Chapter 529: Matching Mighty Figures?

    Chapter 529: Matching Mighty Figures?

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    Qin Yun sat cross-legged on the lotus leaf in the Myriad Dharma Pool as he absorbed the rainbow-colored Spirit Qi.

    He constantly pondered over the sword arts in his mind, perfecting and completing them throughout the entire process.

    Qin Yun's perception was high to begin with. He had also accumulated a great deal of insight and experience. These were further accentuated in the Myriad Dharma Pool. In his mind, he easily inferred and perfected many sword arts. Only sufficiently powerful sword arts... required him to manually deliver them to test them.


    A thought came to his head.

    It was a brand new sword art forming in his mind.

    "Excellent! This sword art is the most powerful one I have thought of over this one and a half years." Qin Yun opened his eyes and revealed a look of glee. "I'll try it."


    Qin Yun waved his hand as a wisp of misty rain flew out from his fingertip.

    A black vortex appeared around the Misty Rain Sword, penetrating everything it passed through! The Myriad Dharma Pool's array formation was very powerful, but when the Misty Rain Sword stabbed the boundaries of the array formation, just the slight contact caused ripples to form.

    "I have finally caused fluctuations in the array formation which was personally set up by Master. My previous strikes did not even cause a stir when they slashed at the array formation." Qin Yun was quite pumped. "This strike far exceeds the might of my previous sword moves. It is qualitatively different! If I compare it to the five sword manuals... the profoundness of this strike is already at a level of a Golden Immortal."

    The higher Qin Yun's realm was, the more acute he became.

    Since he had cultivated in sword manuals at the Golden Immortal level, he was naturally able to determine the level of his own moves.

    "A sword art at the Golden Immortal level, with the Intrinsic Connate Numinous treasure flying sword making up for my Dharmic powers weakness, the might of this strike has reached that of a Golden Immortal." Qin Yun felt great upheavals through his heart.

    After cultivating for millennia...

    He finally had a move that had stepped into the realm of Golden Immortals.

    Ordinary Golden Immortal sword immortals with an Intrinsic Connate Numinous treasure flying sword would have combat strength at the pinnacle Golden Immortal level! This gave rise to the claim: destroying all Dharma with a single sword. Of course, for those Golden Immortal sword immortals... every simple move was a sword art at the Golden Immortal level, and multiple sword arts at that. As for Qin Yun, he had only figured out one move!

    "This move was derived from my killing intent for fiends. I'll call it Evil Pandemonium." Qin Yun gave a name to his move. The entire Three Realms were still facing a fiendish threat. Back when the fiends rose in prominence, the Daoists, Buddhists, as well as the Heavenly Courts had joined forces, but failed to destroy it. Now, the fiends' creation of a solid bedrock left Qin Yun bemoaning the pitiful situation while killing intent rose in him.

    He grieved at the way fiends had wreaked havoc on countless living beings.

    The evil pandemonium grants tough passage.

    Only through one's sword can one forge through the pandemonium!

    "I have figured out a sword art at the Golden Immortal level, but I have no idea when I'll be able to gain insights into the Great Dao! My Sword Dao's foundation is very high, but to transform it into a Great Dao... it's much more difficult." Qin Yun understood this point.

    The Great Dao could be graded by strength.

    They were just like Connate Numinous treasures.

    Connate Numinous treasures all contained a Great Dao within! However, the might of Connate Numinous treasures differed drastically. The weaker ones were not much stronger than supreme-grade Numinous treasures! The strongest one were even helpful for the Dao Ancestors or Buddhist Ancestor. For instance, his master, Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure, would be very different if he did not have his Immortal Vanquishing Array. Therefore, it could be said that... the difference in the Great Dao contained resulted in great variation.

    "For example, Mars Starlord Senior Brother Luo Xuan cultivates in the Fire Dao, so he's only an ordinary Golden Immortal. Even with his numerous Connate Numinous treasures, the might he delivers is only considered close to the Golden Immortal pinnacle! Compared to true pinnacle Golden Immortals, he is far inferior." Qin Yun understood this point.

    "Back when that monkey 1  reached the pinnacle Golden Immortal level, he was already practicing the Physical Establishing Sage. He was able to cause mayhem in the Heavenly Courts by his strength alone. Only when that Erlang 2 took action did he manage to tie with the monkey."

    Those that could become pinnacle Golden Immortals were truly powerful. They were basically unstoppable in the Three Realms.

    And for those even stronger?

    They were perfected Golden Immortals.

    Those included Emperor Polestar, who was lord of the stars, Goddess Houtu, who controlled all lands, Amita, who was the lord of the Western Paradise, Ancestral Master Bodhi from Mt. Lingtai, the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Unity and Salvation of the Eastern Paradise... All of them had high standings in the Three Realms. They lived in Great Worlds. Since the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor were unable to descend upon those worlds with their real bodies, those entities were considered invincible! They naturally had extraordinary standings!

    "My Sword Dao can be divided into Heaven, Earth, and Man. It has extremely high foundations, and once I master it, I will be at the pinnacle Golden Immortal. However, attaining the Dao is extremely difficult."

    For instance, the Eldest Senior Brother of Green Touring Palace, Daoist Copious Treasures, had created the Five Elemental Sword Sutra.

    It required one to understand the Five Directions and Five Elements, the rotation concept of the Five Elements.

    Once one attained the Dao... they would be a pinnacle Golden Immortal!

    Later on, one had to separately cultivate each of the Five Elements to the Great Dao realm. It was equivalent to cultivating in five different Great Dao! One Great Dao was already extremely difficult, much less five! Furthermore, one had to fuse it with the Five Directions to attain perfection. That would result in a perfected Golden Immortal! The Green Touring Palace's Eldest Senior Brother... was a perfected Golden Immortal, one that even dared fight the Dao Ancestor.

    Back when Qin Yun decided on his Sword Dao foundations, he sought perfection. He wanted his Sword Dao to encompass Heaven, Earth, and Man. Although they were only three, they contained everything in the universe.

    Once he succeeded in his Sword Dao, he would be a pinnacle Golden Immortal.

    Later on... He still needed to gain insights into the Great Dao of Heaven, the Great Dao of Earth, and the Great Dao of Man. Only by encompassing all three would his Sword Dao be perfect, pushing him to the perfected Golden Immortal realm.

    If a particular mighty figure were to first gain insights into the Great Dao of Heaven, the Great Dao of Earth, and the Great Dao of Man and still fail to reach the perfected Golden Immortal level, they even had to gain insights into the Dharma of Encompassment! Only by perfectly fusing all three would they be at the perfected Golden Immortal level. In fact, that was almost impossible.

    Everything was played by ear.

    By first figuring out the Dao of Fusion, there would be synergy between the three where they would complement and improve each other. Only then would one have a chance at the perfected Golden Immortal level.

    As for the even higher Buddhist Ancestor and Dao Ancestors?

    Qin Yun was unsure about it. The Myriad Dharma Repository in Green Touring Palace had vague descriptions about them.

    "I have figured out a Golden Immortal level sword move after one and half years in the Myriad Dharma Pool. Perhaps, I'll be able to attain a Great Dao in three years." Qin Yun calmed down his mind as he continued his cultivation while sitting cross-legged on the lotus leaf.


    "Where did this Qin Yun go?"

    "The one that's accompanying his wife in the Great World is only an avatar. Where is his true body?" Xiahou looked through the various halls in Green Touring Palace and was a little puzzled. "Brother Cang had invited a mighty figure to help seek out Qin Yun, but even he failed to find Qin Yun's true body. If a mighty figure can't even find him... it's highly likely that Qin Yun is in Green Touring Palace."

    "He is cultivating inside Green Touring Palace, but I have searched numerous places. Could he have gone to places like the Myriad Dharma Pool or Fiend Congregation Cave which only allow one person to enter?" Xiahou was a little anxious and helpless.

    He could not find Qin Yun at all.

    Qin Yun had not informed anyone that he was entering the Myriad Dharma Pool for cultivation. Furthermore, the Myriad Dharma Pool was impervious to all probes! Even the Grand Supreme Dao Ancestor or Buddhist Ancestor were unable to spy on the Myriad Dharma Pool because it was created by the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure.

    Therefore, no one could find Qin Yun's true body.


    In a cave abode of the Effulgent Great World.

    A young couple were together, and one of them was Qin Yun's daughter, Qin Yiyi.

    "Sis Yiyi, I'll be undergoing the tribulations to become a Skyimmortal at any time. Before I transcend the tribulations, I plan on visiting my homeworld. Do you want to accompany me there?" asked the young man.

    "I've long heard of how powerful your Han family is. It has hundreds of immortals and it holds control over dozens of worlds. I definitely have to take a good look," said Qin Yiyi with a smile. "However, Brother Double Wood 3  , don't you bully me when we are at your Han family. If you force my hand, I'll get my father to come."

    "I wouldn't dare! Even without Sword Immortal Qin, just you alone isn't someone I dare bully. It's more like you would bully me," said the young man.

    Qin Yiyi smiled.

    It had been two decades since she left the Great Chang world. In the beginning, she had stayed in the dragon's territory. Since she was a dragon girl, and she had Sword Immortal Qin as her father, many male dragons had courted her, but in the end... Qin Yiyi ended up traveling the world with a youth named Han Lin. He was even younger than Qin Yiyi.

    They addressed each other as brother and sister, but having traveled for more than ten years across the world, they had long acknowledged each other as a partner.

    "When do you plan on returning? Anytime is fine for me," said Qin Yiyi.

    "I have informed my dad. The Han family also welcomes you, Sis Yiyi. Since you don't have any objections, I'll get my family clan to open a void passageway?" asked Han Lin.

    "Sure." Qin Yiyi said in a straightforward manner.

    Han Lin immediately held up a memento and contacted his family clan from afar. A middle-aged man's figure appeared out of the rippling void.

    "Dad, this is Miss Qin," said Han Lin.

    "Greetings, Uncle." Qin Yiyi was usually unafraid of anything, but she appeared a little shy at that moment.

    "Dad, quickly get the family clan to open a void passageway for us," urged Han Lin.

    "Hahaha, alright." The middle-aged man smiled as his eyes narrowed. His lineage was nothing impressive in the Han family, but his son had managed to establish close ties with Sword Immortal Qin's daughter. Even though Sword Immortal Qin and his wife knew of the matter, they did not object to it. Now, his lineage had its standing in the Han family greatly uplifted.

    Moments later.


    A void passageway materialized. The two Patriarchs of the Han family had taken action together. One of them was a ninth firmament Skyimmortal and the other an eighth firmament Skyimmortal. Soon, they stabilized a void passageway that could allow passage for people at the Essence Soul realm.

    "Sis Yiyi, let's go." Han Lin held Qin Yiyi's hand and stepped through the void passageway and headed for the world where the Han family was.
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