Chapter 539: Name Black Wing

    Chapter 539: Name 'Black Wing'

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    The handsome man looked far into the distance and, by taking one step, he vanished. When he appeared again, he was more than five hundred kilometers away.

    There was not a single fluctuation in the void.

    This was only Patriarch Bojia's avatar, condensed purely from his willpower. By sending his willpower five hundred kilometers away, he naturally could recondense an avatar.

    "It's this volcano."

    With a few steps, Patriarch Bojia came to the volcano's mouth. While standing there, he looked down into its stomach.


    Following that, he flew deep into the volcano...

    After passing through the solid magma, he proceeded deeper into the volcano. He was able to easily pass through everything since his body took on an incorporeal property.

    "Oh?" Bojia finally came to a stop as he looked forward in excitement.

    He came upon a gigantic gray stone. Its surface was covered in patterns and they were coruscating with stellar light, making the gigantic stone so beautiful that it looked dreamy. It was huge, and in Bojia's excitement, he circled it once. It was about the size of a tiny mountain, about a thousand feet in length. It was suspended deep underground.

    However, this Stellar Stone was intricately tied with the Great Chang world's aura as though it was one.

    If he closed his eyes to sense it, all he could sense was the ordinary world aura from it, nothing that resembled that of a Stellar Stone. He could only see it by opening his eyes.

    "Yes, yes. It is a Stellar Stone."

    "A thousand-foot-long Stellar Stone." Bojia could hardly conceal his excitement. Although he already knew about it, he still felt astounded seeing it with his own eyes.

    The treasure in front of him was more precious that all the treasure he had accumulated over the years as the patriarch of one of the nine major clans of the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss.

    "It's mine. It's all mine."

    Bojia's eyes flared with intense greed as he frowned again and muttered to himself, "However, taking it away will be rather difficult. This Stellar Stone is the bedrock of the Great Chang world. It's impossible to forcibly take it as it is. It is connected to the entire world, and is as heavy as the Great Chang world. There's no way of transporting it. I have to first occupy the Great Chang world and convert this world's Heavenly Dao into that of the Fiendish Dao, so that it doesn't reject Skyfiends, before there will be a way to extract it in one go."

    "Yes, I have to first occupy this world and convert it into a Fiendish Dao world." Bojia shook his head slightly. "What a pity. I'm unable to descend into this Small World with my true body. If not, even if Qin Yun has life-protecting great divine powers, I will still be able to crush him to death."

    Bojia could actually fight the ancient demon Celestial Thearch who had cultivated the two great divine powers to perfection, even if he was no match for him. The Bojia clan of his personal lineage had a total of seven Ancestral Fiends.

    But no matter how strong he was, he could not descend with his true body.

    As for using his avatar? That was so weak it was not worth mentioning.


    Following that, he retracted his will from distant space, dissipating his avatar.

    His secret arrival in the Great Chang world was naturally unknown to anyone.


    Bojia Palace. Main hall.

    Bojia sat high atop his throne.

    Standing in the hall beneath him were six figures. Of them, a black-robed man with long hair stood a little forward. The other five stood slightly behind him.

    "Patriarch." At that moment, the other five were reverently kneeling as a salute. The black-robed man only bent his back slightly.

    "Hahaha, Black Wing. I have an important mission for you," said Bojia with a loud laugh. He thought highly of the black-robed man because he was the most excellent progeny of his Bojia clan among ninth firmament Skyfiends.

    "Patriarch, please deliver your instructions," said Fiend Supremacy Black Wing.

    "My Bojia clan has eleven Fiend Supremacies. You are the strongest of them all." Bojia smiled. "I have no worries in handing you this mission. I need you to head to the Effulgent dominion and completely occupy the Great Chang world! The five half-step Ancestral Fiends are good at array formations. They will accompany you and they will turn the Great Chang world into an impregnable fortress. It will become another lair for us fiends in the Great Chang world."

    Black Wing was puzzled. "Patriarch, isn't the Tenebrous Fiend world already set up in the Effulgent dominion? Is there a need to establish another base Great Chang world?"

    "You do not need to worry about it. You just need to ensure that the Great Chang world is made impregnable such that the Heavenly Courts' massive army will not be able to successfully overrun it," said Bojia.

    "Yes," said Black Wing respectfully.

    "By the way, the Great Chang world has two Green Touring Palace disciples. One of them is Qin Yun and the other is Daoist Divine Firmament. You can forget about Daoist Divine Firmament, but Qin Yun already has the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal. Therefore, you have to be very careful when setting up the array formations. Do not alert them," said Bojia. "Once they are alerted, Green Touring Palace might send a bunch of disciples to the Great Chang world."

    "Understood," Black Wing said reverently. "I will secretly set up the various array formations and will activate them only when they are all successfully set up. When that happens, even if Qin Yun and company are alerted, it would be too late for them to seek help."

    "Yes, set it up stealthily! Activate it only when it's done." Bojia smiled. "Set up the array with the Great Chang world's land as its core. As for how to set it up, I have already informed the five about everything that is needed for the various array formations. Bring the five there and guard them as they set up the array formations. That's all you need to do."

    "Yes," said Black Wing respectfully.

    "Let's not delay this any further. It's best you reach the Great Chang world as soon as possible," instructed Bojia.

    "I can set off at anytime."


    Bojia swept his gaze across Black Wing and the other five half-step Ancestral Fiends. "This mission is extremely important. You are to do your best. If it succeeds, I would reward all of you handsomely."

    "Yes." The other five half-step Ancestral Fiends were somewhat excited.

    "Go on." Bojia instructed. With a wave of his hand, Black Wing and the five vanished.


    Although Fiend Supremacies were ninth firmament Skyfiends, they were existences who matched that of Ancestral Fiend mighty figures.

    They also had different levels of strength.

    For instance, among the Buddhists' eighteen arhats, all of them matched Buddha mighty figures, but they had Arhat Taming Dragon as their leader. Another example would be the former leader of the Heavenly Courts' western mansion, Yellow-robed Supremacy. As he was of the Physical Establishing Sage lineage, he could defeat ordinary Golden Immortals, and was quite outstanding among experts that matched mighty figures.

    Black Wing was similarly a Fiend Supremacy who had cultivated his body. He also had a great divine power and weaker Ancestral Fiends were not even his match. He was the strongest Fiend Supremacy of the Bojia clan!


    Black Wing led the five half-step Ancestral Fiends as they arrived in the Effulgent dominion.

    With another two rounds of Major Void Transference, they arrived in space outside the Great Chang world.

    They looked at the Great Chang world that stood before them.

    "We are here. The Great Chang world." Black Wing looked down at the beautiful planet. The five half-step Ancestral Fiends behind him had their eyes fixated on it as well.


    Great Chang world, Grand Dominance City.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were strolling around in the streets. He was even holding a stick of candied fruit.

    "Mom, I want some candied fruit." Not far off, a child looked enviously at the candied fruit in Qin Yun's hand as he immediately requested his mother get him one.

    "Have you forgotten how your teeth ache? No," said the woman.

    "I want to eat it! I want to eat it!"

    "You silly child, do you want a beating!?" The woman was somewhat peeved.

    "I want it!" The child began pulling a tantrum.

    "You are asking for it." The woman pulled the child off to the side and pulled down his pants to reveal his tiny buttocks. Then she began smacking them.

    "Boohoo, I want to eat... No, I don't anymore. I don't. Mom, it hurts. It hurts!" The child's tears poured down as he could not help but look towards Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun felt a little embarrassed with his candied fruit in hand.

    "Look at you. Still eating candied fruit at your age. You even implicated that poor little child." Yi Xiao could not help but laugh.

    For Qin Yun, candied fruit was mostly about memories.

    They were memories from his childhood, memories of the days he spent with his younger sister and elder brother.

    "So I'm at fault for eating candied fruit? But that child does have quite a few rotten teeth." Qin Yun smiled as he tapped gently with his finger. A wisp of Dharmic powers flew straight into the child's body and rapidly reconstructed his teeth. "I just gave him a mouthful of good teeth. They will remain good his entire life. Consider it his compensation."

    "Seriously." Yi Xiao was rendered speechless.

    "Let's go. Don't stay here any longer. He's still staring at my candied fruit." Qin Yun quickly left with Yi Xiao.

    Meanwhile, Qin Yun had no idea that as he enjoyed the pleasures of mortal world, Black Wing had led five half-step Ancestral Fiends to secretly infiltrate the Great Chang world.
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