Chapter 531: Grand Magus Warning

    Chapter 531: Grand Magus Warning

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    Han Lin was ultimately a junior who wasn't even a Skyimmortal. The Han family had hundreds of immortals, with two patriarchs who were at the eighth and ninth firmament Skyimmortal realm. Therefore, it was obvious what Han Lin's standing was in the Han family. What juniors like Han Lin knew of this crisis only scratched the surface. The truth was even more horrendous.

    In a quiet courtyard in an ordinary city of the Jade Screen world.

    Patriarch Golden Maple and the eight immortals under him had hairy tentacles stabbed through their chests, some even being suspended in midair by those tentacles. All of them wore looks of horror and despair.

    "Golden Maple, your elder brother is that afraid of death?" A effeminate man stood in the yard, and behind him, nine long tentacles grew out, stabbing into the bodies of the immortals. He had instantly maimed the immortals of their Dharmic powers and had begun absorbing their Essence Souls. Unable to invoke their Dharmic powers, to the point of their Essence Soul being severely damaged, their avatars they left in the family clan dissipated immediately for they could no longer maintain them.

    "It's you!? Fiend King Zhuhou?" Patriarch Golden Maple widened his eyes as he trembled in pain.

    The other eight immortals were unable to maintain consciousness as they convulsed in pain, their eyes beginning to glaze over.

    Patriarch Golden Maple was ultimately an eighth firmament Skyimmortal, so even though his Essence Soul was slowly being devoured, he was able to barely maintain his clarity of mind.

    "Yes, it's me," said the effeminate man with a sneer.

    "You feigned being weaker than me previously," said Patriarch Golden Maple with his voice trembling. "But you still escaped my pursuit. Was it to lure Brother and I to join forces against you?"

    "Yes, yes, yes. That's exactly what it was." The man nodded. "Unfortunately, despite the methods I used to lure you and your brother out while keeping my identity a secret, to the point of appearing afraid of you two, I only managed to lure you into pursuing me... Even when I revealed strength weaker than yours, your elder brother still didn't appear. He refused to take action and even refused to come out by hiding in Mt. Jade Screen! I don't think your brother is a human, but a cowardly turtle turned immortal."

    "It's naturally unusual for someone to attack my Han family in the Jade Screen world when you are weaker than me." Patriarch Golden Maple's body convulsed. "My brother had long suspected it, but I was overconfident and took the initiative to investigate the matter. Still, I never expected the person behind this to be you-Fiend King Zhuhou, one of the sixteen Fiend Kings of the spirit-devouring lineage.

    "Hahaha... Are you very pleasantly surprised that it's me?" Fiend King Zhuhou laughed somewhat maniacally.

    The fiends had many lineages.

    Known as the fiends among fiends were two lineages-the spirit-devouring lineage and sea of blood lineage. Top experts of these two lineages rose to prominence by stepping atop countless of corpses.

    The spirit-devouring lineage had two Ancestral Fiends, five Fiend Supremacies, and sixteen Fiend Kings.

    The sixteen Fiend Kings... were all spirit-devouring lineage experts at the half-step Ancestral Fiend strength.

    "You wish to devour all life in the Jade Screen world?" Patriarch Golden Maple was turning increasingly weaker as his Essence Soul was being devoured. He glared at the effeminate man with reddened eyes.

    "I'm sick of eating the souls of ordinary mortal beings. I've already devoured all mortal life in a Small World seven times. This time, I want to try something bigger." Zhuhou chuckled as he said. "The Jade Screen world is the center of command for the surrounding worlds your Han family controls. The largest number of cultivators is here, more than ten times that of other Small Worlds. Most importantly, there are hundreds of immortals! Haha, I have never devoured that many immortals before. I planned on finishing the two of you first, leaving the other immortals helpless against me. They would then be easy prey, but... your brother refuses to come out!"

    "Since I can't lure him out, I can only make a frontal assault," said Zhuhou with a smile. "It's time for you to go first. I'll immediately send your elder brother and hundreds of Han family immortals to accompany you in death."

    Golden Maple roared in a deranged manner, "My Han family is an orthodox sect of the Grand Supreme lineage! My brother is even more adept at array formations. Mt. Jade Screen was set up by us brothers at the cost of countless treasures. With my brother presiding over the array, there's no way you can crack it open."

    "I'll just give it a try. Who knows, I might be able to crack it?" Zhuhou smiled. "An eighth firmament Skyimmortal's Essence Soul is able to match the ordinary lives of half a Small World. After such a long period of drainage, you are almost done. Your brother will be immediately informed the moment you are dead. Don't worry, go ahead. Your brother will soon join you."

    When his voice fell-

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    The nine tentacles immediately increased their devouring force. The eight immortals who had their Essence Souls already vanquished were pulverized instantly. Even their physical bodies were devoured clean, leaving only their clothes and external objects to flutter to the ground.

    Golden Maple's Essence Soul was the last to be devoured. He was able to persist the longest, but he was still at his limits.

    After his Essence Soul was devoured, his weakened body was naturally devoured clean in an instant.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    The nine tentacles rapidly retracted.

    Zhuhou waved his hands and stored away the treasures left behind by the nine immortals. He had a fervent look in his eyes. "Once Golden Maple is dead, his brother will immediately be notified. I have to immediately set up an array formation! Once the array formation is formed, I'll attack Mt. Jade Screen. Since I can't lure him out, I can only unleash a frontal assault."


    He instantly vanished.


    Great Chang world.

    Grand Dominance, by the tiny mirror lake in the Qin family's compound.

    Qin Yun sat cross-legged by the side of the lake. It was in mid-autumn and a gentle breeze wafted over, stirring ripples across the lake's surface.

    Wisps of Sword Qi were simulating different sword moves in front of Qin Yun.

    He did this every day. Nearly all his efforts were placed on his Sword Dao.

    Even when drinking tea or out strolling with his wife, his mind was mostly on pondering the Sword Dao. He was just short of a sliver, one that he felt he would soon grasp. Since he was just obstructed by that sliver, Qin Yun naturally pondered over it daily. He believed that sustained efforts could accomplish seemingly impossible things. Therefore, he spent more effort on it, giving him greater hope at breaking through that final sliver. He believed that he would take less time as a result.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun as somewhat astonished as he looked ahead.

    The void rippled open in front of him, projecting a distant scene.

    A thin elder dressed in linen clothes sat cross-legged on a mat. Surrounding him were three ancient stone columns.

    "Grand Magus Pengshui," greeted Qin Yun with a smile.

    The person in front of him was the supreme leader of the Magus Gate in the Effulgent dominion. He was Grand Magus Pengshui, a ninth firmament Grand Magus. In terms of strength, he was one of the cream of the crop among ninth firmament Skyimmortals, comparable to Demon King Bear Mountain. However, the means available to him were unfathomable.

    The Magus Gate did not have a single perfected Ancestral Magus in the entire Three Realms, however, the Ten Magi of the Magus Gate still struck extreme fear in the hearts of others. It was because the means available to them were just too unfathomable. Unless necessary, even the fiends would try their best to avoid the most powerful Grand Magi of the Magus Gate.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, you told me to watch your family." Grand Magus Pengshui took out a puppet the size of a palm. "I can now sense that your daughter, Qin Yiyi, will soon be in grave danger."

    "What?" Qin Yun was alarmed.

    His daughter and son were out cultivating and experiencing the world. Qin Yun had left them some life-protection items. He ready to rush to them immediately as long as they sought help.


    In an extreme danger, or in certain perilous lands, there was no way to seek his help.

    Therefore, Qin Yun had long sought the help of Grand Magus Pengshui. After Qin Yun defeated Bear Mountain, various factions in the Effulgent dominion had visited Qin Yun. The Magus Gate had done the same. They had even taken away Lady Chen Shuang who was rather talented in magi cultivation. There was no choice... Although the Magus Gate had unfathomable means, they needed to befriend all kinds of experts in order to take root in the Three Realms. In the Effulgent dominion, they placed great importance on Sword Immortal Qin; therefore, when Qin Yun sought Grand Magus Pengshui's help, he was immediately agreeable to it. But as a result of this, Qin Yun was now indebted to the Magus Gate.

    Grand Magus Pengshui held the puppet and said, "I can sense that she is currently in the Jade Screen world."

    "I know. Thanks." Qin Yun had no time to speak further.


    He took a step and vanished, arriving in the distant Jade Screen world.

    The art of Major Void Transference!

    During the three thousand years of cultivation in the Lightning Beast Manor, Qin Yun had already figured out the art of Major Void Transference.
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