Chapter 540: Alarmed

    Chapter 540: Alarmed

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    Standing on a cloud at a high altitude, Black Wing asked, "How long will it take to make the entire Great Chang world impregnable?"

    "Seven days should be sufficient."

    Among the five half-step Ancestral Fiends, a man with a snake's tail said reverently, "Many of the array formation artifacts have long been refined. All we need to do is put them in place. In fact, it's possible to make the various array formations stable in five days. Seven days will just ensure that we can sufficiently set up all the array formations as Patriarch instructed."

    "Alright, set it up as soon as possible. Remember to remain concealed. Do not be discovered by the two Green Touring Palace disciples in the Great Chang world," instructed Black Wing. "Should we be discovered, it will be troublesome if a large number of Green Touring Palace immortals descend upon us."

    "We understand," replied the five half-step Ancestral Fiends.

    "Go on." Black Wing waved his hand.

    The five half-step Ancestral Fiends bowed slightly before they scattered and began rapidly setting up the array formation.

    With a single step, Black Wing appeared in an ordinary city beneath him.

    He walked alone in the tiny city's streets.


    Black Wing frowned slightly. "We fiends have clearly established a stronghold in the Tenebrous Fiend world in the Effulgent dominion. Why would Patriarch make me come here to establish a second stronghold? Furthermore, any Fiend Supremacy would be sufficient for the trivial matter of setting up strongholds. My Bojia clan has eleven Fiend Supremacies. Why was I the one he instructed to watch over this?"

    "It's indeed strange." Black Wing pondered over the matter.

    He felt something amiss, but it was not his place to ask if Patriarch Bojia did not elaborate.

    "These pitiful humans..." Black Wing looked at the large number of people on the street as his eyes suffused an icy coldness. "Seven days from now, I will begin terraforming the Great Chang world and turn it into a world that follows the Fiendish Dao. When the Heavenly Dao of this world changes, the environment will change drastically. Nearly all the mortal lives in this world will perish, with a minute number being able to live an ignoble existence."

    "Pitiful ants, enjoy your remaining lives as much as you can. In a week, Armageddon will befall your world." The corner of Black Wing's mouth curled up.

    It was a pleasant feeling for Black Wing to watch the apocalypse as countless lives died from their inability to adapt to the Fiendish Heavenly Dao.

    After all, he did not dare engage in wanton slaughter usually. He would conquer a new world and kill all these mortals for the Fiendish Dao. In a world with a new Fiendish Heavenly Dao, what he did was no sin. Instead, he would be rewarded by the Fiendish Heavenly Dao.


    Daoist Divine Firmament and Qin Yun had no idea that six terrifying existences had infiltrated their planet as they continued leading normal days.

    Grand Dominance City.

    Qin Yun would occasionally spend time with his wife, but most of his time remained spent on cultivation. He would ponder over his Sword Dao day and night. To be able to create five Golden Immortal level moves, it signified the robustness of all that he knew. He could even vaguely sense the Great Dao he was pursuing! Just the vague sensation of it was enough to make Qin Yun tremble in excitement.

    It was a goal that he had been pursuing after all these years of cultivation.

    Once he succeeded, he would forever be different.

    It was said that acquiring comprehension of the Dao in the morning leaves one contented even if one dies in the evening. And to figure out a Great Dao for himself was a sensation that left him innately trembling to his very core.

    The closer he was to it, the more he desired it! It also made him focus more on figuring it out.

    "Everyone that has attained a Great Dao gains an extremely high level of control of the void. They can even influence time." Qin Yun sat cross-legged on the grass beside the mirror lake's banks. "Only by doing so can they cross the chasm that separates dominions from each other."

    "The moves I have created to date are also targeted towards space-time."

    Qin Yun closed his eyes.

    Now, by sensing the surrounding space, he could clearly dissect the layers of profoundness. It was like how a skilled butcher who dismembered an ox would not view an ox as an ox after three years of butchering. Instead, all the butcher would see were different meat cuts and tendons. After many years of butchering, they would not even need to see with their eyes. Just sensing the meat was sufficient for them to easily separate them cleanly.

    It was the same with cultivation. As one's insights deepened, the void no longer appeared mysterious. Although the naked eye could not see it directly, it could be sensed. One would be able to understand the structure of the empty void and its various changes. There was even the more mysterious aspect of time which influenced space. However, the moment time was involved, things became countless times more complicated.


    Qin Yun gently smacked the void with his right hand, causing the void above the mirror lake to tremble.

    Just a slight strike resulted in tremors.

    "Peng." On the third strike, he caused the void to produce black hollows.

    "This is only a small region. Space-time should be handled with broader strokes." Qin Yun casually waved his hand.


    A blast radiated out from Qin Yun.

    This spatial blast even included a time variation in it.

    That instant!

    The spatial blast expanded from Grand Dominance City's tiny mirror lake to every direction, fully reaching out to 25,000 kilometers! It passed through cities, desolate plains, deserts, and finally into the sea.

    Regardless of the direction, the spatial blast raged on, even deep into the sea. It had covered about 80% of the Great Chang world.

    On a very tiny desolate island which spanned about 250 meters in the North Sea.

    A gray-robed elder was there, carefully setting up an array formation.


    An array disk sank about ten feet into the ground.

    This gray-robed elder closed his eyes as he sensed the other array formation components located in other areas of the Great Chang world. They were all set up personally by him. All five half-step Ancestral Fiends shared the workload. After all, to make a world impregnable required the fusion of a bunch of array formations.

    "That's not right. The position in the void is off by a little. I have to reposition the array disk." The gray-robed elder sensed it, and so had no choice but to wave his hand to retrieve the array disk. Following that, he placed it a second time based on what he sensed. The new position was only an inch from the old position.

    After putting it in place, he sensed it again. This time, he could sense that the array disk was one with the other array formation components.

    "Yes, it's time to head to the next spot." The gray-robed elder smiled.

    At that moment-

    A spatial blast swept through the area, including the gray-robed elder and the array disk.

    The gray-robed elder's smile froze. He was also a half-step Ancestral Fiend who could easily cast the Art of Major Void Transference. He was extremely sensitive to the void and he could sense the will contained in that blast. Clearly, an expert was surveying the area. It was not any of the other four half-step Ancestral Fiends or Fiend Supremacy Black Wing!

    "No good! We've been discovered!" The gray-robed elder's eyes turned red.


    Deep in the mountains, a half-step Ancestral Fiend was carefully controlling three array flags.

    A spatial blast swept past him and the three array flags.

    "No good." This half-step Ancestral Fiend also underwent a drastic change in expression.


    The five half-step Ancestral Fiends were setting up the array formation with the continent as its core. The continent was where the largest number of sentient beings resided. Furthermore, this was only the second day of setting up since they arrived in the Great Chang world. Unfortunately, they had been discovered by Qin Yun's accidental casting of a spatial blast during his cultivation.

    Black Wing, who sat cross-legged on a mountain while waiting silently for the seven days to pass, also sensed the spatial blast sweep past him.

    He could even follow the spatial blast and trace its distant origin.

    The blast... came from Grand Dominance City!

    Qin Yun, who sat beside the mirror lake's bank, immediately revealed a look of shock!

    The fiends were alarmed, but so was Qin Yun!

    "We've been discovered!" Black Wing's expression changed as he simultaneously sent a voice transmission to the five half-step Ancestral Fiends through his karmic ties with them. "We have been discovered by Qin Yun. We are out of time. Activate all the array formations that have been set up!"

    "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!"...

    The five half-step Ancestral Fiends were originally panicking, but when they heard Black Wing's instructions, they immediately activated the array formations.


    And at the bank of the mirror lake, Qin Yun, who had been attempting spatial attacks during his cultivation, opened his eyes in shock.

    "Fiends have infiltrated?" Qin Yun was more than a little shocked. "And there are so many array formations, many which I can't even figure out."

    He ignored everything else.

    Qin Yun gave a mental command.

    "Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm!"

    Immediately, boundless stellar forces permeated the entirety of the Great Chang world. The boundless stellar light descended, with Qin Yun as the center of it. Every spot within 15,000 kilometers was enveloped by the stellar light. The entire continent and a tiny portion of the sea were enveloped within its glow.

    "I have to first destroy these array formations." Qin Yun did not hesitate as he immediately controlled the boundless stellar forces to commence destruction. Many of the array formations were still in the midst of being set up and were incomplete.
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