green Touring Palace. He was a Golden Immortal ranked within the top thirty.

    During the war of the three Daoist schools of thought, he was already a Golden Immortal who showcased his mighty strength.

    After all this time, he remained as the leader of the Fire Department of the Heavenly Courts. He was Mars Starlord Luo Xuan! He also had an extremely high standing in the Heavenly Courts.

    "Junior Brother Sa Xu," greeted Luo Xuan with a smile. "I heard of the situation regarding Xiahou. It's a trivial matter, so why don't we let it pass?"

    "Senior Brother Luo," said Sa Xu seriously. "This Xiahou had once schemed against Junior Brother Hong. This time, he schemed against Junior Brother Zhang as well. There is a cause to every effect. He needs to suffer for his actions."

    "There was no death or injury, right?" asked Luo Xuan again.


    "Then, stop what you are doing."

    Sa Xu cupped his hands. "Senior Brother Luo, forgive me for not being able to agree to that."

    Luo Xuan's expression sank when he heard that.

    "Senior Brother Sa, please spare me," pleaded Xiahou loudly.

    "No one can save you," said Sa Xu coldly.

    Upon hearing this, Xiahou turned anxious as he shouted immediately, "Qin Yun, Junior Brother Qin! Please dispel your divine power. Let me go, alright?"

    Luo Xuan looked at Qin Yun. "Divine power?"

    Qin Yun knitted his brows immediately.

    "Senior Brother Luo, I was present when Xiahou attacked Senior Brother Zhang," said Qin Yun.

    "Sword immortal." Luo Xuan nodded slightly. "Quite gutsy."

    "Senior Brother Luo, retribution is part of the karmic process. Xiahou deserves such retribution. We are only teaching him a lesson because we are fellow disciples. If we don't, he could very well forfeit his life by crossing the wrong person," said Sa Xu.

    Luo Xuan frowned when he heard that. He looked carefully at Sa Xu and smiled. "I heard from my senior brothers and sisters that our Green Touring Palace produced a junior brother good at the Lightning Dharma and with hopes of attaining a Golden Immortal Dao fruit. I've finally met you."

    With that said, he flicked his sleeve.

    Luo Xuan's avatar dissipated as a surging fluctuation rapidly flew and returned to the Heavenly realm.

    "He even dismissed Luo Xuan. How ruthless!" Ravenhorn mumbled to himself silently from the side.


    Xiahou was still trapped and a little dazed.

    There were many mighty figures in Green Touring Palace, but most of them were just acquaintances. Since it was not a life-and-death situation, the only Golden Immortal mighty figure who was willing to stand up for him was Luo Xuan! However, troubling Luo Xuan a few times... would eventually strain his ties with Luo Xuan. Asking for Luo Xuan's help did not come easily, but for his treasures, he could not hold back! This was why he requested help.

    "This Sa Xu's temper sure is terrible. He even dismisses Senior Brother Luo." Xiahou turned anxious and furious.

    "Sa Xu, tell me. What must I do to have you spare me?" The trapped Xiahou finally screamed.

    "Stop your pointless struggles," said Sa Xu indifferently. "It's useless. No one can save you. I already said I won't kill you, but you can forget about keeping any of your treasures."

    "Why don't you leave me two Dharma treasures for protection. Alright?"


    Xiahou begged, hoping to reduce his losses, but it was to no avail.

    After an hour of pleading, Xiahou finally hung his head in despair.

    "Hahaha, whatever! Since you aren't letting me keep all my treasures, I don't even want these three Connate Lightning Fruits," Xiahou said as he took out one Lightning Fruit.

    Qin Yun, Sa Xu, Ancestral Master Zhang, Fairy Mu, and Ravenhorn all looked at him in shock.

    Lightning Fruit?

    "These three Connate Lightning Fruits are very beneficial to you, right?" said Xiahou. "If I eat it, it will be gone in a blink of an eye. It would also be helpful towards my cultivation. However, I can also leave them to you. But... you have to let me keep my Seven Sonorous Lightning God Robe and the lightning sword array. I can give up the rest."

    Sa Xu shook his head gently.

    "Even this won't do?" Xiahou widened his eyes. "Then, all I want is my Seven Sonorous Lightning God Robe. Is that okay? Using three Lightning Fruits to exchange for one should work, right? You will be profiting immensely from that."

    He had obtained the Seven Sonorous Lightning God Robe from Star Cluster Hall. It was the Dharma treasure which suited him the best.

    "I already said that you can forget about keeping a single treasure. Thay also means not a single Dharma artifact," said Sa Xu nonchalantly.

    "You are going overboard in your bullying," roared Xiahou. "Then, I'll eat it!"

    "It's up to you," said Sa Xu.

    "Fine! Fine! Fine!" Xiahou's expression turned grotesque as he swallowed the Lightning Fruit in a few mouthfuls.

    Sa Xu watched this play out without wearing any expression.


    After being relentlessly assaulted by the Internal Heavenly Constellation Nine Revolutions Lightning for two days and two nights, Xiahou was enervated of all his Dharmic powers and pills. He finally could not persist any longer. He had also swallowed all three Lightning Fruits within those two days.

    In fact, consuming one Connate Lightning Fruit required a long period of cultivation to ponder over the mysticism of the Lightning Great Dao contained within. Only then would one take a second fruit. To eat three in a short span of time was only a waste, but Xiahou could no longer be bothered to worry about waste.

    "All of you are ruthless. Really ruthless!" Xiahou's Dharmic powers were sealed and his robes were ripped off. He was thrown to the ground half-naked as he wailed.

    "Junior Brother Qin, if not for you, I wouldn't have been able to do a thing to him. We shall split it. I'll take the Little Immortal Binding Rope and the Seven Sonorous Lightning God Robe. The rest are yours." Sa Xu threw the seven lightning divine swords and the rest of the collection of treasures to Qin Yun. Qin Yun did not stand on ceremony and took it with a smile. "Senior Brother Sa, if not for you, I wouldn't have been able to do a thing to him."

    "Let's go."

    When Sa Xu said that, the five immediately flew up.

    Fairy Mu, Ravenhorn, and Qin Yun looked down at the half-naked Xiahou lying on the ground before they left. He indeed looked quite pitiful.

    Moments later, the restraints on Xiahou dispersed. He crawled up and looked at his half-naked body with a nasty expression. Dharmic powers gathered over his body, forming a robe.

    "My Dharma treasures are gone. They are all gone." Xiahou gritted his teeth. "Sa Xu, Qin Yun, all of you are ruthless. Ruthless! And that Ravenhorn... even with our friendship, you just watched as I was reduced to this state."


    Green Touring Palace.

    Five figures appeared simultaneously.

    "We are back." Ancestral Master Zhang heaved a sigh of relief. Only here did he really feel safe.

    "Senior Brother Zhang, these are your Dharma treasures." Qin Yun handed a bag of items to Ancestral Master Zhang.

    Ancestral Master Zhang received it and thanked him.

    "Everyone, goodbye." Ravenhorn left after saying that. He was quite displeased that his good friend had all his treasures snatched away.

    Fairy Mu also nodded slightly before departing.

    Sa Xu smiled at Qin Yun instead. "Quite gutsy. Not bad." With that said, he left.

    Ancestral Master Zhang looked at the treasures inside his Cosmic Bag as several thoughts came to him. "I cultivated more than a thousand years in the Lightning Beast Manor and was exposed to various Lightning Dharma. I have fifty percent hope of creating a ninth firmament Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma! I hope that... my chances will be even greater after I consume three Connate Lightning Fruits, allowing me to create a ninth firmament Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma. When that happens, I can make up for what I owe Qin Yun."

    "Qin Yun, I'll first enter seclusion now that I have received the Lightning Fruits," said Ancestral Master Zhang.

    Qin Yun nodded with a smile as he watched Ancestral Master Zhang leave.

    Qin Yun was left standing there alone.

    "Three thousand years of cultivation. I have gained insights into both my divine powers and sword arts. It's time to head to the Myriad Dharma Pool." Qin Yun felt eager in anticipation. "I hope that cultivating in the Myriad Dharma Pool will allow me to attain a Golden Immortal Dao fruit."

    Myriad Dharma Pool was the greatest opportunity the Dao Ancestor gave the Green Touring Palace disciples before they became a Golden Immortal.
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