Chapter 541: The Heavenly Courts Stirs

    Chapter 541: The Heavenly Courts Stirs

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    Dense stellar forces descended upon each of the Great Chang world's nineteen Prefectures, be they cities, deserts, boats, mountains, or carriages. People everywhere looked in puzzlement at the stellar forces that permeated every inch of the world around them! The stellar forces were extremely mystical. Walls or carriage doors failed to obstruct them in any way.

    The commoners eventually calmed when they found that the stellar forces did not harm them in any way.


    With a thought from Qin Yun, dense stellar forces formed a gigantic palm above an uninhabited lagoon island. Immediately, the palm shot down at the island, raising a large chunk of the earth. Three array flags that had been embedded in the ground were pulled out as the entire island changed in shape. A huge chasm appeared in the middle of the lagoon lake, which would make it a lake within a lake one day.

    The scene of the gigantic palm destroying the lagoon lake alarmed the nearby fishermen. Many of them knelt down as they muttered under their breaths, "God! God!"


    In every spot where Qin Yun's Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm enveloped, he frantically tried to destroy any array he found.

    As he did so-


    "Array, arise."

    The five half-step Ancestral Fiends were activating the array formations which had already been set up. Although they had only began work slightly more than a day ago and the plan required seven days, they had prioritized the setting up of the array formations according to their importance.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    Array after array exploded.

    The entire Great Chang world's void was completely sealed!

    Gigantic stone columns rose from deep underground as they floated above the four seas of the Great Chang world.

    There was even a massive black hemisphere that appeared which blanketed the continent where the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures lay.

    "What's happening?"

    "Even the sky has darkened." Countless Great Chang world commoners looked up and saw a huge black hemisphere of light appear like the firmaments. It enveloped the land, and although the sun's rays could still penetrate and shine in, they had to go through the black layer of light, making the sun appear to dim greatly. The black hemisphere made all the commoners feel a sense of unease.

    It was like it was an innate fear.

    "Oh?" At the same time, the five half-step Ancestral Fiends experienced the suppression of the stellar forces as they activated the array formations. The stellar forces in every spot condensed into a gigantic palm before striking at them with the suppressive might of the Heaven and Earth.

    "Just the usage of the stellar forces can produce such strong might?" The five scattered half-step Ancestral Fiends used their own means-either their bodies or their Dharma treasures-but similarly, they had to release their Dharmic powers.

    They had tried their best to keep their auras converged previously to hide from the Heavenly Dao's detection.

    To them, evading the Heavenly Dao's detection was very simple... But if they completely released their Skyfiend Dharmic powers, there was no way for them to continue hiding.

    It was not only them!

    Even Black Wing suffered from the suppression of Qin Yun's stellar forces. He naturally felt contempt over it. All he did was to release minute bits of Dharmic powers to resist the suppression, but as long as he did so... he had to emit auras that contained his Dharmic powers.


    The Heavenly Dao showed its wrath. Tribulation clouds gathered simultaneously above the five half-step Ancestral Fiends and Black Wing. Furthermore, the Heaven and Earth powers forcefully suppressed them.

    "The Heavenly Dao of a Small World is such a joke." The five half-step Ancestral Fiends and Black Wing disregarded the Heavenly Dao.

    If it were the Heavenly Dao's punishment from the entire Three Realms...

    That would be terrifying.

    But as for a Small World? At their level, they naturally showed no fear. The only reason that they had concealed their auras was to not alert Qin Yun and Daoist Divine Firmament.

    "W-what is going on?" Daoist Divine Firmament stood outside his cave abode as his Eye of Lightning opened at his glabella. He looked around him and saw the various spots in all of the Great Chang world.

    He saw Qin Yun controlling the stellar forces to repress various areas.

    He also saw six terrifying auras!

    When the six revealed their auras, Daoist Divine Firmament was able to clearly sense them despite being thousands of kilometers away.

    "Array formations have been set up everywhere, to the point of encompassing all of the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures? This is definitely not targeted at me or Qin Yun. Instead, it's targeting all of the Great Chang world." Daoist Divine Firmament was alarmed and furious. "They are trying to occupy the Great Chang world and convert it into a Fiendish Dao world? Once this world is converted, nearly all life would be wiped out. Nearly every living being on the Great Chang world would perish!"

    An unprecedented calamity had suddenly reared its head!

    It alarmed Daoist Divine Firmament.

    "Qin Yun, they are trying to convert the Great Chang world into a Fiendish Dao world!" Daoist Divine Firmament said urgently via a karmic voice transmission.

    "Senior Brother Zhang, we have to stop them at all cost." Qin Yun also sent a voice transmission which made his anger apparent.

    To convert a world to a Fiendish Dao world would not doubt be a catastrophe for the living beings that originally resided in the world.

    How could Qin Yun and Daoist Divine Firmament allow their homeworld to experience such a catastrophe?


    Heavenly Courts. In front of North Star Palace.

    Numerous Heavenly generals were standing here on guard. Each of them opened their third eye and, with the North Star Palace's might, they could ignore the chasms between dominions and easily see every area in the Three Realms.

    "Effulgent dominion's Great Chang world just underwent a huge fluctuation. Quickly investigate!" A command was given immediately.

    Immediately a Heavenly general turned his head in the direction of the Effulgent dominion as he quickly observed the Great Chang world.

    He immediately saw the various array formations that covered the Great Chang world. Each of them sealed the void fluctuations in the Great Chang world. At that scale... it was almost no different from the Inescapable Net Array! Furthermore, there were array formations which blanketed the continent's nineteen Prefectures. For a world, its most important thing was the sentient beings living on it.

    The Great Chang world was a world with sentient beings. Ninety-percent of them were humans and they lived in the nineteen Great Chang Prefectures.

    These sentient beings were extremely important for converting the Heavenly Dao. After all, the will of the people was the will of the heavens.

    "Fiend Supremacy Black Wing led this expedition himself? Furthermore, there are so many powerful array formations. Many of them were refined by Ancestral Fiends. To pay such an enormous price, it absolutely cannot be for the simple conquering of a Small World." The Heavenly general was instantly alarmed. "It's likely that they are establishing a new lair."

    The Heavenly general immediately ran towards the North Star Palace to report the matter.

    The creation of a lair?

    The dominions in the Three Realms were separated into sixty areas due to space. Apart from the dominions which the Heavenly Courts, Daoists, Buddhists, and various other factions had strong control over, as well as those ruled by the fiends, there were only about twenty dominions which the fiends participated in battle over. The Effulgent dominion was one of them. The construction of any Fiendish Dao lair would be met with strong resistance from the Heavenly Courts.


    The ruler of the Three Realms, Jade Emperor, personally gave the order from the Cloud Palace of the Golden Arches. The Great God of the Seas, Nezha, was to lead the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions and a hundred thousand Heavenly troops and descend to the lower realm to capture Fiend Supremacy Black Wing!

    Outside the South Heaven Gates.

    The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions were gathered. Although they had yet to attain Golden Immortal Dao fruits, all of them had the strength that matched a mighty figure's. Many of them were extremely powerful and had the ability to suppress ordinary Golden Immortals and Buddhas. In terms of strength, they were in no way inferior to the leader of the Bojia clan's eleven Fiend Supremacies, Black Wing. After all, mighty figures were unable to enter Small Worlds with their real bodies. Therefore, the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions were perfect for this mission.

    "Greetings, Third Prince." The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions led the numerous generals behind them to salute reverently.

    In front of them was a handsome youth. He was draped in the red Connate Numinous treasure, Red Armillary Sash, which flared out. His eyes were cold as he looked down on the lower realm. There were faint flames rising from his body which caused the void to warp.

    He was the god of war, Nezha. He could be deemed as the second combat general of the Heavenly Courts and he was famous throughout the Three Realms!

    Compared to the first combat general of the Heavenly Courts, Erlang, who was difficult to deploy, Nezha was diligent in his duties. He engaged in combat everywhere and was the combat general who fought for the Heavenly Courts the most. Over time, he had accumulated a great amount of merit. His Connate Numinous treasure, the Universe Ring, and other items were imbued with great merit, turning them into Connate Merit Numinous treasures, giving them even greater strength.

    His trip there was naturally to preside over the cosmos so as to prevent the Ancestral Fiends from receiving Fiend Supremacy Black Wing in his possible escape.

    With Nezha's strength as the second combat general of the Heavenly Courts... he would be able resist even perfected Ancestral Fiends and stall for time as long as the Fiend Ancestor did not demean himself by getting involved.

    "Let's set off." Nezha ordered coldly.


    He led the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions and a hundred thousand Heavenly troops as they tore right through the void and departed the Heavenly Courts, heading straight for the Effulgent dominion's Great Chang world.
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