Chapter 538: Patriarch Bojia

    Chapter 538: Patriarch Bojia

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    Moments later.

    "You wish to return to the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss?" Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud looked at Kuifu who stood before him.

    "I have been under your tutelage all these years in the Effulgent dominion, Fiend Supremacy. Now that I have broken through to the late stages of the Skyfiend realms, it's time for me to return," said Kuifu. "By returning to my clan I can gain the guidance of my clan's seniors."

    Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud pondered slightly before nodding. "Alright, follow me."

    Kuifu secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

    Skyfiends like them were unable to leave the Effulgent dominion without Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud's permission. To cross dominions through their own strength? That was something only mighty figure were capable of. He had been most afraid that Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud would refuse to let him leave. However, Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud clearly did not think too much of a Skyfiend who had just broken through to the late-stage Skyfiend realm. Furthermore, he had to take into account the Bojia clan.

    "Go on in." Soon, they arrived in front of a massive array as Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud instructed him.

    Kuifu immediately entered the array obediently.


    The array was activated.

    Red beams of light lit up and, following that, Kuifu vanished and returned to the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss.


    The Tenebrous Fiend Abyss was the most mysterious place in the Three Realms. All sorts of baneful and murderous auras gathered here. It had existed even before Pangu's splitting of heaven and earth.

    The ferocious baneful auras from the Chaos Godfiends fighting in the Chaos were all gathered here. Gradually, these auras took form, giving birth to a group of bloodthirsty Chaos Godfiends. However, they had kept a rather low profile due to the restraints their leader placed on them.

    After a long period of time...

    Pangu split the heaven and earth apart. There was the era of the demons' Heavenly Courts, the war between the three Daoist sects, and the era of the humans' Heavenly Courts. This went on until that leader turned into a Fiend Ancestor, putting him on par with the Dao Ancestors, Buddhist Ancestor, and Goddess Nüwa... It was then that the fiendish powers were truly revealed, making the Three Realms learn that the dark and mysterious fiend abyss hid away such terrifying strength.

    But before that, it was not known to the outside world. In fact, the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor had long attempted to probe the abyss, but even before the Fiend Ancestor reached his full potential, he was able to control the entirety of the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss. In there, he was practically invincible... The Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor failed to find anything even when they entered.

    And after the Fiend Ancestor broke through, he became absolutely invincible in the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss.

    "I wish to meet Patriarch." After Kuifu returned to the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss, he rushed and met with various obstacles before arriving outside Bojia Palace.

    Bojia Palace was entirely gold in color as it emitted shimmering golden light.

    Bojia Palace's exterior was heavily guarded. This was, after all, the residence of the patriarch of one of the nine biggest clans in the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss-the Bojia clan. The patriarch's name was Bojia, and he too was a Chaos Godfiend who was born in the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss. Over time, he generated a huge family tree that turned into the massive Bojia clan, becoming one of the nine great clans.

    "Kuifu?" A guard at the entrance laughed with a vigorous and firm voice. "Kuifu, didn't you go with Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud to the Effulgent dominion? Why are you back?"

    "Kuifu, do you think anyone can just meet with Patriarch? Leave immediately. If you were someone from another clan, we would have long attacked you."

    "Leave quickly!" the guards urged him.

    Kuifu looked at the Bojia Palace in front of him. It was his clan's sacred land, a place he had never entered before. However, he said with great solemnity, "I wish to meet Patriarch."

    "Eh..." The guards exchanged looks for they were all surprised.

    Just like how Qin Yun and his fellow disciples had no means to summon the Dao Ancestor, preventing them from meeting the Dao Ancestor after the first time, these disciples of huge family clans had almost no chance to meet their patriarch their entire lives! The fiends had stricter and harsher rules.

    "I have something very important." Kuifu swept his gaze across the guards. In fact, he could have sought his master and gone up the chain of command, but if he did it that way, his contribution would be diminished.

    Therefore, he wanted to meet his patriarch directly!

    "Something important? Fine. Since you are insistent on meeting Patriarch, we will pass the message. You should know what the outcome will be if you lie." One of the guards nodded before turning to head inside.

    Kuifu stood outside Bojia Palace silently in wait.

    After waiting for a while-

    "Follow me." A purple-robed woman walked out of Bojia Palace, shouting when she shot a glance at Kuifu.

    Kuifu immediately followed her in.

    Bojia Palace was huge, and there were many palatial compounds inside. There were also majestic palace halls in it, with the most eye-catching one being a golden hall. Kuifu was led into it.

    "Wait here." The purple-robed woman left immediately.

    Kuifu stood alone in the golden hall, waiting.

    An hour later.

    "Oh?" Kuifu was alarmed, for he was shocked to realize that a figure had suddenly appeared on the throne high above the hall. The figure was dressed in golden armor and even a golden headdress. The figure had excellent looks and he was truly a handsome man.

    However, his forehead had four faces, one in each direction. He also had eight arms extending out of his body.

    His body was reclined halfway, with one hand holding up his head. One hand held a fruit and his other hand held a knife as he leisurely peeled the skin off the fruit. Another hand was flipping through a book, while all the other hands drooped down.

    His fox-like eyes shot a glance at Kuifu beneath him before going back to his book.

    "Patriarch." Kuifu immediately knelt down and his forehead kissed the ground.

    "My child, why did you insist on meeting me?" Patriarch Bojia asked softly.

    Kuifu was very nervous. He knew that without a sufficiently good reason, he was doomed.

    "I have an important matter to inform you of, Patriarch." Kuifu raised his head and said immediately.

    Bojia continued peeling the skin off the fruit as he listened.

    "I discovered a Connate Wonder, a Stellar Stone, deep underground in the Great Chang world," said Kuifu immediately. "It is at least a thousand feet long."

    "A thousand feet long?" Bojia directly cut through the fruit in his hand as he threw it away and sat up. He stared down at Kuifu. Even the eyes on his two lateral sides were trained on Kuifu. "Are you sure it's a thousand feet long?"

    "Yes, I guarantee it with my life. I saw it with my own eyes. It is at least a thousand feet long," said Kuifu immediately.

    "You were able to recognize a Stellar Stone?" Bojia laughed.

    Kuifu said reverently, "My master had once obtained a Stellar Stone in the past. It was only about ten feet across and its surface was lined with silver granules. So I have seen one with my own eyes before. My avatar had once encountered the eruption of a volcano in the Great Chang world, and saw similar silver granules. So I bored deep into the ground... following the volcano's hole down. In the deepest spot of the magma chamber lay the Stellar Stone. I have checked it before. It's at least a thousand feet long."

    "A thousand-foot long Stellar Stone? An ordinary Stellar Stone about thirty to fifty feet can match that of an ordinary Connate Numinous treasure. A thousand feet? I have heard of one, but I have never seen one." All eyes on Bojia's four faces shimmered. Although he had several Connate Numinous treasures on him, all of them combined were in no way comparable to a thousand-foot long Stellar Stone.

    With a thought, Bojia quickly investigated all the detailed information regarding Kuifu.

    "You have once attempted to conquer the Great Chang world?" asked Bojia.

    Kuifu said nervously, "Yes. I was selfish and wished to monopolize the Stellar Stone for myself. I had to occupy the world first before I could think of a way to slowly extract the Stellar Stone. Once it's extracted, the entire world would face destruction. Unfortunately, I was stopped by Daoist Divine Firmament of the Great Chang world. And now, the Great Chang world's Qin Yun has reached the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal. I have no chance of monopolizing it for myself."

    "Fiends are all selfish." Bojia's anterior face smiled, but his posterior face was nasty. "I can understand."

    "Tell me the location of the volcano," said Bojia.

    "Yes." Kuifu immediately waved his hand as a projection of the entire Great Chang world appeared in midair. On it, a volcano was labeled, as well as the deepest spot in the volcano. "Here in its deepest depths will you find the Stellar Stone. A Stellar Stone is the foundation of a world. It's extremely mysterious and undetectable by Dharmic powers. One has to see it with their own eyes."

    "You are to stay in Bojia Palace from now on. You are not to make contact with any other clansmen," Bojia instructed. "I will naturally not maltreat you when I obtain the thousand-foot-long Stellar Stone."

    "I accede to every command of yours, Patriarch," said Kuifu immediately.

    Bojia Palace nodded slightly and waved his hand. He moved Kuifu into a palatial compound and sealed him up for the time being. He then lightly instructed, "Watch him closely. No one is to make contact with him."

    "Yes." A deep voice sounded.

    Bojia immediately closed his eyes and sensed the distant Effulgent Great World before sensing the Great Chang world.

    "The Great Chang world?" With a single thought, Bojia's consciousness had descended into that distant world.


    Great Chang world, Cloud Prefecture, Azure Wing Gorge.

    A handsome man appeared on a cliff as he looked down at the raging river.

    "Great Chang world, a thousand-foot-long Stellar Stone?" The corners of the handsome man's mouth curled up. "It appears this place is my land of fortune."
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