Chapter 534: Heavenly Troops

    Chapter 534: Heavenly Troops

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    "Fiend King Zhuhou is one of the sixteen Fiend Kings of the spirit-devouring lineage. The Heavenly Courts will definitely send powerful generals to capture him. What we need to do is to stall him to the best of our abilities. Our mission is over once I buy enough time for the Heavenly Courts' troops to arrive," General Wang Qian said. "Also, ahead is the Void Topsy-turvy Grand Array set up by the Fiend King Zhuhou. None of you are to take independent action. Follow all military standard operating procedures."

    "Yes, General," several lieutenant generals behind him said respectfully.

    At that moment, General Wang Qian had amassed five thousand Heavenly troops. They rapidly flew into the Void Topsy-turvy Grand Array, and although it was chaotic inside, General Wang Qian had long sensed the relatively shortest path, as he forged forward quickly.


    Zhuhou shot a glance from afar as he let out a cold grunt.

    Immediately, the suppression in the Void Topsy-turvy Grand Array greatly increased. Even with the military formation's augmentation, many of the Heavenly troops felt weighed down as they flew much slower.


    "How heavy." These Heavenly troops found it onerous to proceed forward.

    But immediately, rich stellar forces enveloped each one of them, protecting their bodies and allowing them to completely ignore the void's suppression.

    "Thank you, Junior Brother Qin," said Wang Qian smilingly via a voice transmission from afar.

    "It's nothing." Qin Yun held his daughter's hand in midair as he said with a smile.

    "A mere Essence Soul sword immortal wishes to use a divine power to match me?" When Zhuhou's twelve tentacles failed to break through Qin Yun's defense despite their relentless assaults, his express turned grotesque. With a whoosh, the twelve gigantic tentacles instantly retracted back into his body. His arms became a pair of large, colorful, and furry tentacles.

    These tentacles were even more massive, with even more terrifying might.

    "Begone!" The massive colorful tentacles thrust over, stabbing right into the water flows that appeared like divine rivers. Stellar Flying Swords in the form of water flows were shattered one after another, and as they shattered, the pair of tentacles continued advancing. It soon reached the Han family's array formation and continued the array formation cracking!

    "Oh no."

    "He's continuing to crack the array!" The immortals and Han family members in Mt. Jade Screen panicked.

    "Dad." Qin Yiyi gripped her father's hand tightly, turning nervous.

    "The jaws of the spirit-devouring lineage are indeed powerful." Qin Yun mumbled silently upon seeing the situation pan out. "It's said that half-step Ancestral Fiends of the spirit-devouring lineage are able to devour Connate Numinous treasures. My Stellar Flying Swords can't stop him in any way."

    If he were so easily stalled, the Heavenly Courts would have long succeeded in its pursuits of him.


    Qin Yun immediately gave a command to the 360 Stellar Flying Swords, instantly forgoing the two tentacles. They began manifesting as a sword move as sword flashes gathered and formed a heavenly river that smote straight at Zhuhou's body.

    Since he could not stop the tentacles, he dealt with the body directly!

    The spirit-devouring lineage were no Physical Establishing Sages. Their jaws were extremely sharp and resilient, but their bodies were relatively much weaker.

    "Oh? Darn it, Qin Yun keeps interfering with my plans." Zhuhou fumed. The twelve tentacles he usually released were good at both offense and defense, and drained very little Dharmic powers. The two arms that he manifested as tentacles now were powerful, but they drained a lot of his Dharmic powers. It was somewhat awkward using them for defense too.

    Zhuhou could only spare one tentacle to block the sword flash that came cleaving down like a heavenly river. The colorful tentacle bent from the strike.


    Even though Qin Yun was only using a portion of his strength, Zhuhou still felt wretched. "How are his sword moves so powerful? I can't take it unless I use all my strength." He was forced to use both his massive tentacles to defend.

    The tentacles surrounded his body and created an impenetrable defense.

    But by doing so?

    There was no way for him to attack the array formation!

    "Darn it! Darn it!" Zhuhou fumed. He had been forced to protect himself from the relentless barrage of attacks from the sword flashes, leaving him no capacity to continue attacking Mt. Jade Screen.

    And at that moment-

    "Oh?" Qin Yun and General Wang Qian, as well as Zhuhou, sensed a massive fluctuation in space beyond the Jade Screen world.

    In space outside the Jade Screen world.

    Soldiers from the Heavenly Courts appeared obstreperously. Leading them was a stocky ten-thousand-foot tall general. His wielded a double-bladed battle ax as huge as a mountain. Behind him were Heavenly troops who released powerful auras.

    "Mighty Miracle God?" Zhuhou's pupils constricted.

    "It's him?" Qin Yun looked over. "Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li's vanguard, General Mighty Miracle God? This Mighty Miracle God is a descendant of Chaos Godfiends. He is a ninth firmament Skyimmortal of the Physical Establishing Sage lineage. He has immense strength, enough to match that of mighty figures! He is often the vanguard for various Heavenly Courts battles. Because of his impressive physical body, he is able to preserve his life even if he crosses the most formidable figures in the Three Realms."

    All vanguard generals in the Heavenly Courts had powerful physical bodies.

    Vanguards were the first to lead the charge.

    Those with weaker bodies? A single failure would mean losing their lives. These Physical Establishing Sages were truly real pieces of work. Even if they were no match for the enemy, they would be able to escape with their lives. Mighty Miracle God was one of the more famous ones.

    Ever since the establishment of the Heavenly Courts, Mighty Miracle God had often participated in battles across the Three Realms against fiendish demons. He had even crossed swords with pinnacle Ancestral Fiends. Regardless, for him to remain alive to this very day indicated his capabilities.

    "Mighty Miracle God is famous for being extremely strong. Together with the Heavenly Courts' military formation, there is still some chance of slaying Zhuhou," thought Qin Yun. If there was no hope, the Heavenly Courts would not have sent Mighty Miracle God. "If I join forces with him, the chances of slaying Zhuhou will be higher."

    And in space just outside the Jade Screen world.

    Mighty Miracle God looked down, his eyes were icy-cold underneath his thick bushy eyebrows. He immediately shouted, "Set up the Inescapable Net Array!"

    "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!"...

    Seven generals under him led the Heavenly troops and began using Major Void Transference. They appeared all around the Jade Screen world.

    The Jade Screen world was a huge planet.

    Everyone on it... was surrounded!

    "Set up the array!"

    The Heavenly troops joined forces and immediately set up the famous Inescapable Net Array which the Heavenly Courts used against fiendish demons.

    With this array, they could encompass a region of fifty thousand kilometers. Everything within would be trapped in the net.


    General Wang Qian was in no hurry as well. Since the Heavenly Courts had sent its troops, his company of Heavenly troops were nothing worth mentioning.

    "There's really no way we compare to them. The seven generals under Mighty Miracle God are all able to cast the art of Major Void Transference," said a lieutenant general beside Wang Qian with a sigh.

    "Mighty Miracle God brought ten thousand Heavenly troops this time," said Wang Qian. "The weakest is already a sixth firmament Skyimmortal! There are over a hundred ninth firmament Skyimmortals. Seven of them are able to cast the art of Major Void Transference. Including Mighty Miracle God himself, that would be eight! As for us who station in the Effulgent dominion, ninety percent of our ten thousand Heavenly troops are only first or second firmament Skyimmortals."

    In terms of the level of eliteness, they were far inferior.

    "After all, they are under Heavenly King Li's camp, while we are just some scattered Heavenly troops guarding a local area. How can we compare with them?"


    The moment the Inescapable Net Array was cast-

    Terrifying fluctuations permeated an area spanning fifty thousand kilometers across. Its restraining abilities were even slightly better than Qin Yun's Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm.

    "It's all because of Qin Yun that my plans are spoiled." Zhuhou glared hatefully at Qin Yun. "If not for him, the hundred immortals in Mt. Jade Screen would have been eaten by me."

    "Since Mighty Miracle God is here, it's time to leave." Although Zhuhou felt indignant, he began to escape with his two gigantic arms protecting his body. Qin Yun immediately conjured numerous Stellar Flying Swords to stop him to the best of his abilities.


    Five thousand Heavenly troops led by Mighty Miracle God performed Major Void Transference and arrived outside the Void Topsy-turvy Grand Array.

    "Roar!" Mighty Miracle God held his massive dual-bladed ax high and, augmented by the military formation of five thousand Heavenly troops behind him, he cleaved down mightily. He was well known for his formidable strength, so he was best at acting with force! The might of the cleave was considered rather powerful even among ordinary Golden Immortals.


    This cleave produced discernible black ripples wherever it passed. It caused the void to constantly collapse as more than five hundred kilometers of the Void Topsy-turvy Grand Array was destroyed by the strike. The displayed might left Qin Yun somewhat alarmed.

    Mighty Miracle God quickly charged forward with his Heavenly troops.

    At the same time, he bellowed, "General Wang, stay to the side. Others who aren't involved, retreat. Do not interfere in my ridding of this fiend!"

    The voice rumbled throughout the Jade Screen world.

    "Dad, he's asking us to retreat." Qin Yiyi saw Mighty Miracle God charging over with the Heavenly troops from afar. The terrifying might tightened her heart. The might of true elite Heavenly troops of the Heavenly Courts was enough to make ordinary cultivators go limp.

    "It looks like he finds us a hindrance." Qin Yun smiled. He knew that Mighty Miracle God did not hold back in his attacks, so he was afraid of implicating the innocent.

    "Mighty Miracle God, this is my junior brother, Qin Yun. He is also a cultivator of Green Touring Palace." General Wang Qian knew Mighty Miracle God's rashness, so as he led his subordinates in a retreat, he sent a voice transmission.

    "Green Touring Palace's Qin Yun?" Mighty Miracle God shot a glance into the distance and nodded slightly before ignoring him. He was a vanguard general of the Heavenly Courts. Why would he have to care about ordinary half-step Golden Immortals? It was only because Qin Yun came from Green Touring Palace that he had to place a little more importance on Qin Yun. Following that, he continued fixating his gaze at Zhuhou. This was his reason for coming down to this realm!
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