Chapter 537: Empyrean Lord Kuifus Choice

    Chapter 537: Empyrean Lord Kuifu's Choice

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    Jade Screen world. Han family.

    Mighty Miracle God and the other Heavenly Courts generals were no rush to return to the Heavenly Courts. Instead, they used some of the immortal brew from their cherished collection to set up a feast for Qin Yun.

    "Brother Qin Yun, come to the Heavenly Courts with us." Mighty Miracle God placed his wine cup down and took the opportunity to raise the proposal. As he sat among them, the Han family's patriarch, Immortal Golden Placid, was astonished when he heard that. As for Senior Brother Wang Qian, he drank the alcohol smilingly while listening.

    "To the Heavenly Courts?" Qin Yun pondered.

    "The Heavenly Courts rules over the Three Realms. It's also where there are the most immortals. And of course, it's where the Heavenly Dao and the light where providence shines is the greatest. There are many cultivation sacred lands. By cultivating there... it will be much better than cultivating in the lower realms," said Mighty Miracle God. "With your talent, you might attain a Golden Immortal Dao fruit earlier by cultivating in the Heavenly Courts."

    Qin Yun smiled. "Obtaining a Golden Immortal Dao fruit isn't that easy."

    The Heavenly realm was indeed central to the Three Realms.

    The Great Worlds of many dominions allowed Golden Immortals and Buddhas to descend with their real bodies, but the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor were unable to enter with their real bodies.

    As for the Heavenly realm, that was where the Buddhist Ancestor's and Dao Ancestors' true bodies could enter. For instance, the Buddhist Ancestor's Western Paradise's Mt. Numinous was in the Heavenly realm! The three Dao Ancestors also often appeared in the Heavenly realm.

    "My Heavenly King has the intention of inviting you to the Heavenly Courts," said Mighty Miracle God with a smile. "If you were to join the Heavenly Courts, your official rank will be no lower than mine. It will at least be a fifth-grade immortal official."

    "A fifth-grade immortal official?" Qin Yun was somewhat astonished.

    "After all my years of service, I'm only an eighth-grade official," said Wang Qian smilingly with a shake of his head.

    Mighty Miracle God said, "We are now dealing with fiendish demons across the various areas of the Three Realms. Furthermore, most fiendish demons are hiding in Small Worlds. Golden Immortals are unable to enter with their real bodies, so we are the only ones available to take action! Beneath Golden Immortals... the number of people that have enemy trapping abilities like you in the Three Realms can be counted on one hand. The Western Paradise's Mt. Numinous has one. Emperor Polestar has one under him. The Tenebrous Fiend Abyss has one... Brother Qin Yun, you would then be ranked the fourth with such means. You naturally deserve the rank of a fifth-grade immortal official."

    "Didn't you say that Emperor Polestar has one who is good at trapping enemies? Why didn't the Heavenly Courts use him?" asked Qin Yun.

    Mighty Miracle God smiled. "You aren't aware of this. Emperor Polestar's subordinates are obviously under his jurisdiction. His Majesty can't just override Emperor Polestar and give the order directly."

    Qin Yun was enlightened.

    That's right...

    Just Emperor Polestar's perfected Golden Immortal strength made him someone even the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor would not easily interfere with.

    "Therefore, Heavenly King Li is in great need of someone like you, Qin Yun," Mighty Miracle God said immediately.

    "Brother Qin Yun," two half-step Golden Immortal generals also persuaded. "Our Third Prince abhors evil and has been pursuing fiendish demons all this while. If you were to join, Third Prince will definitely not treat you shabbily."

    "Yes, with Third Prince as a backer, you will not meet any resistance in the Heavenly Courts."

    "There are all sorts of experts in the Heavenly Courts, as well as treasure lands and treasures."

    The two generals continued persuading.

    "Help me thank Heavenly King Li for his kind gesture. At this moment, I do not have any intention on joining the Heavenly Courts," said Qin Yun.

    "Really?" Mighty Miracle God widened his eyes.

    Qin Yun shook his head with a smile.

    Mighty Miracle God sighed when he saw this. "Whatever then. Any itinerant cultivator would try their best to enter the Heavenly Courts, but you come from the Green Touring Palace after all. In terms of cultivation Dharmic formulations or treasures... Green Touring Palace is in no way inferior to the Heavenly Courts. I can understand why you are unwilling, but the Heavenly Courts is, after all, where the Heavenly Dao and the light shined from providence is at its greatest. There are many benefits to cultivating there."

    Qin Yun had made up his mind. He was not lacking in Dharmic formulations and treasures, so why would he volunteer to be bound by the heavenly rules?


    Half a day later.

    Mighty Miracle God led the Heavenly troops in their departure from the Jade Screen world.

    "Brother Qin Yun, if you ever change your mind, feel free to contact me," Mighty Miracle God said before leaving.

    Following that, Qin Yun also left the Jade Screen world. When he left, he took his daughter and Han Lin with him and brought them back to the Effulgent Great World.


    This battle had been watched by too many people.

    There were the Han family, the Heavenly troops led respectively by Mighty Miracle God and Senior Brother Wang, as well as those watching from the Heavenly Courts and the fiends... Too many people knew of this battle, which led to the rapid spread of the news that Qin Yun possessed the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal and that he had attained phenomenal success in his two great divine powers, Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm and Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes in the Three Realms.

    The battle in the Lightning world that happened three years ago was known by extremely few.

    But this time...

    The news spread throughout the Three Realms not long after the battle!

    It also made several experts in the Three Realms begin to pay attention to Qin Yun. Just having a half-step Golden Immortal strength was nothing much in the Three Realms, but Qin Yun's means of trapping the enemy was rare even among Golden Immortal mighty figures. In life-and-death combat, means to trap an enemy were extremely important. After all, experts all had various life-preservation means.

    It was not easy to kill one in a short period of time.

    Typically, one had to first trap the enemy and drain them of their resources... before thinking of a way to slay them! Qin Yun's value became evident. Even Heavenly King Li had consented to Qin Yun's joining of the Heavenly Courts at the minimum rank of a fifth-grade immortal official. Other factions also wished to rope Qin Yun in.


    Tenebrous Fiend world.

    In a dark cave abode's chamber, Empyrean Lord Kuifu sat cross-legged as he focused on meditation.

    After breaking through to the late-stage Skyfiend realms, he began focusing on cultivating his divine power. He wished to perfect it so as to reach the might of a half-step Ancestral Fiend! With the strength of a half-step Ancestral Fiend, he would gain confidence in his chances of occupying the Great Chang world.

    "Knock. Knock. Knock." Door knocks sounded.

    "Oh?" Kuifu opened his eyes, but they were burning with fury. He had been immersed in his cultivation and was on the brink of an epiphany, but he had been disturbed. "I have long instructed that I'm not to be disturbed while in seclusion."

    Kuifu flicked his sleeve and a phantom appeared in the chamber. The phantom bowed reverently and fawningly. "Brother Kuifu."

    "What serious matter is it for you to disrupt my cultivation?" Kuifu was somewhat displeased. Now that he had no fief, and his strength was not the greatest, Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud had no reason to seek him. He enjoyed some peace and quiet in his current situation.

    "Brother Kuifu, didn't you ask me to watch Qin Yun and Daoist Divine Firmament?" said the phantom immediately.

    "Did something major happen?" Kuifu was alarmed as he pressed immediately.

    "Yes, something major has happened," said the phantom. "Just today, about four hours ago! Qin Yun and the Heavenly Courts' Heavenly troops joined forces to kill Fiend King Zhuhou of the spirit-devouring lineage."

    "What!? Fiend King Zhuhou is dead?" Kuifu was alarmed. "Aren't the spirit-devouring lineage's life-preservation means very powerful?"

    "Qin Yun has the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal. The two great divine powers he cultivates in have reached the phenomenal success stage. His trapping means are said to be rare even among Golden Immortal mighty figures. He managed to restrain Fiend King Zhuhou, while Mighty Miracle God, together with the Heavenly troops, released a barrage of attacks, draining Fiend King Zhuhou of all his pills and causing him to eventually perish." The phantom spoke with great excitement. After all, this was a battle many in the Three Realms had paid attention to.

    Kuifu was taken aback.

    A half-step Golden Immortal?

    Qin Yun... was a half-step Golden Immortal?

    At that moment, Kuifu felt his mind turn abuzz. Tumultuous upheavals went through his heart.

    "Qin Yun has the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal?" pressed Kuifu. "Are you certain?"

    "The news has already spread throughout the Three Realms," replied the phantom immediately. "This battle was secretly monitored by the Heavenly Courts and the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss. How could the information be wrong?"

    Kuifu nodded slightly as he waved his hand. "Alright, I got it. You may leave."

    "I won't be disturbing you any further, Brother Kuifu." The phantom dissipated.

    Kuifu sat there in silence.

    He remained silent for a long time in the darkness...

    "Only I know the secret of the Great Chang world!" Kuifu muttered softly after a long time had passed.

    "It should have been mine."

    "It had to be mine."

    Kuifu muttered on. "But now, Qin Yun is already a half-step Golden Immortal. Even if I were get really lucky and reach the strength of a half-step Ancestral Fiend, there's nothing I can do about him. I might even be trapped by him. As for me reaching the strength of an Ancestral Fiend? I don't see any hopes of that."

    "I don't see a sliver of hope if I just rely on my own means."

    "It looks like I have to return to the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss and inform Patriarch." Kuifu stood up immediately and went to seek an audience with Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud.
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