Chapter 533: Qin Yun Attacks

    Chapter 533: Qin Yun Attacks

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    With a thought from Zhuhou, all the array flags and array disks positioned across a region five thousand kilometers across were activated. It caused sudden changes to various regions-the rivers, mountains, plains, cities... All of them underwent severe changes.

    "Giddy up! Giddy up! Giddy up!"

    On a road fifteen hundred kilometers away from Mt. Jade Screen, there were several people galloping on horseback when they suddenly saw the scene in front of them change. The road ahead of them turned into a raging river. "Hold! Hold! Hold!" These people immediately stopped their galloping horses in fright. The steeds were somewhat taken aback as well. Some even frantically retreated. "What's going on? We were charging forward when we suddenly arrived by a riverside. This is... The Dongchang River! It should be a hundred kilometers away from us! How is this possible!?"


    "I was heading to the latrine, but why am I on the streets?" A fatty stared flabbergasted while clutching his stomach, in a hurry to head for the latrine. He looked at the flourishing streets around him. "This is Ancient Boat City?"


    "Ahhh! Help!" There were people who were walking who suddenly appeared in midair. They were now plummeting straight down.


    In an area spanning five thousand kilometers, the void had turned topsy-turvy. Like a jigsaw, it had shattered into hundreds of pieces that needed to be pieced together again!

    "Very good. The Void Topsy-turvy Grand Array is done setting up." Zhuhou sensed the array's activation. "Unfortunately, every time I devour the lives of a world, it incurs the wrath of the Heavenly Courts. The Heavenly troops come to pursue me, and I have to abandon the array flags and disks I set up every time."

    "I have to have my fill from this Jade Screen world this time!"

    Zhuhou swooped down immediately.

    Furry tentacles grew out from behind him, each several kilometers long. They stabbed straight at the array layers of Mt. Jade Screen.


    In a tiny yard in Mt. Jade Screen's Han family.

    Qin Yiyi was having a casual chat with his daughter, Yiyi. As for the young man named Han Lin, he was standing in a corner looking a little nervous.

    "Dad, according to Double Wood, even Immortal Golden Maple of the Han family has been killed," said Qin Yiyi. "Who is the murderer, to have such powerful strength? Besides that, what grudge does he have with the Han family?"

    Han Lin pricked his ears, for he too wished to know who the murderer was.

    "The person's strength is very high. They're at least stronger than both Immortal Golden Placid and his brother," said Qin Yun with a smile. "As for who it is, we will know very soon."

    "Know very soon?" Han Lin could not help but ask.

    "He will attack," said Qin Yun.

    Just as his voice faded-

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    The reverberations from a violent quake came from afar.

    "It's here!" Qin Yun turned his head to take a look. He saw at a glance twelve gigantic tentacles stretch out from the crowds beyond the periphery of Mt. Jade Screen. They stabbed at the array formation layers of Mt. Jade Screen again and again. The tentacles did not seem to stab at very fast speeds, but just by making contact they produced holes in the array formation. The tentacles would then stretch inside and continue cracking open a deeper array formation.

    The array formation was like snow in front of boiling water against these tentacles. The barriers easily melted to give way to holes.

    The arrays could not put up any resistance!

    "These tentacles?" Han Lin and Qin Yiyi looked at the terrifying tentacles. They were taller than mountains and sent chills into their very hearts. The terror of their might made them feel like they would be pulverized if they came close to any of the secondary shockwaves.

    "It's him? Fiend King Zhuhou, one of the sixteen Fiend Kings of the spirit-devouring lineage?" Qin Yun frowned slightly.


    "It's Fiend King Zhuhou!" Golden Placid, who was presiding over all the array formations of Mt. Jade Screen, watched as the color in his face instantly drained. "How could it be him? Does he have his sights on my Han family or the entire Jade Screen world?"

    "I have to ward him off."

    "Are the family clan's array formations able to withstand his attacks?"

    There were still quite a number of half-step mighty figures in the Three Realms.

    However, the shock and awe they delivered varied drastically.

    The lineages known as fiends among fiends-the spirit-devouring lineage and sea of blood lineage-had half-step Ancestral Fiends which were terrifyingly difficult to handle. All of them had committed grievous sins. Even ordinary Ancestral Fiends would not have sins comparable to theirs. After all, many of the fiends from other lineages still cared about karma. Only these two lineages sought to eat as much as possible or commit as many atrocities as possible.

    The Heavenly Courts would also pursue them with all their might!

    After all, killing them meant great merit! It would increase the light that providence shined on the Heavenly Courts.

    "Even with the Heavenly Courts wanting the heads of the sixteen Fiend Kings of the spirit-devouring lineage, it is still very difficult to kill him. He actually came to my Jade Screen world?" Golden Placid knew his foe very well. "This is a huge calamity. Not only my family clan, even the entire Jade Screen world is finished."

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    The array formations which the Han family had set up over years were constantly being destroyed, and the speed of their destruction was extremely fast.

    "I can't stop him at all!" Golden Placid turned frantic.

    "The spirit-devouring lineage is best at devouring! A half-step Ancestral Fiend can even devour an ordinary Connate Numinous treasure. My family clan's array formation might be good and weak in different areas, but it will still succumb to his devouring." Golden Placid knew this.

    Legend had it that the Ancestral Fiend who established the spirit-devouring lineage had even eaten a portion of the Buddhists' cornerstone treasure! If the Buddhists had been any more careless, the entire cornerstone treasure would have been eaten clean. The spirit-devouring lineage's 'appetite' was known to be most horrifying in the Three Realms! Without even mentioning Ancestral Fiends, just these half-step Ancestral Fiends had extremely terrifying devouring abilities.


    Heavenly realm, Heavenly Courts. In front of North Star Palace.

    Several generals were stationed here as they watched over the various regions of the Three Realms.

    "Effulgent dominion's Jade Screen world just underwent a huge fluctuation. Quickly investigate!" A command was given.

    "Order received."

    A spear-wielding general stood in front of the palace as a third eye opened at his glabella. He looked far into the distance at the Effulgent dominion's Jade Screen world.

    "Oh?" The general instantly noticed the effeminate man standing in front of Mt. Jade Screen. Growing on his back were twelve long tentacles that fervently attacked the array.

    "Fiend King Zhuhou?" the general could not help but exclaim. He immediately turned around and ran into the North Star Palace to report the matter.

    "Fiend King Zhuhou has appeared again?" The generals beside him were alarmed as well.

    Although they watched over the Three Realms, they showed no concern towards typical matters. However, for Fiend King Zhuhou to dare appear, it meant that the Heavenly Courts had a chance of catching him!


    Jade Screen world, Mt. Jade Screen's Han family.


    The tentacles which were taller than mountains flailed manically as they destroyed the array.

    Countless mortals and hundreds of immortals inside Mt. Jade Screen were reeling in fear.

    "It's Fiend King Zhuhou. It's Fiend King Zhuhou."

    "We're doomed. Doomed!"

    "The Han family is finished. The Jade Screen world is finished as well."

    The immortals who knew of Fiend King Zhuhou were all appalled as they reeled in despair. All half-step Ancestral Fiends of the spirit-devouring lineage had grown stronger from the repeated pursuits of the Heavenly Courts, so they were naturally very terrifying. He was not something their Han family could stand against.

    Han Lin and Qin Yiyi similarly felt greatly distressed.

    "It's too fast. Too fast." Golden Placid was invoking all his strength, his eyes suffusing redness as a result. "In about fifteen seconds, the array formation will be completely cracked. When will General Bai arrive?"


    As for Qin Yun, he was watching this scene calmly.

    "Fiend King Zhuhou? With my present strength, defeating him is easy, but I won't be able to kill him," thought Qin Yun with a frown. He naturally wished to rid the realms of such Fiend Kings that brought Armageddon to worlds; unfortunately, typical half-step Ancestral Fiends would place great emphasis on their life-preservation abilities. They could even exchange a few blows with mighty figures. As for Fiend King Zhuhou, his life-preservation abilities were even more effective than most!

    In the Heavenly Courts, there were ninth firmament Skyimmortals who matched mighty figures. But even when they led the pursuit with the Heavenly troops, Zhuhou had still managed to escape them.

    Qin Yun judged from his intelligence that he similarly was unable to kill Zhuhou.

    "Yiyi, let's go out for a walk." Qin Yun took his daughter's hand.

    "Go out for a walk?" Qin Yiyi and Han Lin were taken aback.


    Just as his sentence faded, Qin Yun rapidly flew out with Qin Yiyi in tow. Since he was going to attack Zhuhou, Qin Yun naturally had to bring his daughter with him, ensuring that she stayed close to him.

    "Sword Immortal Qin?" Golden Placid, who was presiding over the array formation, immediately sent a voice transmission. "Sword Immortal Qin, I'm truly sorry for implicating both you and your daughter. Quickly escape from the opposite side of Mt. Jade Screen. However, the void outside has been completely sealed by Fiend King Zhuhou. You have to be careful while escaping."

    "There's no need to worry. However, fellow Daoist Golden Placid, don't let your array formation interfere with my attacks." As Qin Yun spoke, he flew out of the various array formation layers with his daughter. Most of the exterior array formations had already been cracked open.

    After he flew out of the array formations, he faced the gigantic tentacles.

    "Dad." Qin Yiyi felt a little uneasy.

    "It's quite troublesome to kill this spider, but defeating him will be easy." Qin Yun smiled at his daughter.

    Following that, resplendent stellar light permeated the vast region as infinitely dense stellar forces descended, spreading fifteen thousand kilometers across. It made Zhuhou, who was cracking the array, have a drastic change in expression. He obviously sensed the oppression from such a terrifying domain divine power.

    Divine power-Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm!

    "Qin Yun?" Zhuhou looked at Qin Yun who was holding his daughter's hand and was somewhat alarmed. "Your Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm has already attained the phenomenal success stage?"

    "It looks like few in the Three Realms know of my phenomenal success attainment in my divine powers," said Qin Yun with a smile. Simultaneously, the Stellar Flying Swords formed around him. Qin Yiyi's eyes lit up when she looked at the rich stellar forces which enveloped the area with the 360 Stellar Flying Swords.

    "Do you think you can stop me?" Zhuhou bellowed through a voice transmission.

    The twelve gigantic tentacles flailed maniacally at him.

    "You overestimate your abilities." Qin Yun waved his hand.

    The 360 Stellar Flying Swords immediately flew out and formed swirling water flows. They danced around like heavenly rivers as many of the water flows fended off the twelve gigantic tentacles! No matter how the twelve tentacles attacked, to the point of managing to devour a few of the Stellar Flying Swords-twelve in a blink of an eye-but against 360 swords... twelve was completely trivial. Furthermore, Qin Yun condensed another twelve Stellar Flying Swords with a mere thought.

    The Stellar Flying Swords were without end.

    "This... This..."

    In the entire Mt. Jade Screen, hundreds of immortals, including Golden Placid, as well as Han Lin and company, saw this clearly.

    The twelve terrifying tentacles were completely defended against by the water flows created by the 360 Stellar Flying Swords, failing to even advance an inch.

    "He blocked it? He blocked it?" Golden Placid looked pleasantly surprised when he saw this.


    Five thousand kilometers away, a company of soldiers appeared obstreperously in midair. They were led by half-step Golden Immortal, Senior Brother Wang Qian. He had troops stationed in the Effulgent dominion, and could have arrived very quickly if he came alone. However, mustering the troops naturally took him time. He had already arrived as fast as he could.
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