Chapter 536: Roping In

    Chapter 536: Roping In

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    "Yes, yes. Let's kill Fiend King Zhuhou first." Mighty Miracle God laughed out loud as he brandished his mountain-sized dual-bladed ax for another strike which was augmented by his military formation. He was, after all, equivalent to a mighty figure and was rather famous in the entire Three Realms. Although his moves were known for being arbitrary, they were still very intricate.

    The strikes were controlled, like the skillful dismembering of an ox by a butcher. It only worsened Zhuhou's injuries.

    "No! No-"

    Zhuhou desperately tried to escape, but the Water Cage was too persistent! Even when he did tear through the Water Cage with great difficulty, a new Water Cage would form!

    The Heavenly Courts also had Connate Numinous treasures used for the capturing of enemies, but to use such a treasure against Zhuhou might result in him using his tentacles to destroy a tiny portion of it with his 'devouring.' As for offensive weapons, weapons like Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword, Mighty Miracle God's dual-bladed ax, they had to avoid the tip of Zhuhou's two tentacles.

    The ax cleaved down on Zhuhou again and again.

    His body was relatively weaker, so all Zhuhou could do was wrap his body with his two tentacles to protect himself, so that he could resist every strike.

    "Flying in this manner is too slow. There's no way I can escape. To survive, I need to kill that Qin Yun." A fierce glint flashed in Zhuhou's eyes.


    Once again, the two tentacle tips tore through the Water Cage with great difficulty.


    Zhuhou widened his mouth as a blood-colored filament shot out. It streaked out at a tremendous speed as its trajectory headed for Qin Yun.

    "Be careful." Mighty Miracle God was alarmed, but he had no time to stop it.

    Qin Yun, who held his daughter's hand in midair, showed no signs of anxiety. With the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm's domain divine powers, he could clearly sense that the blood-colored beam was a blood-colored nail.

    "A Blood Malice Soul Nail of the fiendish way?" With a thought, Qin Yun conjured a stellar robe which appeared over his body. It was resplendently blinding. Simultaneously, the region a thousand feet around Qin Yun formed a world in and of itself.

    It was the phenomenal success stage of the great divine power, Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes' World Descent!


    The blood-colored beam stabbed through the dark world's boundary. The world was especially robust, allowing it to stop the beam in its tracks to reveal its true form! The blood-colored nail had mystical runic patterns on it. It seemed to defiantly attempt to tear through the world.

    Qin Yiyi could see the blood-colored nail clearly while standing beside her father.

    "Dad, what's that?" Qin Yiyi was alarmed.

    "Blood Malice Soul Nail. It's refined from a sea of malice blood by a user of the sea of blood lineage. It's a weapon that can only be used once and is extremely sinister," said Qin Yun. The nail kept trying to tear through the world's membrane, but after being stopped in its tracks for a few seconds, it finally exploded into powder.

    "Another great divine power?" There was despair inn Zhuhou's eyes when he saw this. "And it's a great divine power that completely protects his body?"

    "With these two great divine powers, he will go places in the Three Realms." Mighty Miracle God was also astounded when he saw this. These two great divine powers were complementary skills, things that even Golden Immortals and Buddhas would want. They were extremely practical in battle.


    After Zhuhou's desperate strike failed to even tear through the world produced by the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes, he fell into despair.

    He struggled to fly.

    Fifteen hundred kilometers...

    To a half-step Ancestral Fiend, that was a very short distance.

    But under the restraint of the Water Cage, it was too far despite him being able to continue flying as he struggled. It was just too far. The fifteen hundred kilometers were like a unsurmountable gap.

    "Hahaha." Mighty Miracle God guffawed as he cleaved down again and again with his ax.

    Zhuhou struggled as he ate pills to withstand the barrage of attacks. He had quite a number of pills on him which could restore his Dharmic powers.

    But one pill after another...

    Under Mighty Miracle God's and the five thousand Heavenly troops' relentless assault, he managed to last nearly an hour! After flying for about ninety kilometers, he finally expended all his pills, and his body could no longer take it.

    "It's all because of you. You!" Zhuhou looked hatefully at Qin Yun. "Qin Yun, my master will avenge me."

    "Qin Yun is a Green Touring Palace disciple. Why would he be afraid of you fiends?" scoffed Mighty Miracle God from the side.

    Green Touring Palace was well known to have safety in numbers!

    Qin Yun held his daughter's hand and watched coldly from afar. He said icily, "Fiend King Zhuhou, a single world has billions of lives. Having cultivated to this day, you have consumed the lives of seven Small Worlds. The Heavenly Dao demands recompense, and today, you shall pay with your life."

    "Hahaha, they were only ants. I only hate the fact that I'm not strong enough. If I was, how could your combined strength be my match?" Zhuhou roared.


    With the dual-bladed ax cleaving down once again, Zhuhou's body jolted as his eyes widened into circles. Following that, his was body turned to dust, leaving only two ten-foot-long furry and colorful tentacles behind.

    Fiend King Zhuhou, one of the sixteen Fiend Kings of the spirit-devouring lineage, had perished in the Effulgent dominion's Jade Screen world!

    He was slain through the combined forces of Green Touring Palace's Qin Yun and Mighty Miracle God, who led a grand total of ten thousand Heavenly troops!

    And from that moment forth...

    The spirit-devouring lineage only had fifteen Fiend Kings!

    "Boom!" Qin Yun felt the Merit Glow on him increase immensely. It had thickened greatly.

    "I'm still a huge way aways from Merit Gilded Glow. If I had slain Zhuhou by myself, perhaps, I could have a Merit Gilded Glow to protect myself immediately," thought Qin Yun.


    At that moment, the Heavenly Courts was naturally watching the battle from afar. The fiends, such as Zhuhou's master, were also watching the battle. The fiends had no way of rescuing him since a Small World only allowed, at most, the action of ninth firmament Skyfiends. Furthermore, there was the Inescapable Net Array set up, so the Heavenly Courts had the first-mover advantage!

    At that moment, Mighty Miracle God was filled with glee. "This Zhuhou has finally been killed."

    "Mighty Miracle God." A voice suddenly boomed in Mighty Miracle God's ears.

    "Heavenly King." Mighty Miracle God was alarmed. It was his boss, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li from the Heavenly Courts.

    An order in the form of a voice transmission was transmitted across distant space.

    Mighty Miracle God was enlightened.

    "Hahahaha!" Mighty Miracle God flew towards Qin Yun with several generals behind him. He laughed boisterously and appeared extremely affable. "Brother Qin Yun, it's all thanks to you. If not for you, we would have failed and had to watch that Fiend King escape helplessly."

    Qin Yun sighed emotively to himself.

    Mighty Miracle God had appeared domineeringly as the Heavenly Courts's vanguard general and thought nothing of him. Now, he was chuckling at him and appearing somewhat humble?

    "I was only lending a hand. If not for you and the Heavenly troops' combined forces, we would not have been able to kill Fiend King Zhuhou," said Qin Yun. After the two tentacles focused on protection, attacks from ordinary mighty figures could only barely injure Zhuhou. But with Zhuhou's restorative powers, he could easily recover from them! Instead, it was Mighty Miracle God and his five-thousand-strong troops which left Zhuhou heavily injured. He perished only under accumulated injuries after expending all his pills and time.

    "The fiends must have been watching this battle. So did the Heavenly Courts. No one can take away your hard work." Mighty Miracle God walked over and smiled, his beard flailing. "According to the Heavenly Courts' rules, spoils of wars should be split among whoever put in the work. Your efforts were undeniable. All the spoils of war will be given to you."

    With that said, the two furry tentacles and the other items flew over.

    "They are all mine?" Qin Yun was taken aback.

    It would have been fine if he had taken a portion. But to take it all?

    The two furry tentacles were extremely precious treasures. They might not be a Connate Numinous treasure, but combined they definitely had the value of half a Connate Numinous treasure.

    "Don't reject it," said Mighty Miracle God through a voice transmission. "Even if we were to take back the spoils of war, they would be handed over to the Heavenly Courts. It is not lacking for this bit of treasure. Take it. It's under orders of my Heavenly Courts."

    "Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li?" Qin Yun was secretly astonished.

    Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li had ordinary strength, being an ordinary Golden Immortal, but he was thought of highly by Jade Emperor. He was good at leading troops! He helmed a large portion of the troops in the Heavenly Courts.

    Most important of all, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li... had an extremely powerful combat general-Three Altar Sea's mighty god, Nezha! This third prince was very famous in the Three Realms. After all, he was a combat general of the Physical Establishing Sage with pinnacle Golden Immortal strength. Although due to his body being constructed from lotus roots during his reincarnation, he was slightly weaker than Erlang, who cultivated in the Eight Nine Divine Skill, or that monkey, it did not take away from his pinnacle Golden Immortal Physical Establishing Sage strength.

    With this child in his arsenal, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li's standing in the Heavenly Courts was assured.

    "Alright, I'll take it." Qin Yun did not reject it.

    Since the troops would have to hand it over to the Heavenly Courts if they took it back and Heavenly King Li had given the instructions, he decided to take it. He immediately waved his hand and stored away all the treasures.

    "Haha, sorry for slighting you previously. Brother Qin Yun, I hope you will not take it to heart." Mighty Miracle God smiled. "Let's go. We can head to the Han family and have a few drinks."

    "Alright." Qin Yun smiled in response.


    Mt. Jade Screen's Han family was in quite a stir. After all, it had been attacked by Fiend King Zhuhou of the spirit-devouring lineage's sixteen Fiend Kings! Following that, Qin Yun and Mighty Miracle God, who led the Heavenly troops, managed to kill Zhuhou collectively. As for now... Qin Yun, Mighty Miracle God, and Wang Qian-three half-step Golden Immortals or higher-were having drinks inside.

    The Han family's patriarch, Immortal Golden Placid, barely qualified to join in the celebrations as the Han family's owner. He instructed for all sorts of delicacies and fine liquor to be served.

    "Quick, quick, quick."

    "Carry them well. Don't you offend the exalted ones when you enter later."

    The maidservants nervously entered with wooden trays in hand.

    And elsewhere.

    "Han Lin, you really found a huge backer. That Qin Yiyi's father, Qin Yun, is treated with such great respect by a powerful general of the Heavenly Courts! That Zhuhou also finally succumbed because of Sword Immortal Qin. From the way I look at it, it's already certain that Sword Immortal Qin has the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal. He might even have a chance of becoming a Golden Immortal in the future."

    "That's right. Han Lin, when you strike it rich, don't you forget us brothers from your family."

    A group of men and women surrounded Han Lin as they flattered him.

    These people were individuals with extremely high talent from the Han family's present generation. A few of them were in no way inferior to him, but all of them now wanted to get into his good books. After all, the strongest member of their Han family, Patriarch Golden Placid, was far inferior to Sword Immortal Qin. How long had Sword Immortal Qin cultivated? His future was likely to be even more illustrious.

    Han Lin could only remain polite.

    "Brother Double Wood." A shout sounded from afar. It was Qin Yiyi who stood under a distant peach tree.

    "I'll make a move first," Han Lin said to his clansmen immediately.

    "Go ahead."

    "You have to coax this Miss Qin well," all of them hurriedly exhorted with voice transmissions.
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