Chapter 532: Han familys Request For Reinforcements

    Chapter 532: Han family's Request For Reinforcements

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    Qin Yun appeared high above Mt. Jade Screen in the Jade Screen world. He looked down and saw that many of the array formations of Mt. Jade Screen had been activated. The periphery of the mountain range had clouds swirling around it, and within it were numerous illusion and killing arrays.

    A sect or family clan typically had weak exterior defenses, but powerful interior defenses! For the area to be so tightly secured, defenses activated, it was obvious that something was out of the ordinary.

    "From the looks of it, the Han family is in really big trouble." Qin Yun took one step and appeared at the outermost entrance of Mt. Jade Screen.

    At the entrance were two Guardian Generals, both having the strength of Skyimmortals.

    Cultivators might betray, but Guardian Generals were absolutely loyal. They implemented any orders perfectly and did not dare hold back at all.

    "Sword Immortal Qin?" A Guardian General was astonished. Even though they were tasked with guarding Mt. Jade Screen's entrance, the two Guardian Generals could still recognize the famous entities in the Effulgent dominion.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, now that Mt. Jade Screen is in strict lockdown, please pardon us for not letting you in," said a Guardian General reverently. "We have already informed Master that you are here."

    Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    As he stood in front of the Han family's entrance, it appeared as though the Han family still had its footing. Furthermore, through his karmic ties, he could still sense that his daughter was safe and sound. He heaved a small sigh of relief.


    In a dark cave on a desolate planet, the Han family's patriarch, Golden Placid, had stationed an avatar. If his true body encountered any danger and was unable to request help, his avatar would be able to seek aid for him.

    He had white beard and hair, his long brows reaching down to his chest.

    At that moment, the space in front of him had rippled open. It was connected to a distant void. On the other end was a palace inside the Heavenly Courts, and a Heavenly Courts general was standing there.

    "Uncle-Master, my brother Golden Maple was instantly defeated. His avatar has dissipated, and failed to tell me anything about the murderer in time. It is evident that the murderer's strength far exceeds Golden Maple's," said Golden Placid hurriedly. "After Golden Maple's avatar dissipated, it did not take long for the Heart Lamp he left in the family clan to extinguish. Clearly, he is dead. This murderer had spoiled my Han family's plans numerous times, to the point of faking his weakness, pretending to be weaker than Golden Maple. The goal was likely to lure both of us brothers to join forces to deal with him... As for his actual strength, he is likely at the half-step Ancestral Fiend realm for him to finish my brother in one strike."

    "Such ruthlessness. Not only has he killed my brother, he has also killed numerous immortals of my Han family. Every injustice has its perpetrator, every debt has its debtor. Even if us brothers had a grudge with him, he could have just sought revenge on us. Why did he have to attack the immortals of my Han family? Many of those immortals come from the surrounding worlds and had pledged allegiance to my Han family."

    "To implicate the innocent in such a manner, it appears to be the act of a fiend," said Golden Placid immediately.

    Fiends were the common enemy of multiple factions!

    "Disciple-Nephew Golden Placid, rest assured. I will immediately inform the Effulgent dominion's General Bai," said the Heavenly Courts general with a smile. "The Heavenly Courts have stationed troops in the Effulgent dominion and they are led by General Bai. He has more than ten thousand Heavenly troops stationed in the Effulgent dominion and has autonomy, so there's no need for him to report to his superiors before he sends troops to the Jade Screen world. As for me, if I were to send troops to the Effulgent dominion, I would need to inform the Marshal. If even more troops are needed, Jade Emperor would have to be informed."

    "General Bai's arrival should be enough," said Golden Placid immediately.

    "He has the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal and leads the Heavenly troops... Even if he encounters ordinary Ancestral Fiends, he will still be able to withstand them. Your Jade Screen world is a Small World, so Ancestral Fiends aren't able to descend with their true bodies. I believe it will be enough if General Bai were to go to you. However, General Bai is a Green Touring Palace disciple, while we are from the Eight Scenic Palace of the Grand Supreme lineage. There is still some estrangement due to the war of the three factions back then, but on account of our civil ties, he will go. However, you have to show him some respect and entertain him well. If he doesn't place importance on the matter, your Han family will be in trouble," said the general.

    "Uncle-Master, don't worry. I understand all of that. Please quickly send General Bai the request. I'm afraid any delay would lead to unforeseen circumstances," said General Bai immediately.

    "I have already sent him the message while speaking to you," said the general with a smile. "He said that he has begun monitoring the Jade Screen world. Furthermore, he has begun mustering the Heavenly troops. After all, even though the ten thousand troops stationed in the Effulgent dominion, most of them spend their time cultivating. To suddenly muster the troops requires time. Secondly, he still can't ascertain who the enemy is that you are facing in the Jade Screen world. He cannot easily send the troops as a result. Once the murderer appears, he shall lead the troops to the Jade Screen world."

    "Alright," replied Golden Placid.

    General Bai obviously could not send his troops when the enemy's identity was still unknown.


    Elsewhere in the Han family's Mt. Jade Screen in the Jade Screen world.

    The Han family's headquarters.

    Golden Placid's true body was standing in front of an ancestral shrine. He looked at the various Heart Lamps, and among them, the Heart Lamp that belonged to his brother, Golden Maple, had extinguished.

    All he could do was look at it silently.

    He had great talent in cultivation from a young age. Along the way, he took good care of his younger siblings, guiding them onto the path of cultivation. Over time, only his younger brother, Golden Maple, was able to follow in his footsteps. He even chanced upon rare encounters. They reached the ninth and eighth firmament Skyimmortal realms respectively. They established the Han family which was an illustrious family clan in the Effulgent dominion. They ruled over dozens of neighboring worlds and countless cultivators had pledged their allegiance.

    But now...

    His brother was dead.

    "I should have stopped you. After such a long period of peace, I have let down my guard," muttered Golden Placid. "Little Maple, once I resolve this crisis, I will immediately begin searching for you. Even if I have to traverse the Three Realms, I will find your reincarnation."

    After transcending the Heavenly Tribulation, it implied that one would share the same age as the heavens. As such, their names would be struck off from the records of life and death.

    If mortal Earth Immortals were to reincarnate, it would be recorded in the records of life and death.

    However, Skyimmortals had no such records.

    Furthermore, the higher the combat level, the more damaging it was to the soul. When mortals fought, no matter what attacks they delivered, the soul would remain intact.

    At the level of Essence Souls, one's soul would become weak, but the soul's fundamental strength would remain intact.

    For ordinary Skyimmortals, the damage to their soul's fundamental strength was small as well.

    However, the damage increased with increasing realms.

    At the Golden Immortal or Ancestral Fiend level, it was possible to completely wipe out a soul, leaving behind a wisp of True Spirit for reincarnation. Even the Dao Ancestors or Buddhist Ancestors were unable to find these reincarnations.

    Golden Maple was an eighth firmament Skyimmortal. To be able to kill him in one strike implied the horrific strength of the murderer. The damage to the soul would also be tremendous. It would leave an extremely weak soul for reincarnation. Therefore, finding the reincarnation would be extremely difficult. Of course, it was much better than finding the reincarnation of a True Spirit.

    "Master, Sword Immortal Qin is outside," sounded a voice.

    "Qin Yun?" Golden Placid jolted out of his memories. He was in control of the entire family clan's array, so he immediately sensed the entrance.

    He gave a command with a thought.

    The Heaven and Earth powers gathered as an avatar manifested at the entrance.


    Qin Yun waited by the entrance. The two Guardian Generals appeared very respectful as they stood to the side. Following that, the Heaven and Earth powers manifested into an avatar.

    "Greetings, Sword Immortal Qin," said Golden Placid's avatar.

    "Daoist Golden Placid, what happened?" Qin Yun asked immediately. "Why the tight security?"

    "My brother, Golden Maple, has reincarnated," said Golden Placid softly.

    Qin Yun was astounded. "Reincarnated?"

    "Let's talk inside." Golden Placid appeared calm, but his eyes were filled with deep sorrow.

    After entering, they flew side by side.

    "Who's the murderer?" inquired Qin Yun. "The Grand Magus warned me that there is huge danger enveloping the Han family. It might even implicate my daughter. I see that my daughter is still fine, that implies that the danger has not fully reared its head."

    "I suspect it's a half-step Ancestral Fiend," said Golden Placid. "Of course, it's only a suspicion. I have no idea who the murderer is or what strength he possesses."

    Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, you shouldn't have come." Golden Placid shook his head. "Now that my Han family is stuck in this maelstrom, danger might happen at any moment. By coming here, I'm afraid we'll implicate you."

    "My daughter is here. How can I not come?" said Qin Yun.

    "Sorry for implicating your daughter as well," said Golden Placid. "I had no choice but to immediately seal the void since danger might strike at any moment. I didn't have the time to slowly open a void passageway to send your daughter away."

    "I understand." Qin Yun nodded.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, might I ask why you suddenly came to my Han family? Few people outside know of what happened to my Han family," inquired Golden Placid. "I just made a request for reinforcements, so there are a select few people who know about it in the Effulgent dominion."

    "A Grand Magus sensed that my daughter is in danger, so I came."

    "A Grand Magus sensed it..." Golden Placid's expression changed drastically. "Your daughter is very safe in Mt. Jade Screen, but for the Grand Magus to sense danger, does it mean that Mt. Jade Screen will not hold?"

    This left Golden Placid uneasy.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, your daughter is residing in that compound. Please excuse my absence," said Golden Placid's avatar.

    "Please, go ahead." Qin Yun nodded.

    Golden Placid's avatar dissipated.

    Qin Yun turned his head and looked far into the distance. The Han family had a long history after all. There were countless buildings on Mt. Jade Screen, and in a courtyard not far from him, he saw a young couple chatting. One of them was his daughter.


    Qin Yun streaked across the area as a stream of light before descending into the courtyard. Qin Yiyi and Han Lin turned their heads to watch him.

    "Yiyi," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "Dad!" Qin Yiyi revealed a look of pleasant surprise as she flew over immediately. "Why are you here? I tried contacting you, but it was impossible."

    Qin Yun stroked his daughter's head with a smile.

    With him here, there was no one who could harm his daughter.

    "Uncle Qin." Han Lin immediately bowed in nervousness. This was the first time he was meeting Yiyi's father.


    Just ten minutes after Qin Yun met his daughter.

    "Hahah, my preparations are done. It's time to take action." Zhuhou appeared above Mt. Jade Screen and looked down below. His eyes were filled with excited anticipation.
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